Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Abusing Michael Rasmussen: His Treatment in Charles County

As was already noted, Michael Rasmussen's trial in the alleged (and I mean alleged) sexual molestation of his adult daughter Apryl was postponed until May 16. However, that was not the real story in court on Monday. No, the real story was the unmistakable fact that the Charles County prosecution is pulling out all stops and committing what clearly are human rights violations against Mr. Rasmussen.

Folks, it is getting ugly, really ugly, and it is time that someone publicly exposed this evil on behalf of prosecutor Tiffany L. Rodenberger, for it now is absolutely clear that she intends to win at all costs and stop at nothing. She may not have any evidence, but she is going to try to win by other crooked means.

Charles County held Mr. Rasmussen in solitary confinement for the past week. During that time, he was not permitted to shower, he was forced to wear ALL of the same clothing, including his orange jumpsuit and underwear, he was not permitted to shave or have his haircut. Nor was he permitted to have any visitors. That was bad enough, but what Rodenberger did next is even worse.

Monday was supposed to be the day when they chose the jury, so Rodenberger had the guards drag Mr. Rasmussen INTO THE COURTROOM in the condition I described above, jumpsuit and all. During that week, his wife, Becky, was not permitted to bring him clean clothes during his incarceration in the Charles County lockup, and think about how anyone would look after spending a week in solitary without even a chance to wash up.

As one might expect, Mr. Rasmussen looked just awful, and that was Rodenberger's intention. (Becky brought clean clothes to the courtroom, but the prosecution would not permit Mr. Rasmussen to put them on.) She wanted the jury to see a smelly, dirty, unkempt man who was in near-shock after a week of this maltreatment so the jurors immediately would picture him as a filthy and guilty man.

This was and is an outrage. Fortunately, because the trial was postponed, Mr. Rasmussen did not have to face a jury in that awful condition, but at least we know now beyond a doubt that Tiffany Rodenberger has no conscience at all.

There is much more that this case holds in store, and as I noted earlier, the more I find out, the angrier I become. Like the Tonya Craft case that fell apart as the prosecution paraded one liar after another in front of the jury, apparently clueless as to what was happening, this one clearly is contrived on behalf of police and prosecutors who long ago abandoned the truth.

Well, in this trial, we have another prosecutor who apparently channels both Chris Arnt and Len Gregor, and the one saving grace is that the trial judge is not the Second Coming of "judge" brian outhouse. It is my fervent hope that she will not permit the shenanigans that Rodenberger is going to try to pull.

Here is the problem. In order to present her case in front of a judge and jury, Rodenberger is going to have to depend upon testimony that almost surely will contain perjury. As Kerywn has noted in an earlier comment, there a huge holes in the prosecution's case, and Rodenberger knows it.

Thus, as I see it, the only way she can present this case will be to suborn perjury, and that still is a crime in Maryland. (Not that anyone in authority really cares, and prosecutors in Maryland run wild as they do in every other state.) The testimony from Apryl is not going to match what she had claimed in earlier forensic interviews, and one only can imagine what Kim Selkirk and Det. Young Austin are going to say under oath.

Rodenberger is not exactly the Second Coming of Leon Jaworski, but I guarantee you she can recognize the difference between truthful and dishonest testimony. She also is aware of the weakness of her case.

Therefore, she resorts to one of the slimiest things I ever have seen a prosecutor do in a courtroom: physically abuse a prisoner and then have him dragged into court all disheveled and dirty just to prejudice the jurors. There could have been no other reason to mistreat another human being in this way.

Note: Mr. Rasmussen is back at the Prince Georges County lockup, has his own cell, is now permitted to shower, and has clean clothes, and can have visitors.

By the way, the PG County charges are even more ludicrous and dishonest than what we see in Charles County. I intend to do my best to expose this human rights abuse that is taking place in Maryland, and that means debunking this one accuser at a time.


RTW3153 said...

I would first like to again say,"Thanks", to Dr.Bill and crew for all your support and hark work to expose some of the truth in this matter. I'm a long time friend of Mike's, I was in the courtroom Monday. What I saw was a very scary, Mike looked really bad and some what confused. I've been in the military and we don't treat prisoner of war this way. I haven't made any post in the last few updates of your blogg. But was shocked to read the one where the person questioned what titles you had Bill in front or behind your name! I don't have any titles, just a regular person. But here are some real facts.I didn't need a degree to understand or realize the following;
1. All the laws and rules ect. to protect us are based on the amount of money a person has to retain their freedom prior to your trail.
2.If you have alot of money you get to stay free. If you have alot of money you get the best lawyer.
3.If your like most of us, you have to take every last cent to try to stay from under the jail prior to your day in court and then hope a good lawyer will let you made some type of payments.This is also a joke,They got their big paws out and demand their payment prior to court.
In closing, the fact of the matter is the regular joe is screwed in this "Land of the Free".I've had to do community service for Charles County in the Tri-County Animal Shelter. And this is a fact! The animals were keep in better conditions and were not treated like POW's.

Dean Tong said...

Counsel for Mr. Rasmussen would have to file a Motion for Expert's Fees and attach my CV (see home page at www.abuse-excuse.com for my CV in PDF) as Exhibit A to same to see if the Court would approve my fees and the State of Maryland would have to pay me as an expert for the defense.

I would need to see all criminal discovery from Mr. Rasmussen's probable cause affidavit for his arrest through the child's forensic interviews on DVD and child's therapist's clinical session progress notes, et al.

No jury will hold the complaining child's res gestae statements to exact time, content and circumstances and a competent suggestibility/memory defense will have to be properly litigated (As Dr./Attorney Lorandos did so in the Craft Case in GA) by Counsel in Mr. Rasmussen's case in order for him to prevail. My report to the Court, if favorable to Mr. Rasmussen, could help him immeasurably.

Dean Tong, MSc.

maria said...

Unreal it's a crime what they do to people in this country! I always heard America was the land of the free! Its worse then communism. I keep you and your family in my prayers

William L. Anderson said...

Indeed, Maria, it is just like the Stalin Terror of the 1930s, when all it took was an accusation. To me, this is a state of affairs that is immoral, and so a few of us fight because we don't know what else to do.

Doc Ellis said...


Thank you for writing this

Doc Ellis 124

Kerwyn said...

Wow, Mr. Tong!!

Your work is incredible. I will hand this info off to Rassmussen's attorney now.

I suggest all of you read Mr. Tong's work. It is the definitive work on false accusations.

Kerwyn said...

Mr Tong.

There are NO children interview. The "child" involved is his now 26 year old daughter who is claiming she just started to remember this which is not just false but provably so.

The one interview she did as a child with a forensic psychologist the court has ordered sealed and has not made it available to even the defense. They did allow the defense to copy from it (hand written items) which I do have.

I have all evidence used to arrest him and of course, my analysis, the taped phone call between he and his daughter (the only actual "evidence" the prosecution has).

Dr. Anderson has not been able to post all we have since the trial is not yet underway.

Anonymous said...

Then, in all probability, this is a typical delayed disclosure - delayed memory recall case of he said - she said. The way memory works is as follows: It is first encloded. Then stored. Then retrieved. And then reported. In this case, it will be crucial for an expert to glean the trigger mechanism behind the woman retrieving her memory trace from storage of the alleged traumatic event. In other words, the defense should strongly consider assaulting the reliability and validity of her autobiographical/episodic memory. Also, if he made an inculpatory statements during the controlled phone call with the police that will have to be properly explained.

Dean Tong, MSc.

Kerwyn said...

140 minute taped phone call. 58 minutes into call, after his daughter has done all the talking telling him that that he probably doesn't remember because he was drunk, has him agree that it might be a possibility that he "rubbed" against her, but he doesn't know or remember.

He never once says "I did this to you and I am sorry".

This tape is frankly one of the most mentally and emotionally abusive conversations I have ever listened to. Apryl uses her fathers love for her, her knowledge of his own abuse as a child, a period in his life when he was drinking (which was YEARS after the time frame she is claiming) to leverage him into saying as she says "tell me something anything so I can heal".

He sobs through this tape, repeatedly denying anything happened. It is not until the very end that he breaks, and allows that it is "possible" he did something while he was drunk like "maybe the rubbin happened, I don't know".

I believe the facts are this; this is not true delayed memory or a true memory at all but instead a revenge driven claim. She made statements to close family friends in the months leading up to this claim that indicated revenge.

If you listen to the tape some notable things stand out. Her demeanor never changes. Her tone of voice stays exactly the same. There is no emotion at all. Her voice never evidences sorrow, anger, frustration or any other discernible emotion. Whereas Rassmussen shows obvious emotion.

She goes for almost an hour convincing him that anything he did he can't remember because he was drunk. The problem is, HE is thinking of a time frame from 2003 (she was about 18) and she is talking about a time from from 85 (birth to 1996).

We know for a fact he did not drink from 87 to 2003 from eyewitness and document evidence.

The family dynamics are really what is driving this. A father who adored his daughter and an only child who needs revenge.

Anonymous said...

Where are you getting all of this information? Has this case been reported on in any of the MD newspapers, or the Washington Post?

Kerwyn said...

Dear Anon,

We don't repeat what is in the media, we do the actual research with case files, evidence and other documentation. If you read the thread you will see where I state that I have copies of the evidence.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ something having to be in the MSM or "News"paper in order to be factual.

That is all a form of propaganda. Don't believe jack $#!^ in a "news"paper.

Overall Business Solutions said...

I'd just like to know how something like this can happen. What can we citizens do to help in a case like this?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rasmussen has been accused by three different family members, that he, "allegedly" sexually molested them at a young age. Doctor Anderson and his research assistant Kerwyn would have you think that this is all some sort of conspiricy. They believe that this man is innocent, so much so that they are using this tragedy to further society's mistrust of the Judicial System. They speak of things as if they were there. Three different children, all related to the accused, and finally had the courage to come forward and relive their tramatic events. Dr. Anderson and Kerwyn talk of revenge. They do not speak of Mr. Rasmussen's new step children, Becky's children. Is it possible, that the three accusers felt that what happened to them at a young age, would happen to the young children that now live in his house? If that is the case, than these three previous victims are now heros. I'm sure the evidence is weak, considering these three seperate alleged sexual molestations took place so long ago, but to have three different individuals come forward, makes me think that this is not a case of the innocent being wrongfully accused, it makes me think, it's about damn time.
I know the two of you are passionate about being the voice for the wrongfully accused, but I urge you to stop and think. You also make outlandish statements and twist the truth. You talk of him being put into solitary confinement, and imply that this is part of the prosecutions "crooked means", when in fact, he was most likely put into solitary confinement for his own protection from other inmates. I ask you to be a little more open minded when you get back up on your soapbox. You are only telling one side of this tragedy, and tragically it is the wrong side.

Yancey Ward said...


I don't know if you had seen this story or not, but if you peruse your comments, you might want to consider it for a blog post: