Sunday, March 18, 2012

An open letter to Alan Norton

This week, the child molestation trial of James Combs is set to begin in Catoosa County, and if what I have seen of the interviews that Tim "Dirty" Deal did with the accusing children, we have another farce on the dishonesty magnitude of Tonya Craft. If there is anything we CAN know before the trial begins, it is that Combs is innocent of the charges and that if you, Mr. Alan Norton, prosecute this case, you will have to suborn perjury to do it.

So, I ask you, sir, the following question: Is it worth it to sell your soul in order to follow Buzz Franklin's orders? Before I go into the Combs case, let me remind you that Buzz already demanded that you suborn perjury in the failed Higgenbottom case in which you were supposed to depend upon a "jailhouse snitch" that you knew from the start was lying.

Do you remember Eric Echols? Yes, you were supposed to lead that trial, too, and you had video evidence of his being assaulted by "Mommie Dearest" Sandra Lamb, who called him a "black bastard" on camera. Yet, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, you were going to try him for felonies you knew he had not committed.

Mr. Norton, what is it about the LMJC that leads someone to sell his soul? What is it about the influence of Buzz Franklin and Chris Arnt and Len Gregor and Tim Deal and Phil Summers and Brian House that would lead a man to knowingly suborn perjured testimony?

I have no idea of you believe in God, Mr. Norton, but prosecutors who lie to juries and coach witnesses to lie are not going to be entering the Pearly Gates, sir. I hate to tell you, but the Georgia State Bar does not control the entry roster for Heaven, and while they have your back in Atlanta when it comes to committing felonies while acting as an officer of the court, God is not particularly impressed with the state of "justice" in Georgia and is likely to mete out some justice of His own.

Is it really worth it to work for these people, sir? I can tell you that they would sell you down the river with smiles on their faces if they thought they could get away with it. I also know enough about one of your LMJC colleagues to know that you don't want to leave him alone with either your wife or your daughter (should you have either or both). True, those who are employed by the LMJC are permitted to commit sexual assault and worse and not face any prosecution or even arrest, but nonetheless I doubt you would be much pleased if one of those LMJC employees were to do such a number on one of your family members.

You really do have a choice; you can get out, resign, leave the LMJC altogether. I have no idea if you have a conscience or even one shred of decency in you, but if the answer to either is "yes," then you cannot afford to stay a minute longer in that employ unless you want your final dwelling place to be Hell itself.

Even if you have a conscience, the people who are your LMJC colleagues do not. When Len Gregor managed to bamboozle a jury to convict Brad Wade -- whom all of you know was and is innocent of the charges against him -- do you think the man lost a minute of sleep? When Chris Arnt, Gregor, and House were having secret (and illegal) meetings to plan how they would try to railroad Tonya Craft into prison, do you think any of them were concerned that they were breaking the law and engaging in the worst kind of unethical conduct?

When Arnt lied to jurors in the Tonya Craft closing arguments in which he made an open and obvious dishonest statement about the testimony of Dr. Nancy Fajman, do you think it bothered him even a whit that he was lying? When Brian House desperately was trying to keep Craft's lawyers at bay by granting 90 percent of the prosecution's objections during the trial, do you think he worried that maybe the appellate courts would criticize him?

Let me be honest (since no one else in the LMJC seems to want to tell the truth). You can work in this job for a long as you want, and you can lie, coach others to lie under oath, help convict innocent people, and generally live a life of crime, and nothing will happen to you. That's right, nothing. No one from the State of Georgia will intervene, and the U.S. Department of Justice will whistle right past you, no matter how egregious your conduct.

But if you stay in that office as a prosecutor, you will be selling your soul and destroying whatever conscience you might have, and a man without a conscience is nothing more than a psychopath. I hate to say it, but you already work with sociopaths and their influence upon you only can make things worse.

Let me ask you this question: If you had a relative or loved one on trial, would you want to see Chris Arnt and the prosecutor, Brian House in the judge's seat, and Tim Deal testifying on the stand? Could you trust any of them? If the answer to any of these questions is "no," then you also have to understand that every day you work among these people brings you one step closer to Hell.

Yes, leaving a job and one's home is difficult, especially in this time of an uncertain economy. Having to earn a living as a private attorney can be unsettling and there is no guarantee of a regular paycheck as there is when you are in Buzz's employ.

However, if you continue to stay, you will be destroyed from within. You will have to sell your soul and one day the Devil himself will come to collect.

It is too late for Arnt, Gregor, Buzz, Deal, and House. They are beyond hope and beyond redemption. Pharaoh after the Ninth Plague had a softer heart than do these men. I hope it is not too later for you, but you need to ask yourself if you spent all of those tough years in law school so that you could take orders from some of the most unethical and dishonest people on this planet.

Gregor once wrote on a blog that he went to law school so that he could be a prosecutor and be (in his words) "the man." I have no idea if the guy is a "man" at all; I do know he is a bully, a coward, and a liar, and while he apparently thought his bombast and bullying during the Craft trial was impressing the jurors, it turned out that they thought he was a bully and a creep.

Why would you work with someone like that? You don't have to do it, and you do not have to hang around so that you can share a condo in Hell with "the man."

Indeed, if you resign and leave the employ of the LMJC, you really will be a man because you will have done something that people like Buzz, Gregor, Deal, House, and Arnt are not capable of doing: engage in an act of real integrity.


Anonymous said...

OMG. Mr Anderson, you have said it like no other. And it is all the truth. Thank you for the time you put into all your blogs. May God have mercy on them, because they sure do not have mercy on anyone.
They will lie you right into prison.

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve said...

Well stated and truthful, Dr. Anderson. NO one speaks truth to power with your eloquence. Reading this, I was reminded of another witch hunt in the 1950's. Joseph Welch's question to Senator Joseph McCarthy applied then to “the man” just as it does now to the entire LMJC apparatus.

“You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

Honor, decency and truth deserted the LMJC years ago, driven out by selective persecution based on perjured evidence. Your eloquent plea for them to do the right thing will be ignored in our time but not in the after life. Again, thanks.

Tammy said...

All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke

liberranter said...

Well said, William. Remove the names and the references to the LMJC and the State of Georgia, and this could be an open letter template addressable to every prosecutor in Amerika.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the off topic, but how is Sandra Lamb doing these days?

William L. Anderson said...

I hear she has a new boyfriend. Her daughter is going to GPS and I hope for the sake of the teachers there that they keep Sandra happy. It does not take much, you know, for someone to falsely accuse a teacher of sexual molestation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the updates, Dr. Anderson. You are doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

It makes me sick at my stomach to see that so called "Judge" sitting in church, knowing how he intended to send an innocent woman to jail and helped cover up the lies that were told. He should have been asked to leave the church!!!!

Anonymous said...

He probably should have been asked to leave, but church is for sinners, maybe he will someday repent!!!

Anonymous said...

Outhouse is running for re-election . . . I hope that the voters remember what he did to Tonya Craft and send the piece of crap packing

Anonymous said...

Catoosa County Justice. Will it ever change?


Often I read your blogs, but due to me trying to exact some justice against those in Catoosa County I held back on making comments. It's a sad day when DA's behave unethical, break the law , fabricate the law all while ruining and defaming the innocent. There is no justice only just-us within the Catoosas legal system. I had to learn it the hard way. Now with an arrest, a record and the shame of being cuffed, put in the back of a police car and put in a cell, only to find out DA's are immuned from prosecution. So to Catoosa you may have won that battle, but the war is not over. Bill you are light that gives hope and truth, you are a truly a blessing.

Eric - PI