Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Catching Up on Work

My apologies for not posting so far this week. I'm catching up on a lot of work that was neglected during my two trips, and will post after I have completed some grading and lesson preparation.


Asha said...

I need your help, my son was 14 when accused of csc, he was charged 3/22/2011 with 2 counts of csc. The only thing the prosecution had to prove is is that the victims were under thirteen, that they could point him out, and their word of mouth by stating "he put it in my mouth". There was not proof of penetration, no DNA, just the word of these kids which stated several times it didn't happen. My son has been jailed and is facing no less than 25 years. Please help me1

Kerwyn said...


Please send the details to my email along with contact information for yourself.

You can email me by simply clicking on my name.

William L. Anderson said...

I concur with Kerwyn. Obviously, we would like to take a look at this one.

GerhardRP said...

Here is a NY Times editorial about William Stuntz who died last week. He will have a book published soon that you may want to review when you can get your hands on a copy.



Anonymous said...

I am currently being wrongly accused of sexual assault and sexual interference. The complainant is an 11 tr old girl I have had a great relationship with as her step dad. I have never touched her in any way but she claims I did so in the middle of the night while she was sleeping. I live in Canada and know that laws are different here but can someone please help me as all I can afford is legal aid provided by the government.