Thursday, March 31, 2011

What if you are falsely accused? Part I: What NOT to do

None of us believe that we ever will be falsely accused of a sex crime. After all, we have been brought up to believe that the USA has the best "justice" system in the world, and that police and prosecutors are honest people who never would try to frame an innocent person.

Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. Police gladly will frame innocent people and prosecutors are all-too-happy to put innocent people on trial or force them to plead out to crimes they didn't commit because they cannot afford to defend themselves. THAT is the reality of law in the USA.

Most likely, the person reading this won't ever be charged in a sexual assault/child molestation case, as prosecutors cannot charge everyone. If you are falsely accused, however, there are a number of things that you should do -- and not do. I will deal with those things in this post.

After you get over the first wave of shock and anger of being falsely accused, you probably just are confused and want this nightmare to go away. You have to understand, however, that the police and the local prosecutors really are not interested in whether or not you actually did the things of which you are accused. That's right; they are not interested. They already have decided you are guilty, and their mission is to spin everything that they find into a way to get you thrown into prison for the rest of your life.

It does not matter if the accusations are a lie. Cops and prosecutors lie all the time and the honest people in that business often are intimidated and threatened by the bad guys. You are going to be dealing with people who don't care if you are innocent or guilty; they already have decided you are guilty, and they don't like to be confused with facts.

So, let us assume that you are accused. What do you do. What do you NOT do?

Don't Talk to the Police

The first thing that you DO NOT do is talk to the police without an attorney present. If you wish to have an expert tell you why, just watch this video by a law school professor telling people NOT to talk to the police.

Yes, you reply, but the police will listen. They will hear your story and then they will realize that the charges are ridiculous and the whole thing will go away. Right.

It is not going to happen. If you sit down with the police, they are not going to try to find out what occurred; no, they are going to try to find a way to twist your statements into an admission of guilt. No matter how much they tell you that they only are trying to help, it is a lie.

As Tonya Craft has told me more than once, charges of child molestation and rape are very different than, say, charges that you robbed a convenience store. Regarding the latter, you can present evidence that you were not there or that the eyewitness has engaged in mistaken identity. (Granted, cops try to find ways to work around alibis in these kinds of cases, too, but if you can prove you were not there, you have a strong case for innocence.)

In charges of child molestation or rape, however, alibis simply don't matter. For example, "judge" brian outhouse actually claimed in court that prosecutors had demonstrated that Tonya Craft molested the daughter of Sandra Lamb at her home -- before she even bought the home and moved into it. Logically, there was no way that Ms. Craft could have been at that place when prosecutors said she was (and entered no evidence at all to show she had been there before she bought the house), but it did not matter.

Why? House and the prosecutors already were of the mindset that they were going to rig a conviction, and had no interest in evidence. That is common in such cases. We have seen it not only in the Craft case, but also all of the other cases covered on this blog, including the one against Michael Rasmussen.

Look what happened when Rasmussen agreed to talk to detectives Young Austin and Kim Selkirk. They wrote down a bunch of notes and claimed that he had "confessed" to everything they had claimed. Given that Selkirk and Austin did not record this supposed momentous "confession" and given that Selkirk's notes conflicted with the state's own "evidence," it is not hard to conclude that Austin and Selkirk are lying.

A friend of mine who was a police officer in Florida for many years told me that all too often, cops reach conclusions first and then try to find "evidence" that fits their theories. A good investigator, he told me, tries to let the evidence lead to a conclusion, not the other way around.

Yet, cops also are under pressure to charge people, to close cases, and to help prosecutors get convictions. The "win at all costs" combined with the fact that the ONLY "evidence" needed in many rape and child molestation cases is an accusation. For example, it was painfully clear in the Duke Lacrosse Case that (1) Crystal Mangum was not raped, and (2) that the three lacrosse players could not have been the "rapists," anyway.

Yet, the charges stayed live for a year even though they had thoroughly been debunked by the attorneys and by outside experts who saw the "evidence" for what it was: a sham. But because of political considerations and because of the feminist ideologies driving the charges, the case very well could have gone to trial and there very well could have been a conviction.

It is very rare in these kinds of cases that police and prosecutors will look at evidence that does not fit a profile that says you are guilty. That is just the way it is. Don't talk to the police; they only will use your words against you.

Don't Assume the People in the System will be Fair

Americans like to believe that this is a country where fairness and justice reign. That is nonsense, but most people don't discover just how bad things are until they are charged with something they did not do. The American courts will go overboard to convict the innocent, and once there is a conviction, it is almost impossible to have it overturned, as the courts love "finality."

As I noted in a previous post, the immunity that government players have in the justice system also provides perverse incentives for them to lie. After all, prosecutors don't get raises and promotions for "seeking justice." They get raises and promotions for winning.

Chris Arnt believed that he could ride a conviction against Tonya Craft to much higher political office. Despite the fact that he lied in court, suborned perjury, and broke the law with impunity, he still is employed as a prosecutor, going after other people who allegedly have broken the law.

In other words, Arnt paid no legal price for his actions. Whether or not he ever can be elected to public office after his show of dishonesty depends upon how much garbage voters in North Georgia are willing to swallow.

Even though the police will accuse you of "not cooperating," you MUST invoke your Constitutional rights at this point. Trust me when I tell you that neither police nor prosecutors care about your rights and will violate them with impunity if they think they can get away with it.

You have to be responsible to protect yourself, and that means invoking your rights. Don't talk to the police, period.

In Part II, I will write about choosing an attorney. In Part III, I will point out resources you can use to help defend yourself.

NOTE: Good news from North Carolina. A federal judge has ruled that the lawsuits filed by various Duke lacrosse players against Duke University, Durham, and Mike Nifong can proceed. If Duke and Durham lose on appeal, I suspect that the defendants will settle quickly with the plaintiffs.


Asha said...

We made the mistake of thinking that the courts needed some type of proof, evidence, anything else besides what they needed to convict my then 14 year old son. The detective got very angry with us because I refused to let them speak with him alone.

The courts told us that if he did not accept their lousy plea deal that he would be bound over to adult court (Why does he have to be bound over because he doesn't want to accept their deal?)

I can't wait to see how to prosecute the real criminals, the courts.

Carola said...

I heard the same threat with my 14-year old son. Seems to be common practice. I refused to take the plea, changed attorneys who put the prosecution on the defense and hopefully the case against my son will be dismissed this month. But it did cost me my life savings and my health.

Asha said...

@Carola Good Luck, I hope everything works out, to me it's all a trap. They found my son guilty 3/22/11 with no evidence, no proof of anything ever happening. The kids kept repeating nothing happened, the experts testified that the kids were normal, but something could have happened, how can they convict someone off of "could have happened"? The prosecutor had to prove three things, and none of the things proved that my son did anything.

Carola said...

Asha, was your son tried in adult court?
In my son's case, the state's own "expert", the forensic interviewer stated that the kids were unduly influenced by the detective and that protocol was not followed. I had a child psychologist review the records/interviews and she will be testifying in court that the children's testimony is unreliable. It remains to be seen what the judge will decide, we are still in juvenile court.
I am so sorry that you and your son had to go through such an ordeal! I know how stressful this is!

Asha said...

@Carola yes, this is very stressful, yes, my son was tried in adult court because he refused to take their plea deal. "The expert for the prosecutor testified in my son's case that nothing was wrong with the kids but that didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was that they were six, they could point him out and by stating that they knew him and their testimony which was back and forth and never concise.

When this first came about my son was charged in juvenile court,our first attorney told us to take the plea, he told us that the plea meant nothing, just take it, it would just show up as your son being a flasher and this will all go away, so we did, the plea deal was for my son to be on probation and go to counselling and be on the registry. When we began counseling the counselor advised us that what the lawyer had told us was untrue and the charges were more serious than what he proclaimed. The judge dismissed the case and the prosecutor asked if it could be seen by another judge. The new judge transferred the case to a different county where they decided to try him as an adult. He was arrested at the preliminary exam, and the detective kept repeating, "you plead to this" regardless if he plead or not, first of all it was dismissed, and second of all the plea was for him to go to counseling not go to jail. It's a big mess and no one seems to be listening, please let me know the outcome of your sons case.

Asha said...

@Carola, it cost us the same, we are now in the process of looking for an appeal attorney. My son will be sentenced on the 28th of this month, and his birthday is in less than 2 weeks, he's diagnosed as being disabled. He doesn't realize that his sentence is no less than 25 years. He has no prior record. But we are gonna fight this to the end. What ever you do don't give up.

Anonymous said...

How true!!! I have seen this first hand. Appreciate you standing up for the falsely accused. Unfortunately, there are more of these than there ever should be.

Doc Ellis said...

Greetings Dr Anderson-


Thank you for writing this

Doc Ellis 124

maria said...

My son who's almost 18 now was going to follow in my husbands footsteps and join the air force. My husband served for 26 years in very good standing. Last year he was accused of child molestation we spend nearly his whole life savings on this case now and our health of course is suffering also. Last week my son said that he couldn't serve a country where the law cares so little about the truth and doesn't care about how many people get send to jail innocent. It's so sad that my children and I have lost the patriotism for this country because of some lying kids and our corrupted court system.

Anonymous said...

I have a detective trying to "get" me on deprivation charges for almost 6 months now. He shows up at my house & even though I tell him he can't come in, he comes in anyway & then demands to now what goes on around here (nothing). He threatened to arrest my son at school because he didn't want to talk to him. He has intimidated my autistic daughter. He has told me 3 times he will arrest me for deprivation & obstruction & take all my kids away. He doesn't know that I am very familiar with the law, know all my rights, I say very little & record every conversation & phone call. I have caught him in several lies but haven't said anything. He has even told me that if I don't answer the phone or open the door he will arrest me. Last week he pretty much searched my home without cause or a warrant. Who do you call when the police are the bad guys? Do you file a complaint with internal affairs? The police investigating the police! HA! If they don't like the complaint they will arrest you. You can't win!

Kerwyn said...


If you are recording these actions then you have proof. YOU simply call the ACLU AND go get an attorney who is NOT in your county. You must go outside your county. Next you offer the recordings to the largest tv news network in your state. They love that stuff. You offer your recordings to CNN, they love it too.

You get a video camera and put it in your living room to record every entry.

The police cannot come into your home without court order/warrent/reasonable (which is defined) cause.

Anonymous said...

"Police gladly will frame innocent people and prosecutors are all-too-happy to put innocent people on trial or force them to plead out to crimes they didn't commit because they cannot afford to defend themselves."

All I can say is your an idiot. Tighten up the aluminum foil hat. Next you are going to try and convince your flock that police and prosecutors are sending subliminal messages that they commit crimes so the police and prosecutors have more to do and rack in more cash.

Anonymous said...

All I can say VERY TRUE Mr Anderson.
That is the way it works. There has got to be something we can do, they are ruining Innicent people Live's
Every day. They can preach they are doing their job all they want. But we know better, They are CROOK'S...

Anonymous said...

"All I can say is your an idiot. Tighten up the aluminum foil hat. Next you are going to try and convince your flock that police and prosecutors are sending subliminal messages that they commit crimes so the police and prosecutors have more to do and rack in more cash."

All I can say is if you go on the attack please at least learn basic grammar and spelling rules! It would be "you're" or "you are" not "your an idiot". It just makes you look like an uneducated jerk. FYI police and prosecutors do frame innocent people, often for a lack of common sense, overgrown ego and the hopes of a promotion. People who don't have the financial means to hire a good attorney will be lost in the system.

Asha said...

Police and prosecutor do frame innocent people, and if a person does not want to use the word frame I could use their exact words that the police told me "We can do what we want to do"

Anonymous said...

And they do exactly that, and the judge's back them up....So why not
screw up everyone life. who care's
they don't.

Asha said...

They don't care until it happens to their family then they will just pull some strings to get them off.

Asha said...

I need to get in contact with Tonya Craft or her defense team. If anyone knows how, please let me know.

William L. Anderson said...

Email me today, Asha, and I will give you the requisite info.

Cyril Lucar said...


Excellent post. I watched that video a while back and mentioned it to a police officer in my congregation. His response was, "Never talk to the police." Our anonymous critic should watch that video before he/she comments. The telling part of the video is when the veteran police officer "responds" and agrees with everything the professor said.

He's not just advocating not talking to police without a lawyer, he's advocating NEVER letter your client (speaking to law students) talk to the police. Information can only be used against you if you say it. Your lawyer can speak on your behalf and provide whatever alibi you think you have. But they can't go into court and say, "His attorney said." You have almost nothing to gain at all by talking directly to the police if you are accused of a crime.

William L. Anderson said...

That is an excellent point. The incentives for the police to try to frame you are very high (and very perverse). The problem is not that police officers are singularly bad people, although over time, bad officers often drive good officers off the force.

Instead, the problem is institutional, and an institutional problem is much more difficult to solve, and solutions are not readily available. As long as the courts rule that prosecutors and police don't have to bear the costs of being wrong, we are going to see perverse incentives at work.

Retread said...

When I attended college to get a degree in Criminology, one of our instructors was a FBI agent. He made the statement- Never make a statement. It is the police officer's job to prove his case. One student asked, "What if you were there maybe before the crime was committed or you maybe had access or something?" His reply was, "Never say anything. If you say you were there two hours before the crime, they can say; "He admitted he was at the scene of the crime." "But, but I was there before the the time of the crime." That in itself implies that you are lying.

Trish said...

It doesn't matter what you are charged with, never, ever, ever talk to the police without an attorney present. It doesn't matter if you are innocent or guilty. They will take everything you say and twist it to fit what they want it to. We learned this the hard way. We thought if your were innocent and didn't have anything to hide, then it shouldn't be a problem. Guess what, they don't care about the truth, just making a case and getting a conviction!!

Anonymous said...

Yor are right Trish. That is all they want. Innocent or Guilty makes no difference. You are GUILTY.

Asha said...

It's actually more than just twisting the words that you say, they are also trying to prove if you were actually there. They really don't need your words to twist, there just trying to place you at the scene, because your defense can argue that you weren't there.

Anonymous said...

Crystal Mangnum should read your advice, eh?

Apparently Wagstaff now believes "innocent until proven guilty??"

Her supporters -- including former Durham school board member Jackie Wagstaff -- were also at the hearing.

"Due to the fact that she has never failed to come to court, despite her notoriety in the community, but ma'am, these are very serious charges," District Court Judge Nancy Gordon said.

"We still live in a country where you're innocent until proven guilty," Wagstaff said. "I don't think she's a flight risk, but the law is the law and bond is, I guess, set based on circumstances.


Anonymous said...

Great. I am glad to hear that there are still some good people out there, I was beginning to wonder.

Anonymous said...

Well he showed up again today & threatened to arrest my son & told me he had the green light from the DA to arrest me on deprivation. He also took my cell phone & went through the calling list & violated my HIPPA rights. I did tell him (again) he couldn't come in but in he came anyway to "make sure I didn't have any weapons". He told my mom he'd get a search warrant & search my entire house. One of his cronies said they'd take my kids if I made them mad & right away I responded with "DFCS can't take my kids just because I make them mad & I am entitled to a hearing within 72 hours". That shut him up but then he moved on to pick on my mom.

Someone suggested calling the news but they are no help. I can't afford an attorney so what other options do I have? said...

Hi William. Just had a quick question and thought maybe you could help--

My friend is traveling the country this summer as she is working for a dance company called ELITE. The company has a deal with the rental company AVIS allowing workers under the required age for driving rental cars to drive them. She was traveling from Florida last night to South Carolina. While still in Florida, on the highway in-between a 55 and 65 speed limit area, she was pulled over. The cop was very rude and accusatory. He accused her of driving 51 in a 35. He then told her she was too young to be driving the rental car and she proceeded to explain the deal ELITE had worked out with AVIS. He did not want to hear any of it. He returned to his car to call AVIS and moments later came back saying AVIS wanted to have the car towed, but he couldn't just leave her alone on the side of the road. At this point it was about 11 at night. His reasoning was very illogical. He gave her a ticket for speeding and wrongfully driving a rental car--totaling $281. My friend called her boss immediately. Her boss called AVIS and apparently the cop had told them my friend had been driving drunk! The cop never mentioned any of this to my friend, nor did this accusation appear on the ticket. She had NOT been drinking. Also, after the cop had left she turned around and returned to the spot where he had put his lights on. She was pulled over in a 55 speed zone approaching a 65!

So I'm just wondering, is this worth fighting? How do we seek justice in this society where authorities such as cops are free to say whatever they like, even if they are falsely accusing?

Anonymous said...

This article hits the truth in the face. I was accused of Felony Malicious Injury to Property after I hired someone to trim the hedge that borders my property with my neighbor. The neighbor lied to the police and told the officer that he owned the hedge. He does not. I, having no record at all, talked to the very friendly officer who to this day is still attempting to send me to prison for this horrific crime (Right). I am in my 17th month awaiting trial and the state has refused to turn over any evidence of a wrongdoing on my part. It would take me a week to write down all the corruption we have uncovered in my case. Bottom line, if I had not talked to the police or the prosecutor, I would be roaming the streets a free woman with no loss of liberty, justice, and enjoyment of life. My advise to everyone I know is; NEVER, NEVER, NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE! It will haunt you the rest of your life if you think they are honest, they are not...they have an agenda and they will protect themselves first even when they are wrong! Don't make the mistake I made by being stupid!

Anonymous said...

To quote a mayor in New Jersey "The largest gang with ongoing criminal activity operating in the city seems to be the police force."

Also, read the Mullan report about NYC cops and how internal affairs consistantly covered up their violent and theft crimes.

Police curruption is Americas best kept dirty little secret.

By the way, if you file an internal affairs complaint your asking to be framed for a crime.

It's a strange form of terrorism that we live under, the police.

Anonymous said...

Hello mr. William we nee your help and your advice we are passaic county, nj my dad is a minister of an hispanic church, he has served the community and helps everyone he can for more than 30 years, he was falsely accused of sexual conduct of a minor, endangerment of a minor. We have a lot evidence that the girl was not even near my dad, our family and our church at the age of 12 she came at the age of 14 yrs. Old and she allegates that my dad touch her breast while praying @ 12 she said she had big breast...this is a lie than she said it happened at the ages of 17 and 20, she came at the age of 14 and left at the age of 21 never said anything about my dad to anyone, this case came from another case after she was called to the prosecutors' office because of her younger sister made a complaint of her father raping her the plantiff went for her sister's case not to complaint about my dad, so many things happened, they admitted in the court of voilating my dad's rights and other things, we even changed lawyers this been going on since 2009 and the lawyer gave bad counseling to my dad to take the plea offer of title 9 4th degree and my dad trusted his lawyer and he was intimated by the judge and the prosecutor saying if my dad went to trial he looses he goes to jail for 10yrs. If found guilty by the jury and my dad and his witnesses and the church were willing to go to trial my dad has the church members, friends and family the knew the plantiff and the are sure dad my dad is innocent, my dad didn't know the consequences because he trusted his lawyer, the lawyer said we won and that this will go away soon and can expungement his record in 2 yrs. And motion the probation of 1 yr. In 4 months and many more things, now my dad after finding the truth and that he was intimated he was to appeal the plea before the sentence date, he wants to prove his innocence..please what should we do to get just for my dad

Anonymous said...

Very nice article. Sad, but a lot of truth.

Think it fits in very nicely into work I have been doing on this subject...linking it.

Should you like to take a look...

It is the story of what my own family went through in a false accussation case...and I still add to it when I find something worth it "like this" or life shows me something that I feel others should know about the after-affects of such our case, when "thankfully" not prosecuted.

To Those Falsely Accused: Please, believe the truth shall be revealed! My Prayers Are With You!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend was accused of sexual assault against me... but its not true i was 14 and he was 17.... im already 17 can i take the charges away

Anonymous said...

I was reading all your comments. I need some advice. 9 months ago I had an accident. A old guy hit my car and my 1 year old baby died. The state police is not doing nothing about it. My lawyer sent a couple of letters and they do not reply. I want to meet with the police and find out how the case is going but they do not say anything. I think they are protecting the old man who hit my car. Thing like that happen in small town. Police officer hidded evidence to protect friends or family in- law. I need someone to tell me what should I do if I think the police are not working on a case or are trying to protect the criminal.

Deanna said...

I need some advice. My fiancé of 12 years and I split up suddenly the beginning of this year. We have 3 kids together. Our oldest daughter was devistated by the break up and lashed out by saying she thought her dad touched her while she was sleeping but wasn't sure. The police and cps became involved in our lives to add injury to the already bruised and insult of him leaving us so suddenly. Both of my daughters were interviewed by cps and an investigator which they taped without me present. Now my daughter is claiming to have lied because she wanted to hurt her dad like he did her. When I told the case workers an investigator this I was told my daughter has to see a physiatrist and that they would not drop anything even though. My ex fiancé didn't do anything to his own daughter and even I know and believe that. I have asked her to be checked by a regular doctor to prove his innocence and yet they rather drag on a horse an pony show. I can't afford a lawyer to fight them destroying our kids phycie over something that NEVER happened? What can I do?

Anonymous said...

I am charged with sexual assault, assault and forcible confinement. I didnt make a statement to the police cause even though i wanted to tell my side of the story but a lawyer told me not to say anything. My case is in a month. She only gave me oral sex and was willing the whole time. Never said "no" or anything. After it was over i washed up in the washroom she left and i opened he door for her. Then cops show up at my house later that night. Her ex husband was beating her as well and she was scared many times she said. I dont know why she made these allegations. What should I do ? Court date is in a month and i have no lawyer. I get to see legal aid a half hr before the judge sees me. His is in canada by the way.

Kat Gardner said...

My husband was arrested 16 days ago and being held without bond because he responded to the aid of a child in my home daycare that cried for help. The mother failed to clean the child, in result, the dirt around the head of the penis was hurting the kid, so my husband tried to clean it off, the kid told the mom my husband said "Ick" but she heard "Lick". DNA can place my husbands epithelas on his penis so they arrested him based on the mother's statment and told the two adult and two child witnesses to shut up, they refused to hear from us what happened. I feel like my husband died, I'm left with two autistic children and a husband in jail for something he didn't do.

Israel Mireles said...

I messed up i was falsely accused and I gave a statement to you have me worried..The accuser went from telling my then GF that I cheated on her with the accuser all on texts..then when my GF didn't believe her or listen to her the next day she turn it all into a sexual assault accusation. what do I do now I turned the texts in were she says nothing of assault but but her enjoying my GF finding out that I was a

Anonymous said...

I need help. I addmitteed to sex with a minor however it did not happen. I am never in trouble. I'm easily persuaded and manipulated. I am seeing a 16 year old not knwing it is illegal as I'm from new hampshire where 16 is legal age of consent. Well he said it did not happen which it didn't. The cops said he said it happened but what they told me the minor said was only what his brothers said. I'm gonna plead guilty but do I hve a chance of winning? The brothers can not lie in court and they know they re lying. Well what's the odds of me not having to register or go to jail or prison. If I plead not guilty and tell them in court I did not do it and so does my boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

One of my best buddies right now is in jail awaiting trial of charges of raping a child which he was set up by his sister mary because she wanted him outta the way because dan was stopping her from getting money from their inhertience, he was getting dirt on her to remove her as the executor of the will and mary found out and had their own niece claim that he raped her, the kid is a liar by nature and mary will say anything, use anyone, and do anything to get money we are talking about over 40k in dollars here that she framed her own brother and someone i look up 2 as if he was my own brother. My buddy is the poor of the poor just like i am so he cant pay for legal defense like everyone else can because he is disabled living on SSI 450 a month and has ED from the meds he is on, dan has a back condition that prevents him from sexual activitys because his lower spine disks are gone so he cant go through the motion and he is stuck with a court appointed lawyer, i am so afraid for my big brother because no one would believe that a child would lie about being raped and yet an adult will use an child in order to frame someone else just to get rid of them and get money, what chance does my buddy have of them actually looking over the evidence he has gathered on his sister and realize this is about greed? ---MIKE

H. Mc. said...

I have very mixed feelings on this post.
1st, I feel for the commenters with young sons or other loved ones who've been accused. I cannot imagine that emotional burden.
I also agree with much of the talk regarding police policy, protocol, procedure. It's a rampant problem the world over it seems, power being abused by rotten institutions and corrupt individuals.
However, I also have very strong feeling on sex crimes and justice, or the lack of, for victims in the US.
Less than 10% of rape cases are even reported but the prosecution/conviction rates of the small percentage that are actually reported are incredibly low. Of all reported sexual offenses only around 15% result in charges ever being filed and of those there's still only an 18% conviction rate.
It comes to something like 3% of all sex crimes resulting in actual conviction.
The reasons? Well, sex crimes just aren't easily proven. Your typical district attorney won't touch a case unless they feel there's sufficient evidence TO WIN.
Because it's all about winning in their line of work- cold and callous it may seem but rationally, there's just no point perusing a case, wasting time, manpower, or money, if the suspect will walk. So you've got the cops on one hand, who do often decide guilt based on their personal feelings etc, trying to dig up dirt and make the dirt stick to someone and then the legal beagles who care only about winning...
It's a hard system on true victims and these battles aren't often fought at all, let alone won.
So, while agreeing with much that's been said on law enforcement (especially the advice not to speak with police) I also find it terribly difficult to believe that there are many people in the US wrongly convicted in the case of sex crimes. Evidence in these cases are hard to come by and usually arguable, prosecutors won't touch these cases without a mountain of solid evidence, and the victims themselves often won't tolerate being 're-traumatized by the justice system.

I am sure there are cases in which people are falsely accused. Perhaps even falsely convicted in some bizarre circumstances. But to put forth the notion that it's common, seems to me to undermine the reality of sex crimes in the US. The reality is that half of the women you know in your daily lives may have been raped or sexually assaulted in some way. The reality is that of those, it is likely that the perpetrators are all free to hurt someone else. The reality is that, if accused- rich or wrongly- the chances of being prosecuted for a sex crime are only slightly higher than the chances you'll be struck twice by lightening.

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Anonymous said...

Ummm, in case you did not know, rape is easily to report, but hard to prove. The reason is all you need is the word from the woman to send you to prison. There have been cases when guys were sent to prison based on the women's word. No forensic evidence, no rape kits, just her word. Here is the link There are more cases like this. All you have to do is search "false rape no evidence". You would not believe how many case ended up with an innocent man send to prison based based on the word of a woman. By the way false accusations of rape is worst than rape. The stats are that 90% of false accusations of rape. It is funny that you do not see mainstream media talk about this. Remember in this corrupt society it is "Guilty until proven innocent".

monica smith said...

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