Friday, February 17, 2012

The lawless LMJC

Two years ago this blog went all-out during the Tonya Craft trial and aftermath because it was clear that cops like Tim Deal, prosecutors like Buzz Franklin, Chris Arnt, and Len Gregor, along with "judge" brian outhouse were knowingly trying to railroad an innocent person into prison. The not-guilty verdict and jurors' comments afterward about the outright crookedness of that trial apparently have had no effect on the LMJC crowd except to make them even more determined to get away with lawlessness.

Today, it is Joe Mowish, who has been arrested again on "gambling" charges when, in fact, that Franklin knows that Mowish's activities are legal. This is not a situation of a prosecutor and police misreading the law or misunderstanding it. No, this is a pure power play that is illegal and in a place where the law was respected would lead to disbarment of Buzz Franklin and his staff.

Because the Georgia State Bar does not consider prosecutorial misconduct to be something worth investigating, any actions to deal with the dishonesty and outright lawbreaking of Franklin, outhouse, and Deal are going to have to come from the citizens at large. That means that jurors should be hyper-careful when prosecutors lie, when Deal and others in "law enforcement" testify, and when people like outhouse make outrageous ruling.

There are a number of cases in the LMJC that have come to my attention and I will be looking into them. From what I can see, as long as the people who live in Dade, Chattooga, Walker, and Catoosa counties are happy with the kind of people who are in public office, we also can expect the kind of dishonest and illegal behavior we saw with the Craft case and everything else that these people foist upon the innocent.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Anderson for another great blog, We the people are going to have to stand up and say enough is enough, And get these crook's out. I am sorry I have no convenience in any of them, Their day is coming, I hope I am around to see it.

liberranter said...

From what I can see, as long as the people who live in Dade, Chattooga, Walker, and Catoosa counties are happy with the kind of people who are in public office, we also can expect the kind of dishonest and illegal behavior we saw with the Craft case and everything else that these people foist upon the innocent.

Exactly. I could further expand on this in terms that would be regarded as very unkind to the residents of the American Southeast, but your assumption is still correct. The corruption and lawlessness that prevail in Northwest Georgia prevail because a clear majority of that region's inhabitants allow it to do so. Either they are perfectly happy with the status quo, or they are simply too ignorant, lazy, or spineless to deal with it. Either way, it is clear that the only option open to those residents of the area who love liberty and respect the law (obviously these are quite few in number) is to move out of it. Granted, there are really very few other places in Amerika where things are significantly better, but few are afflicted with officially sanctioned crime to the extent that the LMJC is.

maria said...

Please keep James combs in your prayers as he is facing his false allegitions trial in catoosa county next month.

Anonymous said...

Warning to Catoosa County - it is not enough that certain people are "retiring" from public office. The old adage "that's the devil you know" comes to mind. Beware of the devil you dont know -their replacements. From what I understand the next crop of lackies are just mental dopplegangers of the old crop of lackies. Unless the new people are vetted, and you get people who are dedicated to justice, not merely winning, your county will continue to be plagued with the same problems that outhouse, buzzard, the man, liar liar, and raw deal brought.

Anonymous said...

"Mowish's activities are legal". What practices are you talking about that make basis for the charges of gambling? How is this a power play concerning Mowish? Curious minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

The Dale Higgenbottom trial is set to begin March 12th...Another LMJC witch hunt...

Mickey Spillane said...

You should look at the witch hunt in Los Angeles. The LAUSD School Board there is making LMJC look righteous! As Dorothy Rabinowitz, author of "No Crueler Tyrannies", has said, nothing will improve until prosecutors are held accountable(and until people making false accusations are punished too).

Anonymous said...

Mickey, You are right, prosecutors are going to keep it up as long as we the ppl. let them, We have got to take a stand and vote them out, And these ppl. making false accusations should have to prove you did it, and not all on you having to prove you didn't, if they was out a little money, things would be different, As for me 15yr.old Kid's know more about sex than I did when I was 18yrs. old, They can tell someone or can defend them selves, They are some big 15 yr. olds out there. Time to wake up ppl. You could be next.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Van Pelt (who likes to bed the likes of Ms. Evans, which is scary in itself) and Larry Stagg are at it again in the LMJC. Check out what is happening with Stacie Hughes, just because her Felony Stalking, DUI Committing ex-husband is friends with the corrupt judicial thugs. They are using the same lawless techniques used with Tonya Craft.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:19 AM.OMG. How do these people get by with this...

Anonymous said...

They get by because nitwits vote them into office.

342009859894901864 said...

Ive heard not one single thing.. on anyone opposing Outhouse as of yet, but I will say this!! The local media that pumps out the info, to the people who do live here.. are just as censored and filtered that you would totally understand the facts that the locals in our area, ARE OBLIVIOUS, because THEY KNOW NO BETTER! I found out the hard way, they stole my child, AND IT STILL, has no conclusion, or direction to a solution.. and that in itself is UNBELIEVABLE!

But sir, I assure you, we are not happy. I have begun a site that lets people 'see' as much as possible, and apparently, I must produce my OWN media story, so that I am still working on as well, but WE ARE NOT HAPPY! IT IS CRAZY! And I hope it gets known soon, because I do know of a battle in history, because of my families origins in the past with it, obviously..

But anyone ever heard of the Battle of Athens?

Just sayin!

Anonymous said...

MR Anderson,

Now is the time to focus on the LMJC as the FBI agent and the Internet Crimes against Children Task force that operates with the support of these folks in charge that all gre up together.

The Georgia Court of Appeals just reversed two convictions from this task force's work and as a direct result of the LMJC's ignorance of the law.

Defendant Cosmo was charged with Computer pornography even though the statute 16-12-100.2 read that the defendant must believe he is communicating with a child.

The Hillman task force acts like an adult and portrays an adult in several of their scenarios. Then when the charge with computer pornography, the Grand Jury indicts based on the ADA Arnt's
ignoring his knowledge of the law.

Cosmo testified that he believed he was speaking with an adult. The Georgia Court of Appeals Agrees with the strict interpretation of the law which it must and reversed the convictions.

Then the Court of Appeals issued a order for a new trial on the remaining convictions because the Judge refused to give the proper jury instruction on the entrapment defense.

This means the FBI agent Hillman, with all of the Federal resources and training on how to run these stings is allowing the task force to engage in Constitutionally protected speech and still arresting defendants and charging them with this horrible crime when he should know how to interreput the law properly.

Then the DA and all those involved ignore the law and indict anyway. Then the Judges take away all of the legal defenses that a defendant is entitled to use to defend himself and bingo, conviction.

How much taxpayer money is wasted, THe County Jail, the officers, the court system and the State prison system all incur costs to do this when the officers of the court know the charges do not violate the statute or its intent.

The are many more convictions headed to the court and it will come to light about the repetitve practices that are not a violation of law and the waste of money and ruining of defendants lives all in the interest of getting paid by the federal government and making a name for themselves.

They are succeeding in making a name for themselves but not in the manner which they intended Im sure

Look at the MArch 14, 2013 Georgia Court of Appeals decision published on this Catossa county case and the local interest that is stirred up now as a result of behivior by Hillman's posse.

their actions destroying hundreds of innocent mens lives over the last 3 years are coming back to the light of day at the Appellate level.

Watch this and know there are more to come.


Anonymous said...

Look up the most crooked state in the USA. Georgia is number one. There is no big brother watching what these crooks are doing. Speaking of outhouse, i have seen him in action. Making up his own rules as he goes along. Vote these folks out of office. It is a beautiful place to live but do not be out after dark. These drug pushing cops are liable to plant something on you.