Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Pictures from "Snowmaggedon II"

We are on the back end of a blizzard, which added nearly a foot to our current totals, and have turned the first mile of Pocahontas Road into a pile of drifts and whiteouts. Here are some pictures that I took this morning.

#1: A view of the front of our house. Our fence has disappeared under the snow (Notice the lamp post and plant hanger to the right)

#2: Looking down Pocahontas Road

#3: The McKenzie Farm; taken from our deck

#4: Habtamu (one of my two sons) enjoys life in a snow cave!

#5: Looking to our side yard and lower woods

From what I can tell, the winter is not over yet. I don't know how many inches we have received here, but I would guess that including the pre-Thanksgiving snows, we are close to 100 inches or more. A True Garrett County Winter!

While I have no pictures of Pocahontas Road south of us, the wind has drifted piles of snow, coving the right lane altogether and creating horrendous whiteout conditions. This afternoon, we drove into three of them, and I can only say that I feel for those people who are trying to navigate it after dark!

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics Anderson - thanks for passing them along. Like y'all's home... keep the wood burning.

Good see that part of MD can still get a nice bright blue sky along with the blanket of snow...