Friday, February 11, 2011

Eric Echols -- Free at Last!

Well, a milestone of sorts was reached in Catoosa County the other day as LMJC ADA Alan Norton told the court, in essence, that the truth could not convict Eric Echols of a crime, so charges against Eric would be dropped. Norton did not add that the charge was a lie in the first place and that while his office was willing to lie and suborn perjury in court, apparently Buzz does not want to have someone make him look bad again.

Someone asked the following in the comment section of a previous post:
Charges against Eric Echols were dropped by the DA's office yesterday. Question. If a young child's coerced statement is sufficient evidence to railroad a woman to trial (keep in mind a child's statement is all they have sometimes), why isnt a video of an undeniable assault on a black man not sufficient evidence to at least charge her?
THAT is a very, very good question. Obviously, the LMJC and Buzz Franklin are not interested in pursuing those involved in committing real felonies (it is a felony to bring a false criminal report, not to mention commit perjury and suborn perjury), and now they find that it also might be difficult to bring false charges against an innocent person.

At this writing, Sandra Lamb, Joal and Sarah Henke, Dewayne and Sherri Wilson, Jerry McDonald, Suzi Thorne, Tim Deal, Chris Arnt and Len Gregor, all of whom committed felonies (and did so openly) during the case, are still at large. Deal is armed and dangerous. Approach all of them with caution, as they are people who know they have a free pass to break any law of their own choosing.

On the other hand, Eric is now free to pursue his life again, and for that I am grateful. As for the people who tried to take away that life, don't forget that the Georgia State Bar, the Georgia Attorney General, and the various judges that sit in the LMJC are not God.

From what I understand, all of the perps I listed claim to believe in God. Perhaps they should heed these words from Galatians 6:7: "Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap." (ESV)

Future Posts: I will have more on Joe Mohwish's case, and I am about ready to start blogging on the charges against Michael Rasmussen in Charles County, Maryland. Both involve prosecutorial misconduct in a big way, and both clearly are based upon false charges.


Anonymous said...

That is great news for Mr. Echols and his family!!!! Mr. Anderson, some of those key players will never be charged, like Sandra Lamb. In this county it is who you know and how much money you got...all politics! So due to politics they can walk around and get away with anything. This is a disgrace to everyone else who are actually GOOD law following people!

justiceseeker51 said...

It's that way everywhere in Smalltown, USA...Sad to say.

Doc Ellis 124 said...

Greetings Dr Anderson,

I shared this as 'Bill Anderson- Prostitutor Admits Charges Won't Stick'

Thank you for writing this

Doc Ellis 124

Cyril Lucar said...

Since the attach on Echols is demonstrably racially motivated (at least in part), could a case be made that the arrest of Echols (after being the victim of a racially motivated attack) is also a racially motivated crime? If that is the case, is there any the federal prosecutors could get involved in investigating LMJD? Should not Echols file a suit against the district attorney's office for violating his civil rights? Just sayin'.