Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dancing with the Devils

Since we don't have television reception at our house and have not had it for a decade (and I don't miss it), I never have seen "Dancing with the Stars." I have no idea who does what and really don't care if Bristol Palin can do the Tango, or if she just falls over her own feet (like I would).

However, I am a bit interested when I see that the newest lineup of "stars" this fall includes the Evil Nancy Grace and the notorious Ron Artest, the NBA player Ron Artest, who forever was immortalized by his role in the infamous Pistons-Pacers brawl of 2004. (Nonetheless, I will say that overall I prefer Artest to Grace.)

I only can wonder if the judges realize the fix they are in with these two, however. If Grace does not like their decisions, will she demand their arrest on trumped-up charges? (Grace is good at lying on her show and declaring innocent people to be guilty of non-existent crimes.)

Will Artest react to negative fan reaction by wading into the crowd and whacking a few people? Who knows? I guess that will be part of the intrigue. As for Grace, since she declared that the "Devil is dancing" after the Casey Anthony verdict, will the Nasty Nancy do a Tango with Beelzebub himself?

Alas, my readers will have to tell me what happens, as I will be missing another year of the boob tube. In the meantime, while Nancy Grace is treated like a celebrity, the "justice" system she has represented incarcerates millions, including thousands of innocent people. Dance away.


liberranter said...

They really should rename that program "Dancing with the Scum of the Earth." Then again, given the acerebral nature of the audience for such programs, the meaning of the name change would be lost on all of them.

Anonymous said...

In many ways, you have hit the nail on the head, Dr. Anderson ... people generally Just Don't Give A Damn regarding how the criminal justice system REALLY works. Until THEY are falsely accused.

I suspect that this is mostly because most of us WON'T be falsely accused, and don't personally know anyone who has been ... simply because our own daily actions, and the ones of the people that we may associate with, are ones that minimize the risk of being so accused.

Take the case of Sean Lanigan, the Fairfax, VA physical education high school teacher who was falsely accused ... and then fully prosecuted in spite of blatant evidence that the accuser's account could not POSSIBLY be true, because it was completely at odds with the physical evidence of where the "crime" supposedly happened. (And was acquitted by the jury pronto.)

NEVERTHELESS, besides being in what must unfortunately be considered as a "high risk" occupation that invites such false allegations, Lanigan himself admitted to "touching" -- albeit in completely appropriate ways -- his students. This increased his risk of being falsely accused heavily.

Most people are simply are not in this "high risk" category ... and look at cases such as Lanigan's -- and of course that of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the "Great Seducer" -- as "could never happen to me".

They are wrong -- it could very well happen to them. But it probably won't.

And so the dance goes on ...


Anonymous said...

We truly live in a world gone mad when people neglect their own families yet watch "reality tv" faithfully. I admire you Bill for taking the TV out of your family's lives, and getting back to the things that really matter. I myself while still having tv, mostly watch History Channel (although i have yet to figure out what "Ice Road Truckers, and Swamp people" have to do with history), and NatGeo, along with occasional FOX news, although I have come to the conclusion that all media tv are sellouts. As for Nancy (dis)Grace, I hope she falls on her face, both figuratively and literally. I'll just have to catch it on Youtube later though, I don't plan to watch the show. They really have some winners on there this time. Nancy Grace, Artest, along with Sonny and Cher's uhhh... daugh, uhhh son. I bet the person chosen to dance with (s)him are going Really? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

Well folks, I have to say....I didn't watch for the first few seasons. Wasn't interested. The last 6 or 7 I have. Quite entertaining! Was looking forward to 'this' season...until I found out nancy DISgrace is gonna be on it!

Got frustated with them the year Bristol Palin was blitz maddening.

Last year...Kirstie Alley was GREAT!

Now this year, what a letDOWN!
Sickening, to say the least....
Doubt I watch :(