Monday, May 14, 2012

Channel 3, which provided the best coverage of the Tonya Craft case and trial (as opposed to Channel 9, which kissed the posteriors of Chris Arnt, Len Gregor, Tim Deal, Brian House, Sandra Lamb, and Joal Henke and called it "news"), has run an interview with Tonya on the second anniversary of the "not guilty" verdict against her.

As Tonya notes so well, the people who broke the law, committed perjury, and Brian House, who tried to rig the trial, have not been held accountable. Sandra Lamb has enrolled her daughter at Girls Preparatory School, which places every teacher there in danger, given that Lamb and her actress child have no scruples against lying when someone makes them mad.

Joal Henke committed perjury in Judge Marie Williams' court and Hamilton County DA Bill Cox ignored the felony committed in the building where he works. Henke also admited under oath to mortgage fraud, but apparently the U.S. attorney in Chattanooga was too busy pursuing non-crimes to deal with a felon in his midst.

As I see it, the Tonya Craft case presents a perfect picture of "justice" in Northwest Georgia and Hamilton County. The authorities there will move heaven and earth to pursue false charges and to prop up lies and even suborn perjury, but apparently they are incapable of actually going against people who commit real crimes.

By the way, I noticed that that alleged rape at East Ridge Middle School was a hoax, and that was what I thought when I first read the article. Notice that the rape crisis center along with Child Protective Services AND the police were involved. And how much does one wish to bet that the people at the rape crisis center and CPS believed the girl from the beginning?

What we have is a system out of control. Government agencies are full of people who will believe lie after lie and pursue the innocent. It does not just happen in the Chattanooga area, but from what I can tell, Northwest Georgia and Hamilton County are pretty hopeless when it comes to "justice."

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Anonymous said...

Well Written Mr. Anderson could not have said it better myself. I love your blogs, have to give you credit, You tell it like it is. I thank you for your time, Keep it coming one day someone that wants to do right, and do what they were put in office to do, Will read this I sure hope so.