Monday, July 11, 2011

Update on our adoption of Sintija

This past weekend, we drove to New York City to get Sintija, who is staying with us for five weeks this summer. This is part of a hosting program that is separate from the adoption process, but plays a part in the process, no less.

Our hope is that there will be a good relationship established (and we already are off to a good start, even if she speaks no English) this summer so when (Lord willing) we are assigned to her and travel to Latvia in the fall, that things will go well. This process with Latvia is long and costly and requires three trips to the country, but so far we have managed to get to this point.

After arriving home last night, Sintija slept until about 10 this morning and was greeted by our two dogs, Teddy (the one in the picture) and Spanky. We are happy to report that this first meeting was successful!

Again, this is a long process, but I can tell readers already that we really like Sintija. She is tall for her age (12, turning 13 in October) and is a prettier girl than what we had seen in the original picture. She seems to have a wonderful, mischievous personality, shy, but at the same time ready to be part of our family. She does not yet know we are trying to adopt her, and may not know until the fall.

So, pray for us that this will turn out to be a wonderful time. Thanks to all of you who have supported us.


Lynne said...

Good luck with everything! A friend of mine recently adopted a 9 year old girl from the Ukraine and is back there now to adopt two more girls from the same orphanage. It's great to see these kids find a home. I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys.

Trish said...

Absolutely will keep you in my prayers!! She is the same age as two of my grandchildren, they will both turn 13 in Nov.

Anonymous said...

Bill: Where would a couple start to research an adoption process?

William L. Anderson said...

The Internet has a huge number of resources. Obviously, there are a lot of ways one can adopt, from going domestically to international.

I would find a reputable adoption agency and go from there. Also, are you interested in a baby or an older child? It is tough to get older children from the U.S. system because there are so few of them available that are not already utterly messed up by physical and/or sexual abuse. And with the very high abortion rates in this country, it is not easy to find infants put up for adoption, either.

So, there are a lot of ways to go about it, but I would let you know that it is a difficult and sometimes long process. Contact me if you have some specific questions and I will do what I can to help.

justiceseeker51 said...

Wishing you the BEST.

kbp said...

Imagine THOUSANDS of smiles ..all coming from me!

It sounds like happiness just to get this far along.