Friday, June 17, 2011

The evil Nancy Grace

On Lew Rockwell's blog today, I have a column about Nancy Grace, whom I consider to be the most evil television personality, and there is a long line of evil people in that genre.

Here is a person who as a prosecutor lied simply because she knew she could get away with it, and someone who actually believes that the Rights of the Accused are the product of totalitarianism, and the legal assumption of guilt is the product of freedom. Yes, Big Brother (or maybe Big Sister) lives.


Anonymous said...

Thank's for keeping us informed, on all the corrupt people. What can we do, there has got to something..

justiceseeker51 said...

I hope you don't mind me "spreading" all this news around about the liar she truly is. I've always thought of her as Nancy DisGrace myself. lol

Thanks for the research, and ALL that you continue doing. You are ONE great person, and KC follows as another one.

Anonymous said...

That is what she is, a Disgrace to the human race. I feel sorry for these people, Believe it or not,
they are going to stand before God one day. Woe beyond to them.

A Voice of Sanity said...

One thing I have never seen her do is to analyze evidence and draw reasoned conclusions from that. I suspect she doesn't have that ability - jumping to conclusions is her stock in trade.

Despite her crazy rants against Casey Anthony, if you follow the rules and assume Anthony is innocent you wind up with a reasonable argument and conclusion. Assuming guilt immediately leads to all sorts of difficulties, as the jury observed.

The same applies to many of her hated targets and is especially noticeable in her 'book' which I reviewed here.