Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Steven Greenhut on Celebrating our "Freedoms" on the Fourth

I always am of two minds about the Fourth of July. It was the day that the Declaration of Independence, a most marvelous document, was released and the Thirteen Colonies declared themselves to be an independent nation.

However, all too often, the Fourth becomes nothing more than a celebration of the federal government, which hardly represents anything the Founders wanted to exist, and it certainly is more tyrannical than the supposed tyranny of King George.

Steven Greenhut, a good friend and one of my favorite writers, has a great column advising people how to avoid pitfalls in celebrating the Fourth -- and not running afoul of the law. (Greenhut is an editorial writer and columnist for the Orange County Register in California.)

Enjoy. Especially the following:

First, you better not use fireworks, which are illegal in most local jurisdictions and highly restricted in others. If you want to rejoice in your freedoms, you need to attend a government-approved fireworks display, preferably one funded by your very own tax dollars at your city's public park. If you're not sure where that park may be, just drive around (be sure to observe the speed limit, wear your seat belt and don't talk on that cell phone), and look for a big, open field packed with people and surrounded by police cars. Before you enter the park, be sure to read the big signs listing the many things you are not allowed to do on the premises (skateboarding, playing music, drinking, smoking, running, etc.). Just remember that freedom must be tempered by order, which is why the government orders you around so much.

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Marco2006 said...

We are all becoming slaves to Big Sister.