Friday, February 11, 2011

The Ordeal of Michael Rasmussen, Part I

For almost a year, this blog has dealt with false accusation cases all over the country, and now I will be focusing on a case in the state where I have lived for nearly a decade: Maryland. As in the Tonya Craft case in North Georgia, the Jacobson situation in Phoenix, Arizona, and other cases that I have highlighted, I find that prosecutorial and police misconduct is not relegated to one location. Indeed, the disease of dishonesty in "law enforcement" is widespread.

Michael Rasmussen is a Washington, D.C., firefighter who is a year older and I, and who faces a life in prison if convicted of child molestation/sexual battery charges. The location is Charles County, a bedroom community of Washington, and a solid Democratic Party stronghold. (I emphasize this to point out that there is no political thread running through these false accusation cases, as both Republicans and Democrats are equal-opportunity liars and perjurers.)

Mr. Rasmussen and his wife contacted me last fall and told me their story. Michael had been accused by his 25-year-old daughter of molesting her when she was a young child, and then a cousin made similar charges as well. Since real-live sexual predators tend to prefer either boys or girls but not both, this point alone rang some very loud bells.

Although he promised to send me some material, I did not hear again from him for a long time. That was due in large part because prosecutors did not have ample evidence by which to make the charges stick, and it became apparent that the charges would be dropped.

Unfortunately, shortly before that was to happen, Mr. Rasmussen's cousin once again made charges that his uncle had sodomized and molested him, and this time the authorities arrested Mr. Rasmussen and put him under a million dollars bond, and he is in jail to be held until his first trial begins later this month. (Prosecutors have decided to hold three separate trials for him to deal with three different accusers. This is being done in order to bleed him financially to a point where he no longer can afford any representation but a court-ordered lawyer who will be under pressure to make a plea deal.)

(The "bite of the apple" strategy was made famous by Janet Reno, who used the one-child-at-a-time against Grant Snowden when she made the allegations of mass child molestation her top prosecutorial priority. Before Reno was done and moved to Washington, where she immediately launched the biggest government-caused massacre since Wounded Knee, she was a major player in the sex abuse hysteria cases that destroyed thousands of lives in this country. Reprehensible people -- and few people in this country's history have been more reprehensible than Reno -- use reprehensible tactics when evidence is not on their side. This time, the "Janet Reno" of Maryland is Anthony B. Covington, State's Attorney for Charles County Maryland.)

As I noted in a post earlier this month, America has a huge false accusation industry. It provides news for journalists, a way for vengeful ex-spouses or former boyfriends/girlfriends to get revenge or make the other person essentially disappear into prison, and lots of opportunities for police and prosecutors to be feted as heroes in the media.

In other words, it provides something for everyone -- except the innocent, who often face either prison or financial ruin. Furthermore, I see absolutely no stop to this holocaust because people in authority don't care or are craven, and most journalists get most of their news from the very people who are lying to them.

A week ago, I believed that Michael Rasmussen was headed for prison and there was little I could do except to rail against these charges. However, facts are stubborn things, and Kerwyn (who does research for me and who keeps me on an even keel when it comes to interpreting the facts) has unearthed a treasure trove of exculpatory material in just five days of digging.

The only reason that this case will come to trial is because of the brute force of the law, and the desire of prosecutors to go after the innocent. That's right; I believe that many prosecutors in this country have no conscience and would just as soon convict an innocent person as opposed to someone who is guilty. (No, not all prosecutors are so craven, but we are seeing a form of "Gresham's Law" at work in which the dishonest people drive out those who are honest.)

As I will demonstrate in future posts, the case against Michael Rasmussen is built upon lies. We will give proof -- proof -- that a police detective lied in writing her notes and deliberately presented a false picture of a recorded phone conversation between Mr. Rasmussen and his daughter. Keep in mind that the case is built around a supposed two-plus hour interview in which the detective alleges Mr. Rasmussen "confessed" to the accusations.

However, the police interrogation was not recorded or even memorialized in any reliable way, the police notes from the session give information that clearly contradicts what was said in the father-daughter phone conversation, and there are other red-flag issues with the accusers, their stories, and their family histories.

In other words, there is much to cover. I have no doubt that Michael Rasmussen is innocent of the charges, and I will defend him, his current wife, and I will have a first-rate researcher behind me. Over the next few weeks, much of this blog will be dedicated to getting out the information that can save Mr. Rasmussen's life, and that can keep his family from being destroyed by a vengeful ex-wife and a daughter who openly and clearly did not want her father to remarry.

We can be sure of a number of things: The police will lie; the prosecution witnesses will lie; and the prosecutors will do everything they can to avoid the truth. We also can be sure that Kerwyn, others that care, and I will do what we can to get out the information so that Michael Rasmussen can have a fighting chance to live.


Michael McNutt said...

If u and your researcher(s) do half the job you did with some of the other cases I not only look forward to reading but am sure that Mr. Rasmussen will be freed by jury. Go get 'em Mr. Anderson!

MikeZPurdue said...

I just want to say again: God bless you Prof Anderson! "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me." God be with you as you fight the good fight!

Doc Ellis 124 said...


Shared as 'Bill Anderson- Prostitutors Burn Firefighter With Lies'

Thank you for writing this

Doc Ellis 124

RTW3153 said...

God Speed Bill and Crew ! Mike is in great need of your help! Your words ring loud of alot of case's in good old Southern Maryland!

Kerwyn said...

part one

As I have dug through the many layers of this case, what is presented on the surface is, indeed, not the truth.

The truth is a much more shaded and complex beast. The truth is, his daughter, angry that he dare to not only marry another woman, but treat that woman's children as his own, decided to make him pay for that perceived betrayal.

In 1995 she was interviewed by a Forensic Psychologist (she was 10). For over an hour, she made, per the notes, "vehement" denials that her father had ever touched her and in fact named other children and adults who could stand as witnesses to that fact.

His then wife, was also interviewed and had the same response. What makes that important is now this girl-woman is claiming she is "just" remembering the abuse that she NOW claims happened around that time. Of course her claims are interspersed with comments like "I have always remembered this." Her claims do NOT include any time of touching. Her claims are "he rubbed against me" BUT "you didn't grab me, hold me,shove me."

Kerwyn said...

Part two
I ask the readers this question. How does a man of over 6 feet rub his groin against the buttocks of a 7 year old without holding on? Inquiring minds and all that.

She also now claims he was drunk all the time (contrary to what his then wife states AND statements by the children and neighbors who "hung" at his house). She now also claims he choked and beat that now ex wife "all her life". This comment from her not only shocked her close friends but his as well. Interestingly, her close friends deny any of this. They say he was not a drunk, he never touched his wife or daughter and in fact the wife "ran" the house, not him.

I know, if the first accusation doesn't work, keep throwing shit at the wall until something sticks...

This girlwoman is a piece of work and the detectives are not detecting. They are trying to find (or create) a set of facts to fit an already decided finding regardless of the truth.

In a phone call that lasts 140 minutes, this girlwoman batters this man in one of the most brutal mental and emotional abuse I have ever listened to in an attempt to make him "confess". She eventually gets him to agree that because he was "drunk" he probably doesn't remember. The police claim this is a confession of guilt. This confession comes after the first 70 minutes of this verbal battering. While sobbing terrible chest heaving sobs, he states I dont know, I guess maybe the rubbing could have happened, I don't know.


RTW3153 said...

Someone should take a hard look at the police to see if they followed their SOP's, General Orders in taping this phone call or calls. I wonder how much time was spend by the police in getting the daughter ready to make the phone call? Thank you for your post. Justice must be honored!

Six said...

Thanks for writing about this! I look forward to following this case. This is one of the things that makes the internet so wonderful!

Jennifer said...

The sad thing is, this isn't the first time an innocent person has been accused and it won't be the last. Not until we stand up and tell them to stop. Thank you Mr. Anderson and Kerwyn for what you do. When Tonya was fighting for her life, I kept thinking, things like this don't happen. It's just a fluke. A one time wrongful accusation. Turns out, she's not the only one. It needs to stop.

kbp said...

We're waiting for more here!

Teri vanderberg said...

Mr. Anderson,Thank you for caring and expressing the truth. This is a modern day witch hunt and our family fell into its net as well. As our oldest daughter says "as long as a child say's I was touched" all men are at risk... that's our tragic story. My husband of 30 years was given 25 to life, with no evidence,just he said/she said.Our hearts broken, our two daughters have been cheated out of having there father in there lives for the past 6 years. We continue to fight, because innocent people should not be behind bars.

maria said...

Miss Santa Ana teen I saw your post how sad! We are in the same boat right now, my husband was accused by 2 boys last year stating he touched their buttocks in front of 26 other children. We are fighting for our family right now. Court hearing is planned for march. We have 4 children, of which 2 are adopted from overseas and they are scared to death. I tried to look up truth cafe but couldn't get to the webpage. I would love to hear your story.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that there are some who are wrongfully accused. However I feel you and your first rate reseacher are misguided on this one. Let's see, THREE different accusers, THREE, now I'm not rushing to judgement and claiming he is guilty, but I definately wouldn't jump on your innocent bandwagon.
You claim he is being accused because his daughter did not want him to remarry. What reason did the other two accuser have? If the nephew was actually the first to accuse him, why would he do that? why would his nephew not want him to remarry? Could it be that he found out that his Uncle, was marrying a woman who had children, young children, children of the age he was when his Uncle "allegedly" molested him? Could it be, that his nephew feared that those children might get molested by his Uncle?
Why was the daughter and ex-wife questioned by a Forensic Psychologist when the daughter was ten?
I understand that you believe all law enforcement, prosecuters and Judges are convicting innocent people everyday, but I think you're way of base with this one.

Anonymous said...

I think it is sad, you have a father who dearly loves his daughter, a man who loves his cousin and through all of this could have plea bargained out and not had to go through this but he maintains his innocence. It would have been so much easier to do what most people do in these cases but Mr. Rassmussen has chosen to to fight and maintain his innocence. it is a pity that it seems everyone is losing all the way around. The daughter loses her father, a cousin loses, Bexky loses a husband and Becky's kids miss out on being in a family. If Mr. Rassmussen is innocent and in this country you are innocent until proven guilty everyone has lost.

Anonymous said...

You of all of all people Mr. Anderson can imaginge how hard it would be to have your family ripped away from you, being a father and husband. Now put yourself in Mr. rasmussen's daughters shoes at the age of ten. no matter what your father has done or may not have done to you, he still is your father, and you love him. if she knew that confessing about her fathers actions towards her would rip her family apart, shed do everything in her power to prevent that, even if it meant denying her dad ever did anything to make her feel uncomfortable. his daughter wasnt mad about him getting re-married, or treating his other children like his own, she simply found the strength inside herself to testify, and later on in life she realized that what Mr. Rasmussen did to her is not okay, or normal by any means. i condem her for speaking now even though it is late, than never speaking up at all. it is people like you mr. anderson that give in to the lies, and pleas of innocence coming from sex offenders. what if this had happened to one of your children, and there is someone like you on the side of the offender. you dont know his daughter, so dont assume anything. do you really believe she would want to live through seeing her father being put in jail if there really was no reason, and receiving all these judgements made about her from people whove never even met her. the answer to that is no. i hope that michael rasmussen and others like him spend the rest of their lives in prayers go out to his daughter, ex-wife, and all his other unfortunate victims.

Anonymous said...

when i asked my husband if he molested my daughter when she was 14 he said yes only once and i was drunk, then when i had police question my 5 year old to be sure she was not touched my husband set out to make me look crazy, the police said the statue of limitations had run out and he couldnt be prosecuted even though my molested daughter had sought counseling with others but did not tell her mother so there are people who can verifiy her claim. My husband is still free around other young girls. Where is justice?