Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why do things like this make me suspicious?

A recent death at the Dade County Jail, ostensibly by suicide, is one of those things that makes me suspicious. According to the Times-Free Press:
A Dade County, Ga., inmate was found dead in his cell 14 minutes after being jailed for driving under the influence of alcohol, authorities said.

A detention officer found Joseph Cochran, 29, dead at 4:40 Tuesday morning, Sheriff Patrick Cannon said. Authorities believe Cochran used his thermal underwear to hang himself, Cannon said.

Cochran had been arrested earlier in the morning and charged with DUI. He was in the holding cell when he was found, Cannon said.

“It’s a sad situation,” the sheriff said.
At least that is the story readers are told. And maybe it is true. Perhaps Cochran was so depressed about many things, including his arrest, that he just snapped and killed himself. We never will know.

Yet, this is Dade County, the place where Brad Wade was convicted after what essentially was a crooked trial in which Len "The Man" Gregor withheld evidence, lied to jurors, suborned perjury and gave the world a look at how he later would act in the Tonya Craft trial, which was just as crooked. This is Dade County, where "judge" brian outhouse resides in the judge's chair, and his exploits of operating his office outside of the bounds of the law already have been laid out in this blog.

Again, maybe the story that Dade County officials are telling is the truth and things transpired just as they claim. However, given that the "law enforcement" mechanism in that county -- and in the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit in general -- operates almost completely outside the law, I reserve the right to be skeptical, very skeptical.


Anonymous said...

More than revealing that a prosecutor may have been a "rogue" (which is something that will likely never disappear), the Tonya Craft (and Eric Echols) case revealed that there is system-wide corruption in that judical circuit. That is what makes that bunch of clowns untrustworthy. When a child's admittedly coached and corrupted testimony is enough to get someone indicted, yet an undeniable assault that is video-taped and documented is not, there is something VERY wrong. The whole system from the "CAC" to the sherrif, the DA, the ADAs, the "judge" all of their "friends" and everyone who assisted them revealed through a combination of their actions and inactions that they cannot be trusted to be seek justice. God help the person who doesnt have a million dollars to get justice in that area. If any of you ever wonder why defense attorneys do what they do, just look at the LMJC. That is a prime example of how bad it gets even with competent defense attorneys to look out for peoples' constitutional right to a fair trial. can you imagine what would happen without defense lawyers?

Anonymous said...

I have my doubts about this guy hanging himself, He was a marine I think he was stronger than that. And if he was under the influence, How did he manage to get his thermals off and hang himself. I do not know where Joseph is from, But if I was his Mom & Dad I would get someone NOT from the 4 counties, in Ga. To Investigate it from top to bottom. does anyone know where he is from. And what about the cameras, they are supposed to have. They may be telling the truth, But it will be the first time if they are. I would not be in thoes people shoes for anything.

Anonymous said...

No I can't spell I ment Those.

Angie Granger said...

It's been a minute since I have said anythng. I fear that these ppl hold things that I say, AGAINST my brother. But I just can't help myself on this one. FACT: There is only ONE holding cell in this jail that this could have happened. And it would have to have been time consuming considering this man would have to have undressed himself, figured out how to do this from the top of a BUNK BED, then did it, all while being "DRUNK" (so they say). Really???? If these ppl do not get this investigated by someone OUTSIDE this county, then they are letting a great chance to add another nail. Maybe even seal the damn thing! Only ONE holding cell in the entire jail that this would have even been possible. And Sheriff Cannon himself has told me that there are cameras "all over his jail". I'm sick that this judge is now in Dade Co. But maybe if all the crooked ones are in one spot, it will be easier for the right ppl to expose them. I also heard that Marty Levitt now has an office right across the street from the courthouse! How interesting. They definitly think they are outside the law.

Anonymous said...

Well Angie, It appears they are, everything is going their way, and everyday someone suffer's for it. are there not any good guys left,

342009859894901864 said...

I said the SAME exact thing!! I had posted this when it happened as well!

The thing that got me was, they said he had died after 14 minutes! Now being the Georgia Dept, of Corrections, experienced and trained, as well as local jails, I will say this as a Correctional Officer.. every single place knows, you have 15 minute rounds, period.

How 'coincidental' is that!? It just so happened to be inbetween rounds!?

Or inbetween naps? ....

..just sayin, this one reeked of 'forgot too'..... and then I wanted to add a LOL @ the quote 'Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit in general operates almost completely outside the law' as I have obvious enjoyment out of that being still declared... also take note sir, I apparently being an indigent, now 'out on bail' individual, who just 'had to' for some reason, get nailed by these guys... as a traffic ticket.. apparently NO rights, (as I asked for them) to ANY access, to ANY part, (remember they 'barred' me from there) of ANY kind, of justice in this upcoming court date. I went to what they called my 'Arraignment' and was asked to say guilty or not guilty, when they did a roll call, as if it were 3rd grade. Myself being alphabetical order last, when they said my name.. I said ' I have no idea, I would like to know my rights ' they, after everyone in the building stopped dead in their speak and tracks.. were shocked! I was of course called up, as usual last (also works against me, because not a real audience usually left) and they asked again, what would I plead. I asked whom I was needing to answer that too, as I didnt wish to waste the Judges time, as I knew nothing, and wished too.. etc. And they re-scheduled it for the 16th of this month, at Ringgold City Hall, 4:30pm. (I am not anonymous for a reason, I dont care if you read this anyone, and attend, its needed) AND STILL WITHOUT A DEFENDER, or access of any kind to 'know' what I am walking into, or how to, (even though I do, for the most part) and am expected to present my own case, with witnesses and evidence etc.. needless to say, I am preparing to do just that, and cant wait to blow as much of the probable cause to hell as I can, because there is not a single bit. But also the criminal aspects of what it entails now, ALL by myself. Dash Cam video, radio transmissions, and tommorow, I am submitting a subpoena for the magistrate who overseen Eric Echols little assault case, as he did mine... (the same way almost word for word to his transcript) to attend, as well as the officers.. etc.

It will definately be an entertainment show... for someone. As you cannot fathom any kind of reason, to have probable cause at arresting anyone in a city park, for driving while suspended. (lol) And especially when you get out, (in plain view of my adult friends, who had a child also with them) and announce this judge said 'if I were touch the doors' of my vehicle, then he were to 'arrest my @ss'..

They caused so much damage, and did so many crazy things and blatant lies.. like saying they pulled me over, when my truck was backed into the city park, against a sidewalk.. lol... and illegally towed it.. damaged it and property, caused me to pay a ridiculous bill, as they 'lost' the key, that I later found, almost 3 weeks later, in the middle console cup holder, in plain view.. (ran, ran, ran that tow storage bill up!!!)

I didnt mean to rant 'too much' here.. but... yea, they have seen my 'question asking' persona, and respectful one, the entire time. Now I get to show them, a small bit, of what I know, and can show.

Still want a defender, but they denied my application, because.. they 'cant go with me into that building' WHATEVER THAT MEANS!!

Check out the tabs and new media uploads, and fancy dancy URL too, on the newly rebuilt site... lol.. at:

and thank you all! God bless! Wish me luck Mr. Anderson!

'Support Daddy Vs Catoosa County'

Anonymous said...

I pray you get something accomplish, But you know how they work.You are in my prayer's.

A Voice of Sanity said...

"Authorities believe Cochran used his thermal underwear to hang himself, Cannon said."

??? They BELIEVE it? Because he was still wearing them so he must have put them back on after death? What the hell does that mean?

Anonymous said...

If They killed this man, I pray God does not let them get away with this, I know they won't when they stand before God. But we need some eyes open here, and know that we have some people left, that care about Right and Wrong. This breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sheriffs election is coming up in Nov. and I just hope and pray that citizens of Catoosa Cty remember the Sheriffs employees who helped try to railroad Tonya Craft and DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM/THEM. I know Major Sisk is campaigning and had some part of her investigation. I just pray people will remember and elect someone outside the current Sheriffs Dept and outside the "Good Ole Boy" club to try and bring some Integrity and Honesty BACK TO CATOOSA COUNTY ONCE AGAIN. WE HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE.

Anonymous said...

I am the mother of Joseph Tanner Cochran, the man reported to have hanged himself in Dade County Jail. They reported him as being found at 4:40am, but they didn't notify his wife or me til about 10:30am. They said he had been taken to Hutchinson Hospital morgue and refused to let me see him, "because it would bother the chain of evidence". None of it made sense, I should have been allowed to see him even if I couldn't touch him. They sent Jim to Atlanta for autopsy and the GBI has still not finished with the case. My son was an Iraqi War Veteran, with five years in Marines and three deployments to Iraq. He suffered with PTSD and three years ago, Dade County arrested him for DUI and even though he didn't resist or fight, 3 officers all twice his size, beat him and taxed him at least 7 times on his lower back WHILE he was facedown on the pavement and hands cuffed behind his back. He had thirteen burn holes on his back, forehead was bloody and torn up where they ground his face in the gravels. He had a bruise in the shape of a heel on the back of his neck. His right eardrum was ruptured and completely black from being kicked in the head. He suffered two rib fractures and right knee swollen with soft tissue damage. I still have pictures of him. Unfortunately the Atty I hired promised he could get them for doing all this unprovoked, then he took my life savings of $20,000 and then said Tanner would have to plead guilty or go to jail. This is not the whole story, but just the highlights. I have no doubt that the very least they did this time was neglected to do their job and probably didn't find him til shift change. But I can't rule out that they did much more because of the past history. Keep in mind, my son graduated from Dade High school, played sports throughout school and worked to buy his own clothes and then joined Marines the year he graduated in 2000. He finished boot camp at Parris Island 2nd in his class of 40 something guys. He missed first place by one point. He had many medals and was a Sargent when he finished his time in 2005. His drinking got worse several months later when 8 buddies in his unit were killed in helicopter crash in Jibouti, Africa. He was head of aviator mechanics at Fort Payne, AL when this happened. I don't excuse his drinking beer and driving, but he never wrecked, became violent, or even drive badly to get him pulled over. He was caught because he was out driving in the middle of the night. Dade County has always done that because everytime I had to go to work late, come home early. or go in to have a meeting with my 11-7 staff, they always pulled me over. They wanted to know what I was doing and where I was going. I knew they werent suppose to do that, but they knew they could get away with it. I have been in shock and denial since I lost my son on Jan 3, 2012. I am just now getting able to fight back and believe me I will do what I can to restore my son's honour and get justice for what they did....anyway I can. Rita Stonecipher
Flat Rock, AL

Anonymous said...

I wish you the best of luck, and by god give them hell! Lol

Rita Stonecipher said...

Please revisit the sttory of my son's questionable suicide in jaiil in 2012. I now know the reports are suspect and parts of report removed and hid by Dade County. How long are we going to accept corruption and even physical damage to our returning soldiers with PTSD? HOW. long will the STATE OF GA GOVRNOR and the GBI let a county known for neopotism. and previous hx of police brutality and lawsuits make all the calls about doing as they please. Civil rights are being ignored and EVERY TIME someone is hurt---- the camera tears up. They put a known Iraqi decorated Marine with PTSD in their ONLY cell without camera- boots still ON and did NOT do their 15 checks. That's the very LEAST that we KNOW and I am more convinced it was much more. The info just gets worse.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Dade County, Georgia is a corrupt little county and I believe that I may just have what I need to get this out there but how? How can we get that county's corruption in the open? How can we have the corrupt ones thrown under the jail?? This corruption has GOT to be put to an end!!