Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taking a Day Off

My day job beckons today, which means I am taking off a day from the blog. I still have the discrepancies from the police interviews in the Jacobson case to publish this week (thanks to Kerwyn), and I also want to do a feature on some good cops who have been wrongfully punished by the system. My apologies, but I do have to remember that Frostburg State is paying me to do certain things, and I need to do them!


justiceseeker51 said...

You go Bill. You deserve time off.

Many thanks for what you do. You have opened many peoples eyes on the injustices in this country.

So, Enjoy your day....

Anonymous said...

We do what we have to do, We Under stand. But don't for get us, We all love your blog. Thanks for every thing. People eyes are being open to all the corruption that is going on..Thanks again..

justiceseeker51 said...

Has anyone seen the coverage on the Zahra Baker case? It is so mind-boggling.

Kerwyn said...


The imbalance in the CPS system remains mindbloggling. From Florida where a girl in foster care has been missing for YEARS and the CPS there has just figured it out, to the strong arm intrusion into innocent peoples' lives, CPS is out of control.

Do you realize that a child is 30% more likely to DIE in CPS care than in their own home, even a "bad home"?

I hate to say this, but Zahra is just one of thousands that CPS had involvement with that has had a terrible outcome. Worse yet, the family is coming forward to tell about how horrible her life was. WHERE THE HELL WERE THEY when this horrible life was going on? If some stupid cow told me her hands hurt from spanking a child, I would turn her in in a heart beat. I wouldn't do it anon either, I would face her.Now CPS is refusing to talk about the case, you know, the one they didn't bother to investigate.

CPS does this; here is the complaint. They go into the home see it is all tidy and nice and the parents tell a nice story. They interview the kid casually and decide oh the kid is lying or they don't bother to interview at all. OR they go into the home, it is all nice and tidy, BUT the complaint is real juicy so they interview the kid till they get what they want and then destroy the family. Even when the family is obviously innocent.

What Bill writes about here are a couple of cases out of thousands, yes thousands of cases that are damn near the same.

First you start with the pissed off Ex (wife/husband/grandparents,ect), maybe a pissed off ex friend or neighbor. Toss in a little, "I am sure my daughter/son was molested because "insert stupid claim here". Be sure the accuser has plenty of time alone with the child to reinforce this with the little one. Proceed to the "interview" of the child. Be sure to question over and over the child's statement until you get what you want (and the innocent child believes it too), proceed to prosecute said person and destroy their relationship with family, friends, lose their jobs, homes, savings and reputation.

It is more important to do that, than it is to do the job and do it right.

justiceseeker51 said...

Yes, just like, or compared to Tonya's case. She was and is Blessed that she was found not guilty.

Plus I've had dealings with them too. My niece from two and one-half years old to eight and one-half years old, lived with me and was taken away by SS and CPS and given back to her bio-mom.

She had just got out of prison for 'manslaughter', where she had shot and killed her fiance. Not my sister, the child was(is) my brothers.

She was being mistreated there and is now in a 'Theraputic Foster Home.'

They WOULD NOT send her to me(that would have solved everything).

In and out of foster homes, instead of with the Family that raised(nurtured) her.

She is almost seven-teen now, about two months,(yes you count it down) and I pray this is the last time she has to be moved....if she's safe that is.

I've ranted on....but YES I know their games, and how they destroy childrens and those that care about thems lives.

Anonymous said...

Wondering if anyone knows if the judges/prosecutors are up for reelection this November?