Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is this another Craft/McMartin case?

The headlines are quite familiar to those of us who have been in this country post-Mondale Act: "Molestation investigation shuts down _______ school." (Of course, it always seems to be a private school, as I don't recall the government going after government schools or daycare centers.)

While I think that the writer for the Sacramento Bee in this story at least tries to give another side to the story in writing about the McMartin case, although she does not give full justice to how bad those accusations were and why they were bogus. As I read her article, however, I cannot help but wonder just how bad this investigation really is and I cannot help but wonder if we have another Craft/McMartin situation.

Before explaining my position, however, I cannot help but note that it was also a McClatchy-owned newspaper (like the Bee), the Raleigh News & Observer, that jump-started the false accusations in the Duke Lacrosse Case, as the newspaper published one false story after another. (The N&O even distributed the infamous "wanted" poster of the lacrosse players with a Sunday edition, thereby lending credence to what was found to be an utterly dishonest investigation.) One hopes that McClatchy has learned a lesson about rushing to judgment, but given that most journalists are anxious to jump off the cliff whenever police and prosecutors tell them to do so, I'm not confident that ANY mainstream paper can handle such a story.

Here are some excerpts from the story, and I will explain afterward why my b.s. detectors are on full alert:
Officials shut down a private Citrus Heights elementary school Monday and suspended its license pending a sweeping investigation into allegations that its principal molested children over the past 15 years.
In its complaint, the Social Services Department alleges that Adams, whom students referred to as "Mr. Bob," touched female pupils on their chests and vaginal areas, touched their bodies under their shirts and down their pants, and "secluded" female children under a computer desk and lay with them on a mat in his office.

The complaint also names office administrator Cynthia Higgins, alleging that she failed to report the principal's behavior after receiving complaints. It says a volunteer, Irma Mertens, saw Robert Adams touch a girl's buttocks after inserting his hand under her swimsuit and told Higgins about it.
OK, now I have some questions:
  • How does something like this go on for 15 years and NO ONE report it? No one else witnessed the kind of behavior that we see? Sorry, people, but child molesters don't just do this in complete anonymity for 15 years without people getting suspicious, especially in an open setting like a school.
  • What are the cirumstances under which Mertens made the claim? For example, Sandra Lamb and Sherri Wilson wanted to "get back" at Tonya Craft, and had the means to do it through Chris Arnt, who had hoped to be able to ride a "big case" to a higher political office. Did Mertens actually see this? Was she on the "outs" with Adams or someone else? The article does not say, but I would be quite interested to know some of the background.
  • How is it that parents would rave about the school for years? Would they have been THAT blind? Would not have kids and parents have been talking?
  • Did he allegedly go after both boys and girls, for if that is the claim, then we know it HAS to be suspect, as real child molesters go for one or the other. (Yes, I know, the Usual Trolls will claim that Adams is that one-percent exception. Yeah, everyone accused ALWAYS falls into that one-percent category, which is interesting, since one-percent means one out of a hundred, not everyone.)
One has to understand that I have no confidence at all in the police and social services to handle these cases. What happened in the LMJC in Tonya Craft's case happens all over the country. Given the current political climate, it is very, very rare for government police, government prosecutors, and government social workers actually to do their job and conduct honest investigations.

Believe me, the police and prosecutors in Citrus Heights already have made up their minds, and now the social services interviewers are going to try to manipulate the children they interview in order to obtain the results that they want to get. I will GUARANTEE that this will NOT be an investigation carried out by honest brokers. Honest brokers no longer exist in any sizable numbers in the various U.S. government systems of "justice."

People familiar with the Craft case, or, for that matter, Brad Cooper's case, already know the drill. Police and prosecutors begin with a conclusion, and then they manipulate the "evidence" in order to prove that one really can easily drive square pegs into round holes.

Don't forget that it was the State of California that touched off the whole modern Molestation Witch Hunts, first with Ed Jaegels in Bakersfield, California, and then the McMartin Case. Janet Reno in Miami joined in the chase later, and it was off to the races from there.

This would not be possible, except that judges often are in on the fix, as they were in the Craft and Cooper cases. I hope that things are different in this one, but right now, I have the sickening feeling that everyone is going to jump off the same cliff once again.


Anonymous said...

I'm forced to wonder if they already got 10 suspected victims or was we led to believe 10 suspected victims in order to heighten condemnation of the accused. Also I'm troubled that Merten didn't call CPS over suspected child abuse.

Trish said...

Well I do believe a child molestor could get away with it for years, but not in this kind of setting. Definitely hard to believe it could have gone on for 15 years in a school with so many witnesses and no one said anything until now. Sounds like another witch hunt!!

justiceseeker51 said...

I thought this an interesting tid-bit in Anthony case.


You will have to read to believe.

justiceseeker51 said...

The other link is too long. Sorry!


Goes along with 'Bad' prosecutors

RWVNRAL said...

What is curious to me are the actual allegations by Social Services. What does it mean to touch a pupil "on their chests and vaginal areas"? Is that as specific as they can be? Not trying to be smart here...but, seriously, there are any number of reasonable explanations for "touching" in these areas that have nothing at all to do with molestation.

The stinger is the buttocks charge "after inserting his hand under her swimsuit"....but, even here, I am made to wonder what this actually means. Was it an accident? Was it something that happened very quickly and merely "looked" like more than it was?

Secluding people under a desk? There's a charge for this?? Is it illegal to lay on mats with children these days? Both are red herrings meant to make the whole matter look worse than it probably is.

Anonymous said...

Read the DSS documents filed and understand that Metens did report it to her administrator and she staes she called DSS 5 times! She turned over a journal to police. Why would it be difficult to believe that people can hise this activity? Look at the long history of pedofile priests that go undected!!!

Anonymous said...

A lynch mob has already formed. Read some of the comments under Huffpo's reporting on this story:

--"Oh my, many children might have been molested by this guy and all the authoritie­s have to say is that they are going to go slow on the case? Ijust can't believe it. It does not make sense at all.. in these cases, we need to go fast, real fast, before this guy destroys any evidence..­. think, please, think!"

--"In other words...sl­owly enough to give the pervert time to get rid of his stash of child porn and cautiously enough to protect the rights of the criminal."

--"Death penalty for this roach !"

kbp said...

It certainly has started out like the McMartin fiasco.

On a collateral issue, I'm lost as to why the school must be shut down.

kbp said...

"...Metens did report it to her administrator and she staes she called DSS 5 times"

My impression here is she wasn't going to give up on it.

"...Mertens said authorities had promised her that her name would remain secret"

She was quick to talk to reporters!

I put little stock in Mertens' reporting, though that must not be all that has been reported.

Doc Ellis said...

Greetings Dr Anderson


Thank you for writing this essay

Doc Ellis 124

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another witch hunt, sad. Dr. Anderson thanks for being a voice out there for these people. Does anyone know how honest or corrupt Harris county's District Attorney's office is (after Rosenthal)?