Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today's Links: Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct

Because I am working on three major writing projects, I won't be able to do a full blog post today. Instead, I have these links that should remind us that for the most part, the proverbial line has been crossed in this country to where the police and prosecutors have become the law.

The first lesson for anyone is never to call the police if one actually needs help, for the police are not there to help anyone: they are there to try to find a way to arrest someone or worse. This woman begged the police not to tase her Downs Syndrome child, but the officer did it anyway. Now the mother and her other son are charged with crimes.

In this one, not only did the police officer kill a youngster on a bicycle, a youngster who had committed no crime but apparently was in fear from the officer -- a well-founded fear, given that the officer killed him. However, what makes it worse is that the officer then is seen ON CAMERA planting a gun on the dead youngster, but nothing happens to him. So, as we saw in Tonya's case in which Tim Deal and the prosecutors planted false evidence, even when police manufacture evidence and do it in broad daylight, the authorities always protect them. Here is commentary by Tom DiLorenzo and Will Grigg on this homicide.

(Yeah, I know, had the kid stopped, the officer would not have run over him and killed him, so it is the kid's fault. The officer showed good judgment, and when the cop planted the gun on the dead youngster, he was just "doing his job.")

Finally, if you cannot afford an ambulance, but try to get to the hospital anyway, you are likely to meet your friendly police officer who not only will threaten you, but also will make fun of your condition. One of these donut-eaters even threatens to arrest one of these elderly men -- after the man gets out of the hospital.

Yes, "Protect and Serve" actually means that police protect each other and you and I are to serve those who wear the blue costume. As one who has been brought up to respect the police and those in authority, I will say that I have come to my present position with a lot of fear and, frankly, disillusionment. I want to believe that police and prosecutorial work is honorable. I want to believe that judges really want to do what is right.

However, what I have seen in the last several years absolutely shatters that belief that I have held since childhood. What is the problem? It is the lack of accountability. These people have "captured" the apparatus that holds them accountable, and there really is nothing we can do any more except to try to expose it and hope that some sunlight helps.


Trish said...

Absolute insanity!!

KC Sprayberry said...

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. I'd seen the video about the cop killing the kid with his car last week. Very sad about the outcome but you can see that coming as you 'ride' along with this out of control law enforcement officer. It's like the cop never believed anyone would ever view the video, and like Tom 'Dirty' Deal, this cop knew he could commit murder and get away with it. But did he really get away with it? I'm not saying the fool has a conscience, but I do believe human retribution is on the way and spiritual retribution will come = much sooner than the cope thinks.

Anonymous said...

If you're not reading Radley Balko every day, you should be.... It isn't always on police/prosecutorial misconduct, but that's one of his recurring themes.

liberranter said...

I find it impossible to feel sorry for anyone who is "surprised" by what Bill has linked to here. Unless you've been in a coma for the last few years, or have been living in a cave somewhere out in the wild and have successfully avoided contact with all forms of "authoritah," you should know by now that these incidents represent THE NORM, not the exception.

As for Bill's statement that "there really is nothing we can do anymore except to try to expose it and hope that some sunlight helps," I must beg to differ. First of all, there has already been enough "sunlight" shed on this sickening situation that it should be reduced to ashes by now. As I said in the previous paragraph, unless you've just emerged from a coma, are in your pre-adolescent years, are being deliberately disingenous, or are just in terminal denial, the criminality of "law enforcement" is not news. Second, there IS something "we" can do about it. The problem is, it would take an overwhelming majority of "us" to fix the problem, and "we" would have to commit ourselves to resisting in every way, shape, or form possible, including a resort to arms (i.e., "fighting fire with fire"). Of course the likelihood of that happening is somewhere in the three-digit negative number range, as the sheep herd is still under the delusion that it has something left to lose by swimming against the tyrannical tide. This is what emboldens badged, blue-suited criminals and their Establishment life support system to continue to run roughshod over the rest of us: the knowledge that Joe and Jane Sixpack aren't about to 1) let the illusions in which they've been steeped since infancy be shattered by reality, or 2) start living like free, self-sufficient, responsible adult human beings. THIS is the real reason "Officer Friendly" will continue to be the idol gold standard by which "public servants" are judged, even as the creature behind the facade in no way differs from the psychopathic, murdering, substance-addicted paedophile thief that is his (and "our") ostensible foe.