Thursday, November 18, 2010

Truth for Tonya and Truth for the Rest of Us, Too

As I write this post, Tonya Craft is preparing once again to take the stand in order to tell the rest of the world about the truth. As what happened more than six months ago in Catoosa County, her adversaries depended upon lies.

Six months ago, a jury believed her and set her free. Will Judge Marie Williams do the same?

During the infamous Duke Lacrosse Case more than four years ago, Duke lacrosse coach Mike Pressler urged then-Athletic Director Joe Alleva to look for the truth and not act rashly. Alleva answered with perhaps the most notorious statement in a case known for lies and notoriety: "It's not about the truth, anymore."

It's not about the truth. Think of the heartache and the acrimony and the outright personal destruction that could have been avoided had someone, somewhere, in an official position in the Duke case simply sought the truth. Think of what might NOT have transpired had Duke's administration and faculty demanded that the truth be told instead of running down the rabbit trail of Postmodern lies.

It certainly is not about the truth with Joal Henke and his wife Sarah. Both of them have been caught telling lie after lie, and right in front of Judge Williams. Tonya and her attorneys have documented time and again how Joal and Sarah openly and arrogantly violated the very court orders that Judge Williams set down.

One would hope that this would mean something not only to Judge Williams, but also to everyone else in the Hamilton County court system. One would hope that District Attorney Bill Cox, who apparently is pulling out all stops to throw a popular teacher in prison because he confronted a gang of kids who were out after hours, would take note that Joal and Sarah Henke are openly lying under oath in the very building where he works.

One would hope that anyone who sees what is at stake and has decision-making power can see that Joal Henke is a sociopath, and a serial liar and adulterer, and that such a person should not have primary care of children. One would hope that someone in a position to make decisions would understand that Joal and Sarah lied in a court of law in order to try to send a woman they knew was innocent of child molesting charges to prison, just to get her out of the picture and to destroy her life and to forever separate her from the children she loves.

One would hope that even though the courts of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit are not about the truth, that the people who make decisions in Hamilton County do care about the truth. One would hope that Judge Williams and others are willing to send men like "judge" Brian Outhouse, Len "The Man" Gregor, and Chris "Facebook-Cruisemaster" Arnt a message that their lies are not welcome in Tennessee.

One would hope that Judge Williams and others in the system would understand that if they permit Joal and Sarah Henke to get away with lying -- and telling transparent lies at that -- then they are sending a message to everyone else that taking an oath to tell the truth in a Hamilton County court means absolutely nothing.

One would hope that someone, somewhere would be willing to say: It IS about the truth, now and in the future. That is what is at stake in Judge Marie Williams' courtroom, and nothing else. It is not about custody; it is about the truth.


victoria said...

Is it possible that Judge Williams has any social contact with Outhouse and can be influenced to favor Henke? I ask because I am surprised that this has taken this long and not been a more clearcut decision in light of Tonya's verdict and the original custody arrangements.

Anonymous said...

victoria, no worries there. Judge Williams does not socialize with scum like Outhouse. One thing that has happened in the custody case is Tonya's team doing everything right & Joal's puppet doing everything wrong. Judge Williams sees this. Henke filed legal motions to keep this continued, if Williams didn't follow the letter of the law, all of this would turn even uglier. ie, Henke's puppet claiming Williams was not following the law, etc...

One thing that Henke & Dupree didn't forsee was that gave Tonya's team the extra time to prepare & find even more of Henke's lies, and also him not following the Judge's orders. To me, the length it has taken is actually a plus for Tonya. A good friend told me she would not regain custody immediately & had to do everything by the book. Tonya has done her part & I swear, the woman has the patience of Job. Henke has hurt himself in all of this & I firmly believe that Williams not only sees him for what he is, but will also make the right decision. As we all know, that is for Tonya to regain full permanent custody of HER children.

So don't worry about a Williams/Outhouse socialization. She actually has pretty high standards for friendship.


Jerri Lynn Ward said...

I've been handling a few CPS cases on a pro bono basis. Some of these cases involve family members using CPS to beat up each other.

I am not a family lawyer and won't even help with simple divorces. I have to say that I think that family courts are the most god-awful travesties of justice and common sense that I have ever seen.

The sniping and lying and whining and finger pointing are stomach churning. The specter of judges acting like social workers on the bench is repellent to what a justice system should be.

To me, all this is an example of civil government ineptly and corruptly interfering with the responsibilities and authority of families. It is fostering dependence by families upon help from collectivist entities manned by boobs and making us into a nation of children.

Trish said...

Jeri Lynn, I so agree with you, but what is the non-custodial parent to do, when the custodial parent won't do what is right? And what are they to do, when judges see the evidence, but look the other way??

I also thought we had laws regarding contempt and perjury, but when the courts just ignore it and don't punish those who ignore court orders or blatantly lie in court, where is the justice?

I used to believe that the truth was the truth and right was right and if you lied or did wrong, then you would be punished, but it seems in today's those who tell the truth and those who live right are the ones who are punished.

Kerwyn said...


The horror that is "family" law is something I willingly leave to others. As an FNE I see it in the ER all the time. The lies, the finger pointing, and the sheer evil.

The only people who get hurt are the children and the falsely accused parent. It is truly a horror.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that in our society now, truth, integrity and justice mean nothing anymore!! The ones who swore to uphold the law are nothing but liars and big disappointments to the Justice System. What happened to morals? The men in the "justice" system in Catoosa County, if any of their fathers upheld any office or took any oaths as officers of the law, I am sure they are very disappointed in their sons and/or daughters because they let money, lies and power take precedence over integrity and the oath they took. Think about it Len, Chris, Brian, Tim and others, your parents must really deep down be disappointed. They won't tell you but you have to know they think it. Just think of the older men/women who have held offices, YOU LET THEM DOWN ALSO!! You are not men, real men would have stepped up and done the right thing, told the truth. You are nothing but COWARDS who hide behind your office. You will be judged and if you are truly christians which some of you claim, you better do some manning up because your day will come and your "good ole boys" won't be able to help you. This is a bigger power than the LMJC.

I just hope and pray the Hamilton Cty court system actually have integrity in their hearts and look at truth and justice. If not what another disappointment

volfan69 said...

This delay is making me nervous. I wonder if Henke and his lawyer have found another way to put this off. I need to have more positive thoughts!

Anonymous said...

We all need to contact the FBI in Knoxville and report Henke and his father for VA fraud. They took money away from a deserving veteran!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's a positive thought volfan69, I am positive Tonya will get her children back. There's not a single reason Henke should be in those childrens lives. Tonya and her team have gone through every step required of them and Judge Wms has 'heard the bell' that Joal Henke rang when he openly mocked her orders.

Anonymous said...

the delay is making me nervous too!

Anonymous said...

The delay shouldn't make you nervous. How long does it take to say 'no'?

Anonymous said...

"witness issues" this is code for Henke and Dupree wanting to keep a witness off the stand who will testify that he is a bold face liar with proof to back it up.

Doc Ellis said...


Thank you for writing this

Doc Ellis 124

Anonymous said...

Its probably a hostile witness from CC law enforcement who has written a report in the past that exposes a lie of Henke's. They are avoiding testifying by presenting scheduling conflicts...

Anonymous said...

so does this mean that Henke and Dupree have managed to get a witness removed?

friend said...

Yes I believe that to--that their is a witness that Joel doesn't want to take the stand. The lies this man has told are unreal, and for him to disreguard what Judge Williams told him to guide by and he didn't. Why in a million years would he think he will keep custody?

kbp said...

I too have thought about how the “family court” will handle this case. The worry I see here is that even if one parent might be a better than the other, I doubt anything will deprive Joal of his parental rights (that mortgage fraud matter would be for his father to face).

Unless he is a danger to the children, I’d think a court would be prone to granting both parents custody and there may be shared with near equal time in the two households.

Such an outcome would eliminate or greatly reduce any child support Joal would have to pay, which may be one of his objectives here.

friend said...

Are you saying Joel Henke does not want to support his children? When a couple divorce there is always child support---did he not pay child support before all this came about?

volfan69 said...

It was nice to read the accounts by Dennis Norwood of Tonya and Joel talking and having a little fun. Anything for the children!

Anon 3:05, I don't understand your point. I must be having a slow day.

kbp, from the experiences I have had with students what you wrote was the case most of the time.

Trish said...

Child support is only paid to the custodial parent, who has primary physical custody, from the non-custodial parent. If the court awards joint custody, then there is no child support and there is shared time with the children and that can be done in a number of ways.

All things considered, I don't see the judge granting joint custody, but I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

kbp, remember, JH was in arrears for child support when all of this began. TC never pushed the issue because JH was a piece of crap & she never expected to get child support. Even during the divorce, she told the judge she didn't want c.p., but as most judges do, he ordered it. JH ignored those orders also & was in arrears over $10k. David & Tonya supported her children. This hearing is to go back to the original custody plan which gave Tonya full custody, just as it should have been.

I expect the witness was Sarah. Remember, TC's team had her on the list & for them to call her, they get more leeway with questions than on cross.


friend said...

I am trying to get this--so this day and time when you divorce both parents have to have dental and medical insurance on the children--they both are responsible for the children 24 hrs a day---why would they divorce if they would have to be in each other's face so much. I understand this person Joel is their Dad, but needless to say he is a very sad excuse for a Dad. He teaches his children it is ok to lie---when you want a home that you can't afford lie so you can have it, and last but not least son if you are ever unhappy with your mate go out and get someone else. Yes he is a great Father figure.

friend said...

This person is also a dead beat Dad---that owes 10k in child support---he said that he had no part in the charges against Tonya--then why were there so many phone calls between the Mothers of these children and him---of course except Tonya. Oh I forgot--he was sitting up dates with them---forgive me for looking at it like they were working on their plan.

volfan69 said...

Did any of you read that last update from Melydia? 1.5 hours after case halted Joel left court shortly followed by Tonya. Very interesting and I hope it is a posiitive sign for all involved...mostly for the children.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. Joal just left court room an hour and a half after court adjourned, followed soon after by Tonya. Maybe he sees the writing on the wall and struck a deal? Agree the witness is probably Sarah, and they're scared of her being on direct. Overwhelming probability of her being impeached and looking quite silly.

volfan69 said...

lol, anon 4:53! You and I were on that one toghether.

volfan69 said... goodness

volfan69 said...

Dennis Norwood has his article about what happened today up on It is very interesting. He said the witness was an expert witness. I just don't know what to think.

friend said...

Tonya has got to be the strongest woman I have ever heard of---after all this man has put her thru---she can laugh and joke with him---if it were me my blood would boil just to be around him.

joan foster said...

God bless you, Bill for your heroic work on this case...and the one where we met and became friends. I am praying for the Craft Family.


Anonymous said...

Just speculation, of course, but couldn't the expert witness be Dr. Hazzard? Isn't she the one whose office was raided and files about Tonya's daughter was removed from her office before the criminal trial.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why everyone is sooo shocked that lawyers and our government could...gasp...act this way? Who is in Congress, House of Reps, Governers,THE PRESIDENT, etc?! MOSTLY LAWYERS!!! They are practicing their corruption skills for when they run for office....

Lisa A

Anonymous said...

Um, Lisa, it was LAWYERS that got Tonya out of the mess she was in and who are continuing to fight for her. There are good and bad in every bunch. Lisa, how would you characterize someone who finds the bad in the bunch and smears the whole group as bad?

Anonymous said...

Pure guesswork here but could the questions about today's witness be connected in some way to Lori Evans, the psycho heavily medicated "counselor" whose testimony and mannerisms in the Craft trial were nothing short of bizarre?

I seem to recall some testimony about her continuing to counsel the daughter after being ordered off the case (and out of her courtroom) by Judge Williams. She evaded the judge’s order by holding her psycho sessions in Georgia if my memory is correct. Would be interesting to see how well Judge Williams would react to having one of her orders ignored by the lying custodial parent if Ms. Craft’s attorneys deemed it relevant to present.

gossip girl said...

the reason joal is able to lie in an effort to hurt his children and the mother of his children in one breath and turn to tonya and joke and laugh in the next... is because that is how sociopaths behave.

the reason tonya is able to be serious and stand up and fight for the truth to be known, to fight for custody of her children... and then laugh at joal while on a break from these proceedings... is because she is kind and forgiving. and she doesn't care about joal... she only cares about her children, and getting them home where they belong.

justiceseeker51 said...

Jerri Lynn @ 11:25
& Trish @ 11:40

I've had first hand experience of this type of 'family court' All the lies, smears, and giving child to 'drug dealers, convicted manslaughterers, etc...' It's sickening. The whole system NEEDS redone.

They are destroying the children of *Our* future. Our future leaders... Presidents, Senators, any of our leaders...Just my 2 cents. Sorry about the rant!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson, The TFP is a wonderful newspaper, and your attacks are not warranted on the journalist. You consistently attack anyone that does not agree with you. There are many people who believe the disclosures of the child victims, including the daughter. I am certain that the Henke's are experiencing horror at the idea of leaving their daughter with a person alot of people believe is a sexual preditor of children. What if you are wrong, and this little girl get victimized again?

volfan69 said...

anon 10:56, what daughter are you talking about? If it is Tonya's daughter you should know by now that she never made any accusations. Please crawl back under your rock and stop stealing oxygen from the rest of us. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ths expert witness for today would have been called by Tonya as her witness were called today. I doubt it was the ex-wife they only have her on the witness list to keep her out of the courtroom and wait around court. It's a defense trick to harrass witnesses. Hazard's office was raided by 1 count them 1 officer. Volfan your wrong about her daughter. And Bill attacks anyone who has an opposite view. He is 100% against prosecution and law enforcement. Tonya does not deserve visitation. I hope if Williams gives visitation it is supervised so she does not re-offend.

MikeZPurdue said...

anon at 10:56 pm: You have to be kidding me! Sarah Henke admits she showered with a child, not her own, and kept doing it until a psychologist told her to stop it! Is that normal? Do you know anyone who does that even with their own child, let alone someone else's child? That's very bizarre behavior on the part of Sarah Henke -- borderline psychotic if you ask me.

I assume that you're just trying to rile up the good people here. If you truly believe what you posted ... well, I'm not going to going to go there. Joal not only knows it was all a lie, he also knows that he perpetrated the lie.

You should be horrified at the thought of any child living with the Henkes.

Anonymous said...

What's horrifing is that YOU people don't believe one person molested 3 children who told you that she did. Instead you think it's a conspiracy involving:

kid A's mom
kid A's dad
kid B's mom
kid B's dad
kid C's dad
kid C's stepdad
friend's mom
friend's dad
Tim Deal
Other detective
Detective's supervisor
His supervisor
Sheriff Catoosa County
cac interviewer A
interviewer's supervisor
cac interviewer B
interviewer's supervisor
cac interviewer C in Whitfield
interviewer's supervisor
Len Gregor
Chris Arnt
Buzz Franklin
4 LMJC Judges
LMJC Magistrate Judge
Whitfield County Sheriff because he used same interviewer C in past
Whitfield detectives
Whitfield DA and Assistant DA's
Whitfield County Judges
GA Attorney General's Office and numberous employee's

just to name a few YOU people have accused of conspiring to frame poor, pitiful tonya.

sandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sandy said...

Anon 10:56,
While there are some good people writing for the Times Free Press, there are also individuals who purposely withhold pertinent information from a story in an effort to lead their readers to a false understanding of the subject matter. And that is exactly what Joan Garrett chose to do when she reported on day one of the custody hearing.

Mr. Anderson's purpose for writing this blog is to educate people on the gross injustice that is harming innocent lives in our country every day.

Furthermore, the ONLY people who "claim" the belief that Tonya was guilty, are those involved in the false accusations, and people who listen to those involved in the false accusations... people incapable of thinking for themselves... those who refuse to read the facts that Mr. Anderson has clearly laid out for all to see. Period.

Mr. Anderson is not wrong. The facts proving Tonya's innocence are not wrong. The only thing I can see wrong at this moment is you.

I would suggest you take the time to educate yourself on the facts, and then we will be happy to accept your sincere apology, and remove the label we now have for you.

Anonymous said...

Friend 3:40 - "When there is a divorce one always pays child support." Um, no...I've been divorced 5 years and my ex-husband has never had to pay a dime. I am primary parent and we were supposed to have joint custody. I later remarried settled and he is still opting for the single life so he might get her every other weekend. I'm happy and don't need the headache (nor does my child) but no - they don't always have to pay. He even gets to claim her on taxes every other year making THOUSANDS and I always have to pay THOUSANDS - not fair at all, but it is what it is.

I also wouldn't be so quick to think that Henke is throwing someone out...He and Tonya left the courthouse together about 5:30 (According to Nosie_Rosie Twitter) Maybe he saw the writing on the wall and realized he needed to cooperate a little???

Anonymous said...

That should say "settled down" not "Settled" I married UP! :)

Anonymous said...

The only people who believe she is innocent are those who listen to this guy who has an agenda of trying to discredit prosecution and law enforcement by any means possible. Or the majority who could not get past a woman, kindergarten teacher, mother, semi-attractive would be a child molestor. He does not care about the children involved. Your listening to an economics professor who has spun facts and made wild claims to lead you by the nose. If you think he is posting facts about a criminal case your idiots. IDIOTS!

Anonymous said...

His first blog post shows bill is not objective buy biased toward prosecution and law enforcement. "my posts on the decline of law in the United States."

MikeZPurdue said...

Anon at 11:59 pm: yes, as Sandy points out, the only people who still believe the transparently false allegations against Tonya are the people you listed.

Just before the verdict was read, the TV people could not find a single person who believed in the allegations in and around the courthouse.

Whether all of the people you listed were fully cognizant a frame was going down, I cannot be certain. There was definitely a strong element of group-think/herd mentality, of everyone getting on board, of lining up the ducks to take the case to trial, no matter what it took.

It has been well-documented that Joal and Sarah Henke have lied repeatedly on the witness stand.
They have been caught in so many bold-faced lies.

It is obvious that Joal Henke has a dark side. At times, Sarah seems to have a disconnect with reality.

Again, showering naked with someone else's young child -- that is VERY bizarre behavior.

And, of course, then there's the even more bizarre behavior of Ms. Lamb, who has also been caught in bold-faced lies.

But in the end, it wasn't even close. The jurors unanimously saw through all the lies and not only acquitted Tonya on all 22 bogus charges, but indicated the whole mess should have never gone to trial.

MikeZPurdue said...

As far as Gregor and Arnt are concerned, they MAY have initially believed the lies that they were told. But eventually, for them, it was all about ego, all about winning at all costs, using dirty tricks if necessary, no matter the truth.

MikeZPurdue said...

You talk about Prof Anderson's bias, you clearly give away your bias at the end of your 11:59 pm post: "poor, pitiful Tanya." The use of the word "pitiful" is VERY interesting. If one really thought she was guilty of the charges, that's NOT the word one would use. That's very telling.

sandy said...

Anon 12:28,

You wrote, "your idiots."

um... I just wanted to share a big THaNK You for making me laugh, as you were calling ME "idiot."

Disclaimer: I am not an English major. =)

Anonymous said...

If you think he is posting facts about a criminal case your idiots. IDIOTS!

Tell us that x-number of years down the road when the sex-addict and the second coming of Mommie Dearest have to fork over some serious money and outhouse will be out in the cold.

Anonymous said...

There is no way, 25 people organized to prosecute Crafty. Simply put, I worked for government for 30 years, and there is not way they would even bother. God Bless, Mr. Henke. How in the world is he going to send the daughter he loves to this preditor.

KC Sprayberry said...

Anon 8:04. You claim to have worked for the gov't and they wouldn't have bothered to engage in a conspiracy of this level? Or did you put your head into the sand and ignore what's going on around you? Not only is it possible, it happens on a daily basis. Imagine if you will, a knock on your door close to 10 or 11 at night. Cops there but you didn't call them. They want to talk. Your teen has made some allegations - allegations you know are false because the individual accused was never near her/him at the times the police say these horrible acts happened. So, being the honest citizen you are, you talk to the police. After all, according to your implications, the police want to hear the truth. Can't be more wrong. You are then in a mess that takes years to clear up, if it ever happens. Tonya Craft isn't crafty as you say. Joal Henke not only has a reputation in this area for cheating on his wives and coming on to any woman alive, he is a well-known liar. Those lies were exposed in both the criminal and now family court hearings. Not only were the lies exposed, he told more lies on top of them and defied court orders because they didn't suit his desires. Ms. Craft isn't a predator, her ex-husband is. Please, read all the facts, readily available on many other websites, some against Ms. Craft, and make a more informed decision. False allegations of child molestation happen far more often than the police/courts putting real child molestors in prison. The only way to stop these people is to put their actions into the public eye, far easier now than 10-15 years ago.

gossip girl said...

anon 8:04...
wow. seems you're just as sick as he is. at least he's smart. and that's what makes him even more dangerous.

scary to think someone who "thinks" as you do worked in our government for 30 years. let me guess... catoosa county government? or did you work at the hamilton county tag and title? i don't think either one really counts. sorry.

go back to eastwood and drink your kool-aid... while the people with intelligence take care of things off the compound. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL at all the trolls. Was the moon full last night, or is middle school out tomorrow? You troll tards are so far behind the curve its incredible. Reading from depositions and comparing two inconsistent answers (sometimes called a lie) does not constitute making things up. Its so laughable I'm not going to type anymore except to say do some research.

William L. Anderson said...

Isn't this interesting. The government employee claims that Joal Henke always tells the truth.

I had no idea that I was leading the rest of you around "by the nose." At the same time, however, it always is heartening to read idiocies by people who are semi-literate but who also are cowards, given they don't identify themselves.

And, yes, I hardly am the only person in this country who believes there has been a decline of law. As Paul Rosenzweig of the Heritage Foundation (hardly a leftist, anti-government organization) wrote in 2003: "Criminal law in the United States has strayed far from its roots."

Anonymous said...

Oh, anon troll, you are at best quite comical. Your English is terrible (for someone who worked in government or any field for that matter) and you do not have YOUR facts straight. I can bring you at least 100 people who have NEVER read Dr. Anderson's blog who believe whole-heartedly in her innocence. Another thing, in "your" list of conspirators, your first few do not even make sense. Who is the "step-dad" you refer to? Also, if you knew the facts, the only dad in on this was Joal Henke. McDonald never believed it happened & Lamb made it quite clear how he felt by suing for divorce from his crazy wife (which may be you).

I will dare to guess you are one of the culties from Eastwood or just someone who doesn't realize what is going on in today's judicial "system". I also guess you have no idea how many times this happens & has happened over the last 3 decades.

Read the transcripts from the childrens' interviews. Take the first & go from there. Then get back with me & let me know what you think.

I know many people who work with children (on the court end) who never believed she did anything to these children. I also know many attorneys, judges & law enforcement who believe she NEVER did anything to these children.

"God bless Mr Henke"??? Please, he has done more damage to these children than you could ever understand.

Seriously, I ask you to look at the FACTS, then make an educated (if you can do that) decision & get back with us. You are obviously one of the conspirators or friends of theirs. Real friends would call out another friend for actions such as this, but instead, you fall in line. Go do a "man on the street" and you will find that 99% of the people who know anything about the criminal case, believe she was not only innocent, but never should have been tried. Then ask them if they've ever read Dr. Anderson's blog. Probably 98% of those have not. You are the idiot & live in a world with purple skies & butterflies. Enjoy that world until it's your time to face the evils of this world.

You're the idiot, not us. (Please note the correct usage of your & you're, it's fun to have proper English and grammar)

God bless Tonya & may she continue to receieve the justice she deserves by having her children taken away from the predAtors known as Joal & Sarah Henke. (please note, once again, I corrected your spelling). :-)

Have a fine day!


Anonymous said...

Looks like some people have been drinking again (and making multiple phone calls to each other). Please, get off the sauce. The TFP is a second-rate newspaper and has been for several years now. Many of the writers are weak by industry standards, and fall short of many internet bloggers. Plus, they fail to do their homework, which is what this nitwit did.

Anonymous said...

Check the writing. Looks like one person wrote all the troll postings. Based on the fifth grade writing style we can probably narrow it down to someone listed earlier.

Anonymous said...

I cancelled the TFP rag several years ago because the writing and facts had degraded to Enquirer level in many cases. Garbage.

Anonymous said...

8:47, you are exactly right. It is the same person & more than likely one of "25" as she put it. And yes, I believe it's a she. I do prefer to tag those types as "its" though. I make it fun for all, kind of like a slinky!


Kerwyn said...

Well, well.. It looks like there was fun for all here last night.

To the person who (forgive me) obviously has done zero research and has no facts other than what they have been "told"...

I am so sorry for you. It must be frustrating to be so easily led.

If you had examined the actual facts in this case, not what your (as opposed to you're) friends have told you or the rumors you have heard, you would have seen what we see. Lies and manipulation. There was no forensic evidence supporting assault. As an FNE I can say that with a great deal of authority and factual basis. I am also, fortunately, able to read and review witness statements for my self. If you had bothered to read the interviews with those "poor" children as you put it, you would have seen what the rest of the world saw... pure babbling bull pies.

Ms. Craft's daughter has never stated to anyone that she was molested unless you want to believe Joal Henke's claim that she told him (now this is hard because the story changed 4, yes 4 times in his depos)that mommy had touched her vagina while putting medicine on her. Apparently she then "broke down" curled into a fetal position sobbing wildly, then she went out and watched tv and acted as if nothing was wrong per Henke. Oh, on the previous from Joal Henke, he claimed that the whole incident, from start to finish, took less than 10 minutes and that no one else (not her brother or stepmother) knew what happened.

Ok, so you are going to believe that a 6 year old child, broke down, sucking her thumb, sobbing wildly, curled into a fetal position suddenly came out of the emotional storm, walked out and sat with the rest of her family and watched tv in uh.. lets see, 5 minutes for the conversation, 3 minutes for the emotional storm and um.. 2 minutes cooling off time? Oh, and had no traces of the emotional upset that anyone else in the family could see (per Sarah Henke who testified she never heard Craft's daughter say a word about being molested and never saw her crying)?

I should go into real estate if you believe such nonsense. I could buy land, say oh in central Florida and call it "waterfront" and sell it to the gullible ...
Wow, please....

Cyril said...


I hate to be persnickety here, but we do strive for excellence in everything... Shouldn't "Facebook-Cruisemaster" actually be "Facebook-CruiseMEISTER"? Just trying to help.

Anonymous said...

Cyril, you know persnickety is always welcome here!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

The only people who believe she is innocent are those who listen to this guy who has an agenda of trying to discredit prosecution and law enforcement by any means possible. Or the majority who could not get past a woman, kindergarten teacher, mother, semi-attractive would be a child molestor. He does not care about the children involved. Your listening to an economics professor who has spun facts and made wild claims to lead you by the nose. If you think he is posting facts about a criminal case your idiots. IDIOTS!

So, are you implying the jury of twelve people who found Ms. Craft INNOCENT of all 22 counts were reading Mr. Anderson's blog after hours during the trial? You sound so foolish

William L. Anderson said...

From what I can tell, a lot of police and prosecutors do a good job of discrediting themselves. I just do mop-up work.