Thursday, April 26, 2012

Justice for James? Certainly not in the LMJC or Hamilton County

Honest and decent people do live in the United States, but they no longer work in the "justice" system. Instead, we are seeing a system that is populated with liars, criminals, bullies, and people who have no place in a decent society.

If there is any place in the USSA where that especially is true, it is in the heavily-churched and supposedly "Christian" area of Northwest Georgia, the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit. On Sundays, many of the players in the LMJC go to church and sing about Jesus, and then the rest of the week, they worship their real god, the Devil.

Why do I wrote so graphically? Let me quote Jesus (whom Brian House and Tim Deal claim to worship) who told the Pharisees in John 8:44:
You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies. (ESV)
 Deal has lied under oath and at least on one occasion, fabricated a document in which he claimed to be somewhere where he was not. House has lied about his ex parte meetings with prosecutors and went along with Chris Arnt when Arnt openly lied to jurors in the closing arguments of the Tonya Craft trial. In other words, both of these men, along with prosecutors like Arnt, Len Gregor, and Alan Norton are all about lies, and according to the Jesus these men claim to follow, Jesus said that people who lie (and lie consistently) have Satan as their father.

All of this leads me to the present situation of James Combs, who agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor in House's court because, to be frank, he could not trust House to run a fair trial, Norton and Deal to tell the truth, and a Catoosa County jury to listen to evidence. That is a damning indictment upon the people of Catoosa County and Northwest Georgia, who have put these people into power.

From what I have been hearing, Deal and Norton have tried to get James listed as a "sex offender" in Tennessee (where he lives and will be under probationary supervision) even though the misdemeanor to which he pleaded guilty does not carry the "sex offender" label. Nonetheless, dishonesty rules not only in Catoosa County and the LMJC, but also in Hamilton County, home of gang warfare, brutal (and dishonest) cops, and prosecutors who look the other way when felonies are committed in front of them.

From what I also understand, local cops are constantly harassing the Combs family. What can I say except that this kind of behavior from those who wear the blue costumes can be expected.

When Joal Henke testified in October 2010 in Hamilton County Circuit Court (Judge Marie Williams), he committed perjury and then admitted to having committed mortgage fraud, which is a federal offense. In fact, today, I just signed a paper in which I acknowledged that mortgage fraud is a felony punishable up to 30 years in prison.

So, Henke committed two felonies in Hamilton County, one a state crime and the other federal. But does Bill Cox or the local U.S. attorney care? Well, of course not! Why pursue criminals when one can harass and imprison innocent people?

If people wonder why I am so cynical about Chattanooga and North Georgia, all I can say is to look at the liars and thugs that inhabit "law enforcement" and "justice." I continue to wonder if there are any decent people left in public life in my old hometown, but I am having my doubts.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brian House: Sock puppet for the prosecution

Reading comments on my last post, I was not surprised to see someone describe Brian House's courtroom demeanor. The descriptions given me by others who have watched this disgrace of a public official matched the latest I read and tells me that House really is not fit to be a judge.

House, it seems, takes all of his cues and direction from prosecutors, and especially Chris Arnt. What Arnt tells him to do, he does, period, which proves that Brian House is nothing more than the sock puppet for Buzz Franklin and his outlaw gang. That is pathetic, but Brian House is pathetic and is a pathetic excuse for a judge.

Wait a minute! Should I not be showing respect at least for the office? House may be incompetent and even craven, but should judges not receive respect?

My answer is this: Brian House does not respect his office and his place in the "justice" system, so why should I respect House or his office? Each day House purposely seeks to make a mockery of justice, knowing that even if he helps the prosecution frame innocent people, it will be years before the guilty verdict is overturned -- if it is overturned at all. (The Georgia Supreme Court and its appeals allies are notorious for twisting the law to fit whatever prosecutors in that state want.)

When a man or woman puts on the black robes of a judge, that person is under obligation not only from the people but also from God Almighty to do right, not to be a lying prosecutor's sock puppet or ventriloquist's dummy. When the Bible says that "to whom much is given, much is expected," it means just that. Much is expected from House, and he gives very little except what Buzz tells him to give.

He will answer one day for what he is doing, but in the meantime, one hopes he answers to the voters this year. However, I have my doubts that voters in the LMJC even care, and if they return this slice of refuse to the judge's bench, they will get the justice that they deserve -- none.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcome to Hell! (Or, Demopolis, Alabama)

Will Grigg has this week's biggest outrage, a farce of a drug trial in Alabama in which Alabama jurors send an innocent woman to prison. A woman buys three boxes of Sudafed and goes to jail, where she is tortured by Alabama's finest.

While I grew up in the South and went to graduate school at Auburn University, I must say that Alabama is a most shameful place. It was the state that gave us the 16th Street Church bombing in 1963, numerous murders of innocent people (for which there never was even a criminal charge brought, much less a trial), and now it is a full partner in the nation's disgraceful Drug War.

One cannot read this story without hitting a boiling point. My advice to people is just for them to stay out of Alabama (and the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit in Georgia), as the police and prosecutors there are crooks and pathological liars, and the judges are not any better. I once referred to Demopolis as "the very bowels of Hell," and I realize that I must not have been joking.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thank You to Our Contributors

Many thanks to Scott Dysart,David Leinwand,Larry Wasserman, and Joseph Fetz, who have all made contributions to our campaign to raise funds for therapy for our daughter Sasha.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!  We are grateful to you.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Please Help Sasha Anderson Have Real Hope—For the First Time.

Who is Sasha Anderson?   

Sasha is a twelve year old girl who lives in the darkness of Reactive Attachment Disorder, a consequence of infant neglect before her parents adopted her. 

RAD won’t kill Sasha, but if untreated, it will destroy her quality of life.  She spends every minute of every day in survival mode; it’s her against the world.  It doesn’t bother her that she lies and steals.  She is justified, entitled.  She trusts no one. 

Sasha exudes a curiously winning pathos.  She’ll talk to you, no problem.  Her every nerve is straining on high alert as she approaches.   “What can I get out of this woman?” she thinks.

 “How can I work this situation to my advantage?”
 “Where’s the nearest exit, if I need to bolt?”

Even when she’s with you, Sasha is curiously alone.  She tries, but she can’t push away the vague memory of being abandoned, hungry and left to die.  Chattering helps her drive the thought out of her head, so she weaves her conversational web, each word carefully chosen to reveal exactly what she wants you to know, no more and no less.

Sasha is real, and she is our daughter.  She needs help, and you have the power to help her.

We, her parents, have found a program near our home called A HEART’S WORK, which specializes in the treatment of RAD.  Sharon Fuller, the lead therapist, has successfully treated RAD in 15 children.  She is confident that she can enable Sasha to become an emotionally healthy child who can love and trust.   

The therapy Sasha needs will cost $5000; the extra money we raise will go to pay The Point for this campaign. This treatment is not covered by insurance.  We will contribute to this campaign ourselves, as we are able. 

Your donation will enable Sasha start six weeks of intensive therapy at A HEART’S WORK at the end of the school year.  When our goal of $5,500.00 is met, a check will be sent directly to A HEART’S WORK.

Sasha is twelve, so there is a narrow window of opportunity left in which she is likely to be responsive to attachment therapy.  Please empower us to change Sasha’s world while there is still time.

Thank you,
Bill and Johanna Anderson