Friday, August 3, 2012

"On the Administration of Things"; My post today on The Agitator

This morning I spent time with a some men aged 80+ at a small roundtable discussion, and the topic dealt with the modern application of Claude-Henri de Rouvroy Saint-Simon’s dictum that “the government of men must be replaced by the administration of things.” While the topic of discussion dealt mostly with the Obama administration’s health carelaw, nonetheless I could see how it fits exactly into the modern American “justice” system and how it swallows millions of people while many of us watch in horror.



Lynne said...

Interesting article. I think I am *finally* understanding WHY this happens again and again. It is still difficult for me to believe that there are so many people willing to sell their souls to win elections, gain promotions, etc. and the cost is a person's life and the devastation of the entire family. It's difficult to fathom, but I do understand that it is the reality.

And aside from the prosecutors, so many others play a role in wrongful convictions - police certainly do, even field officers with a small role in the case... they may only have to tell a "small" lie in court. Then there are the State witnesses who clearly are coerced. All of them have to live with it on their conscience. I just hope they realize that they contributed to an innocent person rotting in prison. But maybe they don't give it a thought and just feel good that they were able to "help".

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mr Anderson, Another great Article. Very well said Lynne, Hope these people have a conscience, But sometime I wonder, Because they seem to handling it fine. I could not sleep at night if I had lied and an innocent person went to prison. What a awful thing. But one day they will pay.

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve said...

This may be off-topic but it is too important not to post here IMO. What was once considered to be impossibility has happened. That is, a judicial circuit more corrupt than the LMJC has been revealed and it is only a few miles up the road from Ringgold, GA.

Today’s Times-Free Press has a front page story on the corruption that is rampant in Tennessee’s 10th Judicial Circuit. What makes it even more relevant to Dr. Anderson’s work is that the Attorney General himself, Steven Bebb, is the lead actor in this immoral drama. As Dr. Anderson has repeatedly pointed out, Bebb can operate with impunity and no fear of punishment because of his position. Today’s article is the first of a series of 5 and there is a lot more in the paper than is posted on their website. Nevertheless, what is there is a revelation.

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve said...

Here's Monday story about the corruption that is the 10th Circuit in TN. Yep, Dr. Anderson was right. They take care of their own no matter how corrupt they are.

Christine Hyde said...

Judge House was the Judge in my case last year and again last week.I started investigating his connection to ppl in my case bc his rulings were so ridiculous.Including ruling that I have to hire Michael Giglio as my gardian ad litem and can be held in contempt now if I hire any other attorney.As many know they hv been recenly linked in scandal involving manipulation in public election.Also my attorney seemed haulted in action after I witnessed a private meeting between herself and Judge House in her office about 7 p.m. She lied about serving our key witness(a DFCS worker) and refused to accept evidence.I think the Walker Co "justice system" should be considered a money laundering scheme.

Anonymous said...

There but by the grace of God.

Just finished an article in today's Times concerning the West Memphis Three.

It is remarkable that Tonya Craft won in this fervor wherein anyone who is different is suspect.

I know Tonya was not really different from others but the prosecution tried to play it up that way.

I currently know of a couple sitting in a PA jail for the past year. I believe them to be innocent but they are "different" i nthat they are not well-educated people and not well-heeled people and I fear they will face the plight of the West Memphis Three or those of the TX Mineola Swingers Club.

REader from NYC

Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer said...

I agree with you. We're not dealing with things, with rules and objects, but with people, and lady justice maybe should not stay blind and cold all the time.

Anonymous said...

Look at the Lance Armstrong case where a federally-funded but unaccountable agency is disregarding thousands of blood tests that showed no detectable abuse and "Stripping" Armstrong of all he won.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading a lot of blogs about Judge House, and not all of them have been complementary. I guess that is because most people only bother to write something when they don’t get things their way. I feel that I should weigh in on this subject because I have recently been in the court room and had an opportunity to experience first hand an example of how Judge Brian House administers justice.
My wife and I had positioned the court to intervene in the custody of our grandson while my son was going through his divorce. My wife and were beside ourselves because our grandson was in a dangerous situation. Our grandson was being neglected and abused at the hands of his mother. We took a big chance and brought our case before Judge House.
When we took our case before Judge House I watched as Judge House carefully listened to all sides of the case and conducted the hearing in an unbiased way. Judge House was able to divide fact from fiction and see the truth in the end. Judge House took the time to make sure that my infant grandson’s best interests were met. Judge Brian House is for the rights of defenseless children.
I will bet that there are other cases where people have come away from the court room of Judge Brian House and felt justice was served, it is too bad people do not take the time and effort to share their experiences. I am very thankful for Judge Brian House on my grandson’s behalf!


Anonymous said...

Glad he did right by you, That is the way it is suppose to be, He took an oath to be unbiased, I am glad your case turned out ok.... Mine sure didn't.