Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some good news from Phoenix

Carola Jacobson called today to let me know that a court-appointed expert will become involved in the case. According to Carola, "Now more papers have to be filed, the expert will be interviewed by the prosecutor with the next hearing in 30 days being the one where the expert testifies and the attorney will file a motion to dismiss there."

The expert "will testify that the police interviews were tainted, thus false memory was planted into the kids heads and the testimony would not be reliable. The judge granted the motion that the state pays for the expert instead of me and released the funds."

The only reason it has gone this far is because the prosecutor, "Ignoble" Murphy, has insisted on using all of the authority of his office to keep the Big Lie alive. Murphy already has given his reason: he doesn't like to lose cases, and given what I have seen from the Maricopa County prosecutors, the "polestar" of that office is "win at all costs," regardless of guilt or innocence.

These are people who stop at nothing, people who often are more ruthless and more dishonest than those they prosecute. But at least in this situation, a courageous woman has protected her son from people who have no more conscience than a shark that smells blood.

(My apologies for the earlier error.)


Asha said...

That's great for Carola. My son gets sentenced tomorrow.

MikeZPurdue said...

That is very good news -- hope all goes well with the interview tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I pray for the best possible outcome.

liberranter said...

While I certainly continue to pray for Carola and her son and hope that sanity, justice, and human decency prevail, I think it is premature to call this "good" news. Remember that Carola's son's fate is in the hands of a court-appointed "expert." That means that this person is under the sway of the very system that has sought to destroy Carola and her son and is probably predisposed toward rendering a decision in favor of the State (i.e., the prosecution). Please understand that I do not mean to accentuate the negative here. I merely wish to remind everyone that objectivity will continue to be at a premium in this process as long as the State and its agents have the upper hand. Let us hope and pray that both objectivity and common sense, sanity, justice, and human decency, assert themselves tomorrow.

Asha said...

I agree, cause as I have stated before we went through all of this and my son is being sentenced tomorrow so I'm trying to have high hopes for Carola because her outcome maybe different, even though I have seen this and it's all to fresh in my mind.

Carola said...

The expert is only "court-appointed" in the sense that she was approved by the judge and will be paid by the state. My son's attorney and I chose her. I already know what it in her report. The interesting thing is that the state's own "expert" has stated that the detectives unduly influenced the children, just that our own expert is taking it one step further (based on the work of dr. Ceci from Cornell University) and says that any testimony of the kids would no longer be reliable and thus would deny my son due process.

liberranter said...


Thank you for the clarification. That makes all the difference in the world to your case. Again, hang in there!

Asha said...

While my son was being sentenced today the prosecutor turned around in court and told her client who was sitting in the audience to lie when the judge asked her a question, so that more points can be calculated to make my sons sentence longer. I HATE them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asha said...

Does anyone know the law pertaining to being arrested in a courtroom?

Anonymous said...

That must vary from state to state. When my son was unexpectedly sentenced to a month in detention the bailiffs immediately surrounded him, locked arms and pushed us off from reaching out for him.

Lately I've been seeing families crying and hugging the accused just after sentencing.

They were adults. My son a juvenile. Maybe they allow adults to be hugged, but not juveniles?

Ugly all around.

Asha said...

My son is a juvenile as well, however during sentencing his lawyer raised the issue of him being arrested in the courtroom and the judge try diligently to stay away from the topic. The judge said no one gets arrested in the courtroom, and then the attorney said "I was there when he was arrested", so when we appeal the attorney told us to look into that because they are not aloud to do that.

Anonymous said...

They had no problem arresting my son in the court room.

In fact, it was planned beforehand. Supposedly the Judge would hear from all parties concern THEN make his decision, but it was obvious from the get go the kid was doomed.

While in detention, he was beaten up for being the only white kid. HE was put in solitary confinement, and his broken writst not treated, because they said he could use the cast as a weapon.

I asked our attorney afterward if we could sue for the lack of medical treatment, and he said yes - BUT no jury would award him anything once they were told what he was in for.

The court room was filled with "court watchers" - women who attend court hearings to make sure the Judge rules the way they want.

He was waving and smiling to them as he entered the court room, they were sobbing and passing boxes of kleenex around, waving them like flags at the U.N. They didn't even know us, the accuser, or anything about the case. They just want ALL men sent to prison. Period.

Their jaws were dropped during the arguments about my son passing polyraphs saying he didn't do it, but they quickly regained composure afer he was sentenced to jail anyway.

High fives all around.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say, but I have no respect for any of them. The lies they tell to get what they want. But if it is one of them or their kids what would they do.I have a ethics report where Judge Kristine Cook Connelly Graham, says that someone on the internet was telling lies about her. And then she went on to say alot of people get killed and she might start killing some herself, according to the letter. As you can see how she feels about someone telling lies about her. But what about us are we expected to take it. When someone lies and say you did something you know you did not do, And they up hold each other in their lies.
What about her letting her license run out. Oh and oversight for her. But if our license ran out for 5yrs. do you think we could clam oversight. Just saying.