Friday, March 2, 2012

Will Buzz prosecute REAL child molesters? Probably not.

The LMJC is a study in the worst kind of "justice" there is: the innocent are prosecuted and convicted, while people who obviously are guilty get a free pass. We see yet another example in the following story in which a Catoosa County deputy was fired for having a "relationship" with an underage female:
A Catoosa County deputy has been fired for having relations with a juvenile girl.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating the matter, did not return phone calls seeking more information.

District attorney Herbert "Buzz" Franklin said the deputy had a relationship with a juvenile female.

"Subsequent to the completion of the investigation the case ... a decision will be made as to whether or not charges will be filed," the district attorney said. "(GBI) special agent James Harris is the case agent for the investigation."

“Deputy Stephen Crossen was terminated yesterday for violating departmental policy,” sheriff Phil Summers said in a news release Thursday. “Mr. Crossen has been employed by the Sheriff’s Office for approximately 5½ years.
Well, it sounds serious, right? Except read the following line:
“Apparently misinformation has been provided to news sources and I felt it was important to correct this information,” the sheriff said. “Mr. Crossen was not arrested and to my knowledge, an arrest is not imminent."
There you have it, folks. A deputy in the LMJC engages in the very least a technical form of "child molestation" and who knows what else, and there is no arrest, nothing. To be honest, I am even surprised the Sheriff Phil Summers fired him, given that one of his employees, Det. Tim Deal, fabricated a document during a trial, something that everyone, including Summers, knew was happening.

During the Tonya Craft trial, lawbreaking at every official level occurred, and now we see official lawbreaking continuing. Yet, if you are in the "right" group in the LMJC, you can break the law and get away with it. And this is not the first time a deputy in the LMJC has been able to get away with acts that result in prison for those not wearing the proper LMJC costumes.

So, my advice to men who have a fetish for young girls is that they first get hired in the LMJC, and then what previously was against the law suddenly will become legal. That is the law in Northwest Georgia, unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

Well to be fair to the deputy, he is innocent until proven guilty, but if he has indeed broken the law, they will probably just cover it up as they have so many other instances.

William L. Anderson said...

He doesn't have to worry about being "proven guilty" because he has not been arrested, won't be arrested, and won't be charged with any crimes. In the LMJC, the costume one wears determines whether or not one is permitted to break the law.

Anonymous said...

Good article... the sick thing is that this goes on all over and gets swept under the carpet. It is all about who you know and who is greasing the pot. Why you figure our prison's have more in them than any other country? Can you just imagine say at 5% of them being innocent? That alone speaks volumes about our have's and have not's. Truth doesn't even come into play anymore in our country I find that really messed up.

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve said...

If "innocent until proven guilty" was really practiced in Catoosa County, then Tanya Craft would have never been placed on trial. A total lack of evidence was no bar to a prosecutorial witch hunt led by Buzzard's minions, aided by Tim "Crooked" Deal and the rest of the toadies in Summers' office. Doc Anderson is correct. This deputy won't be charged or arrested because the judicial system's Boss Hogs won't allow it.

BTW, Channel 3 had a report that this deputy was one of the named defendants in Eric's suit over his phony arrest at Sandra Lamb's behest and aided by her good buddy Persecutor Chris Aint. Don't know if the report is true but it should not be surprising if it is. All the more reason he will never see an arrest or trial.

Anonymous said...

I do not care who you are, when these people can get away with this is beyound me, And they lie and send innocent people to prison I have a proublem with that. If there are not some changes made, then we need to make the changes happen.

Doc Ellis 124 said...

Greetings Dr Anderson


Thank you for writing this essay

Doc Ellis 124

Anonymous said...

What is so incredibly frustrating to me about the LMJC is that like backwoods provincialism or provincialism or in a third world country, it is in fact a matter of whether you are with the “in group” or the “out group” that determines how you are treated by the “law”.

Unfortunately I don’t see any way out of that predicament except for the counties of NW Georgia to “grow” out of it. Either more folks already there “grow up” or more “grown-ups” move into the area as metro Chattanooga expands. Realistically, I think there is more likelihood of the latter than the former.

A reader from Atlanta

William L. Anderson said...

I think that classifying the "justice" system of Northwest Georgia as "Third World" is accurate. We moved to Dade County in 1964, and I will not forget the shock that I had in seeing a county full of tumble-down shacks that were little better than what we see in Third-World cities.

While the region has made economic progress since then, its government entities are decidedly Third World and I don't think there will be any change. The LMJC is hopeless, as I see it.

Anonymous said...

You are right Mr Anderson, But we need to sit on the court house lawn and march, or do something, Till these people stop this, If we raise enough hell, someone is going to do something.That is our problem we let them get by with it.

Anonymous said...

This is where I draw the line, Anyone in Office now, need's to be replaced, putting the same ones in year after year, is why we have these problem's. in my opinion they should not spend but one term in any office, That goes for Judge's sheriff's DA's and ADA's. term only.

liberranter said...

Once again, as long as the majority remains acquiescent, there will never be any change. In the LMJC, the majority is clearly apathetic, ignorant, intimidated, sympathetic to the predatory behavior of the powers that be, or some combination of all four.

As for the idea of the region's population "growing out" of their backward criminality, or alternatively, the nature of the region changing through an influx of more "enlightened" immigrants, I seriously doubt that either will ever happen. First of all, what internal or external sociological influences exist that would cause a change in attitudes that have been entrenched in this region for well over two hundred years? If the cataclysmic sociological and political events of the late 1960s and early 1970s had no measurable effect on the behavior and attitudes of either the region's governing powers or the population at large from which such hail, it's hard to imagine that anything else will either. Second, what possible motivation would there be for anyone from more "sophisticated" or "enlightened" (for lack of more appropriate terms) regions of the nation to move in large numbers to the region within the LMJC (or its neighbors)? Certainly there is no economic draw, nor is there an obvious cultural attraction for anyone who might vastly improve things.

To be fair, the region encompassed by the LMJC is by no means unique in its barbarity and criminality, which is rapidly engulfing all of Amerika. I'm also not sure that the aforementioned "sophisticated" or "enlightened" regions of the nation that could serve as infusion of decency and justice into the LMJC even exist anymore, if they ever did in the first place.

All of the above said, however, the LMJC seems to represent the template for all that is wrong with Amerika's "justice" [sic] system and the current perverse practice of "law enforcement." If it can't be fixed here, it can't be fixed anywhere.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

first of all, the age of the person the deputy was with was over 16 years of age. the age of consent in Georgia. this officer has brought disgrace on his oath and the department however, not violated state law. he should never be allowed to work in law enforcement again. you can't make up the laws to suit your desires Mr, Anderson. as far as Detective Deal is concerned, it was proven he did not fabricate any documents. If he had, he would have answered for it in Federal court. I do find it interesting that her attorney used the exact same cookie cutter defense in a California case as he used in Craft case, however when it did not work so well, he was told to flee by Ms. Craft's attorney. "Real man of integrity." What you people dont know, you just make up. I do have serious concerns about Mr. Anderson's intentions. It seems he is a little more interested in defending child abuse defendants. Maybe getting close to home. never know I guess! All we know for sure is that he lies for his own strange purposes. wander whats his intetest really are?

liberranter said...

Anonymous 12:09 apparently intends to point out that the skool sisdumb in the LMJC is just as abominable as the "justice" system.

Anonymous said...

It may be that the individual did not violate a law with that one young girl. However, the inquiry should not have stopped there, just like it would not have stopped for joe-citizen. The questions "we" would have to endure are: well, he obviously likes young girls, so who else did he approach?, Or, does he attend sporting events where young girls are found? Or, does he have young girls over for his daughter's birthday? When joe-citizen denies the implication of the question (that joe citizen is a predator), that denial just reinforces their beleif in guilt. After all, the guilty are in denial. They tear up an individual's life history, trying to make something out of nothing, ruining reputations during the process. That way, if there is an acquittal, the person is ruined all the same.

So while the officer lost his job in the public eye, his buddies are privately slapping him on the back and making sure he gets a job in another jurisdiction. Sorry, I just dont buy that this officer would be so disgraced for what appears to be full compliance with the law.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:09 am. You must be of those LMJC Outfits, That get away with your wrong doing's. And someone like Mr Anderson, That can point out the truth, Then he is the bad guy. Let me tell you from personnel experience, They lie all the way down, Judges Da, Ada, All of them, And people like you need a taste of wrong doing. And I do not wish ill will to any one, But my friend you need rude awaking, And one day you might just get it.

Anonymous said...

"well, he obviously likes young girls, so who else did he approach?,"

That's exactly the kind of investigation Anderson would jump on as a witch hunt. Anon 12:09 came to the wrong place to defend anyone involved on the prosecution side of the justice system. This site is nothing but a gathering of anti-goverment, tin foil hat wearing nuts.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:28, I posted that. I am an attorney who has been closely involved with several criminal investigations of clients. That is exactly the sort of questioning I have personally witnessed from law enforcement. I also have personally witnessed agents who lie on the stand, prosecutors who lie to juries, and judges, knowing they are lying, yet who go along anyway. And it results in innocent people being imprisoned. I am not anti-government, I am anti-lying government. When I read the "tin foil" comments I just chuckle. You can cheerlead for the liars if you want. But you are just part of the ever-growing problem.

Rob said...

Anonymous @ 3/6/12 12:09 AM:

Once again I'm a bit late to the party, but I'll note for the record that you have not provided any sources for the claims you made. I challenge you to provide them - if you have any.