Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More on the Brad Cooper railroad

There are a couple of websites, including a blog, dedicated to the railroading of Brad Cooper. Before I list them, however, I want to direct readers to comments left on the Cooper blog. They are an eye-opener, and confirm what I have known for years about the utter dishonesty and criminal behavior of North Carolina prosecutors:
I'm closely connected to the BC murder trial, from the prosecution side. I can honestly say the following:

1. The reason why the prosecution took so long with its case was to wear down the jury so that they would be too exhausted to really pay attention.

2. A portion of the prosecution does not think he did it but were directed to win this case at all cost in order to save face for the police department.

3. The google maps defense didn't stand a chance. The prosecution understood that, in today's climate, jurors, especially black jurors, are likely to believe in setups by the police department. This counter-evidence didn't have a chance of getting admitted.

4. In jury selection the defense had a lot of people they liked but the prosecution asked questions about if they could participate in a "extensively lengthy trial" and this forced those that the defense liked to step down. Had the defense not excused the ones they did the jury would have had 0 men and would have been a mixture of poor black women and very wealthy white women.

5. The defense's expert who was on the witness list and had spent thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to find the same evidence as the prosecution's expert couldn't find the google maps. He was under contract with Raleigh Police Department on some other cases and was told if he was to present said non-evidence as exculpatory then he would lose his livelihood.
If what this person has said is true, then a number of people associated with "law enforcement, the D.A.'s office, and the North Carolina judiciary should be looking down the barrels of the law. Instead, the real murderer is free and so are a host of other criminals in blue costumes and the prosecutor's uniform.

The blog is Justice for Brad Cooper, and the website is Justice for Brad. Because both of these are impressive sites, I am going to feature portions of them from time to time, as well as make commentary on my own.


Doc Ellis 124 said...

Greetings Dr Anderson


Thank you for writing this essay

Doc Ellis 124

Peggy Conner said...

William--Thank you for doing this! I absolutely believe there is misconduct on the part of the judicial officials that have been sworn to protect us--and it was never more obvious than in the Brad Cooper case! There are instances where it is a fact that the CPD lied on the stand. And when we tried to get Cary City Council to address it by launching a formal investigation, they merely brushed us aside and said for the record that they fully supported the job that CPD did on this case. I asked that Detective Jim Young be terminated and criminally prosecuted for evidence tampering and they stared at me like I had two heads. How can any of us feel safe in a community when the people sworn to protect us are allowed to behave in this manner? It blows my mind!

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder what in the world are these people they have no conscience at all? To railroad a person for almost I think back several years....I had a confrontation with a relative...who had lied about things which never happened...and I though how in the world does someone like this sleep at night....I had a judge to tell me that I had to sign a form stating that I "accepted" an apology from this relative and her retired spouse, (who, by the way, was supposed to be a "preacher")or the judge would hold me in "contempt" the time, I did not realize that this judge had overstepped his limits...and that I should have "turned him into the judicial standard commission...(not that they would have done anything about this)....but anyway....I learned a very valuable lesson from this "ordeal"....and now years later...this relative's son, who is grown....was indicted on some very serious charges....perhaps the relative lied about things one time....but this time....the lies did not make one hill of beans to those who were in charge of this "issue"....I prayed for many years that GOD would take control of this what these people did was so very wrong...and for sure....the wait was indeed worth it....sometimes, we pray for things and do not understand why our prayers are not answered....and then, out of the blue....the prayers are in time, with lots of prayers....I can only hope that GOD will indeed take control of this "situation" with Brad Cooper and the real killer(s) who are still "on the loose"....and that we can all look back and was indeed worth the time and effort that we prayed for resolution....and finally there I think we should NEVER, EVER give up....that indeed GOD will answer our prayers in time...

maria said...

Exactly my thoughts, how can people lie about things like that and live with the thought they ruined somebody's live and their families. Our trial is coming up in September and I just keep praying that these boys will come forward with the truth and don't take a good daddy and husband away from his family all about a big lie

Anonymous said...

These comments from an anonymous poster on a message board don't even pass the sniff test.
1) In a circumstantial case like this it would be crucial for the jury to pay attention. The prosecution needs them to think about that onion, those blow flies, the vacuumed trunk but dirty interior, the scrubbed foyer but dirty playroom, the washed dress but full hamper. An attentive jury is needed to evaluate this and realize there is no other reasonable conclusion.
2) Which all powerful force did this instructing? A conspiracy directed by someone with "pull" over both Wake County and City of Cary officials?
3) Do black jurors really think that the police would setup white upper-middle class suburbanites?
4) Too bad the men that the prosecution somehow forced on the defense were the "foreman" and the "computer guy" who, according to one source, led the deliberations.
5) The prosecution said the listed witnesses found nothing exculpatory. The defense said they ran out of money and could not pay the listed witnesses. I believe both of those. I don't believe that the Raleigh police intimidated a witness to help the Cary police.

William L. Anderson said...

Well, well, well. Ain't this ironic. An anonymous poster excoriates another anonymous poster for...posting anonymously.

Tell me, Mr. Cop (because I guarantee this poster is a cop), are you saying that police never frame anyone? Uh, can you say Reade Seligmann, David Evans, and Collin Finnerty, three young men who were framed by cops such as yourself? (Of course, I suspect you supported that frame, too.)

Oh, and cops don't intimidate witnesses and try to force them to change their stories? Can you say Linwood Wilson, Nifong's investigator who worked with the cops in Durham, and who regularly strong-armed witnesses to make them sign false statements?

People like you make me violently ill. You come on here as an anonymous poster and complain that other people are making anonymous comments. Then you throw up irrelevancies. Did you test any of the materials you allegedly found in Brad's house and car to see if they matched what was found in the field?

And what about the "missing shoes" that you never asked for in the first place? And are you telling me that a cop just accidentally erased everything on the phone? What about the refusal to interview witnesses who did not tell the same story you wanted to hear?

No, you are someone who is comfortable framing people for murder. You come onto my site with innuendos and outright falsehoods, and claim to be telling the truth.

By the way, Mr. Cop, have you ever "testilied" on the stand? Just wondering.

Peggy Conner said...

William--If the 'anonymous' poster (aka cop) has ever testified, you can bet your sweet candy that they lied. LE has become so comfortable with lying in order to get what they want that I don't trust any of them. In my opinion, LE is absolutely no better than the so-called criminals they are 'protecting' us from. It makes me SICK! To 'anonymous' with your false claims--why don't you man up and use your REAL name?

William L. Anderson said...

Cops and prosecutors today believe that they can and should create their own reality. We saw that in the Duke case and the Craft case, and we see it again here.

Those of us who disagree either are liars or Enemies of the People.

Anonymous said...

Not a cop, just an obsessive compulsive computer geek. I've only followed three cases in great detail. The OJ trial, the Duke Lacrosse Case, and this trial. I believe beyond any doubt that OJ was guilty. I believe beyond any doubt that all members of the lacrosse team were totally innocent of everything. I believe beyond any doubt that Brad Cooper is guilty. Clearly in Duke case, Nifong and his hench men attempted to frame the three. There was witness tampering everywhere. Nifong's motive was clear: get re-elected to boost his pension. I don't see a political figure in the case with motive to "look good".
I do think the Cary Police made errors in this investigation. I think much of the testimony was irrelevant. I even think that the judge should have let one of the last minute computer experts testify. Either would have been slaughtered on cross exam or rebuttal. They got the details on how MACE timestamps on Vista work all wrong.
But, in spite of the errors, I think they got the right guy.
I posted under MacD on message boards related to both the Duke and Cooper cases, in case you care enough to check me out.

Lynne said...

MacD, you are wrong about the Vista timestamp thing. I know it can be turned off so that timestamps will not update but that was not the case with Brad's computer. Other files updated as they should on his machine. Additionally Agent Chappell was asked to replicate the search with a Vista machine during the trial and it was objected to. He was asked to replicate the search on any computer in the court room and it was objected to.

Peggy Conner said...

MacD--nope, really do not care to 'check you out'. The Prosecution had absolutely no relevent evidence in this case, EXCEPT for the Google Map search--that is the ONLY thing they had. The defense computer EXPERTS knew this was planted evidence, and No--Masucci would not have been 'slaughtered' on cross--he knows his stuff--more than you, trust me. In fact, none of the Prosecution team COULD have slaughtered ANYONE on the stand--they were all a bunch of morons. They played on the jury's technical ignorance and dragged the case out with all of their irrelevant testimony that the jury just wanted to go home. Brad WILL get a new trial, and he WILL be vindicated. Where will you be then??? Posting on other blogs with your false information, no doubt. As I said--man up and use your real name, or do you NOT have the nerve to?

Robert said...

MacD--You are a joke! The TRUTH of the matter is that neither prosecuter Cummings or Boz could even rip their way out of a wet 1 ply toilet paper! The defense expert witness who testified outside the presence of the jury is THE preminent digital forensics expert in the US. Along with teaching LE, FBI, and private corporations about digital forensics - he is regularly called to testify by prosecuters in their cases.

It's so more than annoying that you seem to spout your beliefs when you most likely have NEVER been certified as an "expert" and are just passing on your "non-expert" opinion.

Do you not yet realize that the defenses digital forensic know - the ones that actually examined the computers, KNOW 100% that the google map was planted, that they completely BELIEVE in Brad Cooper's innocence, and that they are quietly building their presentation for the appeals case.

My advice to you is that unless you have hard data, have witnessed ALL courtroom testimony, handled the actual evidence, and been privy to the computer forensics performed on the computers, take your moronistic slant of reality and distorted facts somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

RE: the OJ Trial

I suspect 99.999% of the people who read this blog think that OJ was guilty of murder ... that is not the issue. Was there mucho Reasonable Doubt in the case as it was presented? ABSOLUTELY. Did the police manufacture evidence against him (e.g., the bloody glove that was "found". ALMOST SURELY.

And this is the crucial point ... everyone accused of a crime is entitled to a FAIR AND JUST trial. Police lying doesn't cut it ... anymore than lying prosecutors.

It really is that simple ...


Anonymous said...

I think someone was just trying to make a confession about what they knew happened in the Brad Cooper Murder Trial....yes...I think we all know that the killer(s) are still a bird...for now...that is...but I am sure that with time...they will have such a heavy burden....that they will have to confess to what they have done....and all of the members of the NC Judicial System also....will remember Brad Cooper and just how the judicial system was actually able to railroad this man....without any EVIDENCE know....what goes around comes around...eventually...and it will be sweet revenge when it happens...

Anonymous said...

I recreated the Google search and extracted timestamps from my $MFT.
Here are my results.

Anonymous said...

Dateline will air "something about BRAD COOPER" this Friday, August 19, 2019....I hope that people will at least take time and watch what they are going to share....will it help BRAD? Well...from the short take on the preview....I say will NOT TELL THE ENTIRE STORY on WHAT REALLY HAPPENED...

But we will not know...until it is shown....I do hope that if it does not give a review of the truth...that people will voice their concern and send dateline an email about it...

Bert R. said...

My son was involved in a similar situation in Western NC, but not to the extent Brad was railroaded.
In my sons case, an aggressive detective preasured him beyond belief. Arrested his wife to try to force him to plead guilty in exchange for her release. They had a picture of his wife handing a female officer her ID and passport. The picture was grainy and they claimed she was handing the officer drugs.
Two (thank God) things came out in his favor. First, the female officer told her captain the truth. Second, the captain had the integrety to investigate the charges and fired the detective. My son and his wife were both set free.
Maybe there is one honest cop out there that will come to Brads aid. I am praying for him. It is a shame what he is going through. May God bless him and give him some peace.

Sambamama said...

Innocent people don't plead guilty. And that is exactly what Mr. Cooper did. He traded his parental rights for a shorter sentence. His attorneys knew the evidence the prosecution would present in a second case, and Mr. Cooper made his decision. No one forced him to plea!