Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Way to go, Norton; you "won" a "victory"

The Times-Free Press today is reporting that James Combs has given a guilty plea of "cruelty to children" in exchange for the office of Mr. Perjury (Buzz Franklin) dropping charges against Mr. Combs of "child molestation." James will serve no time and will be on probation for six years.

The article is self-explanatory and I won't add anything to it except to say that it is utterly clear to anyone (besides officers of Perjury Central, LMJC) that Tim "Dirty" Deal manipulated the boys in the taped interviews to make the accusations against Mr. Combs. Dr. Nancy Aldridge, one of the world's best experts in questioning children about molestation and sexual abuse, was going to testify for the defense that Dirty's questioning was coercive and misleading.

That is not how Alan "I Sold My Soul" Norton puts it. According to the TFP, he claims to "believe the children," but did not want to put them through any more trauma. That is rich; the LMJC coached Sandra Lamb's daughter, the McDonald girl, and Tonya Craft's daughter and had no problem with having them lie on the stand.

No, Norton was able to play on Mr. Comb's real fears that he was walking into a courtroom where none other than Brian House sat as a judge (although the man at best is qualified to change sheets at a roach motel). Knowing House's penchant for trying to rig a trial, Mr. Combs decided not to risk the lies and abuse that surely would follow. I can understand what he did, and I believe fully in his innocence.

Keep in mind that Norton was going to claim that almost as soon as Mr. Combs walked into the classroom as a substitute teacher almost two years ago, he openly began molesting children. Right. And, no, the kids did not get the story straight, but stuff like that does not matter when Mr. Perjury is the DA.

I wish the Combs family well, and I wish nothing but ill for Alan Norton and his career as a professional liar. The LMJC is nothing but a cesspool, a repository for liars, sex perverts, and outright criminals wearing suits, blue costumes, and judges' robes. But, as long as voters in Northwest Georgia are happy with the status quo, nothing is going to change.

So, I guess Norton has "made his bones." Given that the LMJC makes the worst Third World dictatorships look good, I guess it is not hard to win "the big one."


Trish said...

If they had a real case, they never would have let him plead to the lesser charge and no it wasn't about the kids. I am glad it is over for James and Maria, yet sad that he had to plead guilty to anything, when in my heart I am sure he is just another victim in this county.

Anonymous said...

They let a person charged with child molestation plead to a charge that will receive no jail time so he can roam the streets? If that doesnt scream NO CASE, then nothing does. It makes me shudder to think what lies the DA told to the grand jury to get an indictment. But seeing the cast of characters involved, it's not difficult to imagine that the lies were many, and often. Unless you have a million dollars to spare for a defense, it simply is not worth ever stepping foot in the LMJC.

liberranter said...

Keep in mind that Norton was going to claim that almost as soon as Mr. Combs walked into the classroom as a substitute teacher almost two years ago, he openly began molesting children. Right.

If there is a silver lining to this legal abomination and miscarriage of justice, it is that anyone even considering taking a "job" as a corrections officer, er, "teacher" in a public "school" will think twice, thrice, four times, and then toss the idea into the trash. Why anyone with a single functioning brain cell or sense of self-worth would set themselves up to be victimized by amoral, conniving, lying little illiterate bastards and their equally reprehensible "parents" simply eludes me.

Mr. Combs, I'm sorry that you were coerced into pleading to ANYTHING. I wish you and your family well, and please, PLEASE consider another line of work. Any institution that puts someone in the position that led to your situation deserves to be shut down!

Anonymous said...

What about Channel Slime (9). I saw when they reported Mr Combs' arrest and it was like they already had him convicted. Now, what they reported never even happend. So, where's their journalistic integrity in the form of a retraction? They should fix what they helped do to this family and they are mum!

Anonymous said...

I am glad everything turned out for Mr Combs, And as for the LMJC there is not any way they are going to change. And as for as Channel slime, yes they should fix the damage they have done, But as for me i have not watched them since the Craft trial.

Anonymous said...

You can not vote them out if no one runs against them.

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve said...

Tonight’s edition of the CBS program 60 Minutes had a feature on the Michael Morton case in Texas. Arrested for the murder of his wife, sentenced to life, he spent 25 years in prison. His attorney always suspected there was exculpatory evidence being withheld by the persecution and, finally, when the Innocence Project was able to get a copy of the case file, that evidence became known. Not only that, DNA found on evidence recovered at the scene, linked the crime to a known sex offender and the case of another victim who was murdered AFTER the persecutor had railroaded Morton. Michael Morton’s persecutor was named Prosecutor of the Year in Texas and is currently a district judge in Texas. He is also the subject of an inquiry into his conduct in the Morton affair but I will not hold my breath waiting on justice from the state of Texas. As Barry Scheck said during this program “there is probable cause to believe that he (Anderson) violated the law and withheld exculpatory evidence.” Why? The attitude of “break the rules to win.” If you are interested in the segment go to;storyMediaBox

The lesson is for Alan Norton to resign and move to Texas where he has a real future given his sense of “ethics.” While you’re at it take Outhouse and Crooked Deal with you.

Nothing I have seen lately so affirms what Dr. Anderson has written about for years concerning prosecutorial misconduct as this segment does. The justice apparatus stole this man’s family and freedom and no one will be required to answer for that theft. They did all of this because they wanted to win. How many other Michael Mortons are out there?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the comment, Throckmorton. I looked up the Innocence Project and they have some very good information on their website, including a section on “criminal justice reform commissions”. If the State Bar of Georgia and the majority of voters in the LMJC don’t care, it still might be possible to get the misconduct noticed and stopped or reduced if some people in the rest of Georgia got involved. That is way beyond my ability to do much about, though. I could contact my state legislators but without a movement of some kind it would have little effect. In North Carolina the Chief Justice got things going himself. But I don't know anybody with any clout here, unfortunately.

A reader from Atlanta