Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Lawless Buzz Franklin

I have not made many forays into the LMJC recently, although the baseless trial of James Combs is scheduled to occur in September. (Once again, Tim "Dirty" Deal will be front-and-center, parading his utter dishonesty in front of a jury and hoping that this time jurors will overlook his outright perjured testimony and dishonest "investigations.")

But today, I want to take a few moments to look once again at the bogus RICO case against Joe Mohwish that Franklin concocted last January. Somewhere in the bowels of the laws of the State of Georgia, it states that prosecutors are not to knowingly bring false indictments into court. However, because the Georgia State Bar openly lets prosecutors know that the bar "has their backs," prosecutors feel free to engage in lawless behavior because they can do it.

Someone like Franklin who never felt bound by the law must be utterly grateful to the State Bar that he won't have to answer for the regular lawbreaking that goes on in his office. So it is with the Mohwish case.

As you recall, Franklin filed RICO charges against Mohwish for two alleged misdemeanors that he could bundle into RICO felony charges and the nonsense that goes with them. However, if what Mohwish was doing was legal, then there are no misdemeanors and, thus, no RICO.

The latest filing by Mohwish notes that his operation clearly did not operate under a raffle license (as claimed in the indictment) because he was not eligible for such a license, per an amendment enacted by Georgia voters in the 1994 general election. Thus, we now are in the area where Franklin does not only disrespect the law, but he ignores his own state constitution as well.

I have no idea what Franklin will do after he leaves office at the end of next year. I only can hope that whatever he pursues will have nothing to do with the law, since he doesn't know Georgia law and has no intention of obeying it.


Anonymous said...

Another great blog, I do not have words to express how I feel about this man, and his clown's they are a joke, and getting by with it. I hate them all.

KC Sprayberry said...

Rumor has it Franklin wants to be a judge or state senator. Both positions are up for votes in the 2012 election but these folks aren't saying who's retiring, who's moving on, and who they're backing for those positions. In fact, one judge made mention of the fact that he/she is very glad he/she doesn't have to worry about that election. In her/his opinion, the voters are out for blood.

Anonymous said...

Your rumors are crap. If he wanted the judge seat he would have ran last time, most likely unopposed. Once in those judges almost always have no opposition. He probably has one more term at DA if he chooses to run. If he doesn't he probably will not hold any office.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 10:39. I hope you are right. If he run again for DA. I pray he does not get it. and if I have any in put he will not, He is not fitt for dog catcher must less another term as DA. He is scum and so is his clown's. And who ever vote's for him is scum also. I have alway's heard he was a good christian man, Christian's do not do what this man has done. He up holds lies and lies himself. No respect for him at all.

liberranter said...

I have no idea what Franklin will do after he leaves office at the end of next year. I only can hope that whatever he pursues will have nothing to do with the law, since he doesn't know Georgia law and has no intention of obeying it.

As to your first sentence, my guess is that Buzzy will go into private practice, "defending" people against the very machine he helped build and maintain. How's that for a perverse "revolving door" system?

As to your second sentence, it certainly doesn't appear that actual legal knowledge has very much to do with being a trial lawyer nowadays, especially since nobody appears to be very enthusiastic about actually upholding the law. On the other hand, the one drawback to Buzzy going into private practice is that, as a mere defense attorney rather than his formerly "esteemed" position as prosecutard, he'll be facing both barrels of the Georgia State Bar Association's guns if he should choose to forget his place and actually try to practice law in favor of his clients. Most likely, however, Buzzy will just be another one of those "courthouse crowd" parasites who will do nothing for those people stupid enough to hire him other than twist their arms to plead out while stealing every last cent of their money in the process.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Liberranter. I could not have said it better.

Unknown said...

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