Friday, May 15, 2009

Paul Krugman Demands China Commit Economic Suicide

These are heady times for Paul Krugman. Armed with his Nobel Prize, The Great One now declares that the Chinese must embrace his view of environmentalism. Yes, he wants to spread his Gospel of Keynesian Environmentalism to China, which I only can hope will reject the nonsense being peddled by this charlatan. The Great One writes:

Like every visitor to China, I was awed by the scale of the country’s development. Even the annoying aspects — much of my time was spent viewing the Great Wall of Traffic — are byproducts of the nation’s economic success.

But China cannot continue along its current path because the planet can’t handle the strain.

The scientific consensus on prospects for global warming has become much more pessimistic over the last few years. Indeed, the latest projections from reputable climate scientists border on the apocalyptic. Why? Because the rate at which greenhouse gas emissions are rising is matching or exceeding the worst-case scenarios.

And the growth of emissions from China — already the world’s largest producer of carbon dioxide — is one main reason for this new pessimism.
Without going into all of the "science" behind the theories of human-caused global warming, I will say that it is interesting that since the planet has cooled in recent years, the "experts" have become more apocalyptic. This is an old trick in which one becomes increasingly shrill as the facts contradict one's theories.

For example, the Centers for Disease Control and their adoring media have magnified the view that we are headed for another 1918-style pandemic when, in fact, a lot more people have become sick via other means than the Swine Flu. As I wrote on Lew Rockwell's site recently, it always is 1918 at the CDC, and the government stands by to throw emergency powers at us in order to save us -- whether or not we want to be bullied by government bureaucrats. Even as life expectancy increases and living conditions for people improve (albeit slowly) across the planet, the bureaucrats and the Krugmans become even more shrill and demanding. (Yes, there is a connection between the two.)

Krugman's notion that government now is producing "real science" is a howler. The Environmental Protection Agency for years has been a repository of junk science coupled with authoritarian powers, the worst combination. That President Barck Obama is unleashing the EPA even more than it was unleashed under previous administrations is frightening.

Here is hoping that the political and economic leadership of China tells Paul Krugman where to stick it. As an advocate of both junk economics and junk science, Krugman is a bigger disaster than Swine Flu and Global Warming put together.


Marco2006 said...

Krugman and Friedman, one gets the idea they would have been great in the Cultural Revolution running around with their little red book. Now they're running around with a little green book talking about the wonder of Chairman Obama and bowing to works of Zen Master Gore.

Love to see them actually get to the Midwest and spend a week on a farm doing some actually work. They need blisters and sore muscles to clear their heads.

Unknown said...

Thank you Mr. Anderson for your articles, as i always look forward to reading them over at and now can follow them here. That way i an pick up some in the field of economics. To bad years ago i did not take econ101 courses in school, but at least i can now go online and read.

roger olson