Monday, September 13, 2010

The CAC's "Date with Destiny" Fund-Raiser!

Last spring, it was "Casino Night," although the "Vegas Girls" changed their outfits from thongs to leotards, in keeping with Len "Racist-Misogynist-The Man" Gregor's aversion to skimpy clothing (unless the woman wearing skimpy clothing is standing next to him). This fall, it is the "Date with Destiny Bachelor Auction" fund raiser to be held Saturday, September 18, at 6 p.m.

Maybe it is just me, but I find the CAC's appeal to vices and near-naked women, along with all of the sexual innuendo that goes with a "bachelor auction" to be pretty disgusting and supposedly out-of-character for an organization whose employees believe that there is a child molester behind every bush and tree. (I guess the molesters replaced the communists, who used to be hiding there.)

Now, I have an idea for the ideal "date." Yes, some "lucky" bachelor in that auction can be "bought" by...Laurie Evans! Yes, this is the same Laurie Evans who makes wild claims while under oath, the same Laurie Evans who made child molestation claims against her ex-husband during their divorce (and the claims, of course, were unbelievable and did not stick).

Yes, by the time that date is over, no doubt that "lucky" bachelor will be accused of rape, sodomy, child molestation, and Lord knows what else. After all, the CAC needs to keep those clients coming. I'm sure that Evans will be wearing a wire and "The Man" and Tim Deal will be listening in order to make an arrest.

According to the advertisement for this affair, the "date" will take place right at the "Historic Ringgold Depot," so it will be a real challenge for the CAC and the LMJC authorities to find a way to claim that the rape, assault, sodomy, and child molestation took place RIGHT UNDER THE NOSES OF EVERYONE ELSE! However, given the vast creativity used by police and prosecutors in Tonya Craft's case, including forging TWO documents DURING the trial, I am sure that the authorities will be up to the task.

By the way, not all CACs in the country depend upon showgirls, gambling, and sexual innuendo to raise money. I heard about one in another state that had a family-oriented carnival. However, THAT CAC actually has standards about who it hires, and I can tell you without a doubt that NONE of the current staff of the CAC in Fort Oglethorpe or the Greenhouse would be eligible to work at that place.

Oh, I am sure that there will be lots of photographs afterward, courtesy of Holly Kittle Photography. So, all you "eligible" bachelors, grab your place and then wait to be charged with a sex crime. All in an evening's fun, I guess.


kbp said...

Im sensing they all have split personalities; one for Sunday and another for the other six days of the week.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson this is one column that I try to never miss, I appreciate the wat you just tell it like it is, what is happening with the trial of mr.Eric, The man that was arrested trying to help tony craft? Is he still going to trial? I was in the court room a lot during the Craft trial and it was a witch hunt. Thank God for a good JURY.

liberranter said...

Im sensing they all have split personalities; one for Sunday and another for the other six days of the week.

Make that "the other six and three-quarter days of the week."

Most of those despicable, hypocritical pew warmers don't even have their Sunday best clothes completely off before they revert to their normal form.

KC Sprayberry said...

Unfortunately, those 'dates' will be young men promised a good profit for participating in this farce. I agree with you, Bill. It's unusual for a group of people dedicated to supposedly helping children 'attacked' by family members (for there appears to be no other type of molester in LMJC) to constantly have the types of fund raisers they have. A family carnival would bring more positive attention, but they obviously feel they're above the same puritanical rules they apply to everyone else. Then again, these are the elite we're discussing. Elite individuals don't have to follow the hide-bound rules they establish for everyone else. Elite may have fun and the peons (everyone else) can't say a word. We must nod our heads north and south in agreement of their plans as the best in the world.
Uh...didn't anyone ever tell these people that historically, peons rise up when they get tired of the games and toss the elite out on their pointed little heads? Another lesson those associated with CAC and LMJC haven't learned. Those who live in glass houses should never throw stones. They keep tossing boulders at everyone not in their tight little clique while living lifestyles they accuse supposed molesters of living. No wonder The Man had to ask if Tonya wore thongs to everyone who testified for her. He was trying to find out if she was his kind of woman. Hello, Les! Tonya is a woman who would never give you the time of day. Unless you falsely accused her of a horrendous crime. Oh, that's right. You did just that. And she still didn't give you the time of day.
LMJC and Fort O CAC, get your acts together. The world is still watching. They won't stop watching until you quit falsely accusing people of child molestation or any other type of crime. If you don't think that won't happen, enjoy life under a microscope. We're not crawling under a rock ever again.

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way I heard that is how BUZZARD found his wife he was Auction off, at one of their events. Let them keep going with all this bull, one day they will get caught in their own trap.. Can't wait.. Thanks Bill, another great blog.Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

For most of these LMJC inbreds, a good time is a date with their toothless sister or cousin...

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! That scenario had me in stitches! Oh, the horror of having to suffer through a date with Laurie "I'm not crazy, yes I am, no I'm not" Evans!!! Woohoo!

Just a gut on this, but I have a feeling Ken Poston will be one of the "bachelors" auctioned off. I need to check my sources & will update as soon as I find out.

You would seriously think that a center that is there for the betterment of children would focus on more appropriate fundraisers. WOW!!! Let's see, the CAC's in the LMJC have: Wild in the Winter, Wild in the Woods, Vegas Night & now, a "bachelor" auction to raise funds. These guys won't be young bachelors, they will be mid-30's & over, married at least once & supposedly a "catch" to some ignorant woman.

I wonder if the Senior Center should do a Beer Pong Tournament to raise money? Now that would be fun stuff!


Lame said...

"I guess the molesters replaced the communists, who used to be hiding there."

Radical nut-jobs in the South tend to always have some boogie man lurking behind every tree: from Torries to Abolutionists to Communists to N-gg-r Lovers to Child Molesters. They always try to appeal to the base emotions of fear and hatred using these people to manipulate the general public in the South. Guess what. Southerners ain't buying it any more. After having lived in the North, South, and West of this country I can say that the South was the most tolerant. You get the occasional place that has some problem, such as that school in Alabama that cut the girl out of the yearbook because she was a lesbian, but the overwhelming majority of hate crimes and hate groups are found in the North and West any more. Remember those 20 something white supremecists earlier this year arrested for plotting race-related hate crimes? Not one of them was from or lived in the South: they were all from the upper-mid-west.

I'm not blowing the South's horn. I'm just saying that we've had lots of problems, and we still have problems, but we're getting much better, and at a time when the rest of the country seems to be getting worse.