Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Joal and Sarah Perjury Show, One More Time

[Note]: Eric Echols is scheduled to go on trial on September 13, as a retired judge from Cobb County is supposed to preside. We shall see if he is like other Georgia judges who ignore the law.

Alan Norton is the ADA, so I guess he is anxious to join the ranks of Perjury Central, and since the only way he can present this case is to suborn perjury, a number of people either will be present or blogging on the trial to detail the crimes that Norton will be committing. Because the indictment does not specify how Mr. Echols actually "intimidated" a witness, it clearly does not pass the test given by the Georgia Court of Appeals in Delaby. Beyond that, it is absolutely clear that prosecutions witnesses at some point will have to commit perjury, but, as we have seen already, perjury is perfectly acceptable to prosecutors and judges in the LMJC, as it always goes unpunished whenever the prosecution witnesses commit it.

On another note, please take time to vote for my daughter and son-in-law, Leah and Russell Golden. [End Note]

While I have dealt with Joal and Sara Henke, that couple which demonstrated the miraculous ability to "recover memories" while on the witness stand, I believe that once more I need to lay out just how dishonest they were, how their perjury was obvious, and why they committed it -- at the encouragement of Chris "Alberto-Facebook" Arnt and Len "The Racist, Misogynist, and THE MAN" Gregor. It is hard to know which incidence of perjury committed during the Tonya Craft trial by prosecution witness was most egregious, but I can say that the lies that Joal and Sara told perhaps were the most obvious.

There were three huge whoppers that these dishonorable individuals told while under oath:
  • Joal's sudden recollection of Tonya's "lesbian affair" with Jennifer Sullivan. (It should be noted that "judge" Brian Outhouse refused to let Ms. Sullivan testify as to the falsity of Henke's statement, thus demonstrating again that he was nothing but a bootlicker for the prosecutors.);
  • Sara's lie that the reason she was showering with Tonya's daughter was that the child was "dirty" and had "matted hair" and smelled bad, which meant she was saying that Tonya severely neglected the girl. (Henke had Tonya's daughter literally hold Sara's labia while she shaved her pubic hairs -- something she denied, but something that Tonya's daughter clearly explained. Oh, I forgot, prosecutors in the LMJC only believe children when the children tell them what prosecutors WANT to hear, not the truth.);
  • Sara's other lie that the child would wake up in the middle of the night holding her vagina, and screaming, "It hurts, it hurts!" She also claimed that the child's vagina was "reddened."
The important thing to note with all three of these claims is that the Henkes had not said anything to ANY investigators before the trial began, not to detectives, not to Laurie Evans, not to anyone else at the CAC, no one. Instead, they claimed that they "just remembered" these things, something that the prosecutors AND Outhouse encouraged. Again, when one receives a paycheck from Perjury Central, one is going to employ perjury. It's that simple.

OK, it is time to apply some logic to these "revelations," beginning with the "lesbian" business. (My sense is that Joal and the Dishonest Duo, not to mention Outhouse, hoped that jurors would be shocked by such information.) I doubt seriously that had it happened, Joal would have conveniently forgotten about it until that magic moment on the witness stand. (In reading the transcript, I see that the prosecutor on direct asked Joal about this incident, which means that these people planned that moment before the day's activities began. So, now we not only have deliberate subornation of perjury, but also a conspiracy to commit a felony.)

Furthermore, since Ms. Sullivan was named in trial testimony as Tonya's "friend," the fact that Outhouse would not permit Ms. Sullivan to testify as to the veracity of Joal's statements tells me that neither Outhouse nor the Dishonest Duo believed anything Joal was saying. After all, if Ms. Sullivan were going to lie, then the Masters of Perjury Central could have threatened to charge her with, well, perjury.

Now to Sara's contention that Tonya's daughter, after being in her mother's care, was "dirty, smelly," and had "matted hair." Had this evidence of obvious neglect been true and apparent, I have no doubt that Joal would have run to the courthouse and had his attorney, Chuck Dupree, immediately file for permanent custody. Given the visceral hatred Joal had (and has) for his ex-wife, he would not have missed this opportunity to make a custody grab for the children.

Instead, there were NO allegations of this sort -- not until Sara Henke took the stand. Then, to make matters even worse, Sara then claimed that Tonya's daughter would wake up during the night screaming, and suffering from a "reddened" vagina. Now, if this were my child, I sure as heck would want to know why she was having these problems.

And if that were the case with my child, readers can bet that my wife would be making a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning. Little girls don't just wake up in the night screaming about painful vaginas, and with Sara being a registered nurse, which also makes her a legal "first responder," the woman would have been utterly derelict in her legal duties by doing nothing.

Furthermore, if this really had been the case, I am sure that Joal would have been very interested and would have seized the opportunity to make Tonya's life miserable. We already know what happened when Sandra Lamb presented Joal with the opportunity to make false allegations against his ex-wife in the late spring of 2008.

Trials in the State of Georgia are designed against the "Perry Mason Moments," as both prosecutors and the defense are supposed to have turned in their material by the time the discovery process begins. Prosecutors are supposed to give all of their relevant material to defense counsel, and the defense is supposed to do likewise, and all sides are supposed to have their witness lists. What we saw in the Tonya Craft trial was highly extraordinary, as prosecutors time and again introduced "new" material, ALL of it very suspicious.

Judges are supposed to impose very high standards for accepting "new" material. In the case of Tonya Craft, Outhouse accepted everything the prosecution threw in, but denied the same to the defense (i.e. the resume for Sandra Lamb's daughter that had the child's acting lessons and the infamous Kelly McDonald power bill). This was not because of the veracity of the material. Indeed, a power bill with Kelly McDonald's signature on it and an on-line resume with a child's acting teachers fall into the HARD COPY category, something that is irrefutable.

On the other hand, not one "new" allegation by the prosecution could be verified by anything close to hard evidence. The material was not in the investigative notes, nor were there any independent witnesses that could verify this material. None of this should be surprising, for people who know they can commit perjury without penalty and prosecutors who know they can forge documents and suborn perjury without fear of any sanctions are going to follow their darkest and most base paths. That is something we know about human nature and, if anything, the Tonya Craft trial proved that in spades.


Trish said...

They are quite the pair!!! I hope and pray Tonya gets her children back the next time she goes back to court for them. Just as with my grandchildren, there is no telling what kind of lies their minds are being filled with!!!

KC Sprayberry said...

What is far worse in this situation is that Sarah and Joal Henke see nothing wrong with their actions. They're hedonists who care about no one but themselves. A far worse crime is leaving their child Sarah will have soon in their care. Like Trish, I hope Tonya prevails in taking her children away from this unhealthy environment.

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve said...

Here is the URL from today's Chattanoogan concerning the Mulkey case. Different judge, same county, same level of judicial arrogance and bias. Van Pelt is no better than Outhouse and Alberto "Facebook" Arnt was the prosecutor.

Not doing too well lately are you Alberto? Maybe you can draw a slam dunk jaywalking case that will up your average. The evidence needed to convict in that type of case is even easier to fabricate than the garbage that Thorne, Deal, Kittle, Sells, et. al., tried to sell to the Craft jury.

Anonymous said...

The judge was trying to find a way to convict the poor guy based on what the judge thought the law "ought" to be. What a louse. He needs to recuse himself if the guy gets indicted for showing such a blatant bias.

Kaye said...

anon 6:07

Since the gun charge was in Catoosa, and the molestation charge is in Bartow, then there shouldn't be any need for the judge to recuse himself since these cases are in 2 different judicial districts.

The judges statements also show that "team" mentality that we saw between House and both ADA's during the Craft trial. Sickening behavior coming from somebody who is suppose to be making decision impartially!

kbp said...

I’m curious who picked the judge. This judge already collects his retirement, so it only his own conscious that will control what he does.

Anticipating a jury, about the only thing I can see that could hurt Eric is if all recordings he has are suppressed. The jury instructions could influence a verdict, but not much unless those recordings do not make it into the trial.

For Echol’s sake, I hope the retired judge has a few more ethics than Outhouse.

kbp said...

I should point out my comment above is addressing Echols case.

The majority of the comments here appear to be on another case.

Abraham said...

So they somehow found a "retired" judge that will hear the EE case. This is interesting to me.
This case could expose more of the corruption from the LMJC than Tonya's trial. This may be fun.
I expected Buzz to be politically savvy enough to drop the charges, but maybe not.
In this day & time a Black man that is unjustly charged could really get lots of attention.
I personally am proud the LMJC is willing to expose themselves which will further vindicate Tonya, and all the others wrongfully convicted.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson. I wish that you could have been in the courthouse during the Craft trial. I was there a lot and seen and heard things that that was unbelieveable. I am proud that the JURY seen through it. Good for Tonya. You go Lady.Good luck

Anonymous said...

Were Sarah and Joal ever deposed? If so are the depositions public record? If so how does one obtain a copy?

William L. Anderson said...

I don't know the answer to that question, but I can find out.

Anonymous said...

I pray that Joal and Sarah are seen for what they are. They have proven to be dishonest at best and inappropriate with children at worst! Why won't anyone in TN open their eyes to see what monsters these individuals are. Tonya has fought so hard for her children and the system is leaving them in a home where they are truly being abused!!Keep fighting Tonya!!!!!

KDaw said...

"Little girls don't just wake up in the night screaming about painful vaginas,"

As a child, I had chronic urinary tract infections. I did, on several occasions do exactly as this child did. The pediatrician had Mama give me showers instead of the bubble baths that I used to love so much. My UTI problem cleared up. Perhaps if Sarah had taken the time to have her seen by a doctor, or even communicated this problem with her step-child's Mother, all of this nonsense would never have happened.

Anonymous said...

Is there not anyway that someone can go to Parkridge Hospital, where Sarah works, and show her bosses what a terrible person she is? Can we not tell them about the whole shaving incident and how she completely, blantantly, lied on the stand. What an irresponsible and disgusting human being they have working for them? if she is doing all that, what the hell is she doing at the hospital? Any meds come up missing? Who knows? Somebody might want to look into that!