Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My interview with Lew Rockwell on prosecutorial misconduct

My recent interview with Lew Rockwell on prosecutorial misconduct in this country is available here. You will find a number of themes that have been consistent in this blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being on the show it is strange you would be talking about juries? Since i have a summons for tommorow. Cross your fingers that i dont get held me and judges dont do well together often

Anonymous said...

Bill, thank you for tirelessly standing for true justice. Enjoyed listening to you and Lew and will share this important podcast with others. Would like to ask you to please look into this case -- Jordan Brown, now 14, has been held in PA since 2/2009, on charges of murder which he denies. He has yet to be tried!

This is a compilation of others' research which I pulled together last Sept, with links to original sources --

Dan Dailey (Wander Vogel Diaries), and Melissa Higgins (justice4juveniles) have written at great length on this case; for my part, I continue to do all that I can to get the word out, and I pray without ceasing that justice might SOON be known for young Jordan Brown.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Loved the interview, Thanks for keeping us informed and up to date on all The wonderful prosecutors we have out there. What is this world coming too.