Monday, January 3, 2011

And the Winner Is...Christopher Arnt!

When Radley Balko opened voting for the Worst Prosecutor of 2010, it seems that he assembled an all-star cast. There was the Great Andrew Thomas of Maricopa County, the man who almost became Arizona's attorney general, save the wisdom of about 850 Republican voters who kept him from receiving the party's nomination and an almost sure-fire win in November.

However, Thomas is out of work right now and he and two of his former underlings, Lisa Aubuchon and Rachel Alexander, are now candidates for disbarment. That means that these cretins and liars are likely to get at least a little bit of what is coming to them.

There is Tanya Treadway, recently featured on this blog for her vicious attack on the free speech rights of Siobhan Reynolds, and the Wicked Witch of Kansas happens to lead in Radley's voting right now. Treadway has discovered some usefulness of keeping federal grand jury proceedings secret, which is amazing in itself, since federal prosecutors are notorious for leaking such information -- when it suits their purposes of keeping defendants from being able to receive a fair trial. Yes, for federal prosecutors, it is, "Heads I win, tails you lose."

The list has other villains such as Jim Hood of Mississippi and Carol Chambers of Colorado. (Don't get Kerwyn started on the misdeeds of Chambers, as the phone lines are likely to melt between your ear and her phone's mouthpiece, given the fire that is coming your way!)

A favorite of mine is Delores Carr, the district attorney of Santa Clara County, California. Carr ran on a platform condemning the "win at all costs" mentality of prosecutors -- and then proceeded to engage in "win at all costs" conduct while in office. Radley definitely has her number, given her bio.

However, even with these Towering Giants of Evil, I believe that Christopher Arnt, the ADA of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit who headlined the efforts of the State of Georgia to wrongfully convict and imprison Tonya Craft on bogus child molestation charges, is most deserving of the Worst Prosecutor of 2010 Award.

(I have suggested to Radley that he rename it the Michael Nifong Award, or just The Nifong after the disgraced former DA of Durham County, North Carolina, who engaged in lies and perverted misconduct in his effort to convict three Duke University lacrosse player of rape nearly five years ago. As I see it, if anyone is worthy of The Nifong, it is Arnt, or should I say, "Facebook-Cruisemaster" Arnt.)

It is impossible to list all of Arnt's prosecutorial sins in this brief space, but I do wish to remind readers that Arnt was a one-man crime wave as he teamed with Len "The Man, The Racist, The Misogynist" Gregor and "judge" brian outhouse to try to railroad Ms. Craft into prison. In order to pull off this Herculean effort, Arnt engaged in numerous acts of misconduct, including:
  • Knowingly seeking false charges against Ms. Craft and Eric Echols.
  • Lying to jurors during closing arguments.
  • Breaking a number of rules of conduct for prosecutors as set by the Georgia State Bar. (Not that anyone at the state bar gives a damn, given that one of the so-called investigators told me that she had no problem with Arnt's lies, and that he was just "doing his job." Doing the job on innocent people is more like it.)
  • Openly and knowingly suborning perjured testimony, including perjury from both Joal and Sarah Henke, Sandra Lamb, Suzi Thorne, Jerry McDonald, and Sherri Wilson.
  • Fighting admission of exculpatory evidence and calling respected expert witnesses for the defense "liars" and "whores of the court."
  • Participating in a scheme to fabricate a document during the trial in order to cover a huge hole in the prosecution witnesses' testimony.
  • Arranged for prosecution witnesses and their friends to have their own special room in which they were permitted to bring laptops, cellphones, food, water, and reading materials into the courthouse, as well as avoid any security checks. Everyone else was forced to go through security and leave everything in their cars.
  • Continually disrupted the court proceedings (with permission from his "boy," "judge" brian outhouse) by engaging in "Animal House" behavior.
These only are a few of the reasons as to why I believe Christopher "Facebook-Cruisemaster" Arnt deserves The Nifong. Now, readers have to remember that Arnt hoped to ride Tonya's "conviction" all the way to high state office in Georgia. (His first step was to win the District Attorney's election in 2012 after the coming retirement of Buzz Franklin. Something tells me that the guy is going to have a hard time winning an election for dogcatcher.)

Given that Arnt's political dreams are gone -- and if the guy ever runs for any office, you can bet some people are going to give him some unwanted publicity -- perhaps he can strive to win The Nifong. As I see it, this is the best this guy can do.


Doc Ellis 124 said...

Thank you for writing this.

Doc Ellis 124

Trish said...

So thankful my family was spared from enduring a trial with these very same people. Also, thankful that you have brought to the attention of not only the people of Catoosa County, but across America the injustices that have occurred. With their evil exposed, we can pray that they will no longer be able to railroad innocent people.

liberranter said...

Radley might also want to consider launching an election for "Worst/Most Criminal Police Chief" award. Unfortunately, there would be so many deserving candidates that picking the choicest among them would probably be an impossible task.

Lookout Spy said...


We need to nominate worst judge of the year, as well. House is comparatively young, so some of his faults are due to inexperience. Wood, as Chief Judge,deserves the award simply for his poor attitude towards anyone who is not a lawyer. He basically allows the behavior of the lawyers and judges in the LMJC to be ungoverned, unless they aren't local, of course. And in his own mind, he gets to do whatever he likes, as well. "Sign it & send them out Wood" ahould be his name, whichever lawyer is most in his pocket wins.

MikeZPurdue said...

Can we do a write-in vote for Chris Arnt?

The guy was absolutely ruthless in his quest to convict Tonya, and all for his own personal gain. He hoped to ride the case to higher officer. He didn't give a darn about the children involved. He was just using them, and he had no problems with messing them up psychologically.

But he was just "doing his job" which has two tenets: (1) convict at all costs by whatever means necessary (illegal or unethical - no problem) and (2) irrespective of guilt or innocence.

RRR said...


Thanks for folks like yourself, Radley the bunch over on liebusters. We need much more disclousure of these wipes that are sucking our tax dollars and outright killing off citizens!

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr Anderson, for another great blog.