Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who Is Holly Kittle? Part I

One of the worst episodes of prosecution witness testimony in the Tonya Craft trial came when Holly "Thumbs Up" Kittle took the stand. Kittle proceeded to proudly note that she could not recall any relevant literature to her profession (she claimed to read stuff, but could not remember any titles or information, which is more proof that she needed to take Joal Henke's "recovered memories" course).

Furthermore, Kittle rolled her eyes, shrugged her shoulders, and laughed out loud at the questions from attorney Demosthenese Lorandos, demonstrating once more that the "professionals" at the local Children's Advocacy Center act like spoiled children when testifying in front of jurors. In fact, it got so bad that Dr. Lorandos finally asked Kittle if the trial was "funny." If one wanted to see the combination of dishonesty, incompetence, and arrogance, then Holly Kittle was the Main Attraction.

As readers remember, Kittle, who was an anthropology major at my alma mater, the University of Tennessee, worked with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's "mobile crime lab" before its operations were suspended. If the GBI lab "team" was as dishonest as what has been exposed in North Carolina, then I suspect that Kittle received a good education in learning how to cook results for prosecutors.

You see, Holly Kittle is a good soldier for prosecutors, and whatever the prosecutors want from Kittle, they get it. Furthermore, Kittle is one of those people who believes that the Prosecution Always Is Right, and that anything one can do to push the prosecution's case -- no matter how dishonest or flimsy it might be -- is to be doing the Lord's work.

In my conversation with Ione Sells, she told me that Kittle and the others "interviewers" at the CAC in Fort Oglethorpe were superior to Dr. William Bernet and Dr. Nancy Aldridge because the CAC people always testify for the prosecution. When I asked about Dr. Aldridge testify for the prosecution many more times than she had for the defense, Sells spat out, "Oh, she hasn't testified for the prosecution since 2007."

That is interesting, and while I have not spoken to Dr. Aldridge about Sells' comments, my sense is that prosecutors don't want Dr. Aldridge on the stand because she actually tells the truth, and no self-respecting Georgia prosecutor these days wants anything to do with truth. If Dr. Aldridge and Dr. Bernet won't lie on the stand or act like the CAC clowns, then prosecutors don't want them. Don't kid yourself, people; it has come to that.

So, Kittle actually believes herself to be morally and professionally superior to people who literally have "written the book" on child forensic interviewing. (Her good Facebook friends Chris A. Arnt and Len Gregor both called Dr. Aldridge and Dr. Bernet "whores," and Sells told me she agreed with that assessment. Thus, I would surmise that Kittle agrees with it, too.)

As I see it, Holly Kittle is to forensic interviewing what Michael West is to forensic dentistry and Steven Hayne is to forensic pathology. As Radley Balko has so eloquently put it, these men will tell prosecutors whatever they want to hear, no matter how dishonest or implausible their accounts, and Kittle, likewise, will tell prosecutors whatever they want to hear.

As for Kittle, there is more. (I'll cover a number of instances of her incompetence and downright dishonesty in my next post on her.) She runs a photography business and posts a number of pictures she has taken on the Internet. In looking through her photos (which, frankly, are not high-quality compared to the photographer who has taken photographs of my grandchildren), two things struck me.

First, she has a number of pictures taken at an adoption party. As one who has adopted three children, I can tell you the joy of the "got'cha day" and the realization that our family in a very small way has made a difference in the lives of children who faced a grim future otherwise.

However, as I looked at those pictures, I remembered that Kittle is the main CAC "expert" (Lord, what a misuse of THAT term) witness in the upcoming trial of James Combs. Mr. Combs and his wife adopted a girl from Russia and a girl from Romania (and they have two birth children), which means that they also had their "got'cha" days. Furthermore, Mr. Combs, who served in the U.S. Armed Forces for 24 years, in order to be able to adopt any children, had to go through a number of examinations by law enforcement agencies from local police to the FBI to Interpol. (I have been through the same procedures and am quite familiar with them.)

Kittle, who has no children of her own, is trying to destroy Mr. Combs and his family by wanting to convince a jury that Mr. Combs is a child molester. It's funny that there never were any issues like that in Mr. Combs' life -- none -- and then one day, working as a substitute teacher at Boynton School in Catoosa County, he sends two boys to the principal's office and suddenly, they claim he molested them. This does not pass any smell test, but since the stench at the CAC and the LMJC already is overwhelming, people like Kittle and Sells are incapable of smelling anything but their own stink, which they then attribute to others.

Second, as I looked farther down the list, I saw that Kittle had taken a picture of a naked newborn being weighed on a scale right after birth. Given what I know about how the LMJC lackeys work, had a picture like this been in possession of either Mr. Combs or Tonya Craft, Kittle and others like Tim Deal would have claimed that these people were possessing child pornography.

I kid you not. That is how these individuals work when they are trying to frame innocent people.

So, Kittle feels free to take pictures of children, but if someone she and her other prosecution prostitutes were targeting someone for false charges had the same pictures in their possession, Kittle, Deal and others were make the "child pornography" accusations and present the photos as "proof" that they were dealing with a child molester.

Don't forget that Kittle works closely with people who have suborned perjury, committed perjury, forged documents, lied to jurors, hidden exculpatory evidence, and have proven themselves to be utterly dishonest and incompetent in dealing with the issue of child molestation. And this is the CAC prosecution "expert" who will be on the stand in the James Combs trial, trying to convince jurors that this family man and a person who has served his country honorably should go to prison for what clearly are trumped-up charges.

Kittle advertises on the Christians in Business website. She also likes to have Bible versus on her own photography site. I would suggest that perhaps she include the Ninth Commandment next time.

(In my next post on Kittle, I will explain just how dishonest and incompetent Kittle was when she interviewed Sandra Lamb's daughter in the Tonya Craft case.)


Anonymous said...

Holly Kittle is a disgrace to the profession she is supposed to uphold. Her lack of regard for the children that come to her should concern each and every citizen in the North GA area. I would NEVER consider taking my child in to the CAC in Catoosa County!! They will do more damage that anything! The individuals supposedly in charge of the CAC are turning a blind eye to the mishandling of children at the hands of those such as Holly Kittle. Maybe one day these children that are victimized by Holly Kittle and her disregard for the truth can come back and sue her for everything she is worth. The psychological damage children have, are, and will endure by the CAC will be seen for years to come. If a child makes a claim of any type of abuse it should be looked into by TRAINED individuals - NO ONE should take their children to the CAC if they want to protect their children!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now wait a minute wasn't Holly a trained individual? Didn't she take a WHOLE 5 day course on how to evaluate children? The whole state of Georgia makes me sick!! I cannot believe someone can take a 5 or 8 or however long course and be considered an expert! How in the hell does this happen??? No wonder this whole system is as screwed up as it is. Instead of having them go through the PROPER training they need they seem them to a 5 day course on how to interview children and then send them to a course on how to be a good witness! Well geez people have you ever heard of just plain telling the truth!!! Really, is it that difficult??

KC Sprayberry said...

Georgia is only the tip of the iceberg in these types of cases. Remember, all this comes about as a result of unregulated federal money. Giving people guidelines on how to spend the money doesn't tell them how to really spend it. The type of training or how long or even qualifications never comes into those guidelines, other than these agencies will work together. Therein lies the problem. No child interviewer for this type of crime should ever work hand in hand with a prosecutor's team. The child interviewers only job, their only focus, should be on the child - to determine if in fact a crime did occur and only then should they focus on what actually happened and when. Questions should never lead the child to a predisposed answer. What we are seeing is the exposure of crimes that have had almost thirty years to fester and sink in. The witch trials of the 80's changed their focus after the adverse news coverage when the truth came out. That's what we're seeing here. A change of focus, but only if the news reporters, be they print, video, or internet, remember the duty of a news organization is to keep government authority in check rather than bow at the altar of adoration for actions that should have never happened. Pray Mr. Combs receives continued attention so that he escapes this nightmare.

eagle1 said...

I remember that the CAC told a reporter that someone "does not work here anymore." Who was this?

Abraham said...

If we was to start writing letters to leaders asking them to eliminate funding for this kind of inept interviews at the CAC, what Specifically would we ask for?
What is the central agency handling the funding, and who is in charge?
We need to find out if the money flows on the federal level only or also the state.

Kaye said...

eagle1, I believe you are referring to Stacey Long. I think I recall that she is now working somewhere in Alabama.

Kaye said...

Very interesting blog today, KC. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I know the next business that I and my friends will boycott. What a joke. Photography should make the photographer see the world rather than just look at it. She is not capable of seeing anything except what is spoon fed to her. How ironic she photographs children. If the parents only knew how close they were to having their lives ruined.

KC Sprayberry said...

Thanks, Kaye. My journey into the whirlwind takes on another aspect as I prepare for all the promotion for this release. And it's only begun, for a full novel about this same story is in the works.

Anon 7:02 I can't agree with you more. Writing is my avocation but photography is my passion. My photos rarely include people, for I find nature and animals make better subjects for studying the world. Holly Kittle is only feeding her enormous ego by taking pictures of what I feel are her next victims.

Anonymous said...

"I would suggest that perhaps she include the Ninth Commandment next time.

Not sure that would help. Apparently, she may be hearer of the word, but a doer, she is not.

liberranter said...

Kittle advertises on the Christians in Business website. She also likes to have Bible versus on her own photography site. I would suggest that perhaps she include the Ninth Commandment next time.

We could all be forgiven for believing that there is an ongoing conspiracy to systematically undermine or destroy the reputation of the Christian faith in communities like the LMJC. It is difficult to interpret as anything else the acts of such transparent hypocritical frauds as Holly Kittle and others in the Craft case who wore their "Christian faith" on their sleeves while doing everything in their power to act as Satan's soldiers. Making it all the more effective has been the absence of any counterattacking force of equal strength on behalf of faith, truth, and righteousness by anyone of prominence, authority, or influence.

Pathetic, sickening, and horrifying - and yet so typical.

Anonymous said...

Umm...are we STILL talking about this? Let it go, people. Let it go! She was found NOT GUILTY, but apparently that was not good enough. She's suing her accusers. Now she will have her own radio show. I am wondering what exactly WOULD make you shut up about this? I would really like to know. Geez!

William L. Anderson said...

Gee, 10 am, I had no idea that a jury found James Combs NOT GUILTY. This is not an attempt to beat the Craft case until it is dead.

Instead, I am pointing out that the LMJC is up to its old tricks, and I refuse to let this gang of criminals take the moral high ground without a fight. If you don't like it, you can lump it.

In case you don't know it, NONE of the cast of characters has had a single sanction, other than some of them having to hire attorneys. I guess that in your view, subornation of perjury and committing perjury is OK. Well, it is not OK with me, nor is it OK to a lot of other people.

Jerri Lynn Ward said...

Anon 10:00 AM:

We will never shut up about this as long as one innocent person is threatened by this corrupt, money-driven system, and as long as these usurpers pervert the mandates of justice given to us by our Maker:

"The rulers exceed their authority, not being content with that authority which the almighty and all good God has given them, but seek to usurp that sovereignty which He has reserved to Himself over all men. And not being content with absolute power over the lives and property of their subjects, these tyrants seize for themselves the right to rule over their consciences as well, over which the authority belongs to Jesus Christ alone. Holding the earth not great enough for their ambition, they want to climb and conquer heaven itself. The people, on the other hand, follow the commandments of men when they yield to these rulers who command that which is against the law of God. Thus, the people burn incense and adore these earthly gods and, instead of resisting them (if they are able), they instead permit them to usurp the place of God, apparently untroubled by their giving to Caesar that which belongs properly to God."

Vindicia Contras Tyrannos

Anonymous said...


When you folks leave town!! When your not allowed to harm children and Tear them from the ones who truly care for them!! When your not allowed to bare false witness again and again!!

Fed up with nonsense said...

Mr. Slanderson,
You continue to be both judge and jury for those invovled in these cases. You talk about the Bible as if you may know it but you tend to judge others more than any other person I have had the displeasure of listening rant their nonsense. You have found your 15 minutes of fame and are now running with it acting as your are the swift justice to save North Georgia and all "innocent" child molesters (because your logic seems to believe their is no such thing as child molestation, maybe you are a child molester and thats why you have this strong view on the topic, yet I feel you have crossed a line with your latest blog. I hope God judges you as harshly as you judge others.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson - "This is not an attempt to beat the Craft case until it is dead." It sure seems that way to me. And I am probably not the only one.

Jerri Lynn - I wasn't suggesting that you shut up in general, just about Tonya Craft.

Anon 10:22 - I don't think anyone's going to "leave town" any time soon, but I guess you don't mind tearing people down and blasting them with your opinions of what is right and what is wrong until they do.

Fed Up With Nonsense - Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson, have you ever met Holly Kittle before? Were you at the trial to see first hand all of the "disgrace" you are referring to?
You are WAY out of line on this post (and many of your others!!)

KC Sprayberry said...

Fed up, I'm sure you are - with the exposure of the antics of the crowd you run with. But those around here are also fed up with seeing friends and families face bogus charges. This group of players have caused many to fear the legal system rather than think it protects the innocent. You and anons 10:42 and 11:15 may keep your opinions. Heck, go ahead and post them. Respond to to them if you want. But don't be surprised at the strong objections to your opinions. Mr. Anderson has taken on what he sees as a wrong. Holly Kittle's outrageous behavior is forever immortalized on video. She is seen treating Dr. Lorandos like he's not worth her time and proudly exhibiting her ignorance for the world to see. That kind of ignorance hurts rather than helps people. But does she care? Obviously not since she's continuing
You people need to look at the long list of people accused of child molestation in LMJC. How many never had any kind of problem before those accusations? Teachers, like Ms. Craft, go through very in-depth background checks. She taught for 15 years without a complaint. Child molesters like that, with a room full of potential victims, don't hold back. They can't. It's like an open air candy shop to children. James Combs went through even more intense background checks. He's a vet with a sterling record. I'm not saying vet's can't molest children but 24 years without getting caught? Come on! And having the state and federal agencies checking him to adopt children from overseas missing his supposed tendencies? I bet you three posters also believe children don't lie. Well, I have some beachfront property in Erhenberg, CA for sale. Want it?
BTW - Ehrenberg is on the California/Arizona line.

Anonymous said...

11:15 am. I was at the trial and Mr. Anderson is being entirely to kind to incompetent, arrogant, perjure Ms. Kittle.

John Washburn said...

RE: I am wondering what exactly WOULD make you shut up about this? I would really like to know.

Anon: In case you are actually seeking an answer. What would make me shut up is Justice.

I WANT prison time for the federal prosecutor in SE Wisconsin who suborned perjury in the US v Kimberly Prude case. The perjury is documented in sworn affidavitts in two separate court cases (one state one federal) which contradict each other and in the testimony of the federal witnesses.

I will SETTLE for the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility investigating the perjury instead of stating that unless the judge brings the charge it in not the job of the DOJ OPR to investigate criminal activity of a federal prosecutor.

I will SETTLE for the Wisconsin Supreme Court Office of Lawyer Regulation investigating the perjury instead of stating that even if there was perjury it is the job of the public defender to catch the perjury at trial. Or that even if the PD did object to the perjury it is not the responsibility of the WI OLR to investigate criminal activity of prosecutors only ethical violations. Yes, you read that correctly: criminal activity by a Wisconsin laywer is not an ethical violation the WI OLR will investigate.

I will SETTLE for the DOJ Public Integrity Unit to investigating the perjury. No word yet from them on the any "investigation" they may be conducting.

I WANT prison time for perjury even if it is the prosecutor committing the perjury. I will SETTLE for an investigation and prosecution of the matter.

William L. Anderson said...

Well, since one of Holly's friends has accused me of being a child molester (See how easy it is to make accusations?), I would challenge that person to find a kid who will tell Holly Kittle and Tim Deal that I molested him or her. If you really believe I molested kids, you should act, or you are breaking the law with your silence. I'm sure that Buzz would love to try to have me thrown into prison.

Now, if you cannot find anyone (and it is pretty easy in the LMJC to find people who gladly will make that accusation), then shut up. Furthermore, I find your logic to be, well, suspect. Your syllogism goes like this:

1. Bill Anderson speaks out against people he believes have been falsely accused of child molestation;
2. Everyone accused of child molestation actually is guilty;
3. Therefore, Bill Anderson supports child molestation and is a child molester himself.

And, no, I have not met Holly Kittle, but I have talked to a number of people who saw her courtroom performance. Furthermore, I have seen the transcript of her interview with Sandra Lamb's daughter, and it is disgraceful. This woman should not be permitted to give "expert" witness testimony in any court, and that is why I am writing the things I am writing.

I understand she has loyal friends. Fine. So do I. However, when she is using her incompetence and outright dishonesty to make false accusations in a court of law, I am going to speak out. Get used to it, and if you don't like what is being written, I have advice for you: Don't read it.

Jerri Lynn Ward said...

Fed up,

You must be the progeny of that ridiculous heretic, Charles Finney. God set up an entire justice system to JUDGE evildoers. Part of that system involves sentencing false witnesses to the same penalty that they were trying to impose upon their victim.

If the system were truly seeking justice, it would not rest until the perjurers and their enablers who tried Tonya were sentenced to the decades of imprisonment they sought for Tonya.

Anonymous said...

@10:36, everytime one of you shows up, you illustrate exactly why this blog continues to exist. "You must be a child molester" is the type of simple minded accusation that you people dispense as if its the gospel. You want, no, expect people to go to jail just because of an accusation, yet you ironically pronounce that the people on this blog and its writer are the "judge and jury." All we can do is talk. Nothing more. You and your cronies however, have the power to prosecute and take away liberty. If someone wants to take the stand and lie in an effort to take that liberty away and assist in a witch hunt prosecution, and, instead of learning from their mis-deeds, repeat it, then they should brace themselves for the backlash. And don't expect sympathy when you bring no facts to the table, offer nothing by way of analysis or research, and just cheerlead. I'll even offer it up to you - go do some research on expert opinions of how to conduct interviews with children. (Hint... Huffing, puffing and rolling your eyes won't work.) A few hours at a seminar might work for cake baking, but it, obviously, is woefully inadequate to qualify one to take someone's liberty away.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson, I was in the court room a lot and seen things that really put a bitter taste in my mouth. I am so glad that Tonya was found not guilty, Thank God for a jury of mature people that had enough sense to see through all the wrong things that were being done to her.In this country you are supposed to be innocent untill proven guilty I would not be afraid to leave a child with her. I believe God answered the prayers of the people that was really in contact with hin. Thank you Lord Jesus for your mercy and grace to carry us through trials that we are not guilty of/

kbp said...

The demand for silence seems to be common in Georgia.

Kerwyn said...

I would reword your comment K to say..

The demand to silence those who speak the truth seems to be common in Georgia.

The fact that Ms Kittle or one of her friends has come here, simply tells me that perhaps the message is getting out there.

The message is this Ms. Kittle; Child molesters need to be put away. Innocent people need to be protected. You are responsible for attempting to put away innocent people. That is arrogance, dishonesty and criminal.

So, Ms. Kittle, to shut us up you will have to either be part of the solution or get out of the business. At the moment you are part of the problem since you are arrogant, dishonest and, in my eyes, a criminal.

As long as ONE person who is falsely accused faces you and your lies, then we will speak.


William L. Anderson said...

Kerwyn speaketh! Love it!

liberranter said...

I see that the trolltards are out in full force today. Bill, you must REALLY be striking some raw nerves!

Keep it up. Given the breadth and depth of the criminal corruption permeating the LMJC, I think it's safe to say that you haven't even gotten warmed up yet, especially since the antagonists in this case are giving you more fodder to work with than you could ever dream of asking for.

To the Friends of the Machine whining here about being blinded by the truth: Start obeying and respecting the law; that way, there won't be anything more to write about.

Anonymous said...

I seriously don't know what Holly Kittle has done that would make her "dishonest" and a "criminal." Can someone please explain this to me (in an answer that is not long winded, as so many of these comments tend to be)?

jp said...

Perjurer info:


Anonymous said...

@5:30 - you are a little late to the game and apparently don't want to expend the effort to read. So I doubt you will get an explanation. Suffice it to say that Bill has done such a good job with presenting facts, transcripts, testimony and research, that the burden is on you and the rest of her defenders to explain how she is not dishonest. Good luck with that...

kbp said...

My basic knowledge of her acts in question was she conducted the interview which was full of new information which conflicted with much old.

She’s either VERY stupid and unprofessional or a part of the fabrication crew, who did her part to make the new tales an expert’s evidence.

To add to that problem, she was a cheerleader for the prosecutor and battled the defense on every question.

William L. Anderson said...

I would ask that no one email Kittle, even though someone has posted her email. It would do no good and she could claim that we are harassing her.

My post today (and the one tomorrow on Kittle) certainly are not complimentary, and I doubt that she and her friends and family are very happy with me at the moment. So be it. Someone needs to speak out about the real damage this woman is doing to others.

But, again, please don't email her.

William L. Anderson said...

During her testimony, Kittle claimed that she had not looked at any other material concerning Sandra Lamb's daughter. I highly doubt that.

There is no way to prove whether or not she lied unless someone else were to say that he or she discussed the previous interviews with her, but I don't believe Kittle on this one. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Prof Anderson. Please do not email this woman, in that it may be considered harassment. Do not lend fuel to this fire.
Reader from NYC

me said...

Ms. Kittle, (or the friends that may be speaking for you in the anon. post here.) I don’t know you or those people in the line of work your in. I don’t know any of the Judge’s or the DA/ ADA in the LMJC and others around the state who say their just looking out for the Kids.
But what I do know is; what it’s like to have people like you to try to degrade someone with the tag child molester. I know what it’s like to have your family torn apart by lies and assumption from people who have no clue who you are or what you are. I know what it’s like to lose ever thing you worked hard to achieve in life, because of the likes of people like you and those you hang with. But most of all I know what it’s like to watch folks like you rip a child away from a loving parent and watch you twist that childs mind for the betterment of your careers. All I can say respectfully is SHAME ON YOU!
I hope you feel really bad as you read this blog. I hope that you sit back and wonder how many lives’s you’ve rip apart. Maybe you should have reached out and ask the people whose lives you’ve torn apart and said I’m sorry I didn’t look at the whole picture. But from your actions I doubt you really care.
You should feel lucky that it’s only words of truth that are coming after you and your friends. Because it could be you one day wishing someone had the Honor and time to speak out and stop this madness. You work for a broken system and trust me this only the beginning of your night mare. There will be a day of reckoning; you should pray you’re on the right side, because God is watching. My fight has just begun and I’m not stopping till your all taking away from our precious children.

Anonymous said...

I was there every day of Toyna's trial, all the witness i heard, she was is the one that took the cake. she looked at Arnt & Gregor to get her clues that she was on the right track. She laugh and rolled her eye's I thought she was the worsted of all they had, and they were all bad.

Anonymous said...

@ Fed Up,

I'm fed up with ignorant folks as you. I hope you and yours will never have to go through anything such as Tonya Craft and James Combs. Just think about it buddy, a substitute teacher in front of the whole class molests two boys he is sending to the principle for misbehaving. He's served his country. Adopted children. And all of a sudden he molests???? I don't see it. But think about those that are suppose to protect us and do right by us and they act like a gaggle of goofs and make up stuff. I don't know about you but if I were to be on trial I certainly wouldn't want someone lying on my and sitting up on the witness stand laughing about the questions they are being asked and not even keeping up with publications that deal with my field of expertise. Fed Up, you should be fed up with your ignorance. Please shut up if you can't add to the conversation.

Wish I could post who I am instead of anonymous but I hae forgotten my password.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson, please remove her email address to insure that out of annoyance we don't email her.

Anonymous said...

Was Kittle not one of the idiots that participated in the Facebook fiasco with Chris "Mr. Soccer" Arnt? If so, she violated Georgia State Code and should have been arrested and prosecuted.