Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brian House and the moral bankruptcy of judges

Brian House and I read the same Bible (I guess they read the Bible at Peavine Baptist Church, where House attends), but I don't think we find the same meaning in it. Where the Holy Scriptures admonish judges to act honestly, show integrity, and not to "pervert justice," House must interpret those passages to mean that judges are supposed to rig convictions and destroy the lives of innocent people.

As the child molestation trial of James Combs approaches, I still am thinking back to House's performance in the Tonya Craft trial. There is good reason that House had an ashen expression when he discovered the jury's verdict, as the jurors were openly declaring that House's best efforts to rig an illegal conviction were wrong, unjust, and his actions demonstrated that his judgeship is fraudulent.

Why do I write about House more than a year after the Craft trial? I do it because he still is on the bench, bilking Georgia taxpayers for six-figures, and tag teaming with dishonest prosecutors like Chris Arnt to screw over innocent people. Let us revisit some of the things he did in that case that demonstrate beyond any doubt at all that he tried to rig a conviction.
    • He consistently refused to permit Tonya Craft's defense to admit exculpatory evidence even though the evidence was legitimate and documented. For example, after Sandra Lamb told the court that her daughter had not received acting lessons, House refused to let the defense enter the online IMDb resume of the child, despite the fact that it was a public link that anyone could look up on the web.
    • He permitted the admission of a forged document that Tim Deal created during the trial, a document that was not in his or any other files before the trial began. The prosecution had created a huge hole with the "hand rape" allegations and Deal had to cover for them. Do I believe that House knew the document was forged? Absolutely. I have no doubt at all.
    • He permitted Joal and Sarah Henke to give "I just remembered" testimony that was perjury on its face, and the testimony directly contradicted earlier sworn testimony that both had given a year before.
    • According to media representatives who were keeping count, he sustained 90 percent of the prosecution's objections and only 10 percent of the objections from the defense. 
    • He permitted prosecutors Arnt and Len Gregor to yell, make catcalls, throw books down on the table, scream at defense witnesses, verbally attack the defense team, and harass Craft all during the trial. Any attempt by the defense to protest this action was met with a personal attack from House himself who refused to discharge the ethical duties of his office.*
    • He had a long conversation with Sandra Lamb a few days before she testified, yet he did not report this illegal ex parte conversation to the defense. During the trial, a number of people contacted me to say that they saw House meeting with prosecutors on several occasions after court had ended for the day. One observer told me about seeing House and the prosecutors leave the courtroom together and enter a room adjacent to the courtroom. I have no doubt that he, Arnt and Gregor had illegal strategy sessions together, none of which were reported to the defense as required by Georgia's rules of ethics for judges.
    • All during the trial, he and the prosecutors (especially Arnt) had pre-worked signals in which House would look at Arnt, who then would signal to House what his next move should be. (More than one observer told this to me.)
    • Jurors after the trial said that one thing that really bothered them was the obvious prejudice that House showed against the defense and in favor of the prosecution. 
    • During a break in the trial, House spoke to a court employee and vilified both Craft and the defense in private conversation, not knowing that it was being recorded. While that recording has not been released, nonetheless, the incident demonstrated House's lack of integrity.
    This is only the tip of the crimes against justice that House committed during the trial, and it was clear that Arnt, Gregor, and Sandra Lamb were running the show and pulling his puppet strings. I wish that House were the only offender, but as I hear from people around the country, and I watch the performance of judges like the one who helped the prosecution railroad Brad Cooper into prison, I have come to see the situation in this country as being pretty hopeless.

    Yes, there are good judges out there, but the number of honest men and women wearing the black robes is dwindling. Furthermore, when the good ones retire, they are replaced by people like Brian House.

    As the conflagration known as World War I began, British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey declared, "The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our time." I must admit to believing the same about this country and our system of "justice." Americans once prized justice, but like so many things that have been good about this country, that also is in our past, not our present and certainly not our future.

    *Here are some things that the Georgia Judicial Code of Ethics includes. Compare this code with House's conduct and you will see that no one in authority in Georgia actually believes in these things, as those in power hold that living by the rules does not apply to them.

    Canon 1
    Judges Shall Uphold the Integrity and Independence of the Judiciary.
    An independent and honorable judiciary is indispensable to justice in our society. Judges shall participate in establishing, maintaining, and enforcing high standards of conduct, and shall personally observe such standards of conduct so that the integrity and independence of the judiciary may be preserved. The provisions of this Code should be construed and applied to further that objective.

    Canon 2
    Judges Shall Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in All Their Activities.

    A. Judges shall respect and comply with the law* and shall act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.

    B. Judges shall not allow their family, social, political or other relationships to influence their judicial conduct or judgment. Judges shall not lend the prestige of judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others; nor should they convey or permit others to convey the impression that they are in a special position to influence them. Judges should not testify voluntarily as character witnesses. (House also has done that in a recent divorce/custody case)

    Canon 3
    Judges Shall Perform the Duties of Their Office Impartially and Diligently

    On ex parte meetings, the Georgia code declares:

    Judges shall accord to every person who has a legal interest in a proceeding, or that person's lawyer, the right to be heard according to law*. Judges shall not initiate or consider ex parte communications, or consider other communications made to them outside the presence of the parties concerning a pending or impending proceeding, except that:

    (a) where circumstances require, ex parte communications for scheduling, where administrative purposes or emergencies that do not deal with substantive matters or issues on the merits are authorized; provided:

    (i) the judge reasonably believes that no party will gain a procedural or tactical advantage as a result of the ex parte communication, and

    (ii) the judge makes provision promptly to notify all other parties of the substance of the ex parte communication and allows an opportunity to respond.

    None of those things held during the trial. Instead, House was engaged in strategy sessions and his personal conversation with Lamb before her testimony demonstrated beyond a doubt that not only was he Lamb's sock puppet, but that he has absolutely NO RESPECT for the law and for the codes that supposedly are to govern his conduct.

    Yet, Brian House will continue as a judge, and I would not be surprised if the voters of the LMJC were to return this sorry person back to office for another four years in the 2012 elections. One hopes otherwise, but I cannot say I have much confidence in the political choices that Americans make.


    Lynne said...

    Sadly, it sounds very similar to the Brad Cooper case. It is outrageous that they can get away with this. At least Tonya Craft's jury had the sense to see through all of this. Brad was not so fortunate.

    Anonymous said...

    You forget judicial cowardice. It would have been a simple matter for him to give a directed verdict of not guilty on all charges regarding Tonya Craft's daughter. Every one and his brother testified that she was merely applying medicine to a pretty severe rash.

    Anonymous said...

    You forget judicial cowardice. It would have been a simple matter for him to give a directed verdict of not guilty on all charges regarding Tonya Craft's daughter. Every one and his brother testified that she was merely applying medicine to a pretty severe rash.

    Doc Ellis 124 said...

    Greetings Dr Anderson


    Thank you

    Doc Ellis 124

    342009859894901864 said...
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    Anonymous said...

    From what I hear second hand, friends of Judge House and the prosecution still believe that Tonya Craft was guilty of at least some molestation. They believe that Dr. Lorandos, his staff, expert witnesses – and you -- are the real “bad guys”. They believe that Tonya Craft’s lawyers made objections that they knew would not stand up under Georgia law in order to make Judge House look like he was on the prosecution’s side when he legitimately overruled them.

    There seems to be an “in-group”/”out-group” social mentality in NW Georgia. “My friends can’t possibly be wrong – therefore you must be.” This social “reasoning” has taken the place of impartial reasoning. But why should we be surprised? Our heroes today are media celebrities and the news is filled with their social escapades. Georgia’s Canon of Judicial Ethics – fine words, but so what? It’s appalling, yes, but I think the chances are that if House were to be replaced, the new judge could be as bad or worse.

    As you point out, the problem is SYSTEMIC. Thank goodness for Ken Buck, but he is an anomaly. It will be interesting to see what happens there. Please keep us posted.

    A reader from Atlanta

    William L. Anderson said...

    To put it another way, on top of being dishonest and corrupt, House and his friends also are delusional. What a combination!

    I would invite any reader to look at the Georgia State Bar Rules of Conduct both for judges and prosecutors and then tell me whether or not House and company were within those rules. By the way, the tipoff is that neither Arnt nor Gregor ever interviewed any of the jurors in the Craft case.

    After prosecutors lose, they often will speak to jurors to find out why they voted as they did. In Craft's situation, they never contacted the jurors, which tells me that Arnt never believed in the first place he had a real case.

    Anonymous said...

    Undoubtedly you are correct, Dr. Anderson ...

    I mean, does a scam artist ask for a "de-brief" from a would-be victim who didn't fall for the scam? ... "I saw through your lies" is about all it would really consist of.


    342009859894901864 said...
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    Anonymous said...

    "He had a long conversation with Sandra Lamb a few days before she testified,"

    Didn't happen.

    "All during the trial, he and the prosecutors (especially Arnt) had pre-worked signals "

    Didn't happen.

    "During a break in the trial, House spoke to a court employee and vilified both Craft and the defense in private conversation,"

    Happened but was just that, a private conversation.

    "I have no doubt that he, Arnt and Gregor had illegal strategy sessions"

    Didn't happen.

    "Tonya Craft’s lawyers made objections that they knew would not stand up under Georgia law"

    Was their strategy from day one. Any one who has any legal background and watched portions of the trial would know this. The defense was in large part handled by an out of state attorney with very little knowledge of Georgia procedure and two Georgia attorney's with very little criminal trial experience. It was a well executed plan on the defenses part.

    William L. Anderson said...

    Well, well, well. A number of people independently told me about the signals between Arnt and House. And, yes, House and Sandra Lamb had a long conversation on the phone, something that was verified on the local cable TV channel.

    Are you referring to Joal Henke's "I just remembered" testimony? Are you referring to the refusal of House to permit the defense to enter the information about Lamb's daughter that would have verified that Lamb committed perjury?

    By the way, how do you know that the conversation was "private"? Also, what about House's verbal attack on the defense and Craft that was recorded but not played because of procedural issues? That recording still exists, by the way.

    So, please crawl back into your hole. Oh, one more thing, if Arnt believed he had such a great and compelling case, why didn't he interview the jurors, as often is done by prosecutors after they lose a case? Also, what about Arnt telling jurors that Dr. Nancy Fajman had testified that there was damage to the vagina of Lamb's daughter when, in fact, Fajman testified otherwise? Or, does the LMJC simply encourage prosecutors to lie?

    All of the jurors picked up on that lie and talked about it afterward. So don't come onto this blog and lie. You only are proving that the LMJC is a liars' organization.

    342009859894901864 said...
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    342009859894901864 said...
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    342009859894901864 said...
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    Anonymous said...

    I guess that settles it then, 9:54 troll. Since you pronounced it "didnt happen" then it must be gospel. Fortunately, the bloggers here need facts, not mere conclusions, in order to believe something. What you cant escape is the fact that the jurors caught Arnt in a bold face lie about evidence. In other words, the state's case was so bad, they had to lie to try and get a conviction. In the real world, in contrast to the world you live in 9:54, leopards dont change their spots. In other words, Arnt didnt have a sudden moment of weakness and decide to lie in front of a jury for the first time. He did it without compunction. One question might be, just how much evidence was tainted by the prosecution in order to get a conviction? I think the real question becomes, REGARDLESS OF THE MERITS OR LACK THEREOF OF THE TONYA CRAFT CASE, do you want prosecutors (or judges or detectives for that matter) with that kind of character flaw as ministers of justice? You can cheerlead all you want for them 9:54. But you are cheerleading for corruption at its most vile and despicable level.

    342009859894901864 said...
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    William L. Anderson said...

    I guess I need another post on the integrity and honesty of the LMJC. Granted, it will have to be extremely short, kind of like a book on the great economic accomplishments of North Korea.

    Come to think of it, I think that the LMJC people would feel quite comfortable in North Korea, given their predilection for running kangaroo courts.

    Anonymous said...

    Dude! Take your Ritalin! I feel I'd be sympathetic to your cause if I only could understand it. Your writing is so haphazard and incoherent, that even going to your web site and reading hasn't helped me decipher what's really going on with you. Please explain in plain terms what is going on with you and your daughter so that we may all understand.

    Anonymous said...

    I agree 12:30. Josh, sharpen the pencil, that is, MAKE A POINT! OMG, this is blogging, not texting, lol.

    Kathmandu2011 said...

    I really miss your columns and opinions on the lacrosse case. Even though it's been over for a long time,there were many areas that were never covered that should have been. Like this latest news that surfaced from Duke and Durham. The whole place seems so driven by a leftist way of life that I really don't trust any liberal to tell the whole truth about how such people operate. You and people like John in Carolina should have had a stronger voice. You'll never get a real liberal to do a total picture when it comes to cases like this, but they pretend to.

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you, Mr Anderson. for another great blog. I know first hand what kind of scumb, they have in the LMJC. system. They are all crooks, They lie and up hold each other in their lies, Lawyers, Prosecutors, DA, ADA. Judges All of them. and you can't get the GBI guys to do any thing, because someone has to tell them that they can investigate. So where do you go to get help. They do not care, nobody cares. Brad Wade has sat in Prison for 4yrs. as an innocent man, And Gregor knows it. And you tell me you do not want these crooks out of there, If you do not, then you are as crooked as they are. They need to spend a little time behind bars.

    Anonymous said...

    Here is how arrogant Brian is (and always has been). Before the election, Brian said that his goal was to be a Superior Court Judge and that WHEN he was elected he would be on the bench for life.

    Here's hoping and praying that the voters will send him back to private practice in 2012.

    342009859894901864 said...

    ..allow me to ..clear my throat so to speak, and.. give you that, umm info.. you got the minute,you can have all you inquire about.. here you go, and please.. proof reading, let it be what it is.. thank ya, here goes!

    (taking ritalin)

    342009859894901864 said...

    You guys are correct, I am aware of how my 'blogging' happens to ramble now and again, here and there, majority wise, or honestly all the time.

    ..I do type how I speak, which is unfortunate I am sure, because failing to be understood then is in somewhat my fault..

    .. of course it is. It is my fault, I also am not a 'blogger'.

    I also do apologize again..

    The issue in the shortest way I can 'try' to express, explain and announce is very complicated now, but it started by an obvious erroneous judgement. By Brian House.

    He took my only child, at 11:30pm.

    He had our Sheriffs Office seize property from my home at that same time, with no search warrant, claiming it as 'the minor childs', and I am pretty sure, not only did I buy the items, but that minor children own nothing.

    Also with the Ex Parte, was the request for a hearing, on an attached 'Writ of Habeas Corpus' in which had also been signed by House, for around 30 days later. (Rule Nisi)

    Also 'Ordered' on the Ex Parte, was a way too general, obviously, 'restraining' command. That I simply pretty much just leave her alone or else, that's it. No explanation, rules, do's and don'ts..nothing. Also no expiration on this paper, for this 'restraint' command.

    My hearing for my cause, on the one sided Order, he signed for to do the random kidnap, was never scheduled, heard, answered back on, and did not ever occur. This is, as I am sure most of you know 'Ex Parte' (one side only) and it removed my child from my home, with no imminent danger ever had/have been ever present, and there being no 'reason' more importantly, a single specific accusation in any way at all, on paper, ever. Etc.

    I am sure you have probably seen, or heard about these types of things before, well my case is a little different.

    I have raised the child, legally, have the proof, and am on file with Vital Records, and if it exists as a form for the Father, Ive signed it, I promise.

    The child was born 'out of wedlock' so the Mother and myself, on Vital Record, acknowledged my paternity w/the child, when she was 3 days old, as well as the both of us, Acknowledged my Legitimation, on her 3rd day existing as well. (all per the O.C.G.A. 19-7-21.1 stated as well)

    The form states my status as 'Legitimate for ALL purposes UNDER THE LAW'

    Period. All 'accordings to' were followed, all papers completed, and on file with Atlanta, and my own digital archive as well, which has every single piece of anything sent, or having either of our names on it, ever. (Over 4,000 items now over her 4 years)

    I showed up at this hearing for my 'cause as to why the Writ should NOT be granted' when in actuality, had it not actually?

    I mean Jesus, can my neighbor take my child too, and force me to wait 30 days to explain why that was stupid? Of course not.

    Regardless, I had no way of paying this, what blew my mind, a $5,000 up front required down payment, for every single one of the attorneys around this area. I had money, but no where around that.

    So when the date came, I asked for a continuance, as I was seeking representation etc, and showed I believe 19 cards of the attorneys I had consulted with already at that point.

    House denied it.

    I then asked for a moment then, to prepare. And it was denied as well, and then every piece of 'proof' etc, that I had, I brought 2 copies of, because I am not stupid of course, and submitted everyone of them to both parties, as submissions to be admitted into or as evidence, that never were, and also never noted or put on file in anyway, as the public record file shows.

    But the Public Record file did/does have the vital records, (which are 'the proof' that 19-7-21.1 had shown) proving I had reason, (also to these forms, House stated in the hearing that day that 'we don't recognize those forms here' and the forms are state vital records

    342009859894901864 said...

    Hearing concludes with House declaring he still cannot see how I honestly thought it was ok, for the child to reside with me at all. And that I failed at showing why I had anyway of reasoning to even attach myself to this child. (btw it was randomly stated, the crowd even went, what? very loudly in the back rows)

    House then states that I 'need to find an attorney' (remember what I had requested at the trials start, also the 'cannot afford' part)

    He declares also, outloud to the crowd doing the exact same 'Hee Haw-like audience reaction' sound of 'what' .. that I must pay $1,700 dollars before 90 days expired, for court costs.

    And ORDERED on the 'Final Order' that 'Joshua D. Wright is not the Legal Father of Cayley Wright, the minor child'

    The law says that I am, the law also says I am twice over because of the birth certificate. I NEVER said the forms had given me custody, just that I had 'cause'.

    Wow, so that left it complicated, the Mother had never had the child, for the most obvious and provable reasons, that my Daughter had made it to the age of 4 before even being missed. (summary)

    The residence is registered as a Meth Lab, w/ the DEA. The Clandestine Registry accounts for it as well.

    House has sent my child there twice now.

    Ridiculous proof shown over time, and still can/will, of rapes drug sales, violence, guns, neglect, over ten co-inhabitants, unsanitary conditions, failure to provide any protection, not even ANY ride to ANY hospital, for ANY shots or check ups, and also cannot call for this either, w/o ANY telephone. Etc. And yes, this is all verifiable up to as soon as last Thursday.

    342009859894901864 said...

    There is no number I have not called, tried, etc. I have spoken to everyone statewide, twice, from the Sheriff to the Gov., all the way through DHR, and OCSE, nothing. Legal Aid will not assist at all in any 'custody matter' as they call it.

    No one will. Meanwhile, burns, abandonment begin.. so I stopped everything I had in life to save her, including work (had to, it was immediate) and never found it.

    I filed a Petition Pro Se after studying for months on end, day and night etc, and succeeded. During the months after, I had even been 'adjudicated' twice, on temporary orders, specifically. I scheduled my cases around Judge Houses sitting, purposely. The mother never showed to a single one, she has gotten worse.

    In April, I had the last 'hearing' to finalize it all scheduled, and the judge had asked me, at the last trial, if I did not mind going to get her and bringing her, which I didnt, because I have not been 'after her', if that makes since.

    At 8:00 am on 4-20, I am knocking on her door, and she is actually at the courthouse in Catoosa, and so is Judge House, who for some reason, typed a one sentence 'Order' in which he 'DIMISSED' my case. (and yes, he spelled it that way) I arrived at the courthouse at 9:40 am, to this news, and could not make it home fast enough, but unfortunately she took her, and I have not consistently really seen her since, not longer than an hour or two at most.

    She is there, at that residence now, for example, and the mother is in rehab, they also have no air conditioning, and apparently anyone good in CPS, as 7 reports are still 'Currently Active'. In the Dependency & Neglect hearing I filed in Chattanooga,TN Juv. Ct., my case was dismissed, because I am 'not the parent of the child' this of course, because they did not know what Judge House had did, or done, and could not explain it. So they chose to dismiss it, with every claim still being valid, as they are the reason the mother is in the rehab facility, for example. This also took 9 months?!

    342009859894901864 said...

    So here I stand, with no way of stopping it, no one possible to assist, no way at all to be 'Dad' and its STILL ongoing, with several updates from the customers going in and out at the 'apparently' very hidden criminal atmosphere (that is sarcasm, you may Google the address '8805 Pine Ridge Rd. Ooltewah, TN' and simply put Arrest report afterwards, to see the 'WTF' in that statement)

    ..and so these people have watched me, online, via Facebook and whatnot, over these 14 months, I have even helped several people, and started my own cause to change a few things, etc. but we all had finally yelled at the Media, in a 2 day time frame, and got attention, and even one segment filmed, but no one has returned my call. Not one time. Nothing. I have never been shown, told, or enabled in any way possible, any method to fix what House has illegally taken from me, (petitioning again, for Legitimation, cannot happen because no one 'wishes to sign, or start one twice') there has been no Equal Protection whatsoever, Due Process, Search and Seizure, attacking of my family, so much financial loss, that I had to document it on the way down too, because I knew no one would ever believe me, and I still go, call, walk, even daily, trying.

    I have all proof needed, ridiculous counts of everything hated by anyone with a heart. My child is endangered. I cannot protect her, period. No Pro Bono will help, nobody literally will. The Mother has even caught the 'dictator-like status' that she now has, and even just randomly showing up, drunk and fist throwing begins, in front of children, yes, this random, and I have that recorded, from start to end. Yet the charges in the Magistrate Court @ Catoosa County, have STILL not let the 'Pre-Warrant' hearing begin, AND THE ASSAULT WAS ALMOST 5 MONTHS AGO NOW, w/child abuse in the third degree times two attached to it. NOTHING!

    She has the one 'connect' of the fact she was the 'para-legal/assistant person' to Tom Weldon, a recently elected person to the House of Representatives. This, I also do not care to state this here, but cannot obviously as any evidence, as it's just the 'Good Ol Boy System' that everybody knows about, but also knows there isnt anything non-heresay about any of it. (Mother has confirmed several things on this between us, also on file w/me) that permits her skating apparently, obviously, and UNFORTUNATELY, for my child. Sh has even stole a car AFTER 4-20, and had gotten caught, and arrested and charged for it, stated several times, that she was trying to flee jurisdiction.

    That's really it. She has a lengthy record, post-birth of my child. And unfortunately, still falling. She just left here though, as example of my non-attack position on her, and randomly dropped off my 'non-legal' child. For reasons appearing the need for no lower clothing, as she had none on when she brought her here, literally 3 hours ago.

    I am going to have to find some sort of assistance from out of this area (obviously right) and still haven't gotten the phonebook at my door yet, with that one.

    So I read and study, and try.

    342009859894901864 said...

    This also includes discussing alot of things online, and yea, sometimes, I do not care, know I am rambling, yet still know of how it will be seen BY MOST, when I am talking to one, who only needs to know the point.

    You have no idea, what I have, and still go through, I have even for example not mentioned this one time (publicly) but after fighting Catoosa's Magistrate Court on two eviction proceedings, I lost. And have been without a place to sleep for months of this battle, (have one now, fyi btw) and am actually aware of no one going to 'believe' or 'take my word for it'. Which is why I archived it all, it will blow your mind. Family, is non-existant. Period. The few of the ones who are, literally purposely ignore the whole scenario, as if it should be known it is normal to be oblivious.

    I walked 13 miles today, because of no gasoline in my truck, to a cannot miss appointment, with someone 'else' who 'seems to be in awe and wanting to help'

    But I am still alone in doing so. They will not even give me the benefit, of ATLEAST placing her in State Custody, so I can find work in any form for any period of any time, without knowing of that 'pending' major danger. Like food. Or the tornadoes, for example, if she made it out ok, etc. (No phone)

    So my bad, for 'seeming' so annoying or weird to any of you. I literally have no clue on what to do. So sorry if it appeared idiotic.

    Did I mention, I swore an Oath to the State of Georgia, as a P.O.S.T. Certified Peace Officer, that I STILL AM, to this day, and I have been an employee of the State of Georgia, for about the last 4 years, (til resignation over need for issues attn) but a Correctional Officer, for now almost a decade!

    So I am sure, you may get, how serious the issue is, and I never complain, I never waste anyone's time ever, and I never speak seriously unless it is that way.

    It is.

    Now know, the major 'introduction problem/hurdle' is the fact, I will be 29 years of age, Sept. 15th. And 'look younger than I already am' (told to me twice) and have a seriously discrimanatory issue already, being male, but a young one at that, it is nearly possibly understandable for you to believe the fact.. I may be a little bit frustrated.

    And I still haven't spoken, with any one instance, a single curse word.

    But, I am human, but I am, her Father. God recognizes this, as do I as the sovereign irrelevant 'declaration' in the end means jack..

    So I am 'about there' to this 'Plan Z' and it will be done so justified, if I cannot believe we went through Plan A through Z mode fails, that people will Produce motion pictures, from its 'proof of, in my pocket' aspect of only, wanting her safety, not her as a trophy, Daddy & Daughter story.

    I am not mocking that, it actually is that. And I respect what all of you do, especially here, on Mr. Andersons site, with all your 'blogging' and random poking at my 5 comments or whatever, I get it, and would be too if unaware, but guys, now that you are, just only provide a finger point or advice, I literally cannot explain enough, what random attacks could do, if that makes sense, just in the 'switch flip' back to the 'irrational stereotypical kid thinking he is a Gangster mode' because, quite honestly some of these people, we put in these places, ACTUALLY NEED TO BE PUT IN THERE PLACE. And yes, at my daughters expense and honor I WOULD LOVE TO HELP. And respectfully do not expect 100% of my integrity, to be taken without a shadow of a doubt, etc.. so lets just see this through, then hold me accountable for anything that any of you come up with at your will.. but, does anybody wanna save the child first? Because I do.

    So afterwards, maybe, respectfully, I hope not, I just go, and put my faith in Him. Him who I am very much 'learning' to understand, but am doing well at so far..

    so, like I have said before..

    342009859894901864 said...

    Thank you, to anyone of you who maybe do, or try with any forward thinking or doing advice or action in any form, at any time..

    And thank you, Mr. Anderson. Because without this intelligent individual, that I 'somehow' thanked the Lord himself for, as I have literally slept in a storage building and had my whole day made, simply because, I actually am not crazy..

    it's Judge Brian House, and the permittance of the system that created him here, in the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit, as well as the 'gear' they may possibly replace him with, that actually is crazy..

    And I hope to God, he is held accountable for it, here, someday.. just to bring Integrity, back to the even 'before trial thinking' person will not fear a 'Family rape' as possible, etc. And may actually know, unline the fearful Catoosa residents of now, that their court WILL hear them, or there side, BEFORE taking any part of your childrens civil liberties.. right? Or even, ANYTHING IN GENERAL.

    God, will one day, show this person to his face, how a person in that position is supposed to do it. As he has done it incorrectly, and I actually do not wish revengeful thoughts on him or anything, I just 'know wrong'. Like you do. Take Michael Jordan, as awesome of the athelete he is/was, he still knew at the peak of his career, to accept the pride shot after trying baseball, and knew he could, and would go back to being the best in the world after baseball. And he executed that. I believe that shows proper character, just know your not meant to do that position, and get out of it. Simple. He could literally be whatever tomorrow, wherever, however, better than anyone as far as I am concerned, but, no..not as a Judge. Sorry. Cayley forgives him, too.. I know this, because she just now, 4 seconds ago, told me this..(inquiring as only 4 year olds do..)

    I just cannot believe, so many people become so aware of, the obvious factors of this childs danger, and they just 'clock-out' with a price tag, or actual literal, sounding of the bell, go home for the weekend type of 'yay, it's my personal time' and they seriously forget what I allowed their eyes to see, and ears to hear, and somehow live with themselves. Literally, these people, I have had to go to, for help, from wherever, literally, at 5:25 one time, on a Friday, I seen 7 posts, they had uploaded since 5:10 pm, of themselves driving home smiling and posing for pics.

    I kid you not, under the good Lord Himself, I am permitted to continue this fight, as a just fighter.

    I am Daddy, thank you very much. There are plenty more details, many and most the 'obvious illegal' type, but how many more could one person add to this story, for example, and end up being stamped as 'FAKE' or something, cant have it, dont want it, and apparently, people still see it that type of negative way, no ego here, other than the whole 'Daddy' persona with my child 'of course I will save you' type, that is the only one. I seek no fame, at all, nothing more matters to me at this time, than her. All I have, all I want, her safety and best interests, period. This also includes ANYONES pity, I DO NOT, in ANYWAY want and/or need it, just progress for now people, gotta do work, to get there, through our own world, so yea I have an open ear, if any one of you have anything on the matter, at, we appreciate it greatly and may God bless you all.

    Josh Wright
    Father of Cayley Wright
    Founder of
    'Support Daddy Vs. Catoosa County'
    (see it on, or Facebook itself. See more, and get more information here, or by asking, some and, most, available in streaming video & audio formats etc)

    342009859894901864 said...

    *see also if still curious..

    (..oh, and sorry if my Ritalin failed any of you, btw I hope & wish it was understood, if not. Take yours, sorry. .. lol)

    also see:

    Anonymous said...

    Oh Josh, What a nightmare.So sorry for you.

    justiceseeker51 said...

    Josh, I feel what you are saying.....It has driven you bonkers. It did me too...No one to help, no one to listen....Not an attorney to accept your case....went through the same thing....fighting for custody of my niece.....

    Wish I could help!

    Anonymous said...

    I'm so sorry for you Josh. I'm so tired of the justice system here in the U.S. and the corruption. Good luck!!

    342009859894901864 said...

    ..thank you. I just 'have' to have change, now.. at her expense. It gets very very hard.. and hard to explain. Thank you for reading, maybe it helped some of you understand, i dunno.. but i havent quit fighting.. and, I did hear back from the news reporter btw.. so I just have to wait I guess, and like I said, unfortunately forced placed into the position of liar.. I try to ignore the metronome ticking sounds that come with it, and just read into as much information as I can, so in that, I am thankful I found this blog, and Thankful for the informativeness of Mr. Anderson himself. This is also why, I could care less about 'hiding' anything, including my identity in posts, because I absolutely would love to be shown right, corrected, or given personal instructions, because .. it is not about me.

    Thank you all, for that, and just pray for my daughter and myself in the meantime I guess, because that is, all we ever really have anyways.. faith!

    God Bless!

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