Saturday, February 6, 2010

We Have Survived the Great Blizzard of 2010

We were told when we moved to Garrett County nearly three years ago that sooner or later we would have The Big One. Here, The Big One is not an earthquake but rather a blizzard, and the Great Blizzard of 2010 has come and gone and has buried us under about 30 inches or so of snow.

Rather than telling you about it (other than we have dug ourselves out of the snow and the roads are relatively clear), I am posting some pictures that will tell some of the story.

#1 Looking up Pocahontas Road (our house is on the right)

#2 As you can see, we have to dig out our cars (the dogs seem amazed)

#3 Our neighbor, Dave Williams, helps dig out our driveway

#4 Our front-yard fence almost is covered with snow

#5 Johanna is on our deck putting out food for the birds

#6 Some Garrett County scenery just up our road

#7 My son, Alex, helps dig out the Subaru


Keenan said...

Hi Bill:

I'd seen your post on LRC and came to see the pics. Glad to see that you had some power assisted snow removal.
I'm in south suburban Pittsburgh and I think I should feel blessed as we have only 17" or 18". My one block street hasn't been touched as of 6PM.

Stay safe & Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

Bah! Take a weekend trip to Chicago, and find out what a real blizzard looks like. ;-)

Tony Pivetta said...

I saw your post on LRC, too, Prof. Anderson. I can't believe how lucky we in southeastern Michigan have been over the last few years. It seems these major snowstorms just skirt by us to dump their white havoc on the Ohio Valley and Atlantic Seaboard. By the way, is that a wintergreen Subaru Outback in your driveway? That's this family's family car!

William L. Anderson said...

You got it! It is the perfect Garrett County car. It rides great in snow, and the AC is busted!

Anonymous said...

You guys got it pretty bad. We had 28 inches in Parkville, MD.

Anonymous said...

Bill, there must be some government agency that can help you get through this blizzard. Let me find a number for somebody close by and get back to you ASAP. (wink)

Justine Valinotti said...

Now I feel lucky. The storm barely dusted my area (NYC). But, just a few miles away, in Staten Island and New Jersey, they had nearly a foot of snow!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,
I noticed some commonalities.
You have a white house with a deck, snow, 2 dogs and a wife that likes to feed the birds. Be careful with the bird seeds on the deck. Couple weeks ago our Cocker Spaniel ate some of the seeds laying around on the deck and got horribly sick and had diarrhea for 3 days. Best, Don

Adam said...

We got 2.5 feet in Clarksville, MD. The private drive I live on with five other families was cleared by midday yesterday. But the roads in our neighborhood have yet to be touched by a county plow. Latest update is that they'll be here late today or tomorrow. As a result, I tried plugging "The Privatization of Roads and Highways" by Walter Block on my FB page and got yelled at by my liberal friends.

Turbo.Monkey said...

Followed link from LRC ...

Yah ... it got pretty bad down here in Charleston SC, too. I even saw a few rain-drops that appeared to be a whitish color and floated around before they dissipated. It was scary.

William L. Anderson said...

OMG!! I'll bet they closed schools and canceled every event in Charleston! (That used to be the case in Chattanooga whenever a few flakes were in the air.)