Thursday, April 5, 2012

Please Help Sasha Anderson Have Real Hope—For the First Time.

Who is Sasha Anderson?   

Sasha is a twelve year old girl who lives in the darkness of Reactive Attachment Disorder, a consequence of infant neglect before her parents adopted her. 

RAD won’t kill Sasha, but if untreated, it will destroy her quality of life.  She spends every minute of every day in survival mode; it’s her against the world.  It doesn’t bother her that she lies and steals.  She is justified, entitled.  She trusts no one. 

Sasha exudes a curiously winning pathos.  She’ll talk to you, no problem.  Her every nerve is straining on high alert as she approaches.   “What can I get out of this woman?” she thinks.

 “How can I work this situation to my advantage?”
 “Where’s the nearest exit, if I need to bolt?”

Even when she’s with you, Sasha is curiously alone.  She tries, but she can’t push away the vague memory of being abandoned, hungry and left to die.  Chattering helps her drive the thought out of her head, so she weaves her conversational web, each word carefully chosen to reveal exactly what she wants you to know, no more and no less.

Sasha is real, and she is our daughter.  She needs help, and you have the power to help her.

We, her parents, have found a program near our home called A HEART’S WORK, which specializes in the treatment of RAD.  Sharon Fuller, the lead therapist, has successfully treated RAD in 15 children.  She is confident that she can enable Sasha to become an emotionally healthy child who can love and trust.   

The therapy Sasha needs will cost $5000; the extra money we raise will go to pay The Point for this campaign. This treatment is not covered by insurance.  We will contribute to this campaign ourselves, as we are able. 

Your donation will enable Sasha start six weeks of intensive therapy at A HEART’S WORK at the end of the school year.  When our goal of $5,500.00 is met, a check will be sent directly to A HEART’S WORK.

Sasha is twelve, so there is a narrow window of opportunity left in which she is likely to be responsive to attachment therapy.  Please empower us to change Sasha’s world while there is still time.

Thank you,
Bill and Johanna Anderson

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How do we donate, Dr. Anderson?