Friday, June 11, 2010

Who is Laurie Evans?

One of the main players in the child molestation hoax in the Tonya Craft case has been Laurie Evans, a licensed social worker who managed to do some of the most human damage, which is saying a lot, given the propensity of the prosecution and its witnesses to engage in scorched earth activities. Evans, as readers recall, was brought to the stand as a hostile witness by the defense, although "judge" Brian House limited the defense counsel in the questions it could ask Evans.

It is hard to underestimate Evans' influence in this case. She was the first person to get a "disclosure" from Tonya's daughter of outright sexual assault, and it is clear that her "therapy" with the child was a major reason the girl turned against her mother. Furthermore, she continues to be a "therapist" for the other two accusing girls, the daughters of Sandra Lamb and Kelli McDonald.

Unlike many of the other "expert" witnesses for the prosecution, Evans actually has credentials, including a master's degree in social work, and is a licensed social worker in both Tennessee and Georgia. The problem that the defense had with Evans was not in her credentials; it was in her performance, which truly was a red-flag affair. That the prosecution would be willing to use her, after everything that was known about her mental health history and a number of the outright preposterous claims that she made tells us that Chris Arnt and Len Gregor are not exactly honest men.

Laurie Evans began her "therapy" with Tonya Craft's daughter and son just two months after being diagnosed with severe Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). While I cannot post her GAF score in this blog (that would violate medical privacy laws), I can say that her situation was quite bad. The problems were made known during her divorce trial, and the following things were disclosed (as part of public record) in the proceedings:
  • She demonstrated "paranoid thinking" and even purchased a handgun (receiving a permit to do so)
  • At the divorce hearing, her doctor testified that Evans was having "a lot of anxiety, nightmares, and flashbacks"
This should have been the first red flag, but there were more. Evans had asked Judge Marie Williams of Hamilton County, Tennessee, for a judgment of $35,000 from her soon-to-be ex husband be order to pay her $ 35,000 for "emotional pain and suffering," but Judge Williams refused and later held Evans in contempt of court.

In this state of mind, Evans soon after began to "treat" Tonya's two children. When the criminal case began in Georgia, the two children were ordered by DCFS to their father Joal Henke. Mr. Henke enrolled the "accusing" daughter in Ms. Evans’ Children’s Advocacy Center treatment process and enrolled the girl's brother into “treatment” with Ms. Evans in her Tennessee private practice.

Insofar as Henke and Ms. Craft’s divorce and custody case was originally in the Circuit Court of Hamilton County, Henke filed an emergency petition in that court and the case was assigned to the Judge Williams. Despite Henke’s objection and resistance, Judge Williams appointed Linda Hall to be the children’s Guardian ad litem.

Ms. Craft’s Tennessee attorney subpoenaed Laurie Evans’ treatment records from her treatment of the daugher and the son and set a deposition to find out what Evans was doing with Ms. Craft’s children. Evans refused to appear for the Tennessee deposition (several times) and refused to provide the records. Finally, Judge Williams ordered Evans to provide the records and comply with the discovery deposition.

It got even worse. The children’s Guardian ad litem attended both depositions and was so concerned after the first part that she petitioned Judge Williams to immediately prohibit Henke from taking the children to Evans and appoint another therapist.

At the hearing requested by the GAL in the Family case before Judge Williams (remember, just eight months earlier, Judge Williams heard expert testimony as to how ill Ms. Evans was and held Ms. Evans in Contempt); concern was raised that Ms. Evans was “ignoring subpoenas and court orders,” and it was argued that there was a great disparity between what she had written and what she said in deposition. In addition, fear was expressed that Ms. Evans was committing perjury and Judge Williams inquired whether a licensing complaint had been made.

After seeing the evidence, Judge Williams (who is hearing the current custody case between Ms. Craft and her ex-husband Henke) declared:
After reviewing the video taped/transcribed deposition of Laurie Evans, the Court concludes that Ms. Evans’ entire testimony was/is not credible; and that in addition to her lack of credibility, the Court further finds that Ms. Evans’ testimony concerning her diagnosis regarding (Tonya's son) is not supported by her written records; and further, that Ms. Evans’ testimony concerning (Tonya's daughter) was unsupported by any records which this Court has previously ordered her to produce. (Emphasis mine)
Then there was an incident of perjury during a deposition on this case:
Q. All right. And forgive me for this question, but it’s one -- it’s one of these standard ones we ask everyone that didn’t get asked last time. Have you ever been treated for any mental illness or psychological disorder?

A. No.
Interestingly, "judge" Brian House did not permit the defense to enter any of the material shown above into the record. Why was that so, given that she had played an important role in developing the accusations against Ms. Craft? I believe that the answer is obvious; House wanted to keep as much evidence as possible from the jury that would be seen as exculpatory, and would discredit the prosecution's case.

Yet, in the end, the "not guilty" verdict was a rout.

(In future posts, I will have more information on Laurie Evans and the real damage she did to innocent people. She still practices at the Children's Advocacy Center, and despite the fact that people have filed complaints with the professional licensing boards for both Tennessee and Georgia, she continues to see clients.)


kbp said...

Is it possible the judges of LMJC are all busy attending counseling sessions with "Miss Laurie"?

sandy said...
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sandy said...
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sandy said...

i was in the courtroom the day laurie evans was on the stand... and was greatly annoyed by her behavior.
most of her answers to questions asked by defense counsel came after a four to six second delay... in which she stared at the defense attorney as if she were waiting for someone to give her an answer through a device planted inside her ear. not saying that to be the case... that is just what her look excessive complacency was implying.
she sat there throughout the day with a constant arrogant smile... often broadening her smile as she looked in the direction of gregor and arnt. it was as if she was wanting their reaction to answers she gave that she believed to be brilliant. brilliant by definition of a twisted sociopath.

if you're taking your children to see laurie evans, you need to stop immediately. she is just as evil as the prosecution and accusers in tonya's trial.

has all that she put her own husband through been made public? further proof of an evil, vindictive woman.

i just have one question... how do these people find each other?

Cyril said...

She bought a handgun? She obtained a permit? Gasp! Cringe! Shock!

Ok, ok, it is pretty scary as part of the PATTERN. She's a nutter. You have to remember TN and GA, getting a handgun permit is about as out of the ordinary as owning a dog.

The use of this woman as a witness and the handling of the information concerning her is reason by itself that Arnt, Gregor and House should be dis-barred. This whole thing defies reason. In the words of the professor, "you can't make this stuff up."

Anonymous said...

if the CAC is in Chattanooga, it is in about the same shape it was in in 1992... a complete waste of tax payer's money!

KC Sprayberry said...

Having a handgun permit myself, I know the process is a little more complicated than owning a dog. There is a seven day period for a national records check. I can only believe Ms. Evans avoided her issues by having her permit processed prior to the check, making her permit fraudulent given the statement we all have to sign on it. Big surprise there. I, too, noticed her arrogance and the impudent looks she gave Dr. Lorandos behind his back. Too gad for that she forgot the jury could see her acting like a spoiled brat on the stand. That more than anything else probably gave them the idea her testimony wasn't worth the words spewing from her mouth.

Anonymous said...

Another story covering Echols:

I think there's more to the story about Laurie Evans that we may not know about, but Sandy does. Not sure when that may come out, but I think it will be interesting.


William L. Anderson said...

I should have done some interpretation about the handgun, as I am a pretty hardcore Second Amendment person. While I don't know Laurie Evans' politics, most social workers I know are not people who are the type to believe others should have firearms.

To me, Evans' purchasing of the weapon was more a sign of her paranoia than anything else, and that was what I wanted to emphasize (although I didn't do that very well).

The idea that someone like this should be interviewing children and then being permitted to give "evidence" in court really reflects upon the judgment of "judge" Brian House and the Dishonest Duo. Furthermore, her behavior, as well as the behavior of ALL of the CAC/Greenhouse witnesses (and the behavior of the DD) was disgraceful.

My sense is that these people ALWAYS act like this, but this was the first time that others have seen it, given that most of the trials in which they are involved are pretty obscure affairs. The arrogance of all of the players in the LMJC and the CAC/Greenhouse clearly was in evidence, and even now, they all are falling on the excuse that "the media and the bloggers are responsible," as though no one else could see all of these jerks acting like spoiled children.

In the end, one can describe most, if not all, of the prosecution witnesses and players (including House, who acted as a prosecutor) as nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats who threw fits because they could not get their way.

Anonymous said...

Good news. Georgia Attorney Generals office collected all of the Eric Echols evidence for their investigation. Hopefully I can feel good about living in Catoosa County soon.

Trish White said...

This woman is truly frightening and the fact that she has a handgun is even more so. So hard to believe all the complaints against this woman have been ignored and she is still practicing. My goodness, how much damage does she have to do, before someone stops her?? What is wrong with the licensing boards in both Tn. and Ga.??

Thanks again Bill for all you are doing!!

Anonymous said...

Your last comment about the House, Arnt, and Gregor is spot on. They are spoiled and do expect to win all cases. This is the entire problem, winning every case is not their job. Buzz has pushed winning cases and not the finding of guilt or innocence. Not every person brought up on charges of molestation is guilty and the DA has to accept this fact. They should not win every case. The CAC is the real nasty part because they are not trained to do the job they have. There has to be a restructuring of (Child Advocate Position). This is a very powerful position. Too much power for people who have not been trained to handle that power. Too much power for the wrong kind of people. Laurie and the other Child Advocates are not the right people for this job. This is what Tonya's Lawsuit is hopefully going to correct. I mean come on people. Their words can send people to Prison for (LIVE), Tear families apart, Destroy a child for live, and this is just a few things they can destroy. I sure hope this gets corrected before other lives are destroyed and children are left behind.

Trish White said...

Not just the CAC, but the DA's office is in the business of destroying families to try and win big cases. Anon. 8:30, you are right, it is all about winning, not about guilt or innocence. In my son's case, which were murder charges, Tim Deal stood over the medical examiner, so they could fabricate what they later claimed to have happened. A little over three years later, when the state of Ga. medical examiner and our own medical expert both disagreed with the local examiners findings, we were told it looked like the charges would be dropped. They were, but we had to wait another six months before that happened. My family missed out on holidays, birthdays, family time, and just ordinary days, because of the false charges. We are still battling to get my son's visitation with his two children back. His first wife was behind him completely, until she remarried. Second husband has done all he can to keep my son's children away from him and us. We also can't get any of these judges to hear the case, because they have refused to hear it, based on knowledge of the previous charges, even though they were dropped and even though that is not why his x-wife won't let him have his visitation. She is in contempt of court, per their divorce decree, but she is getting away with it. Guess it shouldn't surprise me as real criminals in Catoosa County seem to do what they want!!!

Mary Jane said...

In this version of the clip of Sandra Lamb's famous scene, the "bad words" are unedited. Right at the end of the clip, you can hear her say those words. The clip was found right next to the Times Free Press article that Kaye has posted the link to.

Anonymous said...

After reading the Times-Free Press story, I now tend to believe the judges chose to step away from Mr. Echols prosecution due to information they have been made privy to regarding the direction the AG's office might take in this matter.

They surely have a network of associates in Atlanta feeding them advice regarding who is looking at this mess from above.

They have chose to "get back" before the wrist-slapping begins.

Anonymous said...


I read and understand your 0750 comment, but as a supporter/fan I gotta tell you that your first bullet conflating paranoia and her gun purchase really dings your "referability" down to 0. Please reconsider.

Anonymous said...

I got no problem either way with her getting a gun, permit whatever.
Fear from paranoia, or fear from something real; either is fear, and she has this right from my prospective.
But if she helped these kids to believe something happened that did NOT, then I have a problem with her in the worst possible way.
It's hard to imagine that ANY of the parents are still letting their kids see her for help.
I'm thinking the only therapy they still need is to possibly work with the effects of the trial itself.

Kerwyn said...

Anon 9:12

There is no conflating going on. The facts are she was diagnosed with a major mental illness given her OWN testimony of her condition and the testimony of her mental health provider.

When you are diagnosed with paranoia, going out and getting a concealed weapons permit (this was in regards to her own divorce)is not the actions of a mentally healthy individual. We in the medical field call this one of two things; a train wreck about to happen or a set up to make her soon to be ex husband look bad. Given that she accused her ex husband of all manner of things INCLUDING inappropriate behavior with their children, I firmly believe that she either really is paranoid and believes there are people out to get her, or she is a consummate liar who tried to play the system as the "poor abused woman" in order to milk her ex for as much money as she could get.

Either way, she has mental health issues and should NOT be in possession of a firearm.

The only thing that saves her from having committed a criminal act in getting said firearm was the wording in the GA weapons permit.

Has been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to a mental institution

Any individual who has been hospitalized as an inpatient in any mental hospital or alcohol or drug treatment center within five years of the date of his or her application. The Probate Judge may consider the reason for the hospitalization and decide whether to issue a permit or not;

So in Ga, you can be diagnosed mentally ill, but unless you are either hospitalized for it, or adjudicated for it, you can still carry.

There is no conflating going on.

Anonymous said...

Sure there is. It's the word "even" that does it. This defines the second clause as a subset or emphasized example of the first clause. (A is a problem, and B as a particular example of A) That's the issue sticking in craws here.

Your explanation (none of which I'd argue with) is entirely different. You're treating the two clauses as additive (A+B=problem), but that's not what Bill wrote.

Anonymous said...

This women is truly evil. I took a picture of her at an event so I could make a poster of her so people could avoid her. Well my phone literally imploded about an hour later. You can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...

Addendum to 9:50 above:

I should have phrased the additive portion as (A is a problem, and A+B is a more significant problem). Sorry.

KDaw said...

I am amazed everyday, the more I learn in this forum, at the incompetency and lack of experience of these " mental health professionals".By the standards they have been held to, sub-par at best, I could have a shingle hanging on my porch. For the last 25 yrs. I could have been charging for all the therapy I have given with friends and family. A missed business opportunity for me. It truly boggles the mind the damage that has been done to these children.
The SANE exam in itself is ridiculous. Photographing these babies. That in itself would mess any little girl up for a while. To allow these interviewers to interrogate these children without a parent. At the very least a parent should be able to observe through a mirrored partition. Who else would better know when enough is enough, as a parent, and be able to stop these ridiculous interviews at the first signs of excessive stress to your child. I was infuriated when I read Suzie Thorne's badgering of child #3. In fact I just discovered I'm still pissed.

KERWYN; I learn something useful from you everyday. Thank you for your time you use to contribute here.

I feel like I know all of the regular posters here personally. All that's missing are faces to names.
Thank you for your dedication Prof. Anderson. Someone asked if anyone was writing a true crime novel on this case. You've already done the framework and outline. Who better to attempt such a task other than yourself? It's a book I would gladly purchase. I would keep it with the tattered copy of Scotsboro Boys that my granny gave me.

Anonymous said...

Sadly I see children going in and out of her office everyday!

kbp said...


Anon 8:11,

On what source do you base the idea that...

"Georgia Attorney Generals office collected all of the Eric Echols evidence for their investigation"?????????


Kerwyn said...


Please point out where Dr. Anderson uses the word "even".

Also, no one else "here" is having any issue with except you. Apparently you would like to derail the conversation which is wholly about Laurie Evans and her inept and criminal treatment of these children.

Do stay on topic please and the topic is not the rules of English usage.

Cinderella said...

Dr. Anderson,
Thank you for this blog and continuing the rest of the story. It is just amazing the depth of depravity of the entire cast of prosecution team FHAG. When will it stop?
Another note, please pray for Tonya and David, her children and Judge Williams on the upcoming custody trial.

Anonymous said...

As bad as Ms Evans and the rest have been, they pale in comparison to "Dr" Nicky Ozbek. She has been involved in the case at the fringes and is truly horrific. She is woefully behind the time with respect to current research and regularly ignores clinical data to favor the parent of her "liking" in custody battles. There needs to be a web site called "Bad-Bad Clinical". She'd be the poster child!

Anonymous said...

KBP, There is an article in the Times Free Press today that talks about information sent to the Attorney General's Office. Type in Eric Echols in the search file and pull up June 11th.

Kerwyn said...

Materials filed this week in the Georgia attorney general's office show a witness in the Tonya Craft child molestation case hitting the former school teacher's private investigator and another witness making polite conversation during an interview.

Cinderalla said...

I pray that she is NOT the therapist that the court will be looking to for advice on the children.
I have related before on the blog my experience with her 17 YEARS ago. Sounds like she is no better.
After two one hour session with my son (for ADHD)I never heard anything or recieved a report, just and $800 bill from Erlanger. After writing a letter to a boss stating that I would not pay it until I received a report, I got a one page letter from her stating that my son was ADHD and that she wanted to place him on a double blind study. I then took my to a professional that conducted several sessions of testing for all types of LDs. I recieved a 25 page report and an offer to go to the school with us to review the report. Just because someone has a degree, does NOT mean they are competant.

kbp said...

Anon 12:06 (and 8:11),


The reason I asked is because that article ONLY tells of "[m]aterials filed this week in the Georgia attorney general's office", not what they had "COLLECTED" or that it's a fact that "THEIR INVESTIGATION" exists.

I simply point the variance out because I have not read or heard of any INVESTIGATION the AG's office is conducting OTHER than the one they use as an excuse for not having looked into the Craft or Echols criminal cases.

That case being used as the excuse of it being some conflict is the complaint Craft filed relating to how the school board hearings, in which they terminated her employment, were conducted.

The AG's office has not done anything more, that I am aware of, other than provide BS excuses and ignore facts and complaints presented.

They evidently have the evidence of INNOCENCE for Echols case now, along with letters they have concealed from the press in the record requests presented to them, so we'll see how they respond now.

kbp said...

Let me add that the "evidence of INNOCENCE for Echols" provides the AG's office with evidence of crimes the DA's office is working hard to avoid.

At this point, they can hope to claim ignorance, as if they were just doing their jobs when the charges were filed against Echols.

Take Lamb and McDonald to trial for false reports (+ hate crime), and the trial could produce records of HOW those false reports came about, WHO was involved in fabricating those false reports.

How many think Arnt was not involved in tweaking the facts so that the charges could be filed?????????

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to the video tapped or a transcript of Laurie Evans testimony? I've searched but been unable to locate a videotape. I would like to see Ms. Evan's demeanor on the stand. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I heard the news of "evidence being collected by the Georgia Attorney General's office from Eric Echols" on the way into work via the local news on the radio.


Anonymous said...

So many questions remain. Did Laurie Evans see the children after being banned from seeing them and if so why didn't she face contempt of court? Did Joal Henkle knowingly take his children in to see Laurie Evans after she was banned from seeing them and if so, why hasn't he faced contempt of court. Why is it stated that Laurie Evans was the first to find that Tonya Craft molested her daughter when her daughter testified that Tonya Craft only applied medicine to a rash? Was it something the little girl said in therapy that wasn't testified to in court?


Mary Jane said...

Anon 12:53,

Here is the link to the video with Laurie Evans in it!

Anonymous said...

To Kerwyn at 1159:

In response to your question, the word "even" is in the first bullet point, as I described in my 0912 post. Thus: "She demonstrated 'paranoid thinking' and even purchased a handgun (receiving a permit to do so)"

It's not accurate that nobody else here reacted against the phrasing, either. The 0443, 0750 and 0923 comments all reference it.

And I'm not at all trying to derail any conversation regarding Evans' abuse of the children and process. I'm on your side, remember? But neither is this about "rules of English usage". That was just the tool I used to illustrate a point. The issue is that for many in the (actual and potential) audience out there who need to be reminded of what's going on, the phrasing of this one comment is akin to a clock striking 13. It's so discordant that all of the clock's other chimes are now called into doubt. The message (Evans) is hindered by the delivery.

We are interested not only in the truth being written down on a blog somewhere, but also in it connecting and spreading in a broader audience. If the delivery hinders that, the message will go unheard.

This is exactly what I said at 9:12. Go back and read it. It wasn't written to argue with you. It was done for the potential benefit of the message. If you'd rather argue, then go ahead, but I'm going to stay on this same point - with that phrasing, the message is hindered by the delivery.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:29 we do not like it when someone messes with Mr.Anderson so please stop.

Anonymous said...


That means you're fine with his message not getting much beyond the band that already reads the blog, right? Guess so.

I'm not messing with him - I suggested something to help the messsage. Content matters. But content never gets seen if the method turns away a portion of your audience.

So long. Enjoy your party.

kbp said...


It's okay to challenge Bill, he welcomes it if it's a reasonable question.

From Bill's blog and comment, I take it to mean that Evans is a paranoid nut, a social worker that is SO nutty that she EVEN has a gun, which is contrary to what any would expect of one with an agenda centered on social work.

About the only detail I see that is in question is HOW nutty she is.

That's my opinion and I have not seen anything that would alter it.

volfan69 said...

@Anon 2:15
I see your point and I understand it. While it doesn't bother me (the way it was written) I most certainly understand what you are telling us. Please don't leave because others may disagree.

Also, I don't think Mr. Anderson would be upset with any of your posts. He is very open-minded and he welcomes constructive criticism and questions. That is what makes his blogs so great. We are all here to learn and benefit from the experience that Ms. Craft went through. I know I have gained a great deal of knowledge about what to do if I were faced with a similar situation.

I am of the opinion that if we all agreed on every point we would just be sheep and not benefiting from the experience. Bobb

Anonymous said...

kbp good post.It's amazing how crazy some are.

volfan69 said...

Okay, color me GOOFY! I was so caught up in the comments I forgot to leave my opinion. I just know that all of you have been waiting all day to know what I think.

This woman needs as much help as the adults that filed charges against Ms. Craft IN MY OPINION. It appears that she is being used by the HAG+F team as a pawn. Bobb

William L. Anderson said...


Thanks. As you know, I even let Bama fans post here. And Gators. (Not that we will be beating either of them any time in the near future....)

Kaye said...

I heard the same comments on WGOW about the Georgia AG collecting evidence on my way to work this morning. I have NOT heard this on any other media outlet so I don't know where they came about this info. Maybe they assume that since Echols turned it over to them voluntarily, there was an ongoing investigation, but the truth of the matter is, according to the response in the letter from the Sr. Assistant to Echols, I gather they couldn't care less.

Jeff Styles of WGOW had the most hilarious rant against Catoosa County's judicial system this morning. I had tears in my eyes-- partly because it was LOL funny and partly because it was the sad truth.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 2:15

If you check Mr. Anderson did clarify this point if you scroll down and read his post re it.

volfan69 said...

Kaye, wasn't it Jeff Styles that said, "They are morons not fit to pick up dog turds." I laughed so hard that I had tears also. You are correct, though, it is sad that so much has apparently happened to so many.

I've been checking Angie's blog. I haven't seen anything new from her about her brother, Brad Wade. I hope and pray that the family is doing well and things are progressing.

Mr. Anderson, you are welcome! LAME is a!ugh!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks MaryJane for the link to the video. I also found a transcript of her testimony after searching again.

For a professional she seemed flabbergasted at just basic questions that she was unable to understand and was confused and evasive. Bizarre.

Anonymous said...

volfan69,you & I know our head is on straight unlike Lame,a gator fan.We have orange flowing through our veins.LOL just kidding, Lame I love you & respect you,I was just trying to get a laugh out of you.I hope your not upset.

Anonymous said...

Just saw on WRCB about Mr.Echols,the reporter said they have called Buzz's office many times with no response.What a shock.What is wrong with Buzz & the other men.Do they think us common folk & the media do not see through them?I love how WRCB keeps showing crazy ass Sandra Lamb,that women needs some real help.

Anonymous said...

I think Laurie & Sandra should be locked up in the same padded cell.What a pair they would make.

Anonymous said...

How in the world could Miriam defend these people?

kbp said...


From me to Kevin:
@KevinWestWGOW Did Jeff Styles state the AG was collecting evidence to investigate Echols case? TIA

From Kevin to me:
@kbp69 No. I reported that Eric has sent his video and transcripts to the AG. Jeff simply offered his opinion of the entire LMJC. :)

So, there has not been any reports of the AG collecting evidence or investigating the Echols case.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:11

"crazy ass Sandra Lamb" is putting it mildly. LOL What a loon to file a report re Echols when she knew she was being video tapped so what on earth was in her atrophied brain? I would love to know what she's thinking since the video has been posted online and was on the news?

Anonymous said...

I keep misspelling 'taped'! Sorry :P

Anonymous said...

I really hope Sandra reads this blog or one of her crazy friends does.Just to see how we feel about Sandra.Sandra needs alot of help,she is beyond mental,that women needs to be locked up & kept far away from her daughter.

David said...

Here is an address to an article which closely describes the Craft case... it was written in 1999.

Anonymous said...

Discussion of the gun disrupts the flow. In the middle of a rant you say LE is
1 - Exhibiting "paranoid thinking" (good)
2 - Owns a gun (excellent)
3 - Has a permit for it (minor transgression, can be overlooked)

That sounds like someone I would vote for.

KC Sprayberry said...

David, read backlash and one of the cited works, A System Out of Control. Very disturbing information, in that eleven years ago, experts recognized the same issues as wrong that were used against Ms. Craft. How very sad that the Mondale Act created a whole new type of criminal, the individual only guilty of making bad judgments in their choice of friends/mates. And the way true experts are kept out of the loop for the initial 'diagnosis' and treatment sends a cold chill up my spine. No wonder someone like Laurie Evans keeps seeing children. She must be on those lists.

Anonymous said...

anon8:46 ok Laurie go take your meds.

Lame said...

Anon 5:38, are you trying to "Gator bait" me? I'm NOT a Gator fan. I'm a Nole and Golden Knight fan (yeah, I know they dropped the "Golden" part recently, but they'll always be "Golden Knights" to me). I've said that I'll root for the Gators if they're playing a non-Florida team, or if they're playing Miami. There are only two teams that I will not support under any circumstance, U of Miami and USC--and, I am not the least bit sad about their recent punnishment by NCAA. I've got a saying I've had for many years, "I don't care who wins, just so long as SOMEBODY beats Miami."

Anonymous said...

Lame,I hope I didn't upset you,I was just trying to be funny.You know us crazy vol fans.

Lame said...

David, your linked article has a great line in it that perfectly describes the Tonya Craft case: "An epidemic of lies."

If this is an epidemic of lies, let us put it into The Black Death terms. Sandra Lamb and Sherri Wilson are the plague. Deal, Arnt, House, Franklin, Jerry McDonald are infected hosts. Tonya Craft, Eric Echols and untold others are potential victims. Greenhouse, CAC, and Channel Slime are the fleas. William Anderson, WCRB, Dennis Norwood are penicillin.

Lame said...

I'm not upset. And, you volfans cant upset me any more now than you did in 1998, but beating us in the Fiesta Bowl--which I really can't blame on you so much, we'd have won if we had SOMEONE on the team who knew how to kick a field goal.

Lame said...

Wait, why did I say "we?" I had nothing to do with the happenings on the gridiron.

Anyone else ever notice this strange phenomenon whereby people try to take credit for victories or happenings in sports, using "we," when they had absolutely no more tangible impact on the game than one could have by shouting as loudly as one can at the television screen?

Anonymous said...

Lame you are a good guy,I hope you find a women that is worthy of you.I have never met you but in a crazy way I feel like I know you.Did you have any luck with the private schools in Chattanooga.I wish you only the best & if you move to our neck of the woods I would love to meet you.You are very intelligent & I enjoy reading your post.

Victoria said...

Evans is a main villain in this horror story. She is so diabolical and its hard to understand her persistence in working on this case, so I think there may be more to her involvement than publicly known yet. Some have speculated that she had an affair with Henke and until that comes from a credible source, it is just gossip. But if true, it would tie together why she would defy her court order and continue working with the kids in another state, perjur herself, and risk legal problems.

I don't care about her handgun. Her use of her credentials is worse than a machine gun and she's got it aimed squarely at families and children. Don't let up on this nut - she needs to be brought down for what she has done.

Lame said...

Thank Anon. It wouldn't surprise me if there are some people on here who do know me. I have family all over Southern Georgia, and some in the Northern part of the state too. My great-great grandfather George Washington Turner was born in North Georgia, but moved to the Moultrie area after the Civil War. So, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if anyone of you who has the last name Turner is related to me.

I am not going to be able to teach this year, not unless it's German. The whole testing situation that a brain-dead person at the Utah state office of edjumacation put me into has caused it so that I can't gain my history endorsement until mid August. I'm working part-time now, but that will end in a couple of weeks when my federal work study funds run out.

Dan said...

A simple solution is to get the word out to the public that the CAC is not staffed to adequately respond to such issues.

There are good people of faith that manage alternative resources for families under stress.

The kernel of truth here is to not rely on circuit government services until the "all clear" has sounded.


Anonymous said...

Well I want to know more about LE and who she was in a relationship with. Someone here said Henke, but during the trial I overheard whispers that it was another major player in this debacle. I just heard someone say, "Everything is so hush-hush because she's the girlfriend".
For now I have no idea if any of this is true.
To me, if EITHER of these claims are true, it could seriously explain how she might have negatively altered the little girls perception of what actually happened. Her testimony was strange, especially with all the meetings in chambers, etc.
I have seen posts on blogs from way back asking about her relationship(s).
This is similar to a bad soap opera.

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge, she was dating one of the Judges from LM.....

I believe that is why he recused himself

William L. Anderson said...

To the 9:04,

You are correct in your assessment. Furthermore, she had convinced that judge that Tonya was a "sociopath," and that was why Tonya had passed the two lie detector tests.

Now that we have seen the parade of witnesses, it seems to me that the sociopaths are on the prosecution side!

Anonymous said...

Which judge was she dating???? House is married and Graham is a woman, so that only leaves Wood and VanPelt???

Anonymous said...

I think the gun thing is relevant and shows more lies. Because to get a permit it asks if you have been treated for any mental disorders. To which she must have lied. Additionally to purchase a hand gun it asks if you have been treated for any mental disorders to which again she must have lied. But whats a few more felonies for this bunch.

William L. Anderson said...

Well, it wasn't Wood, 9:55.

The recusal order demonstrates that there have been unreported ex parte conversations between the judges. Furthermore, when judges recuse themselves, they need to have a reason, as Ralph Van Pelt did when he was dating a certain "therapist" from the CAC.

Instead, we get a blanket recusal with no explanation. Obviously, if they had an explanation, then they next would be asked why they did not have a change of venue in the Tonya Craft trial and why the judges did not recuse themselves in that situation.

I think that the realization is starting to hit that the LMJC "sandbox" no longer is oblivious to outside scrutiny. For now, everyone is hiding out, hoping this all goes away, and I will tell you that from my end, it is not going away.

Kerwyn said...

Anon 10:33

The GA permit application asks if you have been HOSPITALIZED or Adjudicated (not diagnosed.

Her permit is legal

KIMRN said...

Laurie Evans is dating VanPelt. What does that say about his character?!! Is there anybody in authority of any decency?

volfan69 said...

Do any of you remember a song by Bonnie Raitt several years back called "Give Them Something to Talk About"? That must be the theme song of the LMJC. They seem to be very proud of their conduct/misconduct. Bobb

Anonymous said...

I believe LE lives in TN which means she would have to be permitted in TN. Their program is different than ours in GA. You have to actually go to a training class before you can even apply for a permit. In GA, you fill out the app, take it to the magistrate, get fingerprinted, then after the waiting period, they send the permit. It's a lot easier.

Also, to the "even" fellow. If you will read what Dr. Anderson wrote properly, you will see that the bullet points were from court records.
"The problems were made known during her divorce trial, and the following things were disclosed (as part of public record) in the proceedings:

She demonstrated "paranoid thinking" and even purchased a handgun (receiving a permit to do so)
At the divorce hearing, her doctor testified that Evans was having "a lot of anxiety, nightmares, and flashbacks"

So your argument still doesn't hold water. He was simply stating what was on record.

I agree with LE not having a permit. She is mental!!! This is why we have background checks, which I am thankful for. I have a permit to carry and have many firearms, but I'm also of sound mind with no criminal background. She obviously received the permit by lying or prior to her diagnosis. This is a problem. What if she snaps one day at "work"? Innocent children could get caught in the crossfire.

She has blatantly broken many laws & I hate knowing she has the same rights as I do. UGH! What a loo-loo head.

Bill, you are also right on with your assessment of SW's & guns. Most I know are firmly against the 2nd Ammendment & it's an argument we have. So it is frightening to know that coo-coo pants is packing heat!!!

Trish White said...

Oh my goodness, this web just gets more and more tangled, as more facts come out!!!

Anonymous said...

Bill’s comments amply demonstrate that Laurie Evans did not have to “snap” in order to hurt innocent children.

Nevertheless, it pains me to read comments such as: “She is mental!!!” and “Such a loo-loo head”. It seems to me that Anon 2:11 has very little understanding of mental health conditions and their possible effect on people’s ability to work.

Also, if Laurie Evans is someday lucky enough to recover from her mental illness, she may have to face the unnerving reality of what she did while ill. It seems clear from Bill's post that she could not evaluate her own ability to function well. Unfortunately that's not just too bad for her but also for her clients.

volfan69 said...

I agree with you about calling people names. Many people don't understand mental illness and call names. That is sad that we have not made enough progress to understand that some people just can't help having problems. Whatever caused her problems is beyond me, but she should not be dealing with children and their problems. However, we should not be making up names to describe her. We should be praying for her and her health. Thank you for your comment. Bobb

KC Sprayberry said...

Okay, about to toss the fat into the fire here. What if LE really doesn't have a mental illness but feigned one (like she makes up the information about her 'patients' to assist certain individuals) in order to get back and her former spouse. Of course, then her permit is legal. And no judge really has a reason to forbid her from seeing children for any reason, even though her doctor believes she has PTSD. Who better to fake an illness such as that, with very few if any physical manifestations, than a person in the field.
Now, I'm not now and have never pretended to be a medical professional. My training for my military job was in statistics and for writing in classes that taught me enough about the human condition to pick out characteristics in those around me to develop three dimensional characters. LE definitely loves the attention focused all on her, which is evident by showing up to testify with her attorney in tow and holding up court for an hour and a half during a very important trial. She also has control issues, shown by ignoring a judge's order and continuing to see a child. But mentally ill? Honestly, I questioned that from the beginning as something that she uses to control her ex and others around her. It would also explain her rather arrogant attitude in court, in addition to messing around with a powerful married man.
Geesh! Tell me again these people really attend church and walk around like butter won't melt in their mouths. An editor would never believe this as a fictional piece. They'd rip it up and laugh. (shaking head in disbelief). Bill, how much weirder does this get?

Anonymous said...

KC you had the same thought as I. I considered exactly what would've been the cause of her PTSD, her divorce? She did try to get $35k from him for 'what happened to her', did she not? And if she had in fact been diagnosed would she not have to alert her employer/s because it would've certainly impaired her re her work. She could've easily gave the 'right' answers to her physician. Maybe she did suffer from PTSD and I have no clue what the details of her marriage and personal life were but wondering if she endured severe abuse or ? which would explain it.

Anonymous said...

Odd this page for Judge Van Pelt. All this personal stuff on the Lookout Mountain Judicial site? Strange.

Phyllis said...

I just saw a promo on CNN for Monday night's Larry King Live. It was promoted as a Prime Time Exclusive, Tonya Craft's Custody Battle. The announcer said "the former teacher found not guilty of molestation charges, 9 Eastern on CNN". There was also a short clip of Tonya shown on the witness stand.

Very interesting indeed. Tonya said she will not give up and I never doubted her for a moment.

volfan69 said...

It's the end of the world as we know it...I feel fine.

That is a song on a website of Van Pelt. Nice


kbp said...

Laurie Evans is either mentally unstable and should not have provided therapy for any children since that was determined, or she's just a lying bi$#% who intentionally helped to fabricate crimes she implanted in the minds of the children.

Both are wrong and a judge in the LMJC is evidently willing to overlook this situation to satisfy his lustful yearnings. Maybe they make a good couple after all.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I very well understand mental illness & have every right to call LE anything I please. I know her!!! I've seen her in action. I know she's a phony. I was just trying to open some eyes to the fact she owns a gun & should not.

Want the truth??? She's a compulsive liar. Has been for a very long time. I don't consider that a "mental illness", but she certainly got a doctor to diagnose her with SEVERE PTSD. In the same right, she also was able to continue "counseling" children. Does anyone see a problem? The reason I call her "mental" & a "loo-loo head" is from very personal experience. I choose not to pray for her because she works on the side of the devil & has ruined people's lives. Her ex, her children, the children she "counsels"....shall I go on? If everyone will go back & look at her testimony she played the part of crazy pants to the defense, but oddly, when the prosecution was up, she was fine. Still has the crazy in her eyes (but she's always had that, long before she was ever married), but is able to answer their questions quickly without repeating. Hmmmmmmm.....

So, before you accuse me of being a bad person for not "feeling sorry" for a "mentally ill" person, think again. She is NOT mentally ill. I know people who simply can not help certain conditions, but hers, she controls & controls in whatever favor comes to her.

So KC, you are correct, she has done what it took. Luckily, people like Marie Williams & Linda Hall see right through her. Notice they called her incompetent.

I was just trying to lead you all to the truth, but instead I get attacked. Go back & look at some of the things you have said about people & while you're at it, go back & look how some can not even follow the simplest parts of this trial and aftermath. It's all in black & white & everything is coming out. Slowly, but surely. Keep a log or journal of some sort of the highlights and it will make it easier. There are a lot of people who come on here that know the players personally & try not to make it obvious who they are, but sometimes we have to be more specific. Geez louise.

Anonymous said...

Laurie is just as crazy as Sandra,Kelli,Sherri,Sarah & Miriam.No one should feel sorry for any of them.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:46,thank you.I already thought she was crazy,some are wearing rose colored glasses.

GrandmaGolfer said...

My husband of 38 years and I went out for a round of golf this afternoon at Battlefield Country Club in Ringgold, Ga. I probably haven't been to the course in over 3 years as I am not an big fan of the sport itself and more enojoy the scenery.
Anyway, to my suprise the first person I saw while pulling in the parking lot was none other than Mrs. Lamb and her precious daughter. At first I could feel anger running through my body as I saw this women in big sunglasses, and oversized purse walking from her car to the club house. I told my husband who she was, as we both have been following the case closely.
Then i saw that beautful little girl and my heart just sank! What a shame & travesty she has called a life. She looked happy and content with a broken leg, but I knew somewhere inside its the little girl that is broken, not just her leg.
I've prayed continueously for Tonya and her family and the kids involved. But it really hit home seeing the innocence of the actual kid that made the accusations. Sandra is a SICK LADY!!
I know I'm not telling you anything you don't already know - I just had to express my emotions from what I saw today.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 5:46. I just want people to know, I'm not an ugly person and haven't called anyone anything to be mean. Anything I've ever said has been based on personal experience, which I try to stick to with everything in life. I guess I could have said, "listen, I know her, I know her character & her ability to play the victim." The funniest part of it is you will be very hard pressed to find her with "friends". It used to take people longer to figure her out, but now, it's a very short process. She's built her own sad life & done it knowingly. Those poor kids that are still seeing her. Oh, and Williams & Hall are not the only ones who have deemed her incompetent. It's actually pretty scary.

Anonymous said...

My family has been members at the club since before I was born.All of the family play golf.If Sandra is a member I have no desire to return.I will let my extened family know & I hope everyone of them will drop their membership.

Anonymous said...

I guess when the club was sold a few years ago they lowered the standard.Back in the day Shoemaker would never have allowed a roach like Sandra to be a member.It is odd she was there,she has a pool & i really don't see that bi#%* playing golf.I guess she is a member just for show.Hold on Battlefield club,if she is a member you will probley loose members.Everyone is sick of her crazy ass.

Lame said...

I still don't know what Sandra Lamb is doing with any kind of custody of her daughter, considering what she put that poor girl through.

As for the country club, I'll borrow a line from Groucho Marx: "I'd never join a club that would have someone like me as a member." Anyway, I'd rather hit a baseball than hit a golf ball. I'm an American, and I would rather play an American sport than something invented in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Lame I would love to know how Sandra still has her daughter.You would think her ex- or soon too be ex would have enough proof against her.I guess I just don't get it.

GrandmaGolfer said...

She was carrying a present walking in. They were probably heading to some kind of birthday party or shower at the club house.
Have no idea if she is a member, but my husband, who is there atleast 4 times a week had never seen her before other than on news coverage.

volfan69 said...

If something I wrote upset you please allow me to apologize. I hope you will accept my apology.

My father died in August of___. Three months to the day my husband disappeared. I filed for divorce. When we went to court he told the judge that I was a "mental case" because I cried so much. My divorce lasted over two and one-half years. My ex even filed against my Mom! Yes I cried, yes I had to see a Dr., yes I was put on medication. He and his attorney called me names in court. I went through hell to get my divorce. You know what? I am not crazy and I was just depressed. So that is why I am defensive of people with emotional problems. I hope that you understand why I am not about calling people names. I just want to treat all people as they should be treated.

Much respect to you and I hope you will forgive me if I upset you. Bobb

Anonymous said...

GrandmaGolfer,thank you for letting us know.It blows my mind that anyone would be friends with such a evil & twisted person.That poor child,I don't know if she has a chance in the world.

Anonymous said...

I really do not understand how these families have any friends or as to why the church's are standing behind them knowing what they have done.I am with Mr.Anderson these church's should put out a closed sign.They are such an disgrace to north west georgia.(Lambs,Wilsons,Henkes,Mcdonalds& Boyds)

Anonymous said...

Bobb, you didn't upset me, I was simply calling a rat a rat or a bird a bird. I'm sorry for what you went through, but we can not take everything people say personally. I'm a rape victim, but I don't jump over people when they use the term in other ways. I simply was stating an opinion of someone I know & have seen "in action". Everything is individual & people have said a lot worse on here about people they don't even know, but they are opinions, just as you have opinions and have used terms speaking about some of the players in this fiasco. Dr. Anderson has too, in fact, I can't find one person who hasn't. It's just passion and sometimes it comes out in a way in print, but is said a different way in person.

I firmly stand by what I said. Maybe I'm not the best Christian in the world, but I will admit that fact. I pray without ceasing. I pray for those who need & deserve prayer. If you feel like praying for Laurie Evans specifically, I can not fault you for that, but I have far more people to pray for on a minute to minute basis that I'm not going to fixate on someone who purposefully hurts & destroys people, including the people she supposedly "loves". That's a fault I will accept & I may have to answer to that in front of God, but we all have many things to answer to.

So no, you didn't offend me, hurt my feelings or anything like that. I have been a fighter for justice for many years & people who tear our system down, I have no sympathy or kind words for. I have followed Tonya's journey for 2 years & watched as she was ruined, but she did not break. The people who purposefully & knowingly deceived & abused our system, get zero empathy for me. They can repent to our God, but they will never have my forgiveness.

Kathy R said...

Great Article Bill. Praying for Tonya's upcoming court date. I know in my heart she will have her babies back. She is a Moma Bear Joal Henke, she will not let up until her children are where they belong.

Anonymous said...

It is funny Miriam has been going around quoting scriptures she said thoes who spite her that god will take care of them.Do you think Miriam maybe has a guilty conscious or is she still nutts.I vote for nutts.

Anonymous said...

KathyR are you still defening & standing buy the families?Just last week you were.

Lame said...

I think that we should defend and stand by the families of the accusers; not the accusers, but the families. There are husbands, wives, sons, sisters, brothers, daughters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, and cousins who were pulled into this against their will, and whose only crime was being related to a person who gave themself over to satan. I cannot fault the family of Sandra Lamb for what she did any more than I can fault the family of Lee Harvey Oswald for what he did.

Kathy R said...

Well said Lame. I have posted on here almost from day one and I never defended the actions of any of the adult accusers. I will ALWAYS defend a child no matter the circumstance.

Kathy R said...

I have to say one more thing before I go to bed....Lame you are very intelligent and you have a big heart. You are an awesome person. I sometimes take the low road when provoked but Tonya never did and I admire her so much for that. There were a lot of times she could have but she always rose above it. Tonya would defend the same people I have as a matter of fact she has.

Lame said...

Thanks Kathy. I'm going to come across as a totally arrogant jerk here, but it's for a good cause. There's a saying, "Intelligence is invisible to those who have none."

I have seen some very intelligent posts by many people on this forum, and I appreciate those who recognize it in others, and I'm not talking about myself anymore, I'm talking about Dr Anderson and many of the fine contributors here. Once in a while what I call a "drive-by poster" sees something and takes it entirely out of context, or isn't able to see the point that is being made, or has not a full grasp of Enlightened philosophical debate, or is just a troll. To those people, the intelligence of those who post here is invisible.

To those who see the intelligence of those who post here, while we may disagree at times, it is refreshing to see debate conducted in an elightened manner. One could take a Machiavellian approach that one should take the "high road" as much as possible, but when the situation calls for it, know how to take the "low road." I would use a Shakesperian quote to counter that argument: Mercutio says in Romeo & Juliet, "A victory is twice itself when the victor comes back with full numbers." I paraphrase that, "Winning an argument is twice itself when the victor comes back with intact honor." Sure, we can make some jokes, get a little bit dirty, make some accusations, and be down-right ugly in some of the things we say about the people involved in this case. However, our honor is at least far more intact than those who use their children to get back at a former friend, or who lie under oath in court, or who use homophobic and racist rhetoric to try to incite others to negative action, or who put advancing their own career above their sworn duty to seek truth and uphold justice.

PitOwner said...

Well said, Lame.
I don't post much here, but I've read every post and comment on this issue.
In all my time on the Internet (and, yes, I am an Internet junkie) I have never seen such intelligent, thoughtful, educated, and considerate comments. At least not in the numbers displayed here.
All of you are as big a reason that I keep coming back as much as Mr. Anderson himself.
If the internet as a whole, indeed reality itself, was like this blog, it would be MUCH more enjoyable.

Trish White said...

You know the more I read about the "cast" of this trial, the more ludicrous this all becomes. If in fact, and I don't doubt it, Laurie Evans and VanPelt were dating prior to the trial, all the judges should have recused themselves from Tonya's case. I know for a fact, that all of these judges discuss cases and what is going on. They all discussed my son's case, so I am sure they discussed Tonya's. Which is why, I am sure they have now recused themselves from Eric Echols case, they know they are in deep trouble. It is about time, this group goes down in flames!!

Anonymous said...

Those of us who work in the medical field that have daily contact with the mentally ill are perfectly capable of feigning the symptoms.

Ms. Evans as a therapist would be even better at it. The claims she made against her ex husband are frightening if they are true. If they are not, she has painted him as an incredibly violent wife beater and sadist.

Her claims of PTSD originate from her claims of extreme violence and abuse by him during their marriage. From the court records, she claims extreme marital violence (I cannot find any reports of police being called) and that she has no money for her health and welfare even tho she signed a prenup showing she had 691,000 dollars and health care, she claimed the abuse started 4 weeks into the marriage except then she says it started a year later (pick one). What she really wanted was a LOT of money and what better way than to claim spousal abuse leading to mental illness with no proof of said abuse, as well as accuse your husband of inappropriate behavior with a child. The judge didn't buy it either btw..

So yes, she could easily get any mental health professional to diagnose her as PTSD is one of the easiest to fake and when it is real, hard to treat.

The very fact she perjured herself repeatedly in not only the Tonya Craft case, but her own divorce as well as another case she was removed from, simply continues to show her lack of truthfulness.

Anonymous said...

I'll be interested to read more about Laurie Evans. I am uncomfortable with the widely published claims that she is mentally ill. I would like to know if she has been diagnosed by a professional in the psychiatric community -- independent of the divorce case -- as having a paranoid disorder. If she is paranoid, then, yes, she shouldn't be a social worker since her ability to discern what is real has been compromised. If she is not paranoid, but does suffer PTSD, then it is indeed a challenge to function well, but not impossible. PTSD is a "normal response to abnormal events." A person with PTSD does not necessarily have a sick mind. They have been battered by life, that is all.
I would also like to see more of the transcript of her on the witness stand. The ones I've seen were disjointed, so I couldn't draw a conclusion about what was really going on. I was TOLD what to think by news people who were there, and by various bloggers, but I wasn't given enough to read between the lines, myself.

Anonymous said...

According to her testimony and court documents in Tonya Craft, she was diagnosed with PTSD and treated by Dr. David Solovey from 2006 to 2007, I don't know who else treated/is treating her since PTSD is a life long condition. You do not just "get over" it.

She testified to this during the Tonya Craft custody issue which was taking place when *gasp* Tonya was accused of molesting her own daughter. She also testified to this diagnosis and her medical records were entered into evidence during Tonya Craft.

Judge Williams is the one who threw her off of the Craft custody after concerns of the GAL were made known as being untruthful and incompetent. She attempted again in 2009 to "intervene" with the Craft children claiming a "penury" interest, ie money. Meaning that she was losing money because people were finding out that Judge Williams had tossed her and why. She basically wanted the Judge to let her have another swing at the kids so her rep would get restored. Judge Williams tossed her again.

Kathy R said...

Again well said Lame.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:17

You would have to go down to the courthouse and buy the transcript for a full picture of it.

Most of what I know is based on the news reports and eye witness accounting of her testimony.

Her Doctor listed her Axis 5 Score as moderate to severe.

I actually, having read both cases (her testimony), her "treatment" notes and listened to the eye witness reports feel that she is a poseur with full and complete knowledge of what she is doing.

I do not believe she has PTSD, I think it is a complete act of dishonesty. I think she did it for the sole purpose of milking the divorce for as much money as possible. Her claims to the court that she had no money were proven to be dishonest. Her treatment of the children was so disturbing that the GAL asked the court for an independent review which they got in the person of Dr. Ann Hazzard who completely gutted Evan's nonsensical treatment. She was using unproven and "junk" therapy techniques that were creating far more harm than good. Hence why Judge Williams tossed her and in fact ordered her to have NO CONTACT with the children.

What did Ms Evans do? Ignore the court order, ignore the additional subpoena's in that case. Her claim of "the subpoena" was from Tennessee is legal except... she has a practice in Tennessee.

I have seen her "treatment" notes and she is terrifyingly incompetent. She has done nothing but embed and enhance false memories of abuse in these children. She, in my opinion, should be arrested and charged with child abuse.

Anonymous said...

Lame as usual you have given me a new point of view.I never really thought much about the extended family members.I have always felt sorry for the children & Greg Lamb.You remind me of Wilson on Tim The Tool Man lol.You always have great insight & intelligent opinions.Thanks for keeping us on our toes to look outside of the box.

kbp said...

Thanks for the comments Anon 11:29 & 11:43

Anonymous said...

I personally like the approach that LE is incompetent and manipulative. Either one of those gets her booted from the TC battle for the kids and furthers the case of TC against her. However, if she is indeed mentally ill, then that gives her a potential defense in the TC lawsuit against her and in the upcoming indictment against her.

kbp said...

"...mentally ill, then that gives her a potential defense in the TC lawsuit against her"

I hope she uses that defense!

While it could possibly get her some sympathy from a jury (reduce damages), it also goes on her records and makes those which set up the therapy sessions with the children look even worse than they'd have been if Laurie Evans was ignorant of the damage she could and did create.

I suspect many named in the suit will be claiming ignorance as their defense!

jinx said...

As a first time poster I would first like to thank Dr. Anderson for all the information he has assembled and shares with us. Not living in the LMJC area I am curious about a couple of things. Is Van Pelt married and did he recuse himself because of an admitted relationship with LE?

William L. Anderson said...

Jinx, to answer your question, I cannot imagine Judge Van Pelt having a wife who was so tolerant that he could date other women. (Note to married men: Don't try this at home.)

Not knowing anything about Laurie Evans but what I read on the documents, my guess is that she would have a charming side, but from what I can see, her life is a mess, and she makes a mess out of others' lives, too. If there is any one thing that characterized this sorry case, it is the absolute mess that the accusers' families have made of things.

Lame said...

I'm seeing a picture of Laurie Evans develope that shows a woman who does suffer from a psychological disorder, and it was not caused by her husband. It could indeed be related to PTSD, or paranoia, but whatever it is, it causes her to seek victim status and at the same time try, in her own completely misguided way, to help others. She sees herself as a once victim who is now championing the cause of other victims, someone who overcame, in part, her own troubles to be the savior of other victims. I have seen this before, but not being a psychologist, I can't recall or give an exact term to it. I can say, it's related to depression, and is similar to the kind of disorder that many folks in Hollywood have that causes them to seek constant attention. There's a song by Pet Shop Boys called "Flamboyant" that describes this disorder:

Every actor needs an audience
Every action is a performance
It all takes courage
You know it
Just crossing the street
well, it's almost heroic
You're so flamboyant...

You're so flamboyant
the way you look
It gets you so much attention
Your sole employment
is getting more
You want police intervention
You're so flamboyant
The way you live
You really care that they stare
And the press deployment
is always there
It's what you do for enjoyment

Remember how she was during her trial testimony; spacy, circular in her answers? I've seen that kind of behavior in people who are in the depressive phase of bipolar disorder. Remember how massively she shifted from evasive, defensive to forthcoming/uppity when the prosecution began cross examination of her? I'm not saying she's suffering from it, but for what it's worth, despite the prosecutions assertions, Tonya Craft is not bisexual, the only person the defense put on the stand who is bi is Laurie Evans, bi-polar that is.

Anonymous said...

If Laurie Evans was the first one to have had Tonya's daughter disclose sexual molestation then this is another piece to what Tonya called "a perfect storm". From the start Henke had the perfect "therapist" to use to manipulate the whole thing. I mentioned this on a different day that I absolutely do not believe these parents believe their daughters were molested especially Lamb. The parents knew of the order, or should have done their homework, and took them to her instead of someone like Dr. Hazzard. ANYONE with wealth would not have used her for their daughter's counseling. It's like they can't use anyone else because the truth would then come out.

Anonymous said...

Lame @ 4:57 PM

Remember how she was during her trial testimony; spacy, circular in her answers? I've seen that kind of behavior in people who are in the depressive phase of bipolar disorder. Remember how massively she shifted from evasive, defensive to forthcoming/uppity when the prosecution began cross examination of her? I'm not saying she's suffering from it, but for what it's worth, despite the prosecutions assertions, Tonya Craft is not bisexual, the only person the defense put on the stand who is bi is Laurie Evans, bi-polar that is.

I might agree with you as most of the video I've seen of her was with the defense. She was evasive etc but I don't think it had a thing to do with mental issues. I did read that when Arnt was questioning her her demeanor changed (sorry I can't locate the article at the moment that mentions this) So I do not think it has a thing to do with mental illness but it's more about being a 'hostile' witness.

Lame said...

What I mean is that, if you've ever known someone with bi-polar disorder, they can change their mood/demeanor so quickly that it's like someone flipped a switch. I pointed out her behavior during the trial because it didn't seem like someone deliberately trying to act dumb, but rather her behavior while being questined by the defense was like someone who was on a heavy dose of anti-depressants, totally spacy and unresponsive. Then when the prosecution took over it was totally different. Unless the meds suddenly wore off, then I'd say it was bi-polar. Again, I'm not a psychologist, so I can't say for sure. I do believe, however, that her behavior wasn't just about being hostile. She's hostile alright; hostile to the truth. But, there just seemed to be more to it than orneryness.

Anonymous said...

Well you are right she was absolutely bizarre in her behavior re the defense questioned her. But I do wonder if she was running scared so to speak? Fear and stress can do funny things to a person, memory lapses etc. Consider who was questioning her? His credentials. She must've been in panic mode. I'm sure no one thought that Tonya would have a defense lawyer that also was a psychologist AND an expert re "Nationally Recognized Expert on False Allegations of Physical and Sexual Abuse" so I am sure she was more than a bit intimidated.

Then again you may be right but I'm skeptical.

Anonymous said...

For a Court of Law to even entertain the charges set forth against Ms. Craft, such Court of Law should have demanded qualified therapists' testimony. Apparently, this was not the case in this trial.

Most likely, it has not been the case in many trials in this locality and, sadly, in many localities.

It is called, when exposed, malicious prosecution.

Reader from NYC

William L. Anderson said...

I fully agree, NYC. This was a malicious prosecution, but for the prosecutors (and "judge" House), it also was a Bridge Too Far. Interestingly, they always will be defined by this trial and this ignominious defeat.

KC Sprayberry said...

I do believe 'judge' house recognized that fact, Bill, when he read the verdict. I had to go back and watch the video a second time since I was looking at Tonya during that period. The judge certainly did look like he not only swallowed his gum in horror but was imagining many problems in his near future.

kbp said...

Simply judging from the appearance of Evans and Van Pelt, it looks to me like his brain below his belt did all the thinking when deciding to date her, if they do actually see each other.

Maybe he felt it was a lucky catch, just from him looking at her.

Anonymous said...

VanPelt is divorced, and as far as I know he has never remarried.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Craft's custody hearing is in session. Channel 3's Melydia Clewell is covering it just as she and Callie Starnes did the trial.

Not much happening right now but apparently a lot of procedural things are being decided. Ms. Clewell notes that Judge Williams is very much in charge of her courtroom, unlike Judicial Pimp House who let the rest of Team HAG run wild.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, it is over. The Guardian Ad Litem negotiated an agreement between Henke and Mrs. Craft and Judge Williams is going to seal it so it will not be disclosed publicly. Henke left the building without comment but his attorney thanked the media for coming.

All of this is per details from:

Anonymous said...

Lame, you are reaching again. I'm going to reel you back in. LOL. But I'm doing it out of love.
LE is not bi-polar, she doesn't have PTSD, she's not manic depressive, she's not pms-ing, menopausal... Her only mental defect is compulsive lying & I don't consider that an illness. She's an extreme narcissist and has used and abused people & the system since she was young. For her, it's a gift. Too bad her gift is about to cost her a huge chunk of change. Williams & Hall are not the only ones who have deemed her incompetent and won't be the last. If more people who have known her would talk, everyone would see the big picture.

Also, for the anon who asked about seeing her difference in responses, I have that day's coverage dvr'd, but I'm sure you can go back to the wrcb site & look at the archives. They showed quite a bit between the 3 broadcasts & you could see the obvious difference in her testimony between the defense & prosecution. Also, all of the news pool had the same reaction. I wish they would show it's entirety one day. I would be glued to the t.v. I can just remember her playing people, but it was always funny when people didn't fall for it. Her ex fell for it for too long & she tried to ruin him. She's not a victim of anything, but her own lies & manipulation. Very scary.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Laurie Evans? I see she has a private practice in Chattanooga. I thought she was banned from practice?

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if this is the same person who lived in Indiana and worked as a counselor for Cross Roads during the mid to late 1990's. If so, she seemed to be suffering from her own PSTD from an auto accident and wonder if she ever resolved that issue.

Anonymous said...

She did live in Indiana, so it must be the same person

Leona H said...

I looked this Laurie women up and she has her own practice now in Chattanooga. How can she be still in business? Is she really as bad as they say in this article?

Anonymous said...

all those LCSW's are wacko, they think they have all the answers. She is no different, people can stop going to these people and put them out of business

Anonymous said...

did tonya ever win her case?

Anonymous said...

not sure, tried to google it but come up with nothing

Anonymous said...

Who is this broad? Is she hot?

Anonymous said...

did the big lawsuit ever get re-filed by Ms Craft against the attorneys, state and evans?

Denise said...

Honey, I am not able to find any type of article related to the case this past year, so I would have to say no she did not file it again. I think she has a few years due to Statutes of Limitation law.

Anonymous said...

She has herpes. It's on record in the divorce hearing. Interestingly, the ex-husband doesn't (tested 3 times). She said she never had it prior, so it proves she cheated. He was lucky. This idiot woman should not be practicing anything, except for how to flip some hamburgers. She looks weather beaten, like she stands out in the sun and wind all day. Unreligious, vegan, snottie MN native.

Anonymous said...

According to our research, her cell phone number is (423) 762-1126

Jake from State Farm said...

I don't get what herpes has to do with the case? You lost me with that one. Though it is interesting.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to prove she was a liar before this case, as proven in her prior divorce hearing. She alleged no infidelity on examination in the divorce. However, she testified as not having herpes prior to marriage. His attorney proved he didn't have herpes, after three consecutive tests. The attorney proved Laurie has herpes now, after her testing. It then followed that she cheated. Having lied about infidelity, she was noted by the jusge to be a liar.

Anonymous said...

Good point! I wonder if she gets lots of prank calls all day and all night. Someone should contact the ACSW and LCSW board in an effort to revolk her licensure, given that she is practicing clinically while taking mental medicine herself, while lying in court, and after not only committing purgery, but also being thrown out as a nin-creible witness. Unbelievable!

Michigan J Frog said...

LOL that person trashing her must be her ex-husband.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares, but highly unlikely. He stayed off the radar it seems the whole while. I get that he wants nothing to do with her.