Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crystal Mangum's New Day of Reckoning

It seems that the Duke Lacrosse Case just won't stop. Crystal Gail Mangum, the woman who lied about the original charges and set in motion an orgy of political correctness at Duke University and in the mainstream media, has been arrested on a variety of charges. It will be interesting to see if the horde of Duke faculty members, Durham racialists, feminists, and the Usual Suspects will rise up to defend the honor of Miss Crystal.

K.C. Johnson has a good and insightful post in his Durham-in-Wonderland blog, mentioning something that was overlooked during the case. Wendy Murphy, the lawyer and former prosecutor who seems to specialize in lying, claimed that there were 1,000 page in the case file that somehow would "prove" the original charges of rape, but that the attorneys were refusing to release the information. The unreleased pages were true, but Murphy's explanation was yet another lie.

The pages, which never were unsealed for public viewing by a judge but were known to both prosecution and defense, involved Mangum's mental health history. Nifong did not want the information released because he did not want the public to see just how unstable his "client" really was. At any rate, it looks as though the saga of Crystal Gail Mangum is drawing to a mad close. As they say at the end of the opera "Pagliacci," "La commedia e finite!"

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