Thursday, September 16, 2010

There is Perjury, and then there is PERJURY: Why I Call the LMJC "Perjury Central"

In describing the criminal gangs that run the LMJC, I have called the whole organization "Perjury Central," and I don't believe I am exaggerating. Now, perjury is quite common these days among police officers (they proudly call it "testilying") all over the country, so having some of its principals lying on the stand is not unique to the "law enforcement" people of Northwest Georgia.

However, the LMJC goes well beyond the garden-variety perjury we see from cops, who tend to believe that the person they targeted is guilty, and that a small lie really does not change the larger picture. That is immoral, in my view, but, nonetheless, it also is understandable.

I would call that "perjury with a small 'p'." It's bad, but it really does not go to the heart of the system. Instead, we tend to see it almost as an occupational hazard, something we don't like, something of which we cannot approve, but still an issue that we cannot solve no matter how much we might want to try to do so.

From what I observed in Tonya Craft's trial, however, the kind of perjury I described above is a mere pittance to what went on every day in "judge" Brian Outhouse's courtroom. The perjury we saw there was massive, and it not only was tolerated -- even encouraged -- by "judge" Outhouse, but it was clear that the lies were part of a deliberate prosecution scheme.

Over the next week or so, I want to concentrate on the perjury and outright fabrication that was committed by the prosecution and its witnesses. We have been through some of these incidents before, although not in much detail. However, readers also are going to see how the under-oath testimony of Joal and Sarah Henke changed dramatically between their depositions, which were taken in 2009, and their April 2010 trial appearance.

The Henkes' testimonies simply are stunning in their dishonesty, and not only did the prosecutors not try to stop the lies, they actually knew that what Joal and Sarah were going to say would be wildly different than to what they said a year before. There is no way to reconcile the two sets of testimonies, both taken under oath. If one is true, the other is false, and both were done under oath, under the weight of someone being charged with perjury.

Here are some things I plan to cover, and I promise to have some new details to these situations, as I have written on them before:
  • The comparison of the Henke depositions with the trial testimony of Joal and Sarah. This also will include the fabricated "document" that Sarah claimed to have written, but was not included in the discovery materials;
  •  Sandra Lamb's litany of lies while on the stand;
  • Sherry Wilson and the "hand rape," her "power bill" escapade, and her claim that no one had threatened Tonya;
  •  Suzi Thorne's lie that a "hand rape" had been disclosed to her and the lies she told to Tonya's daughter while interrogating her;
  • Tim Deal's fabrication of a document and lying about when he wrote it;
  • Chris Arnt's lies to the jury during closing arguments, something the jurors said afterward that they resented, as it demonstrated Arnt's disrespect of them;
  • Laurie Evans' bizarre and dishonest testimony while on the stand;
I also will deal with other incidents of lies, and outright perjury. What one has to remember is that perjury was CENTRAL to the prosecution's charges against Tonya Craft. The perjury did not come in the heat of battle or the fog of war. It was not a slip of the tongue, nor was it incidental to the actual charges at hand.

No, this was a case that was built on perjury and perjury sustained the prosecution's theme throughout the entire sorry proceedings. As I go through this upcoming list, I hope that readers will keep in mind that ALL of these people still are employed with the LMJC. "judge" Brian Outhouse still sits as a judge, Len "The Man" Gregor and Chris "Alberto-Facebook" Arnt prosecute criminal cases, Tim Deal and Steven Keith still "investigate" so-called crimes, Suzi Thorne still does "forensic" interviews, Laurie Evans still works as a "therapist" for the Children's Advocacy Center, and Sandra Lamb and Sherry Wilson don't have to worry about the law even though they committed felonies in broad daylight.

In short, the criminal enterprise known as the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit remains open for business. Abandon all hope, ye honest people who have to deal with these people, for not one of them has even a whit of conscience.


kbp said...

There were so many lies in that case I hope you're going to post a spreadsheet to help me keep track of them!!

Those last minute lies does keep them from having to tell another lie for cover ...until they have to testify on it again.

I hope the King brothers are working a little harder on this nexp ammended complaint, maybe even getting some help with it.

KC Sprayberry said...

While lying isn't uncommon in law enforcement, LMJC takes it to a greater level, as was evidenced through the public viewing of the Tonya Craft case. Other lies abound within this district, lies I hope come to light during this very public revelation. According to our good old sheriff, Steve Wilson, in Walker County, our crime rate has decreased significantly between 2004 and 2008. All one has to do to call that lie is read the arrest reports printed weekly in the local newspaper. That's not even all the arrests, since some names never appear on those reports. Also, that doesn't count those never arrested because of their alliance to or participation in the LMJC framework. This epidemic won't stop until ordinary citizens of this area stop accepting this as business as usual and demand those charged with protecting us do just that, and stay within the same bounds of law as they expect others to do.

Doc Ellis said...


Thank you for writing this

Doc Ellis 124

MikeZPurdue said...

Prof. Anderson: were Tonya's lawyers allowed to point out to the jury the inconsistencies between the Henke's depositions and their trial testimony?

john lichtenstein said...

What was the lie the jury noticed in the state's close?

KC Sprayberry said...

John, the lie the jury noticed was Arnt claiming Tonya lied on the stand during his closing. I believe the jury understood the falseness of the testimony before the end of the first day. Good for them. It took a lot on their parts to stand up to those bullies.