Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Think cops and prosecutors and judges are honest? I give you Lee's Summit, Missouri!

Whenever there is a story about police and prosecutorial misconduct, invariably the writer will make a statement to the effect of "Most cops and prosecutors are honest, as we are talking only about a few bad apples." I hate to say it folks, but the damned barrel is rotten, and there are few good apples left.

The latest outrage comes from Lee's Summit, Missouri, and I had to find out about this not from the American media, but from Russia's RT network. (Disclaimer: I have been interviewed on RT three times, and consider it a much more reliable source of news than any mainstream news outlet in the USA.)

As you read this story, your blood pressure will go up, and as you read the comments on this account from people who actually knew the police and prosecutorial characters, your blood will boil even more.

The story goes as such. Ted White, who lived in Lee's Summit, had a wife (then on her third marriage) who was having an affair with a cop, Richard McKinley. In order to get her husband out of the way, Tina White claimed that her husband was sexually abusing their children and the lead detective was none other than...McKinley.

The authorities from the police to the prosecutors, Jill A. Kanatzar (whose husband now is a judge) and Jennifer Mettler knew about the affair, but withheld it from the defense. White was convicted and only later did he find out what had happened, but not before being in prison for five years. Here is one account, which is absolutely shocking:
Prior to [the detective's] January 1999 deposition, the prosecutor told Richard that he would need to answer questions about the affair truthfully. The prosecutor said he would cough to signal to Richard when he needed to disclose the affair in response to a question. Richard was asked if he had any personal interest in the case, during a deposition, and he stated he did not. The prosecutor did not signal him to say otherwise. Consequently, White never learned of Richard and Tina's affair before his first criminal trial. (Emphasis mine)
Recently, White won a $16 million judgment from Lee's Summit, although McKinley still is employed as a detective, and never faced any consequences for lying under oath and framing an innocent man. (There was also a huge monetary reward for McKinley, as White's wife was able to grab more than $600,000 in the divorce settlement because her husband was convicted of a crime. McKinley got to cash in and the entire Missouri legal establishment looked the other way.)

As for Kanatzar, she is employed with a high-rolling law firm in Kansas City appropriately named Dollar. Like the ex-wife of the man that Kanatzar helped to frame, she also was able to cash in on wrongdoing. And with her husband being a judge, she knows she never has to worry about facing any legal troubles no matter what she does.

By the way, none of the felons in this case -- and there were several -- even lost a dime, much less had to face any legal consequences. If you want to see a picture of government "justice" in the United States of America, I give you this case. This is not an exception; it is the rule.


Health Online said...

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liberranter said...

In response to the title of this post, any adult not a member of those three professions who really thinks that cops, prosecutors and judges as a class are honest probably has the mind of a six-year-old and shouldn't be given one second of serious attention.

Anonymous said...

I thought this case was more about child custody rather than money. Guess I was wrong. Anyhow pretty famous case. The lead detective actually tore pages out of this gentlemen's daughter indicating they had a close loving normal relationship before presenting it to a jury.

Anonymous said...

A great many Americans are becomming nothing more than pure evil. I once was proud to be an American but lately I see no cause for anything but shame. This story is prime example of why.

LMN said...

It is incredibly sad when people of stature and "moral code" can walk around as if they are above it. You are absolutely correct sir in this is becoming a rule not an exception in today's "justice system". Yet it is as if there is no stopping this steamroller from its ride. The struggle between good and evil has begun, yet it seems the shoe is now on the other foot...

Anonymous said...

I agree with LMN ... as the case at hand -- where EVERYBODY in the "justice" system apparently, EXCEPT the defendant, knew what was really going on -- demonstrates.

The only thing that seems to offer some hope is that rare occurrence when a cop is willing to step up and truthfully tell about another cop's misconduct; or a judge just flat out refuses to go along with the clearly outrageous antics of a prosecutor; or, finally, that a jury acquits based on the case clearly being nothing more than smoke and mirrors. THESE ARE RARE EVENTS, HOWEVER.

Dr. Anderson: At one time, did you not state on your blog that you were going to relay a story of a courageous prosecutor that stood up against his peers in the name of justice (and got punished for it)? Did I miss that? Thanks in advance ...


William L. Anderson said...


Yes, you are right. I need to do that. Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

I have worked in a court house for more than 17 years. We keep re-electing these people and they get to thinking nthey are "untouchable" and pull some real shady deals. Also, when they are mostly of one political party it gets worst because they hang tight with each other. We need to MIX it up just like the congress. One party will keep the other one straight. (to some degree) Also remember that the people making the laws in this country are also lawyers. They make laws that will bring in the most revenue for the CLAN, if you know what I mean. The biggest problem is we don't have enough "GOOD COPS" or prosecutors or judges.

John Washburn said...

To anonymous July 27, 2011 10:40 PM

Government is not society and society is not government.

Your statement about Americans (i.e. American society) conflates the STATE and their actions with the actions of the individuals comprising American society.

The best bit of propaganda proffered by the STATE is that they society are or that they represent society.

They do not.

They are not society and society encompasses more than the parasitic class known as the State.