Monday, October 4, 2010

Jurors in Phoenix Believe Cops Always Tell the Truth

This falls into the "You have to see this to believe it" category. Potential jurors in (Where else?) Maricopa County, Arizona, are asked whether or not they would believe a police officer when he testified on the stand. The answers are unbelievable.

For example, one person declares that, of course, the police always are truthful because "that is how I was raised." Others pretty much follow suit. Thus, the very people who coined the term "testilying" to describe what they really do are seen as the Very Fount of Truth.

Some of the answers will floor anyone with even a smidgen of intelligence. For example, one persons declares: "Well, they're trained to be law-abiding servants. I don't think they'd be out there lying, would you?" Another speaks about having been brought up always to believe the police, and yet another says something similar.

Another declares: "They're public servants. They're here to serve and protect. Why would they lie?"

One would hope that people would show at least some skepticism toward the people who invented the term "testilying," but I guess not. Because jurors in Maricopa County are so prone to believe the police no matter what is said, I believe that the rest of us who believe that police and prosecutors are wrongfully accusing innocent people of crimes need to fight hard in order to counteract this worship of the Blue Costume.

While some people making comments have declared this to be an "anti-government" site, that is not true. My point is that police and prosecutors should OBEY THE LAW. They expect the rest of us to do it, so they should do it as well.

Unfortunately, the fact that I hold police and prosecutors to the standards they CLAIM to be upholding apparently makes me an Enemy of the People, according to the Tim Deals of this world. However, I don't believe I am being unreasonable. I don't condemn all cops and prosecutors, just the ones who lie and suborn perjury.

That I believe that most cops and prosecutors lie or knowingly seek dishonest testimony is not the same as being an anarchist or an "anti-government" activist. All that I am saying is that people like Tim Deal should be held to the same standards that those of us who don't wear Blue Costumes are expected to uphold.

This week, I continue to look at the Jacobson case in Phoenix. Kerwyn has put together a document that examines the various police statements regarding the interviews with the accusing children and lists them side-by-side. The results are quite revealing.

I am utterly convinced that the Jacobson case has nothing to do with child molestation or abuse. It is nothing but a sham, another fraud perpetrated upon good people by people in power who apparently are helpless in dealing with real crimes, so they have to fabricate false ones so they can arrest someone.


liberranter said...

Let me repeat, folks: If you've spent more than a single day anywhere in Arizona, and in Maricona County in particular, this video will come as no surprise whatsoever. If you haven't been convinced up until now that this state is the laughingstock of the nation, that any state that entrusts the likes of John McCain, Jan Brewer, Phil Gordon, and Joe Arpaio with public office isn't playing with anything close to a full deck, this should remove all doubt.

Bill, I really hope you have a lot of time on your hands. Covering all the injustice, corruption, and just plain time-and-space-rending stupidity that permeates the city of Phoenix and Maricona County is going to be a never-ending endeavor. You might need to hire a staff.

Doc Ellis said...

Shared. Thank you for writing this.

Do the cops actually wear blue costumes? Looks to me like they wear khaki and black costumes.

KC Sprayberry said...

Protect and serve certainly shows cops have a wonderful publicity department. To those in AZ who claim they were raised to respect cops and believe they never lie, so was I. Then I learned the hard truth. Cops lie through their teeth. They'll lie while claiming to be good Christians. They'll do whatever necessary to prove they aren't harassing a law-abiding citizen. Mostly, cops stand together, even when they see others among their ranks doing wrong. The thin blue line is a huge laugh that's come to mean hiding the truth.

Anonymous said...

An interesting survey might be asking cops anonymously if they have been trained to lie. After all, you have to tell the truth to them, but they can lie all they want legally until they get to the witness stand. Lying, for them, is often a useful technique used to catch the "perp" in a lie or contradiction.

Anonymous said...

Okay, maybe it wouldn't be so interesting for me, but the naive folks in Maricopa County might find it enlightening. My word verifcation for this comment: "conme"

Kerwyn said...

I work with many cops who are solid honorable folks, that being said, like the rest of us, they are JUST people. I have dealt with less than honest cops, the only advantage I have is I refuse to change my documentation or testimony to suit their purpose.

Cops are people who have egos (too much sometimes), people with huge amounts of stress, people who care deeply and people who think wearing a gun is "cool" (they terrify me).
The day I realized that Mr. Policeman was not always my friend was a bit crushing. I like most had been raised to trust completely these men and women in blue. However, for the average person who has never been caught up in the system or been in a police take down, ect., they still believe what we were all taught in Kindergarten.

Kerwyn said...

To add to Dr. Anderson's blog comments:

The Jacobson case is about a bunch of teens (and pre teens, ages 10 to 14) playing sex games.. You touch me I touch you. Since the police did such a sterling job of investigation (cough cough), I surmise that one boy was bragging to his friend and got over heard by a parent. At that point it was a situation of Oh no mom we didn't do that, he MADE us do it. For days we kept going back because we were so scared, for days my sister and the other little boy were still "playing" in private because she was so scared, for days we played this because he THREATENED US and forced us to play mom, (thats why we kept going back day after day to play the sex game) and mom you know it's that kid whose mom you hate? Ya that nasty one the one my older sister dated and now hates, ya that kid mom, he MADE us do it which is why we kept going back day after day to play.

uh huh

Anonymous said...

Wearing a gun may not be cool, especially considering the purpose for which it is worn, but it may be necessary. Hopefully, it's really the unscrupulous police officer that terrifies rather than the gun.

The thing about solid honorable cops, is among their own, it's easy for them to convince themselves that lying for each other is the solid and honorable thing to do. Peer pressure does a pretty good job of affirming such poor logic.

That said, I knew a cop who, when a friend found out he was a cop, said "ah, to protect and serve!" The cop responded, with case references, that, no, it's not the cops job; enforcing the law is. There's an honest answer for you!

Anonymous said...

Cops know the bias. If its your word against a cops, you are going to lose. That's why you should never talk to the cops, never, never. You just cant take a chance that a cop, will be inaccurate, won't lie, won't be mistaken, etc.

Speaking of paragons of virtue, have you seen Len and Davis Gregor's Facebook pictures? It looks like they are at a race. Both have their pictures with scantily clad "race girls." I copied them in case they try to take them down or claim they were "hacked."

Anonymous said...

"That I believe that most cops and prosecutors lie or knowingly seek dishonest testimony is not the same as being an anarchist or an "anti-government" activist. All that I am saying is that people like Tim Deal should be held to the same standards that those of us who don't wear Blue Costumes are expected to uphold." Your full of it. You state in one sentence that all police lie and then in another say just people like Tim Deal. This site is anti-government/law enforcement. If you took a random person off the street and showed them your posts they would say this is an anti-government site. The video you posted proves this. You should be held to a higher standard as an educator because you are wrongly misleading the public who have stumbled upon this site.

From what "Kerwyn" wrote above it doesn't sound like this case is a sham. Kids can't consent to sex. It may be they all need to be charged or none at all. If this defendant initiated the contact then he should be charged. I guess this is what you did at 10 when you played spin the bottle. What's the course of action Bill when this is one of your adopted children.

William L. Anderson said...

Hey, people, notice how this cop posting above actually believes that children could play sex games in an unfinished attic (which probably was at about 150 degrees) for a few hours? Notice how he immediately assumes that everything the police have said MUST be true?

I think that when we post some of the evidence that Kerwyn has taken from the police reports, you are going to see that once again, a cop is trying to convince us that white is black and up is down.

By the way, the cops lied all through the Duke Lacrosse Case, and Kerwyn and I are very, very familiar with that one. Are you going to defend the cops in that one, too?

John Washburn said...

More corruption in Maricopa County, but within a different office; that of county recorder.

The summary of the ruling in the mandamus brought by A.U.DI.T.A.Z, an AZ election integrity group, against the Maricopa County Recorder.<\li>
The Summary of suit before the trial and while hope abounded.<\li>
The gory details of the suit; the complete filing.<\li>

One of the victories in this mandamus action is the Judge order the County Recorder to obey the law and insist the end of day election report be signed with some attestation by the poll workers that this is the poll tape produced by electronic voting machine on election night.
A second victory is the finding by the judge that state law does indeed require that at least one copied of the signed end of day election report for a precinct be stored securely within the same sealed bag as the ballots for that precinct.

If you have to go to court to get election officials to obey such common sense, plain-letter law, then how "just" can such a system be?

But, notice that there is the same deference to the "inside experts" who have captured the system over those demanding the law be applied uniformly from county to county.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 3:28 pm:
"You should be held to a higher standard as an educator because you are wrongly misleading the public who have stumbled upon this site."

How about when police officers wrongly mislead the "perp" by lying to them in an "interview?" Shouldn't cops be held to a higher standard of truthfulness? Oh, what you say? That wouldn't be practical because how would undercover agents be able to catch all those drug dealers if they had to tell the truth?? But, at the same time, it's okay to prosecute someone who lies to a cop? Nice double standard.

In any case, I hope you're not a legislator because then you'd throw out the 1st amendment in favor of holding educators to your standard.

By the way, apparently, if you take a random person of the street in Maricopa County, he'd say cops always tell the truth and have no reason to lie. Why don't you correct that fantasy? Or would you rather the public be mislead?

Anonymous said...

"Kids can't consent to sex" A 14-year old is not a kid? Right!

Jerri Lynn Ward said...

"You should be held to a higher standard as an educator because you are wrongly misleading the public who have stumbled upon this site."

Isn't that rich! If anyone should be held to a higher standard, it's cops and prosecutors. Of course, given the power of the police unions, holding cops to any standard is almost impossible. As for prosecutors, lawless "law" prevents the same.

The minion of the blue line is a hypocrite.

William L. Anderson said...

No doubt, our friend is going to start claiming that I support terrorism or worse. Again, I would ask the cop troll where this is an "anti-government" site.

Is he claiming that it is OK for cops to lie on the stand and for prosecutors to forge false evidence? Does he believe that guilt and innocence are meaningless? Does he believe that the U.S. Constitution should be trashed for something more "cop-friendly"?

These are legitimate questions, but I doubt our friend will answer them.

Doc Ellis said...

@ Anonymous 3:28 pm:
"You should be held to a higher standard as an educator because you are wrongly misleading the public who have stumbled upon this site."

So, sniper 3.28pm, do you believe that an educator's job is to mislead the public? (See Gatto's work The Underground History of American Public Education for a discussion of the real job of educators in the US as planned by those who developed the US education system.)

So, are you complaining that Dr Anderson is not doing his job as an educator to properly mislead the public? Do you believe that he is obligated to mislead the public to adore government and cops? What make you think that folks who read this guy's essays are too dense to decide for themselves if he is writing the truth as he sees it?

I am aware that 45% of cops are crooked, and the rest are enablers. If you are a cop(or a cop-sucker), which are you? Crooked, or enabling? To what standard do you hold yourself?

I also know that governments exist to steal from folks, to kill folks, and to wreck the lives of folks over whom government officials claim power.

Do you believe that misleading folks into thinking that government exists to protect the public is the proper role for an educator?

Who or what is the public? I am not the public. I am a sovereign individual. Are you the public?

One last thing, sniper 3.28pm: unlike coward thugs like you, I post clear. I use my real name, and I post a photo of me. You hide behind an anonymous tag. If you really believe what you post, use a tag by which you can be identified, for example, leo69 or some such tag.

Kerwyn said...


The child charged is 14 (who never touched anyone). The two children who were touching each other have not been charged.

The girl who was touching another boy, claimed that she did it because the 14 year old threatened to punch her in the face if she didn't. Then of course, she went back the next day for another couple of hours of fun with the boy, you know, because she was terrified right? And then, because she was so terrified, she went back AGAIN for a few more hours of fun with the little boy.. and again and again...

Oh and then she tells the police, that she and the little boy do all these things in "private" too (must be because she is terrified right?)

I don't know who you are but there is one thing this site is not and that is anti-government. What we are, are a group of folks, many who are in law enforcement or an auxiliary field who are demanding that there be common sense and honesty in law enforcement and prosecution.

We have PLENTY of real criminals out there with out trying to make them out of regular people who have the misfortune of running up against liars and con's and don't have a handy half a mil or more to defend themselves.

On this site you do not see the praises of the honest officer (there are many upon many of them) or the honest and honorable DA (they do exist) since that is not what we do here. You will see the exposure of the dishonest law enforcement, dishonest and dishonorable DA's and judges.

So if you are looking for the pat on the back site, this ain't it. If you are looking for a site where we attempt to expose for the world to see, the corruption and dishonesty that exists in law enforcement and prosecution, you came to the right spot.

If you want to whine about anti-government sites, go somewhere else since every person on here is proud of this country and everything it stands for.

If you want to expose crooked cops, crooked DA's and wrongful prosecutions, hop on board, otherwise, whine elsewhere

KDaw said...

Our country's history is full of corruption within law enforcement and prosecutors. At times, the mobs ran the show, with crooked cops drunk with power, vying for favor of the big mob bosses. While corruption may not be as rampant as it was during prohibition era, it does still exist. The "good ole' boy" mentality is just as bad. When law enforcement officials are willing to lie to protect their own, there is corruption. It is quite evident with the recent discovery of Theresa Parker's remains. Sam Parker's co-worker Ben Chaffin was willing to lie and to help cover up evidence for him. His direct supervisors, who knew of his abusiveness and drinking problem, they refused to discipline him. If he had not been a police officer, he likely would have been arrested for domestic abuse. This is just one example of the lengths that the "brotherhood" will go to. Not all officers are crooked. No one here will say that.I know some good men who work as police officers. The main point being made here is that EVERYONE should be held to the same standard. The laws of our nation apply to ALL, including Law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges. If you are willing to commit a crime, (and yes, perjury is indeed a crime) then you should be held responsible and punished accordingly no matter who you are or what your profession is. No more immunity. That just opens the door for bad behavior. I also think congress should be held to the same standard as the rest of our great country. No special health plan. Put em' on Social Security and Medicaid and see how fast they get things fixed.

Anonymous said...

If the cops are such honorable people, why is it that their children usually turn out to be such hardened criminals?

Ask a woman who has dated a cop how that went. From what I hear they tend to cheat with any holster sniffer that comes around.

Anonymous said...

In my younger days I dated a Phoenix police officer...and I am not proud of this but me and another female friend of mine also had a threesome with a different Phoenix police officer while he was on they lie....Well yes they do...and by some of the stories that the officer I dated told... and his police buddies agreed and laughed along with him about...of course I was privy to hear about how they gave out inflated tickets to people ...who had not done the things they were given tickets for...the "victims" usually had a small infraction...( if any ) and ended up with big blown out of purportion charges...oh ..I also was given a bumper sticker by the one I dated...that secure all night ...take a cop to have no idea how many times I got pulled over and propostioned by the police...

tazman said...

@sniper 3.28pm:

I can't figure out how following the law can be considered "anti-government." That is a paradox, can you explain? Or perhaps you are too busy protecting your "own" in some IA investigation, helping them figure out how to destroy the video recording showing their absolute corruption... or perhaps you are "stumbling" onto other anti-corruption websites and don't have time to respond?

@Dr. Anderson

I celebrate your bravery in going after these corrupt individuals and exposing them to the rest of the world! I "stumbled" on your writings from the lew rockewell site when you were busy excoriating the DA in the Duke disaster....