Saturday, September 12, 2009

Obama attacks the poor -- again

President Obama, who supposedly is a man who cares about the poor, has decided that he needs to prop up some of the wealthiest industrial workers in the world, the American labor unions. By levying a 35 percent tariff against tires from China, Obama not only is forcing people to pay more for tires, but this ruling also will result in more traffic deaths and injuries.

Of course, the New York Times has portrayed this move as a "victory" for this country, as though we "win" by being forced to pay more for goods, and especially goods as important as tires. Unfortunately, the Times, which always claims to be on the side of consumers, says nothing in its article about how this will have a negative effect on our economy, making people poorer in the bargain, but enriching people who already are at the top of the wage ladder.

What does this mean for people of lower incomes? It means that many of them either will pay more for tires or they will put off buying new ones, which almost certainly will result in more auto accidents, and more deaths and injuries on the highway. Of course, most of the people who will be killed and injured are not union members, so what does Obama care?


Mad Hatter said...

I have so desperately wanted to comment on Obamanomics, but because my economic backround is nil, I hate to do so. But, I have overcome my inadequate Econ. knowledge, to be able to say a few words. In large worlds, or in small, (society, or the individual), if you do not have the money, you do not spend it. You learn to do without. This was an axiom in my larger than life family of 8 siblings. We knew that when the coins disappeared, so did the amenities. We didn't have the newest or the best, but fortunately, our parents sent us to private schools, where parents have more influence on the agendas, overt, and covert That instructors try to implement with their young proteges,' the administration listens to the jparents, because the jparents are the only source of income. They are not subsidized by the federal government, thank God. That is their salvation. As soon as the feds step in, all is lost.

William L. Anderson said...

You are correct. This is Washington's equivalent to the Toga Party in "Animal House." The Deltas find they are on "double-secret probation," so they have a huge party and are done with it.

Washington is broke, so what does the administration and Congress do? Throws a huge spending spree. Now, THAT's being resonsible! Not!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I must disagree with you on the tires from China, this was the result of Cooper Tire Company having to lay off many Americans who made tires in America, loosing business, because of cheap China competition. Do you suggest we should close all manufacturing in America, since China can do it cheaper? Maybe we can get a Chinese to teach your classes for less money. What goes around, comes around. PresidentDon