Friday, June 24, 2011

The framing of Bradley Cooper

I have despised the "justice" (sic) system in North Carolina for a long time, beginning with the railroading of the Little Rascals defendants when prosecutors and police falsely accused a number of people of horrible acts of child molestation, although it was clear from the substance (or lack, thereof) of those charges that the Laws of Time and Space contradicted what the authorities were claiming. Unfortunately, many lives were ruined before the North Carolina Supreme Court overturned the convictions.

That was only the beginning. The Duke Lacrosse Case, with all of the lies told by government officials and others in authority, told me that once and for all, North Carolina is a dangerous place to live, as the authorities are not bound by the law or even common decency. The Durham Police, along with Durham County DA Mike Nifong, did everything possible to frame Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, and David Evans, and while the case fell apart, it was only because some members of the North Carolina State Bar actually did their duties and ultimately disbarred Nifong.

I had no forum by which to protest the lies told by authorities in the Little Rascals case, but by the time Nifong went after the Duke students, there was Lew Rockwell's blog, and he generously let me fire away at the false charges, which I did on a regular basis for a year. When Tonya Craft was falsely charged with child molestation in my old stomping grounds of North Georgia, I had this blog, and utilized it to expose the lies being told under the direction of prosecutors Len "The Man-Racist" Gregor, Chris "Facebook-Cruisemaster" Arnt, and "judge" brian (out)house.

Craft was acquitted and one of the ringleaders of the farce, Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit District Attorney Buzz Franklin, blamed me in part for the state's failure to secure a wrongful conviction. I deeply appreciate the compliment that Buzz gave me, although something tells me he wasn't saying those things as praise.

Over the next several days, I will be spending a number of posts examining the trial and conviction of Bradley Cooper, who allegedly murdered his wife, Nancy, in Wake County, North Carolina. I have looked over a lot of the evidence and have become convinced that Cooper was framed.

Readers should understand that I don't come to this conclusion easily. When Cooper's wife was murdered three years ago, like the police, I immediately suspected that Bradley was the killer, as he seemed to be the obvious choice.

However, as the case went on, and especially during the trial, I came to believe that (1) the state had destroyed or hidden possible exculpatory evidence, and (2) their "smoking" gun, a Google search map of the area where her body was found that allegedly was found on his computer, was the work of the authorities themselves.

In other words, I am accusing North Carolina authorities of deliberately framing someone because they could do it. This is not a hard thing for me to believe, given what I have seen in past incidences in that state.

Yes, it is true that NC Attorney General Roy Cooper did declare the lacrosse players to be "innocent" after his appointees did their own investigation. What else could have he done, given that the "evidence" already had been made public and there was no way that the charges could have had an ounce of truth? Likewise, Cooper could have further investigated the whole mess and found criminal conduct on behalf of authorities, but neither he nor anyone else in government, state or federal, wanted to go there.

Would a North Carolina cop lie on the stand? Absolutely. "Testilying," a term made up by police officers themselves to describe what they do after taking an oath to tell the truth, is common all over the country and North Carolina is no exception. A middle class woman was murdered and the police and prosecutors had the pressure to find a killer.

Given the lawlessness and dishonesty that dominates the police and prosecutorial culture in North Carolina, I doubt that framing Cooper was a difficult decision. And, if there is a conspiracy to lie, destroy or alter evidence, and to railroad an innocent man into prison, what better people to do it than the men and women who wear the blue costume.

When people speak of the infamous "Blue Wall of Silence," they are speaking of the various police departments in the United States. No one lies better than a cop and no one covers up a lie better than a whole police department.

I make this point because one of the problems of holding conspiracies together is that someone spills the beans. Police departments tend to be the exception because cops tend to stick together, and if a cop were to tell the truth, he knows that his life afterward most likely will be very short.

Bradley Cooper was convicted by a jury that saw only weak and contrived circumstantial evidence. A judge who was in league with the prosecutors oversaw the trial, or whatever one calls one of those things in North Carolina. While it was true that the authorities from police to the judge in Craft's trial were trying to rig a conviction, jurors in Catoosa County saw through the lies.

Jurors in Cooper's case, however, did not. But their verdict will not stop me from presenting the case against guilt over the next several days.


Peggy D Conner said...

Thank you so much for doing this, Mr. Anderson! I pray that one day Brad Cooper will get the TRUE justice that he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for speaking out on this case. I watched in horror as the trial progressed and the verdict was rendered.

If Brad Cooper would have had a fair trial with a judge that didn't help the prosecution by his biased rulings no doubt Brad would be home today.

We won't stop until the truth is out.

Thank you again.

Deb S.

RWVNRAL said...

It is refreshing that someone else is willing to debunk the myth that law-enforcement personnel are beyond reproach. I believe the Framers would regard what passes for modern police officers as indistinguishable from the King's own men--and certainly no less despicable.

The solution to this growing cancer of mendacious g-men cloaked in the garb of divines is the abolition of immunity. No man, no woman, should get away with ruining someone else's life either deliberately or negligently. It is HIGH time to end the out-dated residue of divine right. Nothing would be more "just" in cases of wrongful conviction than to liquidate the fortunes of those individuals responsible for the tragedy. Get into their pocketbooks and this nonsense will stop.

Anonymous said...

First, let me say THANK-YOU for taking an interest in Bradley's case. It was such a travesty of justice for Brad, for Nancy and especially for those two little girls. After watching the WHOLE trial I was in total shock that he was found guilty. The scary part is for all the women who still jog in Cary and they could be the next victim. This whole mess needs to go mainstream and people in NC need to realize what has happened here. Thank you again, can hardly wait for the next blog about this case.
A PROUD Canadian!!!

Kelly Blades said...

Dear Mr. Anderson,

This trial was tainted when Mr.Coopers 4 1/2 yr old daughter stated to a neighbor she saw her mommy the morning she left her Lochmere home to go run.

The Judge in this case would not allow that testimony to start with.

The police in this investigation were influenced immediately by friends of the victim pointing their finger at Brad Cooper. The police never disclosed or to my knowledge ever researched the tire tracks and footprints around poor Nancy Coopers body. The tracks at the crime scene did not match any of the Cooper cars and sixteen witnesses are on record with CPD stating they are almost certain or sure they saw Mrs. Cooper running that morning. The lady who these witnesses saw has to this date never come forward to state "you are mistaken, it was me you saw"...Not one.

Thank you for writing about this case, I truly believe justice was not served for Brad, his wife or their children.

Kelly Blades

Christina said...

Thank you so much for bringing attention to this case! How can someone be convicted of first degree murder based on speculation of what he “could have” done with no evidence to back any of it up? I watched this entire trial in disbelief and was sickened by the verdict. This was a terrible miscarriage of justice. Brad Cooper never should have been indicted in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson, Thank you so much for viewing this trial. I too have never knew much about how the courts worked until I watched this trial. It has been so upsetting to me to see a mans life end up in prison for a crime he did not commit. I have just been so involved in this case it is all can think about and why no one can let him go for the evidence was not there to prove him in the least bit quilty. The 12 peers have no idea or maybe they do now what they have done to him and his girls. The justice for NC has not been served for the killer/killers still are free. I hope and pray the right ones will view this case again and see the mistakes that were made by all in involved. Hopefully one day soon he will be with girls where he should be and get all of this behind him. This case has affected so many people and their concerns for Brad Cooper and I hope he knows that many prayers are going out for him. Thanks again for stating and it is so nice to know that people are still saddened by this conviction of a wrong man.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anderson, thanks so much for this expose on the Cooper trial. I watched the case closely from start to finish and went from being convinced of Brad Cooper's guilt at the beginning to being appalled at the unfairness of his trial by the end. The "who, what, when, where, why & how" of this railroading is quite obvious. Where: Cary, NC with a national reputation for one of the safest communities in the USA. Why: Much revenue from business & taxes at stake if safety of community comes in question. What: the murder of Nancy Cooper When: time of death not certain but key in deciding innocence or guilt of Brad Cooper How: Cary Police Chief Bazemore states very early in the investigation that this is not a random event & citizens of Cary are safe, so now it is imperative that Brad Cooper is charged and convicted of this crime. Forgive the long post, but one more point: I will never forget Det Jim Young on the stand looking straight at the jury & stating that Brad Cooper was arrested because of evidence found on his laptop by the FBI, thereby setting up the jury for the moment when the FBI revealed a google search from Brad Cooper's laptop of the area where Nancy Cooper's body was found just one day before her murder. How convenient. Way too convenient and way too stupid for a man of Brad Cooper's intellect. And even more convenient, Judge Gessner won't allow evidence of computer tampering on Brad Cooper's laptop.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson, thank you so much for writing this article about the BRAD COOPER MURDER is so hard for people to understand just what takes place in court. I watched this trial with personal interest...and because I have had a loved one who has also been involved with false accusations which also involved the Cary Police Department. I happen to know first hand the type of investigation that they did in this case and I was shocked to know that there are people who can do such as this and get by with doing so. It is so sad when someone gets caught up in the system and even sadder when innocent people are railroaded by our own North Carolina Justice System for crimes that they DID NOT DO...I keep wondering how the GRAND JURY was able to hand down an indictment to begin with on the so called "EVIDENCE" that they had. And then to have a trial conducted in the way this trial was is such a disgrace to our state. What happened to people's constitutional rights? And when is such as this going to stop? I can only hope and pray that GOD will intervene and JUSTICE will be served for Brad Cooper and his family. I am looking forward to reading your view on just how all of this happened....right here in America...and right here in North a place which use to be known as the "Bible Belt" of North Carolina...Thank you again for taking the time and effort to review this and share your views with everyone else. I hope and pray that everyone will read this and actually go back and view the BRAD COOPER MURDER that all who have doubts will know just how BRAD COOPER was RAILROADED and found to be guilty for someone that he DID NOT DO...MiMi

Cathy Harmon said...

I became somewhat obsessed with watching the live streaming of this trial. I was stunned, amazed, frightened by what I saw. The testimony that was allowed contain more gossip than anything else - allowed not as to the matter of fact, but to the state of mind.

Can someone please tell what bearing the state of mind of the VICTIM has on the guilt or innocence of the accused? Not only that, how many people in a rocky marriage tend to exaggerate the supposed flaws of their spouse? And this was being presented as "evidence"? Taken as the truth?

Don't even get me started on the destruction of evidence! A missing person and her cell phone is not examined?!?! Not until much much later....and then, wow, all data was "accidentally" wiped out!

Crime scene details ignored, or when mentioned, explained away with such nonsense as the wheel span of the vehicle changed as it turned! Blood under the fingernails of the victim - sample too small to get DNA, and one can only assume, to even get blood type?

It goes on and on....

I do not know anyone involved in this case. I do not typically follow trials. But this one caught my attention and when the verdict came in, I felt sick. My sleep was disrupted and I woke up wondering how in the hell this could happen.

Thank you for bringing attention to this. We can only hope that someone somewhere with the power and authority to have this looked into will finally do so!

Robert said...

Mr. Anderson,

Along with the "you have to see it yourself to believe it" incredible Judicial bias against the defendant, throwing in un-admonished nor rebuked prosecutorial misconduct along the way, one of the most appalling things that came from this trial was the City of Cary Town Manager & Police Chief publicly lauding her department:

"They worked tirelessly, professionally, and with unimpeachable integrity – just as they’ve done throughout my 17 years with the Town of Cary....based on their extraordinary and exhaustive efforts, since then, the District Attorney's office produced a powerful and compelling case for Mr. Cooper's conviction"
Cary Town Manager - Benjamin Shivar

Or the even deeper BS our Chief of Police wrote?:

"I want to thank the men and women of the Cary Police Department and our colleagues throughout Town government who joined us in our professional and tireless effort with this case. Throughout, they strived to be accurate, thorough, and complete. This has taken time, dedication, patience, and restraint. I’m very proud of our work together....I want to specifically recognize three of our detectives: Lead Detective George Daniels, Detective Jim Young, and Detective Adam Dismukes. These detectives worked night and day to gather the evidence necessary to make an arrest in this case and due to their efforts, we have been able to bring justice to Nancy’s family."
CPD Chief of Police - Patricia Bazemore

Come on - really??? What case is she talking about??

It can't be the same one the rest of us that watched the entire trial witnessed. What an embarrassment the CPD's handling of the entire case was.

I've never witnessed such a travesty of justice as the Nancy Cooper murder trial. The deliberate mishandling/deleting/destroying/ignoring/adding of evidence and lying under oath by the Cary Police detectives was both inexcusable and undefendable.

Lead detectives knowingly inventing speculation with no evidential foundation to back them up and passing as fact. Interviews conducted but never recorded or written down. Observations "made" - but never photographed. Ignoring any facts that didn't match these same theories, perjuring themselves on the stand, all this only to be praised by the CPD's Chief of Police. Why you ask? Because in their eyes "the means justifies the end'...afterall - "they just knew he did it"...didn't they?

When did it become "OK" in America for the civil servants which are paid by us, to trumpet convictions - regardless of the means used to secure it or if they knowingly through their actions condemned an innocent man to life in prison?

William L. Anderson said...

What they did in this trial is no different than what Nancy Lamb did in the Little Rascals case or what Mike Nifong was trying to do in the Duke case. We have to get it out of our heads that the authorities want to be honest.

They don't care. After all, the authorities know that there will be no accountability no matter how many times they lie, break the law, and falsify evidence. The courts protect them and all we can do is to throw back the truth.

Keep in mind that jurors are made up of ordinary citizens, and in this case, these "ordinary" citizens decided that they had no problem with a rigged trial and did their "duty" as the authorities expected. Like it or not, that is American "justice" today.

As I see it, this tempers any celebration I will have on the next Fourth of July. I'm not sure if any people on the planet despise liberty more than Americans. We have had it so long that we are utterly contemptuous of it.

Kim M said...

I''m not sure if you remember me but I emailed you shortly after the verdict. Thank you. Thank you so much for looking into this and for the others you have looked into and written about. I look forward to reading the next several days.

Kim - Raleigh

Anonymous said...

I really hope that this will help bring out the truth, and I hope that someone in the NC DoJ reads this and is able to get it to someone who can do something about it.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your analysis of the Google search files. I have researched the expected values of timestamp values in the MFT of Windows Vista and found the defense attorneys' claim of tampering based on them to be unfounded.

To plant this evidence, someone had to do it during the 27 hours it was on, but password-locked, in a sealed crime scene. The timestamps for the windows event log (showing logging in), the browser history file (show search of zip code), and 47 files making up search results all have to match. The sequence numbers of all files in the MFT have to be the proper sequence. The chosen time has to be one where it can be shown that Brad was at his computer.

Don't be fooled. This would not have been an easy feat.

There is nothing suspicious about the lastAccess timestamps (Vista does not update those). There is nothing suspicious about having an invalid entryTime (Vista sets this to invalid when a file is deleted.)

The timestamps as they were found do not indicate tampering. The show that Brad was trying to cover his tracks, probably by using the then-just-released-to-Beta Internet Explorer version 8 private browsing function.

Anonymous said...

The one piece of actual physical evidence that renders all the rest useless, was the fact that she had blood and skin under her fingernails but Brad had no scratches. The detective kept talking about red marks but even he said that the skin was unbroken. Skin and blood under her nails would leave wounds that would take at least a week to heal.

Anonymous said...

Brad was never examined for scratches until days later. He wore a mock turtle neck and long sleeves that weekend. Not common attire for July in North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

"Brad was never examined for scratches until days later. He wore a mock turtle neck and long sleeves that weekend. Not common attire for July in North Carolina."

That is a lie and you know it. He had short sleeves. Remember Daniels wrote long sleeves in his notes and in testimony the defense attorney asked about that and he said it was a "typo" that he wrote long sleeves instead of short. Photos show him in short sleeves.

Besides that, This blog is about officials' misconduct and there was plenty of that. That is undeniable.

StevenNC said...

That's incorrect. Brad was actually wearing a short sleeve t-shirt the day of Nancy's disappearance. If you recall, this is apparent in one of the crime scene photos in which Brad is inadvertently captured at the edge of one of the shots. Det. Daniels had documented in his report that Brad was wearing a long-sleeve shirt. When the photo was pointed out to him, Det. Daniels testified that "long sleeve" was a typo and he really meant to type "short sleeve." The only time Brad is seen wearing anything with long sleeves is when he enters the Harris Teeter at about 6:30 in the morning, when it's typically about 20 degrees cooler than daytime highs.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the analysis of the Google maps evidence too. Even if there was no intentional tampering, this evidence was presented in a deceptive way. Brad googled his own zip code, 27518, and the dump site at Fielding Dr is in a different zip code(27606) - but it is only a few miles from 27518. He googled his own zip code, panned around for 42 seconds, and zoomed over Fielding dr for 2-3 seconds of that search.

I am willing to bet that when Brad Cooper heard about this evidence against him, his reaction was "HUH??"

Unless there was an error on Google's part, Fielding drive would never be the "center latitude and longitude" of zip code 27518, which is how Det Chappell presented it.

I am not sure if Det Chappell simply did not know what he was looking at, or if the google search was cherry-picked to help the prosecution's case, but either way it was a dishonest presentation.

Sounds like a perfect topic for this blog.


Anonymous said...

That this case hasn't been given more national attention is a travesty. I have never seen such a sham of a trial before. Shame on Judge Gessner, the Cary PD, the Wake County DA's office, and the jury who banded together and decided they were simply just tired of the trial and wanted to "get back to their lives." Thank you, Mr. Anderson. I hope nobody forgets about the Cooper case. Many Wake County voters sure haven't.

Bruce Dillon said...

Thank you for investigating official misconduct in this case. I was horrified watching this trial, as one police officer after another took the stand and intentionally misled the jury. It was also disgusting to see the judge continuously collaborate with the prosecution to find a way to rule in the prosecutions favor during objections.
I felt some sympathy for the prosecution - they were handed a real turkey. The Cary Police Department poisoned this case, and all subsequent activities were fruit from the poison tree.

Anonymous said...

Even today when I Google 27518 I get a 20 mile wide picture of Cary with a pin near Crescent Drive. Fielding Drive is about 2.7 miles east of Crescent Drive. That's pretty close to the center of the map in my book. Using the lake and Holly Springs Road as very visible points of reference, it's very easy to zoom into Fielding Drive.

Anonymous said...

Fielding dr is "pretty close" to the center of 27518, relatively speaking, but it is in an entirely different zip code and would not be at the center of 27518 when measured by latitude and longitude.

Anonymous said...

Right. It is 2.7 miles east of the of the center of 27518. On a twenty mile wide map, that is still in the center of the map. I don't think the detective tried to imply that Fielding Drive is exactly in the center of 27518. He meant that Fielding Drive was in the middle of the map image that Brad was looking at on his computer Friday afternoon after he Googled 27518. Brad then panned and zoomed to maximum zoom on the exact cul-de-suc where Nancy would be found 2 days later. Have you tried to do this? It's quite easy to reproduce.

Anonymous said...

"Don't be fooled. This would not have been an easy feat. "
Actually, it would have been a VERY easy feat to do, and that would have been shown had the judge actually allowed the defense experts to testify to that fact. You are assuming that all of this had to be done during the time frame of the alleged search. You completely ignore the possibility that it was done after the fact. Why go to the trouble of making a fake search during the time of the alleged search when you can just do it afterwards in the privacy of your own crime lab?

As well, I wouldn't be so quick to impugn all of the jurors in this case. Some of them most certainly thought he was guilty from day one, but it sounds like at least two of the jurors were actually intelligent but were just browbeaten into voting "guilty" in order to get away from the other jackrabbits on the panel.

Anonymous said...

As well, when do you think she was killed? Shortly after midnight, like the prosecution says, with an empty stomach and no alcohol in her system, despite the fact that she had just left a party where she drank like a fish (per usual) and ate food? Oh, right, she magically vomited it all up (except for the coffee, which one naturally drinks in order to fall asleep later), while being strangled, mind you, and Brad was able to get ALL of the vomit out of the carpet so it doesn't get discovered by the crime scene detectives. Oh, and he also is able to get rid of all the cleaner from the carpet, too. Brad is an industrial carpet cleaner, as well as a VOIP expert, able to make calls without leaving a single router log entry!

Anonymous said...

"privacy of your own crime lab"
You're suggesting a conspiracy including the Cary PD and the FBI.
Was the evidence planted before the backup of the hard drive was made or after? The Cary PD would have had to specifically ask for this evidence to be planted and give details of Brad's timeline from Friday through Sunday. To keep the sequence numbers in order in the MFT, the FBI would have had to rebuild the contents of the MFT for every file created between Friday and Monday, while carefully keeping all timestamps consistent with the windows system event log and the browser history file.

Anonymous said...

"Empty stomach"
Stomach contents were a piece of onion and a red liquid. Was this a magical piece of onion that stayed solid in stomach acid for 12 hours? Was this magical red liquid that started off as coffee and then turned red? Sounds like dinner and wine to me.

Anonymous said...

"No Scratches"
In Officer Young's probable cause affidavit, it is sworn that scratches or red marks were observed on Brad's neck. This was on 7/16/08, before autopsy results were back. Not sure how one can conclude no scratches when contemporaneous documents say there were scratches. And without the autopsy results back yet, how were the police to know if they needed him to have scratches or not?

Anonymous said...

The FBI didn't receive the computer until late July. Additionally it wasn't hashed until late August.

We're supposed to believe officer "I accidentally destroyed a cell phone" Young about scratch marks? Besides, Brad appeared at the press meeting with police and is on video and no scratch marks are evident.

Anonymous said...

"Brad appeared at the press meeting"
wearing a long sleeve collared shirt with a baseball cap. In July in North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

It's kind of pointless to rehash this stuff. Brad Cooper has already been convicted, but it's interesting that some of those who think he was rightly convicted still care enough to argue about it.

That being said, this blog is about police/prosecutorial/judicial misconduct, and it's pretty evident that there was a lot of that in this trial regardless of one's opinion on Brad Cooper's innocence or guilt.

StevenNC said...

"Stomach contents were a piece of onion and a red liquid. Was this a magical piece of onion that stayed solid in stomach acid for 12 hours? Was this magical red liquid that started off as coffee and then turned red? Sounds like dinner and wine to me."

So what are you suggesting? That Nancy was NOT alive long enough to digest her dinner, thereby supporting the prosecution timeline? And that all she had for dinner was one morsel of onion (if that) and one sip of wine (if that)? So what happened to the rest of the onion? and the rest of her dinner? What happened to the rest of the wine and the beer she drank?

The prosecution had a theory: she expelled the contents of her stomachs by vomiting. Do you have a different theory?

Anonymous said...

I'm saying she didn't have one piece of onion and one sip of wine for breakfast. One piece of onion and one sip of wine is not an empty stomach. And it is not black coffee, as suggested by anonymous 6/30 7:03pm.

Anonymous said...

It stuns me that Cooper could be convicted and Casey Anthony could not be. Also, the plastic Surgeon in Cary that killed the Ballerina, gets 3 years. Our system is in such bad shape. It is sickening.

Mrs. K. Kelly said...

I just watched Dateline and I find it hard to believe Bradley Cooper was found guilty of the murder of his wife. I think he is innocent and hope is case appealed and he is set free and given his children back.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Some guy who lives in a DC suburb and works in the FBI computer forensics lab decides to risk his career (and prison, for that matter) as well as his family's future by planting evidence to convict some Canadian guy he doesn't know from Adam of killing his Canadian wife in NC. That sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

I live in IL. I watched this case closely because I realized my spouse of 17 years (in 2008) was like Brad Cooper.
I am now 51 and finally separated from my spouse.
This case saved my life and may save others.
I believe my spouse has aspergers and may be sociopath. JUST like Brad Cooper. No empathy. mind blindness. An anxiety ball. Depression issues.
I belong to a forum of spouses married to men like this. These guys put on a great appearance. Act juvenile. Can be intelligent.
My spouse had a similar job to Brad, and also worked out like he did. Working out released their anxiety that they don't own up to. They don't spend time with the family. We are there for their appearance. Not for the love of us.
They need control. They will manipulate due to their personality.
Money is control. Controlling us with money is something they can do.
They know we can't leave them without it.
No empathy- killed her before the kids birthday.
I knew he killed her.
there are lots of cases like this. I read a lot of them.
Thank goodness he was put away.
Yes, I believe he was stupid enough to look on the computer for a map and the voip phone line.

There is a case in TN., that the spouse has not been charged yet.
I fear bad police work and thinking the husband is a 'nice guy' will let him get away with murder.
Karen Swift - Dyersburg, TN.

Feel free to help that case. Again, I can add up the story. She wanted out. She thought she could live with him. He had a meltdown. He didn't want lose her. ( appearance/ kids /money )


Anonymous said...

Why is it that when these women go missing or dead,
there always seems to be major marital problems or
pending divorce?
The husbands or boyfriends never seem to be able to argue
that the relationship was rock solid.
They always have to resort to flimsy other details
to try to prove their innocence.
Strongest motives always trace back to them.
This case has no rape,no robbery,
only motive was wanting this woman dead and who had that
overriding motive?
Remember it is REASONABLE doubt not all doubt.
He got what he deserves.

BrunoT said...

I thought of something not mentioned in the Dateline presentation. Google maps are often out-of-date. When I find my home on the map it shows two red vehicles I have not owned for 4 years sitting in my driveway.

I assume he was searching for an area "under construction" or somewhere else remote. How would he know those areas shown on google maps as under construction would still be at the time he was doing the search?

Interesting case. What brought me here was the amount of "gossip evidence" used in the case, which I found alarming.

Unknown said...

Thank you Dr. Anderson, for providing such a wonderful forum. I was moved by the lack of evidence while watching a TV show on this case, and having your blog and the work of Ms. Blanchard, is difficult to take a contrary view. I emailed you my work on the Cheri Dale case, which I hope you will equally compelling.

-David S.

Unknown said...

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