Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Brutal Criminality by the Cops

Seattle, Washington, is a place where the people there like to refer to themselves as "progressive." I remember several years ago when the Seattle Public Schools posted some definitions of "cultural racism" on its website, and under the umbrella of the definitions given, just about everyone was a "cultural racist." (After being bombarded with phone calls and emails, the school system took down the incendiary commentary and replaced it with a "we just want to be nice" post.)

However, "progressives" also have a dark side, in that a "progressive" community, because it depends upon a lot of coercion, also needs the stick to go with the carrot, and that "stick" comes in the form of a "kick-ass" local police force. Thanks to Youtube, we can see a Seattle police officer slam the head of a man into the wall, and today, the man remains in a coma in critical condition and on life support. The cop, not surprisingly, remains on the force.

Not surprisingly, the Seattle Sheriff's Department, which employs the officer in question, has deemed the whole thing a "tragic accident," especially given that the person attacked by the police was wrongly identified as someone having committed a crime. No one will be charged with anything, which is pretty typical when police engage in this kind of brutal conduct.

What also interests me is the lack of concern by the Seattle media. I found this list of articles from the Seattle Times, and they are stunning by their lack of any critical analysis. Even the editorial on the subject lacks any sort of outrage at what happened, despite the fact that the video clearly shows the young man, Christopher Harris, had stopped and was facing the police officer, who then shoved him into the wall.

I would recommend that none of you try this yourself, unless you wear the Blue Uniform. Anyone else who might do such a thing would be charged with a felony. Just like the Durham cops who framed the Duke lacrosse players and lied their way through the case, nothing will happen at all to the cop who brutalized this young man, who very likely will not survive this attack and certainly will never be the same again, given his massive head injuries.

Tragic accident? Let us try something else, but that something else is reserved only for those people who are not police officers.

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Anonymous said...

This is typical of government. They have one set of rules/laws for them and different ones for the rest of us. The cop in question will claim soverign immunity. That has to change. This cop should be arrested to aggrivated assault.