Sunday, February 13, 2011

Maricopa County: You Cannot Make Up This Stuff

The Jacobson case goes on and on (and on), but there are some important developments. At a recent deposition, the Jacobson attorney deposed social worker Jennifer Ingalls, who accused police of asking leading questions of the children being interviewed. (Yes, I had to pull myself off the floor after hearing this.)

But, it gets better. The Jacobson attorney in his deposition with Det. Terge Boe, the illustrious "sex crimes" investigator in Phoenix, asked Boe if he asked leading questions, and if he had come to a conclusion first, and then tried to frame the questions to get the answers he wanted. Boe answered..."yes."

In places where prosecutors have an IQ of greater than 3, such admissions from the principal investigators would tell the DA's office that this is not evidence, but rather a toxic waste dump from which anyone with any sense would flee. However, this case is in Maricopa County, Arizona, where prosecutors compete with one another to see who can be named the biggest idiot in the state.

The ironically-named Noble Murphy (from now on to be called Ignoble Murphy) is the prosecutor in this case, and he declared to the Jacobson's attorney that he "has not lost a cast in seven years," which is a pretty stupid reason to continue this one.

In other words, Ignoble believes that the whole thing is nothing more than a game, which I doubt he would believe if his own life or the life of someone in his family were at stake. This is the kind of arrogance that permeates not only the DA's office in Maricopa County, but prosecutorial offices around this country.


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liberranter said...

I cannot say it often enough: never, EVER underestimate the capacity of the State of Arizona's "legal" system to engage in self-destructive stupidity. The only shock here would have been if the prosecution team and the cops had acted with integrity and decency.

Carola said...

These people are UNBELIEVABLE. To add to what Bill said above. The Forensic Interviewer, Jennifer, Ingalls, also said protocol was not followed. Normally the Forensic Interviewer conducts the interviews and the cops only sit in and take notes. When Detective Boe was asked why he didn't follow protocol he answered: "Those kids were not forthcoming and I felt I could get it out of them." Makes you wonder who he think he is that he knows more. Maybe, just maybe if the kids say no, it didn't happen, maybe it really didn't. But that was not good enough for our Supercop. The interesting part was also that the family had been making allegations against the school district here which the prosecution never bothered to investigat nor disclose. Plus CPS had been investigating that family but it would have been asked too much for the prosecution to investigate that or disclose it to the defense. Oh and the reason that Det. Boe gave why he thought that my son was the perpetrator was: He is the oldest!. Now there is Maricopa County justice at its finest!

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