Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcome to Hell! (Or, Demopolis, Alabama)

Will Grigg has this week's biggest outrage, a farce of a drug trial in Alabama in which Alabama jurors send an innocent woman to prison. A woman buys three boxes of Sudafed and goes to jail, where she is tortured by Alabama's finest.

While I grew up in the South and went to graduate school at Auburn University, I must say that Alabama is a most shameful place. It was the state that gave us the 16th Street Church bombing in 1963, numerous murders of innocent people (for which there never was even a criminal charge brought, much less a trial), and now it is a full partner in the nation's disgraceful Drug War.

One cannot read this story without hitting a boiling point. My advice to people is just for them to stay out of Alabama (and the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit in Georgia), as the police and prosecutors there are crooks and pathological liars, and the judges are not any better. I once referred to Demopolis as "the very bowels of Hell," and I realize that I must not have been joking.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe our justice system, Has everyone lost it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson,

You are correct in saying that the LMJC is a farce.

I am a co-defendant in the Commercial Gambling/RICO case with Mr.Mohish.

I have just gotten home from the Dade Co. court building where my public defender argued 2 demure motions in front of Judge Brian House.

Franklin argued for the state...Needless to say our demurs were dismissed faster than a speeding bullit...

House yawned, rubbed his eyes, scratched and nearly slept while the defense attorneys argued their side...but while Franklin and Arnt were mastering the art of accusal House would magically perk up and hang on every word...

The Constitution is much like toilet paper in this courtroom.

Mr.Anderson, will you please contact Mr.Mohwish or myself. Mr.Mohwish had a computer crash and has lost you email address.

Thank you,
David Longobardo

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone running against these judge's. You have Vanpelt in Catoosa, You have Wood and the lovely Kristina Graham, and the Outhouse,Is there anyone else.. Need to vote these CROOK"S OUT.
Come on people you could be next.

liberranter said...

Bill, let's put it more bluntly and honestly: Decent human beings need to stay out of the Deep South. Period.

Cyril Lucar said...


My wife ran across something that you may find EXTREMELY encouraging. You need to look up the TV show *Breakout Kings* on Netflix or some other service and watch season one, episode four, "Out of the Mouth of Babes." The stunning scene happens about 30 minutes in and ends around 31:30. Here's your bait: Tonya Craft gets mentioned by name.

You're welcome,