Friday, March 18, 2011

My Appearance on Judge Napolitano's Show Thursday

Here is the link to my appearance on Judge Andrew Napolitano's "Freedom Watch" show last night. My thanks to the makeup team at Fox Business News! I'm not sure exactly where I appear, but I really am on there!

I have added a link that has just my appearance.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great job Mr Anderson, You were looking good.

Anonymous said...

Stick to economics Bill it's the only arena you have the slightest amount of credibility in.

William L. Anderson said...

Oh, judging from the comments I have received from attorneys around the country, including some prominent ones, I have a bit more credibility than you say I have.

So, I will keep writing and exposing people like you.

Anonymous said...

Bill nailed the Tonya Craft debacle, Anon @9:58. The only lesson in economics in that case was the huge waste of taxpayer resources and a woman who had to go deep into debt to keep her freedom. That could have been averted if they had paid attention to the economics professor.

Jerri Lynn Ward said...

Fantastic interview!

At 9:58, Bill has plenty of credibility for his take on the judicial system and prosecutors. In fact, it takes a non-lawyer to have proper insight into it. We lawyers are mere minions of an incredibly incompetent and ham-handed government that encourages all the worst incentives and brings out the fallen in fallen men.

I agree with Gary North when he discusses an entrepreneur's lessons on how to steer one's children:

"He makes the point that the schools define a successful career as a profession: law, medicine, dentistry. These are bureaucratic professions. They involve passing tests. They are profitable, because there are barriers to entry established by the state."

We are so enmeshed by bureaucratic rules, the threats of disbarment if we rock the boat too hard, and a training which aggrandizes state power that it is difficult for us to see the impact the system has upon its intended beneficiaries.

We are tools of collectivism who permit and think it is somehow normal for judges to give us just a few minutes to protect our client's rights (if they are not government clients), withhold resources for proper defenses and generally allow the government to run roughshod over anyone they wish.

The government does NOTHING well, including justice. We are licensed by the judiciary via the state bars and are complicit in this.

Bill sees this. I've just started to.

RTW3153 said...

Bill has only posted the facts! It's a hard pill for some folks to swallow. The jury only wants facts, not, he said or she said facts. I'll bet every dollar that I have that no jury wants to be apart of sending a innocent man to jail for the rest of his life. They want the true facts and only those that are real. Here's a fact, Mike sits in jail and hasn't been proven of nothing. Where are all the facts and why hasn't Charles County presented them? No money to make copies of these facts or don't have them to put on tape or paper?, And you don't think Bill or anyone else should question the credibility of Charles County! Just keeping it real folks.

Victoria said...

Great job! I love Freedom Watch and Napolitano. It was great to hear your insight that the Fed has increased its PR campaign and propaganda to indoctrinate economists in academia. Could it be that they are losing ground with the public to Austrian economics (and common sense)? It appears they are worried and that is a good thing. Your comment about Ron Paul not being mentioned but being alluded to in the conference underscores the Fed's fears.

Unknown said...

I've read, "The Railroading of Tonya Craft".

I'm in similar circumstances. I married the father of my child shortly after my mothers death.

After that he wanted me to get a pile of life insurance. Life was terrible until I did. I couldn't afford what he wanted me to get but he didn't know that. I also got life insurance on my daughter.

After I got the insurance I was getting run off the road and followed every where. I took pictures of the trucks & trailers doing my best to get the tag numbers. I did the same with the ones following me.

When I thought I had enough I went to the Sheriff. That was my first mistake. He was in on it.

Long story short, we got divorced. He had control of everything and he has my daughter.

Since the so called divorce, my tools & equipment have been stolen and rendered useless, six of my pets have been killed, he tried to blow me up with a 500 gallon propane tank, my house has been broke into 6 times that I know of, my phone line has been torn out several times because I continue to try to get help. The last time it was messed up the guy from Bell South said it was cut up town and it was the only one cut.

Every investigator and lawyer "that are not from around here," that take the time to look at the paperwork say it's a murder plot.
But they can't help me. One lawyer called me back after speaking to two witnesses and looking at some of it said, " Lady, I have a family and this is to dangerous!"

I don't know who to contact. I've called everyone I can think of. It seems that they are covering for each other.

The Sheriff sent me the message, " Shut up or get hurt"! He has tried to set me up with drugs, and when the Dept. of Agriculture was down here on what Tommy Irvin called, "The worse case of animal cruelty he had ever saw." The sheriff sent them out here across from my property to look at my cows.

I have no blood kin to help me. They are tiring to make me lose my property which is with in a quarter mile of the city limits.

At this point I'm living on less than four thousand dollars a year and taxes take a good part of that. If it weren't for food stamps I wouldn't eat. I got food stamps when I ended up almost dieing before I got to the hospital. They told me to apply for food stamps. I gained twenty pounds in about two months.

I've still been seeking employment even though it it seems useless. My tools and equipment have been stolen or rendered useless. Even my John Deere 410 backhoe was stolen. I paid a man to fix it almost 5000 dollars. Now it's gone I've heard. I guess when metal prices got to 14 cent a pound he sold it. I need help and I find it's not possible here. I'm going from snake to snake.

They don't care how many people my ex-husband has killed, or if he does drugs or not. He has friends in high places and that makes it okay.

I have it all on paper, and my daughter has told her teacher what all happened to us. She told them he won't let us see each other but 2 or 3 times a year. That started after the propane incident. I guess I would still have regular visitation if I had just blown up.

I'm more than happy to name the one's I know of in behind this. The sheriff is just one of them. It's okay to rob and terrorize or even murder as long as there's enough money or property to go around.

Please help if you can. I pray for help everyday.

Thank you, Donna Reeves Zebulon Georgia

Anonymous said...

You Need to sell out and relocate
move to another city. Are you are going end up dead. I feel sorry for you, if I could help I would.
Maybe someone on here can.

Anonymous said...

Contact the US Attorney AND the regional press. What you describe is in violation of any number of federal crimes, RICO, being the one that might get the US Atty's interest becuase of the involvement of public officials acting like the junior mafia.