Sunday, October 31, 2010

Len "The Narcissist" Gregor -- Again

Remember when Len "the man-Racist-Misogynist" Gregor made hay of Tonya Craft having a photo taken of herself in an evening dress? Remember his "narcissist" accusation because Tonya was a fitness instructor and worked out at a gym?

Well, it seems that "the man" loves to have his picture taken with women in scanty dress, and, as we see below, apparently he believes this enhances his image. Just who is the conceited narcissist? We present, you decide.

No doubt, those women were waiting in line to be photographed with "the man." Since these women are wearing outfits MUCH more provocative than Tonya's evening dress (which, actually, is quite classic and lovely), no doubt, in the future he will find a way to charge them with child molestation. (Hat tip to Jason Whiteside)


Anonymous said...

Are these women of legal age? It's hard to be sure as the picture is blurry, but they appear to be below 18 to my tired old eyes.

It would not surprise me that this narcissistic misogynist would be photographed with scantily clad minors and expect that he could get away with it. After all, he is "The Man" and the rules don't apply to him or other members in good standing of the Catoosa County Circus that is the LMJC.

Can anyone verify the ages of these girls? Inquiring minds would like to know but we are not holding our collective breaths.

Anonymous said...

His son was at the same race and got his photograph taken with the same two racewhores.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ole Lennie
I don't think he's really cut out to be a prosecutor.
Not only is he bad at it, he seems to be upset that he does not always win the battle, even as the cards are stacked in his favor.
He needs to change his profession.

William L. Anderson said...

Can you imagine what Gregor would have done had Tonya been photographed next to a couple of men posing provocatively? He would have made that the centerpiece of his presentation.

Basically, this tells us that Gregor really believes that other rules apply to him. If this is what the people of North Georgia want to represent "the people" in court, then you have to live with the consequences of having a fundamentally dishonest person in a place of real power.

Anonymous said...

In a North Carolina case, social services questioned "a scantily clad man" shown on a daycare's computer. The intent was to show that the husband of the owner had homosexual tendencies or appearing to look at pornography, therefore making him guilty of molesting a 3-year old boy enrolled there.

The laugh was: it was actually a screensaver on the computer of Shawn Michaels, a WWE professional wrestler. In fact, the couple collected memorabilia associated with this wrestler & had several action figures, etc. of him in a display in the daycare office.

This just goes to show that these so called "child advocacy" groups grasp at straws to try to stick someone with a molestion charge.

But it sure helps get their name out there in the media, and raises doubt, aiding & abetting to ruining an innocent person's life.

Anonymous said...

Laughing my rear end off at the moment! I like the line of being sure that they were lined up to get their picture taken with "the man". Could you imagine his mindset? He probably thinks that way. You would also think he would have at least an ounce of sense to not do these things after everything that has happened and been exposed regarding him & the LMJC. I guess it's can't fix stupid! (at least he could give it an effort though) WOW!!!!


Anonymous said...

Laughing out loud, He looks like a nerd. Can't you just imagine How big his head is..He thinks he the man!!!One day he will be the Man and I can't wait. Yes anon. 9:00 am, you can't fix stupid! Thanks Mr Anderson.