Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's Official! A New Garrett County Record for Snow!

The county maintenance facility at Keyser's Ridge recently announced that the snowfall totals there passed 262 inches, a new record for Garrett County (which has a snowflake symbol on the county's flag - which certainly makes more sense than having a palm tree). This does not mean that we have received the same amount, as Keyser's Ridge is almost 300 feet higher in elevation than our home in Finzel, and that part of the county historically receives more snow.

Nonetheless, I believe we safely can say that our location has received more than 200 inches this winter, which has become the season we never will forget. The boys and I went X-C skiing at New Germany State Park yesterday, and the crowd of people from the D.C.-Baltimore area marveled at what they saw. For anyone who loves to be on skis, this has been the Winter from Heaven. For those who long for spring, it has been the winter from somewhere else.

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