Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nancy Grace: Flashing with the "stars"

Last August, I had some commentary about the execrable Nasty Nancy Grace being part of "Dancing with the Stars," and while I mused about someone "dancing with the Devil," no doubt, I had no idea that Her Nastiness also would engage in exhibitionism.

Despite the protestations that she "was not flashing anybody," the photo below (from the UK Daily Mail) shows that Grace was exposing more than just some cleavage.

I include this post not to show off any of the endowment of Her Nastiness, but rather to point out the obvious: despite being cited by appeals courts for lying in court, Grace is one of the most insufferable self-righteous characters on the tube. Had a female accused of a crime ever worn such a low-cut dress in public, Nasty Nancy (or maybe "Nansty") would have been all over her, claiming that the woman's wardrobe was "proof" that she was a criminal.

So, here we have Nansty wearing a dress that shows, well, a lot of stuff, claiming that what we are seeing is not what we are seeing and that she did not "flash" anyone when, clearly, this is the very definition of "flashing." Gee, Nasty Nancy Grace is lying again. Just shocking. Hoodathunkitt?!?!? (By the way, is it just me, or does Nasty Grace look like Miss Piggy -- with no insult intended toward Miss Piggy and the Muppets?)

This reminds me of the "fundraiser" that the LMJC had for the Children's Advocacy Center -- you know, the place that hires high school grads to do fake interviews of children and then claims they have "discovered evidence of child molestation" when, in fact, they have helped fabricate lies? Yeah, that place.

You will remember that prosecutors Chris "Cruisemaster" Arnt and Len "The Thong Man" Gregor and the rest of the Children's Advocacy Center crowd was claiming that a tasteful photo of Tonya Craft in an evening dress was "proof" that she was "narcissistic" and, therefore, a child molester. During the trial, the announcement was made and the sponsors proudly put out a promotion photo of an Elvis impersonator and two "Vegas" women -- wearing thongs. It was the ultimate example of how the LMJC gives everyone else the middle finger.

(After I pointed out that the LMJC was using half-naked women in thongs to promote a fundraiser, the photo was quickly changed and the women suddenly were wearing pink leotards. Yeah, you can't make up this stuff.)

As I see it, this is more of the double standard that those involved with "law enforcement" are promoting. One set of rules for us, and another set of rules for them.

By the way, I doubt that Arnt, Gregor, Tim "Dirty" Deal, and Alan Norton will tell the attendees at the conference this week about those double standards. No, they will pose as people who "care" about the law, all the while crossing their fingers.

NOTE: If any readers attend the conference, please contact me so that I can prepare a report. Unfortunately, I am 600 miles away and cannot attend and listen to these "dynamic" speakers too people how to lie and get away with it.


liberranter said...

You're aware, of course, that Nasty Nancy's (ahem) "attributes" are mostly silicone.

Michael McNutt said...

Ms. Grace couldn't hold a candle to Miss Piggy, just saying...

Narrcisist 07 said...

The real funny in a pathetic ironic kind of way thing here was she actually had the audacity to deny that it ever happened.

"I have been judged guilty without a trial," Grace, 51, told TMZ. "I will go to my grave denying the nip slip."

"Evidence re my alleged 'wardrobe malfunction which I vehemently deny: Breast Petals & industrial strength bra," Grace wrote, attaching a photo of said petals.

The petals, also known as pasties and nipple covers and usually made from silicon or nylon tricot material, are used to provide a smoother look, in addition to or in place of a regular bra.

Despite the use of her breast petals, Grace, 51, apparently showed a little too much skin during her jive performance with partner Tristan MacManus on Monday. Still, the television host and journalist stands by her claim.

"I was not flashing anybody . . . I think that when I did that backwards thing, there was a seismic shift, but I do not think there was a wardrobe malfunction," Grace told Access Hollywood.

"Believe me, that is not what I want my twins to read on the Internet in two or three years when they can final read . . . when I left the floor, I still didn't [understand], because everybody always makes jokes about my cleavage. I didn't get it," she added.

What a liar!! She rates up there with Bill Clinton's "I didn't have sex" speech, when all she had to do is say,"Yep, my puppies came out of their basket, sorry." and it would have been a non-issue. Now her denial fuels the jokes and outrage of what else has this habitual liar lied about? We reading this blog already know that answer. Just ask Tonya!

Anonymous said...

Since she is a liar, and is lying about the current incident, then she must be lying that it was accidental. I think there is a case that she did it on purpose. She is, after all, a seasoned television personality, she knew that her wardrobe would be under extra demands, yet failed to protect the innocent prime time audience and young viewers of the horrors of an exposure. (Tongue in cheek of course). But it goes to show the prosecutor mentality. They simply cannot withstand the scrutiny that they so willingly heap upon others.

Anonymous said...

I saw that "malfunction" that night. But, when she came out wearing it I was shocked. It did not fit nor was it flattering.

She is overweight and having twins will greatly increase the bust especially if you breast feed, and she did for a long time.

If she thinks it is sexy she is very wrong. That was just blubber. In a different dress it could have been a totally different look. That dress was way to small all over. Her spandex didn't help if anything made it worse.

I don't know who is blowing smoke but she desperately needs to look in the mirror or get a good honest friends opinion.

But, I will say, this showing of the boobs seems to be "the thing" now. They wear dresses cut all the way down to the waist and no bra. The first awards winner on the TONY'S the other night was guilty. I wish it would pass as I have not seen anyone it flatters. Quite the opposite !! TMS (too Much Skin). Embarrassing to me and should be to them. Nancy Grace won't win by showing all that blob !!

Doc Ellis 124 said...

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Anonymous said...

But Nasty Grace says Amanda Knox is guilty...she has more evidence than most people do...where did she get it? did she share it with the prosecution??? a dancing princess NOT