Friday, September 30, 2011

The Northwest Georgia Conference on How to Commit Perjury (and get away with it)

Despite the fact that Northwest Georgia is one of the most heavily-churched areas in the nation (and it even features a Christian college, Covenant College), it also is a place where the police and judicial systems are so utterly corrupt that they are beyond any repair. And when dishonest people get together for a conference, well, things happen that fall into the category of "You Can't Make Up This Stuff."

On October 3 and 4, the Northwest Georgia Child Abuse Conference will be held at The Colonnade in Ringgold. Not surprisingly, the Usual Suspects will be there and three men who are experienced in suborning perjury and lying to juries will be featured speakers. If you love perjury, then you don't want to miss this conference that will tell you how to lie in court, make up outlandish stories, and pretend you are "saving children."

In fact, this conference is aptly named, for people who coach children to lie under oath and to give false testimony against their mothers and fathers and teachers indeed are child abusers. So, if you want a career in legal child abuse, then this is the place to start.

Because this conference is one big howler, featuring child abusers from all over the State of Georgia, I will concentrate upon just one session, and it is self-explanatory: Overcoming Defenses in Child Molestation Cases. The presenters? Chris Arnt, Len Gregor, and Alan Norton. (I guess Buzz Franklin could not make it, as he must be engaged in something else, like writing stupid press releases.)

I will include the conference blurb on this session, which you don't want to miss:
Child molestation cases are outside the norm for the average citizen. Defense attorneys often will take advantage of the general public’s misperceptions concerning such cases. The presentation will to teach those who investigate child molestations cases to be cognizant of such defenses and properly prepare with such defenses in mind.
In case one does not understand the language of these "professionals," here is an interpretation:
Prosecutors are desperate to keep exculpatory evidence out of child molestation trials, and they also are desperate to keep the defense from exposing prosecution lies. Given that fact, this session will teach budding prosecutors how to lie to jurors, how to get judges to make outrageous rulings in order to deny the defendant a fair trial, and it will give demonstrations on how to bully witnesses. Of extreme importance in this session will be a segment on how to employ the non sequitur when the defense starts blasting holes in your case, in hopes that jurors will buy into your diversion tactics.

This session also will include interview techniques if you lose so that when you are interviewed by the media, you can continue to lie, blame jurors, and try to push your view that no accused ever should be allowed any kind of defense. The prosecutors also will show you how to lie about the credentials, testimony, and qualifications of the defense expert witnesses, and of special importance is the segment on trying to convince jurors that your own "experts," most of whom have no credentials or field of relevant study (except for taking a five-day course), really are more qualified than the other experts who have spent their entire careers studying this material, and who have doctorates and often have engaged in extensive post-graduate study.

The final part of the session will involve how to make false comments to jurors, how to lie about the testimony of expert witnesses, and how to disrupt the work of the defense, all with help from friendly judges. The sum total of this session will be teaching attendees how to make sure that truth never enters the courtroom so that you can get wrongful convictions and boost your careers. Len Gregor also will give conferees a demonstration on how to run to one's car following a verdict of "not guilty" and hide one's face from the media by using a notebook.
Lest anyone think I am exaggerating, do the following comparison:

On the prosecution side, we had Suzi Thorne, who at the time was studying for an on-line college degree with Kaplan University, a for-profit diploma mill. According to Arnt, Gregor, and Norton, Thorne (who did attend a five-day training class) was eminently qualified to testify as an "expert" in child sexual abuse. Furthermore, despite the fact that Thorne never has written about child sexual abuse in any publication, and despite the fact that she never has read any publications in any reputable journal, professional or academic, on this subject, Arnt, Gregor, and Norton believe she is eminently qualified to testify.

Furthermore, despite the fact that Thorne clearly committed perjury during the Tonya Craft trial (and there is no doubt about this), Arnt, Gregor, and Norton want people to believe that her testimony ALWAYS is true and perfect. Compare Thorne to a witness that Arnt, Gregor, and Norton claim is a "liar" and a "whore of the court," Dr. William Bernet of Vanderbilt University.

Dr. Bernet has his medical doctorate from Harvard University Medical School (which tends to have higher academic standards than Kaplan University's undergraduate program) and is widely published and widely respected in his profession. This is a man who has published in top journals and is asked to speak at conferences and sessions all over the world. (Yeah, he is not good enough to speak at the Northwest Georgia conference, but everyone knows that the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit is a world-class example of honest police, prosecutors, and judges.)

Lest one think I am exaggerating, let me remind readers of what Arnt and Gregor did during the Tonya Craft trial:
  • Arnt lied to jurors about the testimony of Dr. Nancy Fajman of Emory University, telling jurors that Fajman said she saw evidence of sexual abuse when, in fact, Fajman said she saw NO physical evidence of sexual abuse. All of the jurors caught this lie, and maybe Arnt will tell conferees how to do a better job of covering up lies;
  • Arnt and Gregor desperately tried to keep Dr. Fajman, Dr. Ann Hazard, Dr. Nancy Aldridge, and Dr. Bernet from testifying, and after their testimony, they told jurors that these were unqualified witnesses and that they were nothing but "liars" and "whores of the court" who lied for money. I am not kidding. They actually said that;
  • They regularly had ex parte meetings with "judge" brian house before and during the trial, and reported none of them to the defense, despite the requirement by the Code of Ethics of the Georgia State Bar, which means that these are people who believe they are not bound either by law or ethics.
When Tonya Craft came into the courtroom for the verdict, Arnt and Gregor stood to the side snickering at her and making snide remarks. (No doubt, their presentation also will include how act professionally during a trial while at the same time trying to emulate the members of Delta House from the movie "Animal House.") There is a reason that "judge" brian house turned ashen when he read the verdict and Arnt and Gregor ran from the courthouse instead of acting like mature adults and talking to the media.

No doubt, these men will share with conferees why it is important for prosecutors to act like spoiled children, and why it is so important that the courts of the LMJC perform like the courts of bastions of freedom and liberty like North Korea. They also will stress the importance of teaming with the judge in order to have a rigged trial, although they might claim afterward that the judge was a "pointy-headed liberal" who was too lax toward the defense. They will give techniques in making improper and prejudicial pre-trial statements to the media and maybe they might REALLY go to the Dark Side and give tips on how to contact jurors during the trial in order to intimidate them into voting guilty. (I'm just imagining the last point, but given that these men already have demonstrated that they have no problem in suborning perjury and openly violating the Rules of Ethics that supposedly govern their behavior, I doubt seriously that Chris Arnt and Len Gregor would frown upon anyone on the prosecution side illegally contacting jurors. Prosecutors elsewhere have done it and, if anything, these men have demonstrated that they are willing to engage in extreme prosecutorial misconduct.

Will they answer questions about the Tonya Craft trial? If they do, I'm sure they will spout the line that they have been giving everyone:
  • Craft was guilty and got away with it;
  •  Defense objections were frivolous, as all defense attorneys really should expect prosecutors to scream in the face of witnesses, yell about someone's "boobs," throw books down on the table while the defense is making its case;
  • The jurors were fooled by the idiot expert witnesses like Dr. Bernet and should have been impressed by experts like Holly "Roll Your Eyes and Make Noises" Kittle and Suzy "Perjury" Thorne;
  •  The jurors were too stupid to recognize that Arnt and Gregor are brilliant prosecutors and that when jurors all caught Arnt lying about Dr. Fajman's testimony (and all of the caught it), well, they were so stupid that they could not recognize that Dr. Fajman was speaking in code that only a brilliant guy like Arnt could understand;
  • The defense shamelessly carried on a campaign in the media and the blogosphere that prejudiced the case and "deprived the state of a 'fair trial'." This despite the fact that the defense operated under a gag order and the defense had NO contact with the "blogosphere," and that Tonya Craft was on trial, not the state, which is under the legal obligation to present a fair trial. (So much for the State of Georgia performing its obligations.)
What Arnt and Gregor and Norton won't tell the conferees is that some of the prosecution witnesses have admitted privately that they were lying, and that in the case of Sarah and Joal Henke, their testimony in trial conflicted 180 degrees from what they had testified under oath in depositions a year before. In other words, these men will tell conferees everything -- but the truth.

As an added attraction, Chris Arnt will give pointers on how to have fun on a cruise! Enjoy the conference!


liberranter said...

Despite the fact that Northwest Georgia is one of the most heavily-churched areas in the nation (and it even features a Christian college, Covenant College), it also is a place where the police and judicial systems are so utterly corrupt that they are beyond any repair.

I don't think it's a cynical stretch to say that because of the fact that Northwest Georgia is one of the most heavily-churched areas of the nation, it is a place where the police and judicial systems are so utterly corrupt that they are beyond any repair.

Given the abysmal gulf between the behavior of the membership of these "churches" (most of which are government 501C3 corporations, not New Testament Christian churches) and the words, teachings, and behavior of the One they supposedly worship, what else could we realistically expect?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, a southern church is the one place where the simple-minded dwell. I am not speaking of religious belief, but of the "law and order" types that seem to infect everything. They are part of the problem (if not THE problem) in our society of the growing number of laws. All a politician has to do is invoke the time honored incantation of being "tough on crime" and these people wet themselves with glee. it has led to largest expansion of criminal laws (both federal and state) we have ever seen.

In their minds, an accusation equals guilt. Such a belief is borne of utter stupidity. Anyone who "gets off" starts the cycle all over again to toughen the laws. Politicians who pander to this stupidity know that they are preaching to sheeple. Apparently, this particular County, Catoosa County, is loaded with both people and politicians who are in love with a police state. I avoid this county at all costs now, never spend a dime there and drive around it if I can.

342009859894901864 said...

I second the 'drive around it if you can' part.. the Judges 'hit-squad' jailed me last Friday for just that! Gave an order of 'if he even touches his doors' to the local P.D.. while I was at the Tag Office at that!

Anonymous said...

I am telling you these people will do anything. Their day is coming. And soon I hope. Another great blog, Mr Anderson. Thanks.

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve said...

Concerning the narcissistic youth soccer official and official perjurer, Chris Ain’t:

Per the conference brochure, “The most well known case he has handled is the Tri-State Crematory case.”

Really? Aside from the grammatical error in that statement, I see that any mention of his role in the persecution of Mrs. Craft is conveniently omitted from the brochure. How about a more truthful title, say, “Why The Witch Hunt Failed and How To Make Yours More Successful.” He and his little friend Gregor can share their collective wit and wisdom and explain once again how mowing a lawn while wearing a bikini is evidence of child abuse.

Dr. Anderson, another session in the Liar’s Convention drew my attention. Catoosa County’s own version of Barney Fife, Tim “Crooked” Deal, will be a presenter on “Internet Predators.” Wonder if he will include “Manufacturing Evidence At The Last Minute,” which is his real area of expertise. Given the “professional” job he did during the Craft ordeal, I am amazed that he is doing any sort of law enforcement job besides school crossing guard.

Finally, does anybody know if Dr. Lorandos has returned those three little jars he keeps on his desk? I think Ain’t, Gregor and “Judge” Outhouse would like their testicles back now.

William L. Anderson said...

The Return of Gildersleeve! I had forgotten about the crematory case, although that one was like shooting fish in a barrel. Anyone who showed up at the courthouse could have won that one.

Dirty Deal is another one who needs to spend a few years in the Crowbar Motel. This man is the worst predator in all of Northwest Georgia.

Doc Ellis 124 said...

Greetings Dr Anderson


Thank you

Doc Ellis 124

Rob said...

I think the reason why accusation equals guilt for so many people is because they assume an amazing level of competence to police, prosecutors, and other government officials. This is understandable because those people typically act as though they are amazingly competent. In any case, it seems to me that this mentality has been spurred on by the numerous cop and legal dramas where the "good guys" win all or nearly all of the time. Not knowing any better, these people assume that these TV dramas more or less accurately reflect reality. Of course, that's a pretty massive and implicit argument from ignorance.

William L. Anderson said...


You are correct. Most people think that police operate in the following way:

1. A crime is committed, and police want to know who committed it;
2. Police begin with the belief that they don't know who did it, and they need to find out;
3. They use gumshoe research and investigation techniques in order to weed out anyone who is innocent in order to find who actually is guilty.

In reality, police operate this way:

1. A crime is committed, and police decide up front who committed it;
2. They focus totally on their suspect, and if there is exculpatory information, they either ignore it or try to find a way to hide it;
3. They drop hints to the media so that journalists will try the accused in order to ensure that they can railroad this person to a conviction or a guilty plea.

I will tell you that police really don't care if they get the right person or not. Maybe they used to care in the past, but not anymore.

liberranter said...

I think the reason why accusation equals guilt for so many people is because they assume an amazing level of competence to police, prosecutors, and other government officials.

To continue the theme of my first post, the CEOs of the corrupt 501C3 corporations that I mention believe this too and spend endless Sunday morning hours drumming that message into the empty skulls of their acerebral "flocks," creatures who are all too willing to swallow it up, along with what little Christian Gospel they are served.

Rob said...

Thanks for your reply, Dr. Anderson. I agree with you, of course, but I'd like to add another element that I think is important. Once police and/or prosecutors pursue a hypothesis on who committed a crime, they're extremely reluctant to give it up - at least publicly. They seem to think that any admission of error on their part would lead to a weakening of their authority. I think this is revealing of just how insecure they feel.

In general, projections of power actually seem to be inversely correlated with feelings of insecurity. That is, the more insecure a person feels, the more he will try to project power to others. Because of this, I've concluded that the government at all levels has ratcheted up its power in response to feeling increasingly insecure. At this point, with all of the rampant encroachments upon our rights, I think the government is essentially desperate. It's looking for something, anything, that will give it back the security - the certainty - that it craves. I can't help but remember the scene from The Wizard of Oz, where the eponymous character screams "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" in a vain and desperate attempt to regain control of the situation.

Rob said...

Thanks for your reply, Liberranter. I think what you describe underscores the truly massive level of ignorance found among so many Americans (and others, for that matter). But even an ignorant person should be capable of questioning things, right? Only if he has already learned to not question things will he not do so.

Kerwyn said...

Another glaring example of this is the Amanda Knox, Raffale Sollicito trial. IF one of the idiots who were spoon fed from the tabloid media had bothered to actually LOOK at the evidice (which is readily available online), it would have become evident after about 2 minutes of examination that the prosecutors AND the police were lying. Not just lying, but creating fantasy as well.

Note that in this second trial, the prosecutor called out the media and the blogs for *gasp* actually finally doing the research. The first time through, the prosecutor was the media darling. This time he went after the media for almost factual reporting.

In every country, not just ours, that someone is given absolute power over another, you see this kind of crazed nonsense. After all, as the Craft trial and now Knox showed us, if you don't have the evidence to convict, make it up!

Anonymous said...

But Nasty Grace says Amanda Knox is guilty...she has more evidence than most people do...where did she get it? did she share it with the prosecution??? a dancing princess NOT!

Anonymous said...

Are there any local Catoosa blogs that keep up with the lives/actions of the principal accusers and prosecutors of the Craft case. Will all their bad deeds be forgotten on election day? Will Arnt get elected judge? Will Outhouse be re-elected? How about Franklin? Will Dirty Deal finally get fired after Summer's term is up? Inquiring minds want to know.

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