Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Troll Time

One of the standard characteristics of those who make false accusations is their adherence to a "Heads I win, tails you lose" set of rules. Whenever a troll visits this blog, we generally see that person demanding that such rules be applied to the Tonya Craft case.

The logical (I used that word carefully) construct they give usually goes something like this: O.J. Simpson was acquitted and we think he was guilty. Therefore, Tonya Craft was guilty.

Yes, this is what logicians call a non sequitur ("that does not follow"), but given that our friends in the LMJC are fond of using the non sequitur as "evidence" during trials, we should not be surprised when the trolls do it as well. Don't forget that Chris "Alberto-Facebook and Cruisemaster" Arnt and Len "The Man-Misogynist-Racist" Gregor were fond of using this rhetorical device all through Tonya's trial, and some of their examples included:
  • Tonya Craft was a fitness instructor;
  • That makes her a "narcissist";
  • Therefore, she molested children.
  • Tonya Craft was photographed wearing an evening dress;
  • Therefore, Tonya Craft is a child molester.
Now, I will say that coming from a prosecutor who wrote on a public website that being a prosecutor lets him be "the man," accusing someone else of being a narcissist is pretty rich. Likewise, Arnt's showing off before refereeing -- get this -- a KIDS' soccer game is prima facae evidence this guy is narcissistic to the core.

Furthermore, prosecutors are supposed to be able to discern what is real evidence and what is not, and they are not supposed to lie nor fabricate false "evidence" to try to win. Unfortunately, those who run the LMJC and who sit in seats of authority approve of lies, fabrications, and outrageous behavior on behalf of the "public servants" employed in that sorry excuse for a "justice" system.

Well, enough about the dishonest prosecutors. Let us now turn to our faithful troll who has been willing to share his/her wisdom with the rest of us. So, I will include some of the latest comments below:
just because Tonya Craft was found innocent does NOT mean that she didnt molest these little girls. young kids dont make that kind of stuff up. maybe all of the people on here, her "cronies" need a reality check yourself. what if it were your child who had been molested? you wouldnt be posting these ruthless comment on here then would you? i hardly believe so. its sad that all you people have to do with your lives is look at this web site to see what the latest gossip is. find something better to do with your lives than sit and stare at the computer all day. o.j. was found innocent at first as well wasnt he, but where is he now? once a child molester always a child molester.
Then there is this:
the fact of the matter is, you people have nothing better to do than sit on the internet and talk about/read about all the gossip going on in certain communities on this website. anon @ 5:39, i agree with you to an extent. yes, kids do lie, i agree with that however it is rare, if ever, that they could come up with something such as this at the age they are at. i do not believe parental influence had anything to do with this. as to the mcmartin case, i am sick of hearing about that. yes, maybe people do get accused of things they didnt do and get punished for it but at the same time people who are actually guilty are found innocent. i do not know TC or SL but this sounds to me like TC got lucky this time.
It is hard to know where to begin, but I must start somewhere. First, the person tells us that the McMartin case is irrelevant, although there were similarities in the interviewing techniques by people like Stacy Long and Suzi Thorne. That is interesting; the O.J. Simpson is relevant because he was acquitted when people believed his was guilty so, therefore, Tonya also is guilty.

However, when we point out the similarities between Tonya's case and what happened in California and elsewhere with false accusations, that does not matter. Those cases had nothing to do with this one.

I'd be willing to dismiss all of this as the ranting of a troll, but I suspect that we are hearing the same stuff with prosecutors, police, and judges in the LMJC. To a person, all of them lined up behind Buzz Franklin when he declared that the jurors were guilty of misconduct because they acquitted Tonya Craft. Not one judge, not Ralph Van Pelt, Bo Wood, nor Christina Graham, has said one thing about the blatant misconduct that went on in Brian Outhouse's courtroom. Their silence is a sign of their support.

Not one person has said anything about the (alleged) unreported ex parte meetings between House and prosecution witnesses and House and the prosecutors even though these actions violate the Georgia rules of judicial ethics (not that any judges care about ethics these days). No one tied to the LMJC has pointed out that prosecutors in Tonya's case openly suborned perjury, and no one in a position of authority seems to care that Sandra Lamb, Joal and Sarah Henke, along with Sherry Wilson, Suzi Thorne, and Tim Deal outright lied on the stand -- under oath (as though that means anything to judges and the Georgia State Bar these days).

No, instead, we get the same old message from everyone in the LMJC: O.J. Simpson was acquitted; therefore, Tonya Craft is guilty. And, then there is this most interesting LMJC syllogism:
  • There were abuses that occurred in the investigation of the McMartin and other day care cases that clearly demonstrated that children were being coached to testify to things that had not happened;
  • Investigators in the Tonya Craft case (who openly claimed they knew nothing about the McMartin case) engaged in many of the same abusive interviewing techniques that got innocent people sent to prison in other cases;
  • Therefore, Tonya Craft is guilty of child molestation.
Does this syllogism make sense? No, but then why should we be surprised. When Sandra Lamb knowingly files a false police report that I have in my files that absolutely is contradicted by the video that first was run by Channel 3, nothing happens, but the person who was assaulted, Eric Echols, is the one who is arrested. Brad Wade still sits in prison, wrongly convicted, thanks to lies told by Len "The Man" Gregor and Stacy Long. That is not due to over-zealousness; it is due to the absolute lawlessness that is firmly entrenched in the culture of the LMJC. The slogan of the LMJC is "Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation," but maybe we need to have a contest to see if there is a better slogan that can fit what goes on in there.

Maybe, it could be something like, "We lie, you cry," or "Abandon all truth, ye who enter here." I'm sure readers might have some other ideas in mind.


Lookout Spy said...

Bill, you mentioned the LMJC motto on their web page, but it gets even better. They're having a nice self congratulatory party to celebrate justice in North Georgia.

Dan said...

Our founders thought enough of the presumption of innocence to make that concept THE central heart-beat of our Republic. There is nothing more important than that.... nothing.

Think about that.

KC Sprayberry said...

Ah, Dan, but you have to realize that Georgia goes by 'English' law. The same laws our forefathers used to establish our Bill of Rights, to ensure no one in this country had to suffer at the hands of the ruling entity and their law enforcement personnel violating. But Progressives, or socialistic/liberals have changed everything to the way they see things, how they say 'our forefathers would have done things in the present'. They need a severe reality check they keep claiming we need - to understand those rights are as important now as they were then. Hearing a politician justifying a law to 'protect the children' turns my blood cold as I now know their only objective is to harm as many children as possible through a violation of our rights.

William L. Anderson said...

Good point, KC. Indeed, what we know as Progressivism really was an overthrowing of everything that made this country America. By the way, for everyone who thinks that Progressivism somehow fought racism, it was the Progressives that produced the Jim Crow laws. Two of the worst racists in the White House were Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, and it was Wilson who brought the Jim Crow policies to the federal government.

The person who wrote one of the most offensive books during that era was a Southern minister and a big-time Progressive. So, we can see what happens when we adopt the view that government is the Entity That Gives Us All Good Things when applied to "justice."

As for this "salute," well, I think I have my subject for Thursday, do I not? Thanks, LS!! I will have at it, believe me.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that it must have been fall break for the middle school judging by the content of the troll drive-by posts. They can't spell, don't even make it past the first rung on bloom's taxonomy, and the tone sounded just like a middle-schooler.

Doc Ellis 124 said...

Folks have been using the excuse protect the children to assault other folks for years.

Trish said...

Guess I am one of those sad people who don't have a life!! Wrong, I have a great life, but the LMJC did their best to destroy my family, so I will check in here often and comment and support this blog!!

Anonymous said...

Amen Trish, So will I, They have destroyed our lives. And I will do what ever it takes, One day it will happen, I love and support this blog!!!

justiceseeker51 said...

This is about that poor child in North Carolina, Zahre Baker. They found her prosthetic leg. It is so so sad.

Hickory Daily Record

maria said...

They are destroying our family too. I'm a supporter as well

Anonymous said...

Seems another "bad apple" that our resident troll likes to cite has floated to the top of the barrel. Let's plant some dope on the TrollTard, call the cops, get him busted for it, and then see how he likes the feeling. I say again, it's not asking too much to expect law enforcement to do its job in a fair and equitable manner.

Captain Liberty said...

It is not surprising that the gunverment are nothing more than criminals them selves. Here in New Hampshire they stole a baby 16 hours after her birth, with no charges ever filed against the parents.
Thankfully they got their daughter back (very rare). So maybe there is some hope after all (though I doubt it.) All they need is an accusation, not evidence. Tonya's kids WERE coached on what to say, which is how the kidnappers operate in order to get a conviction.